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Week beginning 11.05.2020

All set writing activities will be in the Reading, writing, maths & phonics folder.

We will still add links and clips here.

Term 5 - Week beginning 4th May

Monday 4th May-Writing- Pandora's Box

Monday 4th May- SPaG-Adjectives

Tuesday 5th May- Writing- Pandora's Box

Tuesday 5th May SPaG Apostrophes for possession

Wednesday 6th May Writing Pandora's Box

Wednesday 6th May SPaG

Thursday 7th May The myth of Pandora's box - Iseult Gillespie

Now we have read the whole story. Watch this film, telling us the full story again. Look below to find today's task after watching the video.

Writing Pandora's Box

Thursday 7th May Practice your alphabet

If you know your alphabet really well, you are ready for the challenge below!

Thursday 7th May SPaG Alphabetical Order

If you have a printer at home you can print this weeks tasks. If not, you can still complete them on paper using the guidance above

Please find printable versions of this weeks literacy tasks on the document below

Monday 27th April Writing


Tuesday 28th April Writing


Wednesday 29th April Writing


Thursday 30th April Writing


Friday 1st May Writing


Monday 20th April- Writing Piper Disney Pixar short film

Watch the short film below about a little Piper (a type of bird called a sandpiper) who is starts out scared to go hunting for his own food. It shows how he becomes braver and braver until he realises that the ocean can be fun and becomes an expert!

Think about what Piper might be saying at each point in the story. Add speech to the speech bubbles

April 20th SPaG spelling past tense verbs lesson 1

You can print these photos to add you speech to if you have a printer at home

Tuesday 21st April- Character Description

Tuesday 21st April SPaG Spell past tense verbs 2

If you would like to print a document for the Character description click below

Wednesday 22nd April Diary Entry

Wednesday 22nd April SPaG Spelling irregular verbs

Thursday 23rd April Writing Plan your own story!

Thursday 23rd April SPaG Past tense verbs

Friday 24th April Writing Piper Learns to fly

The document below can be printed to help you write your instructions

April 17th Writing- Write a set of instructions about How to Make a Jam Sandwich

April 17th SPaG Identify the verbs that are useful when writing recipes

Can you use those verbs in a sentence?

April 16th Writing- Follow the instructions to make your own jam sandwich today!

Use these images to sequence the steps of making a jam sandwich

If you have a printer, you can print, cut and stick the images using the document below

April 16th SPaG- The Imperative Verbs Song

Imperative verbs are important when writing instructions. They tell us what to do very clearly. There is an imperative verb in every instruction.
Sing along with the song and then go back to the instructions you followed today. Can you spot the imperative verb in each instruction!
Write them down, take a photo and send them to your teacher!

Week 2 Day 1 SPaG

Week 2 Day 1 Writing. Click on Each image to enlarge

Week 2 Day 2 SPaG

Week 2 Day 2 Writing. Click on each image to enlarge

Week 2 Day 3 SPaG

Week 2 Day 3 Writing. Click on each image to enlarge

Week 2 Day 4 SPaG

Week 2 Day 4 Writing. Click on each image to enlarge

Week 2 Day 5 SPaG

Week 2 Day 5 Writing. Click on each image to enlarge

Check all the writing you have done this week. Use this checklist to make sure you have used all the tools we identified on Monday.



SPaG Day 4 Bingo

SPaG Day 5 Mini test conjunctions