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Please scroll down to see the exciting things Lions get up to!

Children have discovered that the collective noun for a group of lions is a pride.


Our new class motto ...

"We take PRIDE in all that we do! and we are PROUD of the things we achieve!"



Class Teacher : Mrs J Marks

Teaching Assistant : Mrs E Thomas

Who says you can't mix electricity and water? Lion's class prove otherwise!

Lions star of the week.


Well done! You have been a wonderful member of Lions!

Lions next part of the adventure. Decoding Indiana Jones next mission. Great collaboration and amazing maths used by all children. And they helped Indie to complete his quest!

Making Roman Numerals with our bodies. Can you guess what the number is?

Lions task was to complete the Roman numerals on the sun dial for Indiana Jones to complete his quest. Lets see how they did ...

Indiana Jones and his quest. Lions need to help him solve the mystery!

Exploring a new topic in maths, Roman numerals.

Well done to these Lions for achieving their reading challenge last week! Keep up the great reading.


The Big Debate! Lions beginning to learn about how to debate a topic. They did so well, using persuasive language and trying to convince the opposing team of their opinions. Well done for a first time debate :-)

How to Debate: An Introduction

A lego-based film detailing the 12 steps of a formal debate.

Lions learning about the Challenger Disaster in 1986. Freeze framing the emotions of the witnesses in Cape Canaveral. We will be using these ideas to write a newspaper report tomorrow.

Lions stars of the week. Well done to all three for always showing our values and being super role models.



A fantastic science lesson in Lions today. Learning about how electricity is made and making their own circuits to light a bulb. Very successful learning and fun had by all. Lions are superb at working collaboratively too :-)

Maths using the TASC wheel. Lions needed to use lots of maths knowledge in order to furnish a one bedroom house.

An amazing afternoon for sports day! Lions made me so proud with their behaviour, you are all super stars in my eyes! A great effort and wonderful team spirit from all of Lions :-)

Some more great pictures from our reading challenge! From reading while eating cake and reading in a home made den. Well done and it looks like great fun!

In literacy today Lions were asked to sort imperative verbs. A great way to learn about the types of vocabulary used for instruction writing as well as working collaboratively!


Another great achievement from these Lions. It is clear that they are enjoying their reading challenges. We are so proud of you for continuing to complete the challenges.


Lets see who else can join them next week.


Another great art lesson with Miss Lena. Well done Lions for being creative yet again.



An amazing attitude to all school life, such a great role model by following all our values and always working hard in all lessons. Well done!


Lions amazing readers. All receiving their Drapers Dollars today. Such a great achievement whether is it 50 reads or 150 reads!


Who will be the next in Lions to receive their Drapers Dollars? Keep up the amazing reading!


During literacy Lions have been planning ghost busting equipment. They planned, built and wrote an explanation text about their piece of equipment. Very creative Lions.

Lions were planning an investigation using the TASC wheel. They first had to estimate then measure two throws of the beanbags. Their challenge is to represent the data using line graphs and solve 'difference' questions. A great time had by all and some amazing learning taking place!

Another great lesson with Miss Lena! Lions always love art and they are so creative!

An amazing afternoon spent celebrating the Queens 90th birthday.

Our two 'stars of the week' this week. Well done to you both for putting so much effort into reading and making the right choices. Keep up the good work!


Lions have been given a new reading challenge. They will bring the letters home this evening for you to look at. We are looking forward to hearing all the fun things they get up to while reading. Pictures would be great too :-)

Lions have been learning about people who lived in the past. Margaret Thatcher is the first person we have explored. This lead into the Miners strike of 1983/4. The children have been so enthusiastic about this topic. Well done to you all for being so considerate and forming your own opinions based on what you have learned. A very mature attitude and wonderful learning taking place!

Well done to these children who all reached the windmill today. Great role models especially during our talk about healthy teeth. What lovely behaviour to show our visitors.


A great opportunity to learn more about healthy teeth. Remember to brush your teeth tonight !!

Lions Reading Challenge!


This was a real success with the children. Such fun and exciting ways to read :-) Even the teachers took part! Keep a look out for some more photos to be uploaded once they are received. We are looking forward to seeing the extraordinary ways you can read.



Check out the photos below ...

Some of the reading challenges completed so far. Keep up the great reading Lions!

Look at all the certificates Lions received this week. Lots of hard work and dedication from the children, from 100% attendance, reading and following our school rules and values. Keep up the good work Lions!


Lions 100% attendance winners. Well done for being in school every day! Lets hope we have some more Lions next term. We had so much fun today celebrating those with 100% attendance.


This weeks 'Reading Challenge' winners! Well done to all the Lions for trying out their challenges in reading. And a huge well done to these Lions that achieved their challenges in a week smiley


Our two stars of the week.


Amazing effort in presentation and handwriting and a true super star in PE, showing great teamwork and motivation.


The children with 100% attendance this week had a treat today. What a great time had by all. Lions would like to have the whole class reaching 100% in our first week back.

The maiden voyage of our unsinkable ships! 100% success rate. Great ship building Lions :-)

Well done to the children who completed their 'reading challenge'


Lions working together on decimal numbers. Trying to make the greatest/smallest decimal number from given numbers and using place value grids to write them.

Lions challenge was to build an unsinkable ship.Here are the plans they made. Lots of wonderful ideas and great designs! And marked by their partners.

And this is how we got on with our unsinkable ships ...

Completing a mission to help Agent 99 defeat the enemy! Lions needed to make a mixture using lots of maths skills including capacity.

Estimating and measuring capacity. Lions had a great time!

Lions exploring the vocabulary related to capacity.

Our amazing readers this week. Well done for completing your challenges in reading. I look forward to seeing new challenges next week.

Keep up the great reading!

In art lessons, Lions have been learning about Keith Haring and re creating some of his art work. Lions used primary and secondary colours to produce work like this ...


Have a look at the following pictures to see how Lions achieved this.

Lions Stars of the Week!

Well done for showing all our school values and trying your hardest in everything you put your mind to ...

Our Skip 2B Fit 2 minute challenge. Everyone was amazing and all beat their personal best. WELL DONE!

Lions Reading Challenge ...


Lions have been working hard to read every night. It is pleasing to see how many Lions have taken on their new challenge. They choose a target each Monday and try to achieve it in a week.


A certificate and prize is given to those who read the most ...















How far can you reach on our reading display?



Keep up the good work Lions smiley



It is very important that you have your PE kits ion school to take part in our fun PE lessons. Lions have PE on Wednesday and Thursday each week so make sure you have your kit! Theses are the lovely Lions who bring their kit in most weeks :-)

Exploring our PE equipment. Lions enjoyed trying out new skills and challenging themselves in how to travel across the equipment.

Exploring intstuctional texts. We discovered how important it was to say simple and clear instructions!

If you wish to practice division calculations please download the worksheet to use at home.

This is our topic homework this term....



Well done lions for participating in sports activities for a fantastic cause. You were all amazing.


Take a look at the pictures from the day ...

Have a look at Lions having fun and showing fantastic teamwork during sport relief ...

Our class assembly was a success. Lions were able to share all of their fantastic work to the rest of KS2. Well done Lions for presenting it so well.

This weeks learning letter

This weeks maths homework

We are growing our own potatoes! The children are enjoying learning about how to plant them and how to grow healthy potatoes.


World book day was a great success. The children enjoyed all the activities set for them, story writing, shared reading, dioramas and data collection. Well done Lions for an amazing day!


Have a look at some of the wonderful things the children were involved in ...



Some of their own books they chose to bring to school

Our wonderful dioramas, the children worked extremely hard to produce some lovely work (with the help of some parents too!)

Our star of the week ...


You are always so hard working and willing to helps others.

Well done!


WOW! Lions made it to first place with 99.4% attendance! I am so proud of all of you, well done!

We had two super stars last week! You are always working so hard to improve your writing.



Lions were building their own community. They included some things that they would need to survive such as, corn, wheat, silver and metal to make tools and farm houses and small homes. Some even built a school for the children.


We had a lovely community ...


Then the Romans invaded ....



We tried to protect our village but there were not enough brave villagers!

Have a look at some of the pictures from our invasion!

Lions have been working on measurements. Some children worked in groups to solve an investigation using measure. Can you solve it?

Lions working hard ...

A huge congratulations to Lions class for coming second in attendance this week. It is a massive achievement being the first cup we have won this year. I do hope there are many more cups to win so please be in school everyday. I am so proud of you!

Well done to our star of the week! You have been a truly wonderful learner this week, using new vocabulary in your writing and all aspects of learning. Well done!

Our learning so far on the Romans. We have discussed what we already know and thought about things that we would like to learn about the Romans.

Lions have been hard at work the first week back to school ...

Working hard during Literacy in groups to design a castle based on the features of an original castle. What a great imagination Lions have got!

Wonderful writing to describe their castles ...

Lions like to share a story ...




Lions also like to help each other ...



In literacy this term the children will be using their imaginations through the chosen text. The text for this term is a secret, the children will need to use their comprehension skills to understand the text they are reading without knowing the title and the images. However, to help your child, you may wish to share imagination techniques to describe an imaginary land, building or setting.



Numeracy will consist of consolidating known number facts within problem solving situations. The children will develop their understanding of investigations through maths and develop their mathematical vocabulary when sharing their findings. This will be done through the TASC wheel, You may want to ask your child what this involves.




Our topic this term is 'Romans' The children will be looking at what the Romans did for us, when they invaded and specific dates on a timeline. You may wish to research this with your child.

In science the children will be looking at what happens to our food and how the digestive system works. RE will be taught by Mrs Davies and Art will be taught by Lena.


Horrible Histories - Romans Come dine with me

Click on the image below to find out some information about the Romans.

Please find below the topic homework your child will be bringing home this week. Enjoy completing the project! Maths and literacy homework will be set this week, please encourage your child to complete this. Weekly spellings will also be set.

Here are some websites for your child to look at. These are fun and will help them with their upcoming learning in school.


Wide-ranging resource - activities, and games. From the BBC.


KS2 Roman game from Corinium Museum, packed with info on empire, traditions and Roman life. Note - relies on sound.


Dress the soldier and find out about his equipment along the way. KS2. From Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.


Fun, fast game based on a visit to the Roman Baths, KS2. Basic level of prior knowledge needed. From Roman Baths Museum.


A range of subjects to revise from the BBC bitesize website

The children had an amazing day completing the Race for Life!

Lions enjoyed a surprise PE lesson. Fencing was fun and enjoyable for all. We all had an amazing time trying on the fencing gear and learning a new skill.

'Take on composer day' was a great success in Lions class. The children embraced all their learning through exciting activities based around a piece of unnamed music.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: The Flight of the Order of the Phoenix

The children listened to this piece of music without images. They were asked to visualise images. Some were very close and others created some imaginative stories. Listen to this piece with your eyes closed, what images do you create?

The children in Lions class love to read. Children have a range of reading material that they can chose from. As you can see from the pictures we love keeping up with the news by reading the newspaper! The children enjoy our reading times, either sharing a story or reading quietly to themselves.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin - A Short Story

The Pied Piper of Hamelin can enchant ANY creature on earth... He drives away a large colony of mice and what does he get in return? Nothing... He turns angry and decides to deprive the people of the town of something very precious to them. Watch this story to know what he does.

Lions class worked on a maths investigation to solve a times table square that had been ripped up. They did so well! Lions worked well together or in pairs to help solve the problem.

As our topic is London, part of our history lesson is to think about London a long time ago and the events that have taken place. We listened to a story of The Great Fire of London to remember the facts that happened, which the children enjoyed. Some decided to write a recount of the story while others chose to create a chalk / pastel scene. As you can see, the children used their creative skills to make the scene. Lions are a very artistic class!!!