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Welcome to Leopards Class!


Term 4- Class Teacher Ms Feuillatre

              Teaching Assistant Miss Bichard


We have had a wonderful start to the term.  The Leopard class have been fantastic to get to know and we are having some great fun with our learning!  I am very much looking forward to sharing in their learning for the remainder of the year and seeing some excellent progress!


Learning letters will be added to the bottom of the page every other week and a timeline of our fun in the classroom will be added to every Friday!  If you have any suggestions to improve this page please let Ms Feuillatre know.


Star of the Week!!

smiley Term 6 Week 3- Skye, Sebastian and Jazmina!! For making huge strides in imroving their handwriting!

frownTerm 6 Week 4-Lee! For improving his independent learning and making great progress in writing and maths.


Mini Ninjas Term 6 Week 4!

Well done to Jacob, Jazmina, Lee, Sahil Dominca and Kyle who have earnt their next ninja badges this week! Fantastic work!!


Number bonds to 10 earn you your white band!!

How many Lions and Tigers can earn their white band this week?!


Who can make it this week? Use the links below to help your child learn their 2, 10 and 5 times tables!




Why not use the following links to help your Mini Ninja progress!

Key Word Challenge!

Can you learn to read and write all these words before the end of year 2?

Get practicing for your chance to chose a treat from the treasure chest!


The children have loved the beginning of our topic focused on the Great Fire of London! We have been exploring Tom's bakery in our fabulous new book corner.


We have also begun to design our 3d models of London on that fateful night in 1666!





In literacy this week we have focused on instructions.  we imagined... What if the Great Fire of London did not start in a bakery at all....What if an angry, fearsome dragon started the blaze in his rage?!

We decided this dragon would need catching so designed instruction about How to catch a dragon.  Discuss the text map below with your child to discover how!


Check back in next week to see our fantastic examples!


Take a look at some of our great writing linked to the Great Kapok Tree


This week in literacy we have moved onto a new fictional text. The Great Kapok Tree. 


The children experienced what a rainforest is like through music and tasting exotic fruits.  We use this to create a mindmap of fantasic adjectives to use within the next few weeks! 



Challenge time!!

Use some of the adjectives and verbs below to create exciting sentences to descibe the rainforest!



List to the story with your child using the link below.  Can they retell the story?  Can you use actions to help bring alive exciting parts of the text?




Leopards had fun in a 10 minute challenge listing all the odd/even numbers between 10 and 100! 



This afternoon Leopards went outside to revise telling the time.  we had fun creating human clocks to find  o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to!



We have had great fun in maths this week learning to read scales to measure capacity and weight!


Challenge time!!



Which jug holds the most water?       How much liquid does each jug contain? fantastic


The links below will help you to extend your undertsanding of weight and capactity.


We have been finding missing numbers in a multiplication problem using jottings to help us!!




We identified if multiplicaiton facts were true or false applying our new skills!


We have been learning to tell the time up to Quarter past and quarter to the hour. 


Engage your child in telling the time at home by asking them the time at breakfast lunch and dinner. What time do you leave for school?



We have been investigating Africa during our reading lesson.  We loved discovering the animals and a famous places found in African countries!  A special well done to Miley, Jacob, Kyle and Nina who have been working hard to improve their reading with expression during this week!




The Leopard class are loving their reading experience in our new African themed reading area!

We are working hard to progress reading in year 2.  Please ensure you are making time to read with your child at least 10 minutes a night.  How quickly can they reach their Red Ted adventure!





Challenge: If I leave home at quarter past 8 and it takes me 15 minutes to walk to school, what time do I arrive at school?


The children have also worked in in telling their own wishing stories in literacy! 

Look at our wonderful examples!




Term 4 Week 5- 

This week in maths we are learning all about using money.  Leopards have had fun recognising and adding coins.  We played a fun game called Money Match Challenge with our highest score at 17!! Try this game at home following this link!


Term 4 Week 4- What a fun week of learning we have had!  Our highlight was our Sports Relief day. We based our maths, PE and reading on learning about Sports Relief and hopefully raised lots of money!





Term 3 Week 1- exploring our key text Lila and the Secret of Rain



Term 1 week 2- investigating properties of a range of materials.



Term 1 week 3- comparing and contrasting Dane park in the past to Dane Park now

Term 3

During Term 3, Leopards Class theme is 'SPACE'. The children will have the opportunity to explore this fantastic and very exciting topic as we explore our very complex solar system! Also, the children will be learning about significant people and how these great idols have changed the world we live in today!


Do you believe in aliens?   

Do you know the order of the planets in our solar system?

Why is Neil Armstrong a significant person?


This topic will be linked to other areas of the curriculum, where the children will be challenged to demonstrate their understanding of prior knowledge.

Please browse through some pictures and work that the super children from Leopards class have produced!


Mr Lamprell  (Class Teacher) frown

Miss Bichard (HLTA) crying


Please click on the link to access some great educational activities no

Leopards Class Average Attendance - 93.5%


The expectation is between 96-97% so please make every effort to get your child into school everyday. Remember, it's their learning time and opportunity to progress lost.


TERM 3 - THE FINAL WEEK...and it's goodbye from me!


Once again, the children of Leopards class have done themselves proud as they've completed another week of fantastic learning

In Literacy, the children were looking at a variety of SPaG style questions and used their knowledge and understanding to solve. It was great to see children using the classroom resources to support them in their findings. It is important that the children continuously practise their SPaG as they will be doing a SPaG test for their SATS.

For Maths, the topic of the week was fractions! At first, some children found this rather confusing, however, after using a wide range of resources the children achieved their learning intentions. The children can now find fractions of numbers, shapes and also solve fraction-related word problems.

Chinese New Year and Take One Artist Day were the plans for Topic this week. The children completed activities based around Chinese New Year after we discussed the famous story of the twelve animals racing to the finish line!

Do you know what animal year it is?

What happened to the cat?

Vincent Van Gogh was the artist that we focused on during Take One Artist Day. The children researched some facts about the famous painter and designed a mosaic using Van Gogh's technique of 'expressionism'.


It's a good bye from me!

At the end of Term 3, I will be leaving Drapers Mills to take a promotion at another TKAT school: Napier Primary Academy. The children and myself have worked so hard since the start of the academic year and the progress that everyone has made is brilliant! Under the supervision of Leopards Class new teacher and Miss Bichard, I am confident that the children will continue to progress in their learning and perform great in their SATS.

I wish all staff and children the best of luck, and please remember to keep signing your child's 'Home Reader' and make sure they are completing their homework! smiley




It has been another productive week for the children of Leopards class as lots of great learning has been taking place! There is a huge drive for pushing up attendance within the school. We are aiming for 95-96%, so please make every effort in getting your child into school.

For Literacy, the children completed their 'Big Writes' using all the criteria needed to make their work the best it can be. It was lovely to see lots of extensive writing as children's punctuation, grammar and use of vocabulary is improving.

In Maths, children began to focus on multiplication. Along with Percy Parker and Ninja Maths, children demonstrated the 'arrays method' in calculating a number of tricky multiplications.


Please continue to sign children's home reading records and ensure that they are completing their spellings and maths homework.

Looking forward to another positive week!


Mr Lamprell smiley

TERM 3 - WEEK 3. A super, exciting and energetic week completed by Leopards Class!



Well done on another fantastic week in Leopards class! All the children have worked so hard as they continue to 'soak up' all of the amazing learning we have been doing around 'Space'.


In Literacy, the children have been looking deeper into our 'Man on the Moon' text and discussing certain features. What adjectives are used to help make the text exciting? The children had lots of opportunities to discuss and write about different aspects of the book, focusing on using similes and the correct punctuation. There were even some amazing actors/actresses amongst the group as pupils acted out scenes from the book.


A challenging, but successful week in Maths has been accomplished! The children have been calculating different sums of addition and subtraction using the 'jotting' method. By drawing out the 'deans equipment' when partitioning the numbers really helped the children to calculate the correct answer. Pupils applied this knowledge when solving word problems.


In Topic, Leopards class have been exploring the solar system by watching a variety of research clips and noting down facts in their Wider Curriculum books. The children produced beautiful diagrams of the solar system, as well as, creating mnemonics to help them remember the correct order.

Do you remember the order of the planets?

Here's a clue: My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming Planets


Thank you to all the children who completed their space projects over the holidays. These look great and have made the classroom look even more special!

TERM 3 - WEEK 1: Welcome back!

TERM 3 - SPACE! Look how our classroom has transformed!

I hope you all had a fantastic and restful break and are ready to come back for an exciting Term 3! smiley


I am pleased to announce the arrival of a new Leopard to our class: Miss Bichard.

Miss Bichard will be Leopards Class new HLTA and brings great KS1 knowledge and experience. She is very excited to work with all you brilliant children. laugh


Remember to bring your 'Space Project Homework' in this week as I look to decorate the class with your brilliant work and, of course, your learning journal and home reader books.

The homework sheet can be found at the top of the page under 'Newsletters'.


See you tomorrow!

Mr Lamprell

END OF TERM 2: WEEK 6 - What a week! Thanks to all the adults who attended our Y2 Showcase.



First of all, I would just like to congratulate the children on their fantastic endeavour and motivation that they have all shown in their assessment week! All children completed a writing, SPaG, reading and maths assessment which tested them on their comprehension of the relevant subject. These assessments, along with the work completed in books, will form an assessment and indicate how much progress the child has made this term.

Furthermore, we've begun our designated SPaG lessons this week and these will continue weekly. These lessons will focus on specific punctuation, grammar and spelling criteria which is all very important in order to progress in writing. Our focus this week was using capital letters and full stops correctly. The children really enjoyed using 'punctuation karate' to build sentences and ensure they were grammatically correct.


In addition, children were working hard using their arts and crafts skills to produce 'props' for the exciting Christmas Play. The children used their writing skills to create invitations for the Christmas Play and Year 2 Showcase Afternoon; these look great!


Key Dates:

Year 2 Showcase Afternoon (2.15 - 3pm) - Thursday, 10th December.

Year 2 Christmas Play (2.15 - 3pm) - Tuesday, 15th December.



TERM 2 - WEEK 4: Have a look at some super learning completed this week by Leopards Class!



Another 'full on' weeks worth of learning accomplished in Leopards class. You are all superstars and need to keep up the fantastic endeavour and motivation that you are all showing! no 


In Literacy, we continued to focus more on features of a non-chronological report as we begin to prepare for our 'Big Write'. The children explained and wrote their very own 'captions' for a variety of dinosaur images. Leopards class also had the opportunity to use the ICT suite this week and type up some great information that they had learnt about dinosaurs.

Do you know what a caption is?


In Maths the children continued to solve challenging number problems. Lots of maths resources were used to calculate doubling & halving and subtraction problems. The children used several methods to solve subtraction number sentences, the most popular being a 100 Square. laugh 


Science was the focus of our topic lessons this week as the children discussed the human life cycle. Pupils discussed the importance of 'growing up' and the differences in each part of the cycle. Furthermore, we explored different animals' life cycles and how the adaptations they make in order to survive.




In Literacy the children had a great interest in our new topic of dinosaurs! We linked it interestingly to non-chronological reports and the children started to delve deeper into the different features that these different texts consist of. The children begun to start structuring their non-chronological reports, as well as, concentrating on using the correct punctuation in their writing.


What a fun week of Maths! The children were concentrating on the hard concept of doubling and halving numbers. We used a variety of maths resources and methods to help us calculate the correct answers. Furthermore, we completed a variety of investigative activities that helped us understand the concept in more detail. What do you notice about halving odd numbers?


In Topic, the children continued to show great endeavour in their dinosaur themed work. In art, the children used a variety of painting techniques to produce a wonderful display. We continued to practise our Xmas production and this is coming along fantastically! The children also had the opportunity to team up with their Year 6 Buddy Group and continue practising their reading skills; this is going brilliantly!

TERM 2 - Week 1

Welcome back and what a great first week back it has been! Not only have we done lots of amazing learning, we had the best attendance in the entire school and therefore won the huge 1st prize Attendance Trophy!

This is brilliant and the children really enjoyed the recognition and success of bringing the trophy back to class!


In literacy this week, the children completed some writing tasks focussing on Remembrance Day. The children had the opportunity to explore why we celebrate Remembrance Day and produce some quality writing in their books.

Also, we started to begin our new literacy topic: Non-chronological Reports. The children read through different 'Dinosaur texts' and started to identify the key features of a non-chronological report.


It was a fun first week back of maths learning. The children experienced using a wide range of maths resources to help them complete tasks on number bond recognition. The children identified number bonds of particular numbers, whist also being challenged to complete missing number bond sentences.


Topic was super this week as the children were learning about 'The Gunpowder Plot'. The children had the chance to learn the story, discuss events, create story maps and even act out the famous story using props!

Can you justify Guy Fawkes' reasons to blow up the Houses of Parliament with King James I inside it?


On an exciting note, the children were introduced to the Christmas Production in which we will practise and eventually perform in front of parents on 15th December. The children are very excited and will be rehearsing hard to produce a fantastic performance - make sure you save the date!

Also, Firefighter Andy came in on Friday morning to talk to KS1 about firework safety. This was very interesting and the children's awareness of firework danger was improved!


Please continue to get your child in everyday for school so we can win that Attendance Trophy again, and ensure your child is completing their homework tasks smiley

Term 2 Week 1 Pictures



The final week of Term 1 was another enjoyable and interactive one as the children continued to develop their mathematical and literacy skills.


In literacy this week the children have been learning about onomatopoeia. Pupils have been thinking about different words that sound similar to the way that they are pronounced. Some brilliant word posters and creative sentences were produced.


Splash   Crash   Bang   Drip

Can you put one of these onomatopoeia words into a sentence?


Data handling was the topic of Maths this week! The children have been learning about tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. Pupils have been interpreting data and answer questions about the data.


In Topic we have been re-capping on what we learnt in the Reptile Exhibition and continuing to look at the habitats and environments that these creatures live in!


What would the habitat be like for a tarantula?


I was very impressed with the fantastic dinosaur homework projects (see photos below) that I received back this week! The children are very excited about learning our new topic in Term 2.


Have a safe and enjoyable half term holiday and come back ready for more fantastic learning!






The children have really been put through their 'paces' this week as 'Week 6' was 'Assessment Week'.

All children completed a Reading, Writing and Maths assessment where their skills and knowledge of what they've been learning this term was put to the test. Additionally, some children completed a 'Phonics Screening' which tested segmenting, blending and the pronunciation of words.

I am one very proud teacher as all the children showed fantastic motivation and endeavour to try their hardest and lots of progress was evident when I marked their tests smiley.


During the afternoons this week, the children participated in some super 'Design Technology' and PE activities. The children had a chance to decorate and finish off their bedroom door signs, as well as having a chance to review their product and evaluate it.

In PE, Leopards class were looking at different ways to balance and we even got some big apparatus out sad !

All the children could suggest some 'top tips' for balancing: focus on an object in the room; and spread your arms out wide to help control yourself. Can you think of anymore?


Have a look below at some fab photos of Leopards class in action...


Week 5: What a fun and exhilirating week of learning that Leopards children have had!


On Wednesday this week, the children were lucky enough to have an Exhibition Visit from Penfolds Reptile Centre and enjoy hearing some fantastic facts about this terms topic: Living Things & Their Habitats.

The children had the chance to look, touch and even hold some of the beautiful animals which included snakes, spiders and lizards!


What a fantastic experience and a lot learnt by the children as they continue their journey of exploring different kinds of habitats!


Week 4: What a hard-working week completed by all!

Just a couple of thank you's!


A special thanks to all the children who came dressed up as their favourite book character on Friday; you all looked brilliant!

Check out the Drapers Mills Twitter page to see what characters the Year 2 team were dressed up as.


Also, special mention goes to all the children for performing brilliantly in the Harvest Festival assembly... there were lots of proud adults in the audience.

Week 3: Another exciting week full of Literacy and Maths Activities


Our Race Into Reading board has now had an exciting twist put on it and is now called our RED TED board.

R ead       

E very

D ay

T alk

E very

D ay


The structure of the board remains the same; children move up the board in steps of 5. But, the exciting bit is that when children have read 50 times they will receive a RED TED teddy!!! So please keep reading with your children at home, it really does make a difference (and remember to record it in their Reading Record).

Week 2: Another brilliant week that has demonstrated great learning from the children

Many Thanks!

A huge thank you to all the parents/guardians who attended 'Meet The Teacher'.

Was brilliant to meet so many enthusiastic parents and answer any queries you may of had.


Remember to keep signing your child's 'Home Reader' and to ensure they bring their 'Learning Journal' in everyday. 

Week 1: The children have produced some fantastic work - please keep this up!

Step into our classroom and see what we've been learning...

The new look to our classroom!

The work below is what the children completed in Year 1.

It has been an exciting week in the Swans because of the build up to the Scarecrow's wedding. the children have written to the animals inviting them to the wedding. We focused on the important information needed in a letter of invitation.Then Thursday afternoon was the 'Big Day.' Some of the children dressed up as scarecrows and Harry O'Hay and Betty were very excited. the children listened to wedding music and thought about who the special day was really all about. The room was set out ready for the special event. The children, who were the guests made their special speeches and they all had something good to say about Harry and Betty




We had Japanese visitors in school this week. The students demonstrated Japanese writing and wrote the children's names.
We also found out some facts about Japan. The we looked at Japanese fan designs and noticed that they use lots of bright colours, often with black line drawing designs on them. We had a go at using water colours to create our own designs.




We also looked at video clips of Koi Carp. We noticed they come on many different colours and sizes .We used a pencil to draw the Koi Carp but had to follow instructions very carefully.








The Scarecrow's Wedding by Julia Donaldson

This week we have focused our learning around this story. It was written by the same author as the Smartest Giant. We looked at two key characters in the story, Harry O'Hay and Reginald Rake. There was quite a contrast between the two characters. We generated adjectives to describe Harry.




Once again we again

 we found that this  positive character in the story demonstrated many of our school values which the children included in their writing.

We also wrote letters of invitation to the wedding guests. We included details of an invitation as well as telling guest what they might expect at the wedding.





I have had the most fantastic day in Swans today. The children have been working extremely hard on their behaviours for learning. They have made me very proud of them as they were role models to the other children during their transitions around the school. I can not wait to see the progress that they are going to make this term as their learning behaviours improve and as I continue to see perseverance towards their learning.


The children are particularly concentrating on their reading skills and they have been truly dedicated to improving in this area. We really want to beat the rest of the year 1 classes and have the most children pass the year one phonics screening...... shhhhh do not tell the Penguins or Flamingos surprise.

This week our sounds are oo (long and short), ar, or, ur. Why not have a go at playing the free games on and practise reading real and nonsense word containing these sounds. We particularly like playing phase 3 buried treasure in class. 


I am really looking forward to keeping you all posted and adding some photos of the brilliant learning that is taking place in swans.


Please do not hesitate to come and speak to me if you would like any advice on supporting your child's learning at home.


Mrs Maroney.






It has been another busy week. Swans have been looking at the story 'Not Now Bernard.' They have been thinking carefully about what Bernard could have done when his Mum and Dad would not listen to him about the monster. The children came up with some good ideas which could have prevented Bernard being eaten!

Some possible solutions from the children  were.....

  • He could have called the Police
  • He could have ran inside the house and locked the door.
  • He could have distracted the monster with a toy.
  • He could have thrown a stone into a bush to distract the monster and while he turned and looked, Bernard could have ran away.


The children have also been thinking of describing words for the monster. Some children used a simile and described him 'as red as blood'. Others said he was terrifying with claws as sharp as knives.



This week in Swans we have been developing our writing from the Julia Donaldson book 'The Smartest Giant.'


The children wrote character description of George the Giant. The noticed how many of our school values George showed in the story and wrote this as features of his character, particularly 'fairness' and 'respect.'


We also looked at how giants are normally portrayed in stories and how this differs to the giant in the Smartest Giant in Town story.








The children tried to think of good describing words which might tempt giants to go and buy their clothes from the Giants Clothes Shop. They begun with quite low level adjectives such as 'nice' to adjectives such as 'spectacular' which was given to us by L.P. The children were also introduced to two new words, 'sensational' and 'remarkable'. Below are some of the words we mind mapped together as a whole class.



Some children designed some ties for the George the giant in the story. Very sparkly ones!!!


In Maths we having been learning how to measure accurately with a ruler. Some children have been developing an understanding to comparison of length and the language associated with this such as 'longer than', 'shorter than', 'longest', 'shortest.'



















Mr Law, our Site Manager has given us a very interesting object to look at and think about because we are thinking about living things. The children are going to think about what questions they might ask about this object. We will leave you with an obvious question


What do you think it is?

Think carefully about what we know about living things.  What do you think about this interesting idea?
In our topic learning we have been thinking about living things. One of our children had an interesting thought as you can see on the speech bubble below.

I hope you had a good chance to look at the picture above last week. It is actually the skull of a fox.


This week we have been continuing to look at living things and the children in swans have found out that both animals and plants have some things in common.










Swans have been making fantastic progress in their phonics this week. On Wednesday they learnt the ar sound. Can you spot the ar sound in their writing below? 













Swans - Newsletter 3rd July 2015

Letter about the Scarecrows' Wedding