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Day 1


Listen to the story of Jack and the beanstalk. This is already on the webpage but you can also find it here on this link. Once you have watched this story, give your child some paper and they can draw some of the main events that have occurred. An example of this is Jack at home with his mum and the cow. Then the magic beans etc. Once this is complete, get your child to re-tell the story using actions. Encourage the use of language and different voices.




Day 2


Now that the children know the story they can label the key features Please draw a picture of the characters or alternatively you can find a document called ‘Jack and the Beanstalk Characters’. An example of this could be his eyes, hair etc or his behaviours, such as kind, silly etc.  



Day 3


Today we would like to challenge you to writing sentences using the key words. You will find this resource in the writing folder called ‘Day three Jack and the Beanstalk sentences’. Encourage your child to sound out, record all the sounds that they can hear, spell tricky words and use finger spaces. If your child currently struggles to write sentences then please get them to try and write words linked to the story. E.g write the words hen, Jack, harp, giant etc.



Day 4


Today we would like to revisit ‘Tricky Words’ These are listed below. ‘I, the, go, no, into, to’.

See if your child can remember any of these. Get them to practise writing these or putting them into a simple sentence.


Please revisit ‘ he, she, we, me, be, you, all, are, her, was, they, my. Practise recognising them by sight, writing them from memory and putting them into a complex sentence.

Day 5


We have attached a document which is called ‘Day 5 spring sentences’. The children use the picture as a prompt to gather ideas. Remind your child before they start writing to ‘say the word, sound it out and then write it down’. This will help them with their spelling and sentence structure.