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Lead Learner Key Stage One Blog


As you know over the new few weeks our year 2 children will be taking part in SATs to help us assess their reading and maths.  The children have been working hard to improve their learning all year and this is just one of the ways they can show us what they have learnt! 


If you would like to help at home please continue to ensure you are hearing your child read every night and asking them questions to show you they understand what is being read.

Here are some examples of questions that can help;

'What do you think will happen next?'

'Why do you think that character said that?'

'How is that character feeling?' 'How do you know?'

'Which words tells us this character is....?'


If you would like to help your child prepare for the maths element try to help your child apply their knowledge of maths in everyday life.


'If there are 23 biscuits in the packet and I eat 7, how many will be left?'

'Cut you pizza into quarters, only put ketchup on 2/4.'

'What shape is the glass you are drinking from? How could you describe it using mathematical language?'

'I have 36 carrot altogether, I have used 12.  How many are still in the bag?'


Most improtantly please make sure your child is well rested and ready for each new day.


Sleep and a healthy diet help your child to be ready for learning many new and exciting things!



Share this clip with your child to help them to understand the importance of fruit and vegetables in their diet!


These are a list of words your children need to be able to read and write by the end of year 1 and 2.  Please use this list to help your child at home.  Make it fun by writing words in sand, paint or bubbles in the bath!!

Make Reading Fun!!


Read and follow these instructions with your child to encourage reading for purpose and develop understanding of what is being read.




1. First decide what type of filling you would like and check to see if there is some available.

2. Next take two slices of bread and butter each of them on one side only.

3. Put your filling on one slice of bread, butter side up. You may choose two fillings.

4. Place the other piece of bread, butter side down, on top of the filling.

5. Now cut your sandwich carefully with a knife.

6. Now sit down and enjoy your sandwich.

7. Finally, clear away the things you have been using


Link this into writing by writing a set of instructions together for example: How to make a banana milkshake


Send photographs of following instructions or examples of instructions you have read and we will upload to this space!!

Can you guess our key texts based on our exciting reading areas?

The last Week of Term 4!

Thank you so much to the parents who attended the Year 1 showcase last week. The children performed their Talk 4 Writing text -Dr Xargles Earthlings, sung a song in Spanish about weather and showed us how they have been using body percussion.  Well done to all the children and teachers for your hard work and confident performance.


With two weeks holiday approaching, it is important that children are well rested but also that they keep their literacy and maths skills 'ticking over' during the break. There are many practical activities to engage children in holiday learning.


Action for Children has dome some research about how difficult it is for parents to limit the amount of time that children are accessing technology. The link below has details of this article which was written in January



The article also suggests a number of ways that families can put down the technology for a little while to spend some quality family time together.

Action for Children has developed five top tips to help parents get the whole family to unplug and play:

1. Plan fun activities for the whole family that don’t involve technology.

2. Create a balance between technology use and other activities by creating a weekly schedule on the principle of an hour of 'energy in' (technology use) equalling an hour of 'energy out' (other activities).

3. Tap into your own experience: when you were a child, what was your favourite game to play? Share these with your children.

4. Identify the challenges your children enjoy in the video games they play and replicate them. Do they like games about sport? Encourage them to play the real deal in the park or go as a family to a local match. Are their favourite games puzzles or brain-teasers? Organise a board game night.

5. Practice what you preach: when your children are having screen-free time, turn off your devices too. Don’t waste the opportunity!


Other activities to support your child during the holidays:

Cooking with your child can be a really enjoyable way to develop maths skills. Encourage your child to weigh out ingredients or use the measuring jug and read the scale up the side of the jug.



Encourage your child to practise their reading and writing skills through:

  • Making and writing postcards
  • Making a menu for tea
  • Making a diary or poster about their holiday.
  • Writing an invitation to a toys tea party
  • Role play games with writing resources available such as a Space log, Shopping list or appointment book but to name a few ideas.

Please make sure your child reads regularly throughout the holiday. It doesn't have to be their reading book, even comics and magazines can still develop reading skills.


Have a wonderful holiday and please all keep safe. We look forward to seeing all the children back in school on Monday 11th April.

Best wishes

Ann Evans Lead learner KS1




 A busy week in KS1

On Friday the children took part in a 'Take One Island 'day. Year 1 stayed on our school site to investigate what lies beneath our school, whilst Year 2 headed off to Dane Park to look at how the site has changed over the years. Mr Lightfoot told the children about how he used to visit the park as a child a cycle around the lake! Please check your child's class pages for further pictures and information about this special day.

































Thank you so much to two of our volunteers who have been helping to develop the lunchtime experience for pupils. Children can now enjoy quiet time in the hall as well as engaging in activities outdoors. The indoor activities are generally collaborative such as playing games, or creative learning opportunities. It is very popular and they are trying to make sure a range of pupils get this opportunity.


Thank you if you were able to attend Parent's evening last week. Hopefully you will now know what your child's next steps are and ways that you can also support them at home with their learning. If you haven't yet met your child's teacher, it is not too late and you can still catch them after school to make an appointment although they would not be able to do an evening appointment but straight after school is usually fine.


Please remember the Year 1 showcase is this Thursday 17th March.




A date for your diary

17.03.16 Year 1 SHOWCASE

Please come along and share you child's learning.



Dear Parents,

This week you will receive your child's school report. You may have noticed that the previous assessment system of levels such as 2c, 2b or 2a are no longer used. Children are now assessed against the new National Curriculum. The national expectation is that by the end of the academic year, children will have a really good grasp of the skills and knowledge that are expected for that particular year group. This means they are working at the expected standard. Some children will grasp skills and knowledge at quicker rate than others. These children will still continue on the relevant year group curriculum but will work at a deeper level, engaging in research and high level investigations and problem solving. These children will be considered to be achieving at  above the expected standard with greater depth. Some children take longer to grasp skills and knowledge. They may be working within the curriculum relating to another year group, These children would be considered to be working towards the expected standard.


If you haven't yet made an appointment to meet with your child's teacher, then please do so as they will be able to tell you areas where your child is achieving well and areas which they need to improve further. It will also give you an opportunity to ask any questions.

7th February

It will be a busy week in school this week. I am sure your child will be sharing their learning with you. This week, on 8th February is the start of the Chinese New Year. Children will find out facts about the celebration to help develop their cultural awareness.


It is also Shrove Tuesday this week on 9th February.  This is often known as Pancake Day. This could be a good opportunity to make pancakes whilst getting your children involved in the measuring out of the ingredients. This will help their maths skills in a fun and practical way.


Tuesday 9th February is Safer Internet Day.


The link below has some additional information for parents about internet safety.

There is also additional information under our Parents/Safeguarding/E-safety section.


Please remember that Thursday is a themed dressing up day linked to pupils current topics. Children should bring in £1 donation if they wish to participate in the dressing up.


Thursday is also 'Take One Artist' day in school.  Children will be participating in a range of activities linked to a particular artist.


Please remember that Friday 12th February is a teacher training day so children are not in school. They will return to school on Monday 22nd February.


Please take care and have a good break during week beginning 15th February.


Ann Evans


Lead Learner KS1


26th January


Thank you so much to the parents/carers who attended our phonic learning together event this morning. We hope you found it useful. I have attached the PowerPoint below just in case there are aspects of it which you would like to look over in your own time.


Mrs Evans

KS1 Lead Learner

Phonics Information for Parents -Learning Together Event.

17th January 2016

Sometimes it is difficult to know which are the best books to read with children.  Our teachers have made some suggestions about their favourite books on another page so please take time to look. There are also some good websites which will make suggestions. The website below lists a number of possible good reads for younger children between 6 and 8 years old.


On the same website, there are a number of other features such as tips on hearing your child read at home. Follow the link below.




Please make sure your children are wrapped up warm while the weather is so cold. They do go out to play in the morning and at lunchtime. If items such as gloves, scarves and hats are named, then hopefully they will find their way back to you if they become mislaid.


Learning Together Event for Parents and Carers

10th January 2016

Welcome back to week 2.  Another busy week.


This term, we are working with the children on 'Talk for Reading.' This is during the traditional guided reading session. There is a strong emphasis on comprehension, encouraging children to retrieve and infer information, ask questions, make predictions and generally look at books in much greater depth. The children are showing high levels of engagement in this and I do hope they will share with you, the stories that they are currently studying in school.

We were very impressed this week when Heidi in Year 2 had completed over 100 reads!!!!! She has of course already gained her RED TED so she chose a brand new book to keep.  Many children have earned their RED TEDs . Please try and read a little with your child every day and  really enjoy having a chat about the book together.



Attendance needs improving further. We know it has been a rainy, cold week but it is so important the children are in school every day so they are not missing important learning.  Children with poor attendance are at risk of underachieving. If you have any concerns about your child's attendance then please contact our family team as they may be able to help. A Key Stage 2 class won the trophy this week so please help us to bring the cup back into Key Stage One.



3rd January 2016


Welcome back to term 3 and may I wish you all a Happy New Year!

On January 26th at 9:00am we would like to invite the parents and carers of children in Key Stage One to come and see 'Phonics in Action.' You will begin the session by meeting together in the small hall for a short briefing about how we teach phonics and then you will be able to go an join your child's phonic group to see how the children learn new sounds and apply them. The session with the children will only last about twenty minutes . It would be wonderful if you could attend as children use these skills to help them read new words and it would be wonderful for you to support them with this when they are reading with you at home.

11th December

Christmas is nearly upon us but we are still very busy in Key Stage One with our learning. Children are buzzing about reading and gaining their RED TEDs and also a number of children have gained White and Yellow Mini Ninja Maths badges so well done to all those children, and to parents who have been supporting their children at home with these activities.


Also a massive thank you to parents who were able to attend the Year 2 showcase and the Year 1 learning together event. I do hope you have enjoyed finding out about their learning.

In the spring term, we are hoping to have a 'phonics' learning together event for parents so you can see phonics teaching and learning in action.


Because we are near the end of term, we look closely at your child's progress to see how well they are learning. It is quite noticeable that children with low attendance do not make anywhere near as much progress as those who have really good attendance. This is because they keep missing really important learning and they then find it difficult to make links in learning and knit ideas and concepts together. Please, please, please send your child to school every day unless they are extremely unwell.



Congratulations to Jaguars who gained 3rd place today in the attendance cups with 96.1% attendance.

I was out on the playground the other day when a child told me that their class had won the 'Every Day School cup.' I thought that was a wonderful way to describe it. Thank you Natalia!




Please remember that the Key Stage One Christmas Performances are on the afternoon of 15th December so please come along and enjoy!




 Friday 27th November




When I walk around the Key Stage One corridors of playground at the moment, so many children are desperate to tell me all about their learning.

One child explained to me that 'Tri' means three and the triceratops has three horns. Another child couldn't wait to show me her learning on 'adverbs.' Every day there are many children telling me how close they are to getting their RED TED because they have been reading every day and this week, nine more children have received RED TED!

As you can see, many RED TEDs are waiting for their special day to find a new home!!!


This week Mr Comber, who lead on maths in our school introduced Mini Maths

Ninjas to the children. He put Mrs Baker and Mrs Potter through their paces as well! The children need to complete different maths skills in a given times (4 minutes) in order to gain a coloured badge which relates to a level.                                                                                                 

What are number bonds?

Number bonds are pairs of numbers which total a given number. So for example, number bonds to 10 might be




and the pattern keeps going.



What are doubles?

This is where you are doubling the number by adding the same amount again.

E.g. Double 2       2+2 = 4

       Double 3       3+3 = 6

Younger children should start by knowing doubles to ten, then twenty. Then they should begin to use this knowledge to understand how to double larger numbers.


Practising at home

Children will want to practise their maths skills at home as they are keen to gain their Maths Ninja badges ( which they are allowed to wear to school on their school jumper.)

There are also many online games. Always check out the game first before sharing it with your children to check it is suitable.

There are some good games on the Tes iboard website.

Here is one below:

These are sometimes designed for interactive whiteboards but can be fine on the computer.



Attendance Ted was a little bit disappointed this week because attendance was lower than it should be.  We want our attendance to be above 96%. We know that when it goes above this, Mr Apps will dress as a beautiful fairy and Mr Manclark will dress up as a Minion! The children have been reminded that they should be in school every day.


Well done to all the children who were in school on time on Monday. All their tickets were put into a draw and one was picked out. The lucky winner was a little girl in Flamingos. Make sure your child is on time every day, and on Mondays they will receive a ticket for the 'Not Late Gate.'



Next week the children in Year 1 and Year 2 will be doing assessments. These are tests which show what learning children are able to apply independently. If your child is working at a level which is below the National Curriculum, then they will not be taking part in these tests.

We will also be assessing phonics, as we do every term to see how your child is progressing.


Have a great weekend and good week next week.


Ann Evans

Lead learner KS1






22nd November 2015


Well done to all the children in Key Stage One who are remembering to read every day. Well done to all the parents and carers who are dedicating a little bit of special time each day to hear their child read. Eight children have received their very own RED TED this week because they have read at least 50 TIMES!!!!

They are now working towards earning themselves a special book to keep. I think it is going to be a busy RED TED week ahead.



Now the weather is getting colder, it is important children have the right clothing. If they walk to school in boots, they must change into black school shoes or black plimsolls on arrival in school in order to meet our school uniform expectations. The children will go  out to play in most weathers so please make sure they have a named hats, scarves, coats and gloves.


We are introducing Mini -Ninja Maths to the children in Key Stage One this week. It is really important that children are secure with their number bonds to ten and twenty. They must also know their 2's, 5's and 10 times tables and then 3's and 4's.  Children will need to complete a set of questions in a limited time period and it is important that they practise at home. Mr Comber, who leads on Maths, will visit the children in assembly this week to give the children all the information.

Have a good week.


Ann Evans


Lead Learner KS1

15th November 2015

It has been another wonderful, busy week at Drapers Mills. On Wednesday 11th, all the children took part in a Remembrance Day assembly and all observed the 2 minutes silence.  Each year group had explored a different element relating to Remembrance.

It was a very exciting week in the Panthers as one of their children has completed 50 reads and received their RED TED!!!!!!!!. I know she was very pleased and smiley. I hope she remembers to read to the little bear every night as she will now be working towards earning a book to keep.


Not only did someone in Panthers earn their RED TED but they also had the highest class attendance this week. How fantastic is that? Leopards were in 3rd place so well done Key Stage One classes. Come on Year 1, let us see if you can win the attendance cup!

Mr Apps told the children that if we can get the school attendance up above the national expectations, then he will dress up as a beautiful pink fairy for assembly!!!!! I think we are all looking forward to that so please try and make sure you child comes to school every day and arrives on time. Our gates open at 8:30 am and children should be in class for 8:45 ready for registration. Our school attendance is creeping up so well done so far but keep it going!



Christmas plays for Key Stage One will be held on 15th December 2015. Year 1 and Year 2 are both performing separate plays  in the afternoon. We would love parents to come and support their children.


On the safeguarding page, I have put some details about 'Be Safe, Be Seen.' It is starting to get dark early now and we want all our children to be as safe as possible when walking to and from school. We would encourage you to make sure you child has some kind of reflectors on coats or bags so they can be clearly seen by motorists and cyclists.

Monday 16th November is a Staff training day so we will see the children on Tuesday instead.


Have a great week and keep reading !

Ann Evans

KS1 Lead Learner

1st November


Welcome back to Term 2.

Thank you so much to the Year 1 parents for attending the Year 1 show case. I was particularly impressed by the children's  Spanish skills. I spent the rest of the day humming the song about the colours and the numbers.

The song can be found on YouTube on the link below if you would like to practise with your child.


There will be shows cases and learning together events for Year 1 and 2 this term coming. It would be wonderful if you could spare the time to pop in and see what your child has been learning. There are also going to be class assemblies this term. Teachers will communicate these dates via the class learning letters.


It won't be long until the Christmas play season is upon us! Each year group in KS1 will do a Christmas play to perform to parents. These have been scheduled in for 15th December but please keep your eye out for the date confirmations on the newsletters.


Thank you so much to Year 2 parents for supporting their children in creating the most fabulous dinosaur models. They look great.


Although we have had a mild October, the weather will start to get colder but we like children to get outside for playtimes and often for learning opportunities. Please make sure they have their coat in school everyday and warm PE kit such a jogging trousers as they continue to do PE outside in the colder months.


RED TED has been really busy in the past couple of weeks. Please take a moment to read his blog with your child on this website. Teachers are also recommending some really good books to read so have a look at the Teachers Book Reviews.


I hope you all had a really wonderful break and I am looking forward to seeing you all this week. Don't forget Parent Consultation meetings are next week. Please make sure you have booked an appointment to see your child's teacher. They will let you know how they are getting on with their learning and what their next steps are.


Ann Evans

KS1 Lead Learner


10th October 2015

Thank you so much to the Year 2 parents who attend the Learning Together event last Wednesday. The children were enthused about building their bridges and it was wonderful to have parent expertise  to support them with their creative ideas. 


Year 1 have a learning together event coming up in October before the half term.


This week children are completing Term 1 assessments. Year 1 and year 2 will complete a phonic screening, this will help the teacher to check their progress and see which sounds they need to work on next. Year 1 and 2 will complete assessment in Maths and Year 2 will complete reading comprehensions. All assessments are carried out individually or in small groups. Although teachers are assessing children all the time through their daily learning, the assessments every six weeks show what children can do independently and how they apply the skills they have learnt. If you have any questions about assessments then ask your child's class teacher.


The children were disappointed not to see Attendance Ted in assembly this week. He sent a message telling the children that he would not be coming back until their attendance improved! Only one class achieved 100% last week which was the Robins class in Key Stage 2 so please support your child in making sure they attend school every day.


The weather is going to get colder. Please make sure your child has a coat in school each day, as well as their PE kit. Thank you for your continued support.


Ann Evans

KS1 Lead Learner


4th October


Thank you to all those parents who attended the Harvest Festival last week. I know the children enjoyed performing to an audience and it was a whole new experience for our youngest children.

This week on Wednesday afternoon, Year 2 children have a Learning Together afternoon where parents may come in and see their children engaging in learning and hopefully, parents will join.


I have put a little bit of information on the Safeguarding Page regarding new legislation around the area of smoking whilst having children in the vehicle which came in to force on October 1st 2015. Mr Manclark has also posted some information on Twittter.


Thank you so much if you are continuing to support your child in reading a little bit at home every day. I know some children are really working towards earning their RED TED. Also, thank you if you are helping to raise our attendance levels. It is really important that children come to school every day, unless they are extremely unwell, otherwise they miss some really important learning.


Have a good week. It may be wet this week so please remember children do need their coats in school as they do go out to play providing the rain isn't too hard.


Ann Evans

KS1 Lead Learner


27th September 2015

I hope you have all had a good week. Our children have been as busy as ever. I have seen some children trying really hard to improve their handwriting. We are teaching the children cursive script which will help them to join their letters and develop real flow with their writing. Children need a good level of fine motor skills to help them gain pencil control. There are lots of activities that you could do at home to support this development such as using scissors to cut paper, playing with small Lego bricks to create models, modelling with play dough or clay, creating patterns with pens and pencils and threading activities, just to mention a few. Play dough can be made at home using a recipe like this:

1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
food dye (any colour, be creative!)

This recipe does not need any cooking. Recipes can found on the Internet.

Harvest Festival

You are very welcome to join Key Stage 1 and EYFS for their Harvest Festival tomorrow morning at 9:15am.

Each year group will perform a short song, poem or story. We look forward to seeing many of you there.


Macmillan Cake Sale.

Thank you so much for supporting this charity event, both to those who donated cakes and to those who attended. It was very much appreciated.


Have a good week and keep supporting your children with their reading as they are keen to earn their RED TEDs.


Ann Evans


KS1 Lead Learner



20th September 2015

The term is now well under way!  I have  seen some great learning. Children are really focusing on presentation and trying to improve their handwriting.  Teachers are planning problem solving tasks to challenge pupils. On Friday, some children in year 1 were using green paper to see who could make the longest crocodile. The children were using some good mathematical language such as 'longer than', 'longest', 'shorter than.'


On Friday the learning was focused around Roald Dahl stories. Year 1 were learning about the Enormous Crocodile and Year 2 were focused on George's Marvellous Medicine. I know they will be sharing the learning on their class pages.



 I am sure your chid has been telling you all about RED TED. This means Read Every Day, Talk Every Day. We would really encourage you to listen to your child read a little bit every night, as this will really help your children become a confident reader. It is also really important to talk about the book together. Please sign their reading record so your child's teacher can track their reading and when they have read 50 times, they will be able to take a RED TED home to keep. Every time they read ten times, they will get a sticker on their book mark in school.


Just a reminder  about a couple of important events coming up.


Friday 25th September,  KS1 children are allowed to come to school dressed as their favourite book character in return for a small donation to our school. Please look at recent texts for details.


Monday 28th September (am) is the KS1 and EYFS Harvest Festival. We would love you to join us for this special celebration.


If you have not yet returned your child's photographic permission slip, then please do as a matter of urgency so we can update our records.


Ann Evans




Monday 7th September 2015

Welcome back to the new school year. I hope you all had a wonderful break. I am sure your children feel well rested and ready to take on the challenges in their year groups.

All the children seemed really settled on Thursday and Friday. Year 2 were already moving into their phonics groups, and Year 1 will be doing so on Monday.


This year we will continue to  focus on phonics as this will help your children learn to read and write with confidence. Reading is also a really big focus this year. Please hear your child read every day, even if it is just for a few minutes. You can help them by:


  • Finding a quiet time and having a few minutes special time together, sharing a book.
  • If they are stuck on a word, help them to use pictures as clues, and to sound out the word.
  • Ask them some questions about the story to check they understand what they are reading.
  • Ask them to predict what they think might happen next.
  • Enjoy discussing the story or book (as it might be an information book) together and remember lots of positive praise will go a long way in helping them to become more confident. Below is a document which may give some more ideas and top tips.


Parent Guide to Reading


Your child will have PE a couple of times a week.

Your class teachers will let you know which days this will be but it is helpful if your child keeps their kit at school every day. Then there is no chance of them forgetting it. Please make sure they have a PE kit. This is a very important part of the school curriculum. As well as teaching many sporting skills, it will encourage your child to develop a good understanding of how to keep healthy.


We really look forward to seeing you at Meet the Teacher sessions this week. Keep your eye out on the Learning letters, News Letters and Website for other school events as many are fast approaching.


Ann Evans Lead Learner KS1

19th July 2015

It has been such a busy week in Key Stage One. The week began with our Prize Giving on Tuesday morning. A massive thank you to all parents, carers and relatives who attended and supported the children. We were very impressed with both their singing and their behaviour. Congratulations to all the children who received an award but it is important to remember that all the children have worked extremely hard this year and have made good progress. This week, you will receive your child's  Phonic Screening score and their progress information.


On Wednesday, the children in Key Stage  1 enjoyed an 'Outdoor Learning' day. They were able to engage in a variety of activities covering Mathematical, Science and Art and Design concepts. Children made their own choices and demonstrated good levels of independence. Although we had a little bit of drizzle, this didn't affect the learning  and enthusiasm of both children and staff!



Thursday was the day of the Scarecrow Wedding for Year 1 children. We saw some amazing costumes! Children enjoyed learning about the formalities of a wedding and of course some yummy food! I am sure you will see lots of pictures on the class pages.


Thank you so much for coming to the Open Afternoon on Friday. It was wonderful to see so many parents and carers attending and I know it meant a lot to the children. Most children were engaging in TASC activities. The TASC wheel is used to help children solve problems and think carefully before they begin an activity. Sometimes an element of the TASC wheel is focused on as each section is also a skill in itself. In Key Stage One, children were designing hats for a wedding, gathering information that already knew about wedding hats, then they identified the task and then generated some ideas. Likewise in Year 2 with the 'egg drop' challenge and 'how to make the best use of a plastic bottle.'


 This week will be the last week of Term 6. The children break up on Thursday 23rd July and they return on September 3rd 2015. Please make sure that children keep up some basic skills work during the holidays so when they come back in September they are ready for great learning.

Children should keep reading throughout the holidays, comics, menus, leaflets for days out and of course books are all great ways for children to develop their reading vocabulary and understanding of the text. Holiday diaries are also great for getting children inspired about writing in the holidays as they can write captions for photos and postcards and sentences about their holidays. Holiday posters are also great fun and we love receiving holiday diaries and posters in school back in September to share with everyone.

Have a great holiday and keep safe.


Ann Evans

KS1 Lead Learner













9th July 2015

Hi, this week in my assembly I continued to talk to children about keeping safe. This week we spoke specifically about beach safety which is of course so important with the holidays approaching, and of course as we live in a coastal area.


We watched a short clip where Barnaby Bear goes to the seaside and talks to a life guard.  I will add the link below. It is a really simple clip to help children remember to stay safe on the beach. Although the children have seen it already, they may enjoying watching it with you and telling you all about the dangers at the beach.


We also discussed what the different flags mean on the beach so I will add these to our safeguarding section.

I do hope you are all enjoying the warm weather again. I am sure you are looking forward to prize giving next Tuesday. Not all the children will receive awards but they have all been practising two wonderful songs which they will perform to you so please come along and support.


Ann Evans

KS1 Lead Learner

5th July 2015

We were fortunate to have had Japanese students in this week who held various work shops with the children. The children always find it fascinating to explore other cultures. One of the KS2 pupils showed us how to count to 10 in Japanese and simple greetings.


In Key Stage One assembly this week, we  focused on some elements of keeping ourselves safe. We talked to children about safety in school and how they should let a member of staff know if they saw a visitor walking around without their name tag and we talked about what to do outside of school if you got lost. We will continue to reinforce these safety messages to pupils, along with beach safety and railway safety as the holidays approach. I will add on a website that can help support children in understanding how to keep themselves safe, however as with any website, I would recommend that you are happy with the content and the messages it provides before sharing it with your child.



Please keep supporting children with their reading every night. The website link below is for Oxford Owls. They have Top Tips for reading and also there is a way to be able to access the free e-books which are always fun.


Please remember that we will still be having PE right to the end of term so children need their kits very day.


Have a great week.


Ann Evans



I would like to introduce myself. I am Mrs Evans and lead Key Stage One.

We have fantastic children in Key Stage One and I have been so impressed to see how sensibly they move around the school. They enter and leave assemblies silently and always come up with great ideas! This week in assembly we looked at a story called 'Brave Molly.' The story helped children to understand why people sometimes bully.


It is really important that our young children develop good learning behaviour. We encourage and help them to develop a good understanding of our school values:









Sports Day


Well done to everyone who took part in Sports Day. I saw some fantastic javelin throws and some super fast sprinting - especially from the mums and dads!!!!. Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to support- the children were very excited about the whole event.


A few reminders

P.E. Kit

It is very important that children have their P.E. kit in school every day. They need shorts, a T shirt and some plimsolls. It is helpful if their kit can be kept in school as sometimes our P.E. sessions are changed to different times and days.



Reading at home everyday makes a real difference to children's learning. Please make sure you read a little bit everyday. Magazines, comics, menus are all good ways to practise your reading as well as using your reading book to help you develop your skills.


Hot weather

Apparently this week it is going to be really hot. I will believe it when I see it but it is important to make sure children are well protected in such hot weather. Please could you put sun cream on your children in the morning before school. They should also bring a named sun hat in very hot weather as children play out for quite a while at lunch times. Children should have water bottles in school so they can keep well hydrated throughout the day.


Let us hope the sun shines this week!