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Welcome to Koalas Class Page


Our class page will celebrate all of our achievements and be an important way for me to communicate and keep you informed about current learning and up and coming events and learning. Please share our class page with your children and enjoy looking at the learning that has taken place. 

Miss Howland is the Koalas Class Teacher

Miss Brown is the Koalas Teaching Assistant.


I am the Koalas class teacher, I am really enjoying being part of their learning journey and finding out how much they have learnt and scaffolding their play to take them further in their achievements. 

Term 6 - Wild Animals, Past and Present.


During Term 6 we have been extremely excited to be learning about dinosaurs. We have made a dinosaur world with an erupting volcano and we experimented with cola and mentos to see the volcanic effect.


We have also explored animals that live in the jungle and rainforests, as well as those that are living in the oceans and seas. This have been such an informative and exciting topic interest for the Koalas!




Maths in the foundation stage this term has involved us using our calculation and problem-solving skills in games and activities where we have been identifying numbers to 20, ordering them and completing basic addition and subtraction of single digit numbers.











In literacy we have been enjoying reading many texts about wild animals such as 'Dinosaurs Galore' By Giles Andrea, 'Tom and the Island of Dinosaurs' by Ian Beck and 'The Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfisher. Using these texts we have written fact files about dinosaurs, stories about being on an island trapped with dinosaurs and an erupting volcano - what should we do? We wrote rescue messages in bottles for someone to save us. Also, we have considered what have we done in our lives to be kind and share when reflecting on the actions of the Rainbow Fish in the story.

Term 5 - Minibeasts, growing and changing.


This term we are learning about minibeast, bugs and creepy crawlies. We are very excited about this interest in Koalas Class because we have already found so many kinds of bugs in our Foundation Stage garden. We are looking forward to playing in our new role play area which the all the children are helping in creating a garden centre/bug shop. We are also excited about visiting the pond area to find more creatures and incorporate all of our areas of learning within this topic.


In maths we have been using small ladybirds and numbered pots to improve our counting and number recognition skills. We have also been playing the number recognition game 'bug splat' and counting how many bugs we can find in the garden. In the tough spot we have had a range of different bugs and have been using the number stones to match the amount of bugs and how many legs or eyes a bug has to the correct numbers. Fantastic work koalas, keep up the great work!  

Literacy and understanding of the world

The children have had a very exciting week! They have helped Ms.Cullen complete the garden centre and use it everyday to develop their imaginary play. They have also been looking for bugs in the reception garden and in the pond and using their phonic knowledge wrote about what bugs they found. After we went to the pond we sat in a large circle and looked at the bugs that we found; the snails were blowing bubbles and the children all took turns to look at them.

Term 4 Topic - Stepping into Stories


This term we are learning through the seven areas of learning by becoming emerged in the books of Julia Donaldson with texts such as 'The Gruffalo', 'The Smartest Giant in Town', 'Room on a Broom" and 'Zog'. The children are really enjoying retelling the stories through role-play, making story maps and incorporating them into many other areas of their active learning.


This week in our Maths activities the children have been learning to measure weight and quantities by cooking and brewing our very own Creepy Crawly Soup using lots of very healthy ingredients. Lots of counting and understanding of heavy and light were displayed.




This week in Literacy and Guided Reading we have been reading the story 'Room on the Broom' by Julia Donaldson. We have been looking at rhyming words and making rhyming sentences about our favourite characters in the story.

Star of the Week


This week's Stars of the week in Koalas is Shanel and taking home Kevin the Koala for attendance this week is the fantastic Cassius !



Our attendance percentage this week is 92 % but we know we can do much better. Lets try to aim even higher next week. We can do it Koalas !

Koalas weekly challenge 20th May 2016

I Need A Hero

Term 3 Topic


In the EYFS we like to use as many different pathways to find the route to unlocking each child's potential. The creativity never stops, and this term sees us using Superheroes as a catalyst for our learning. The children will take part in many different learning activities to further develop their knowledge and skills across the seven areas of learning. 





Week 1 - January 5th 2016





The children have been using the role-play area to explore different comic book characters and their awesome super powers. As the children engaged in role-play they created a superhero log to discuss where the danger was, who they saved and how they rescued family and friends! We explored fantastic vocabulary and used it describe our favourite hero for the 'roll on the wall' activity.



Our focus this week has been on number order and recognition. We extended this further by exploring subtraction and the interesting vocabulary we use when trying to solve practical subtraction problems. The children came into class to find that Spiderman had been into the learning environment and had created a web to catch menacing flies! The children needed to find out how many flies were left!

Superhero Training Academy

Your Weekend Challenge 12th March 2016

Class Newsletter 10th March 2016

Our School Values

We live and breathe our School Values and they will embedded into our interactions with others and woven into our identities as part of Personal, Social and Emotional development. We expect everybody to demonstrate these values in all that they do inside and outside of the classroom and model these values to the wider community. Please support your child to become champions for our School Values.

We also have four rights that are embedded in the ethos of our school and in our class and they are;

  • We have the right to learn
  • We have the right to be safe
  • We have the right to fun
  • We have the right to have a voice 

Our Learning Environment

Our enhanced learning environment allows our children to explore and investigate to become active, independent learners. Through questioning and high order thinking children are challenged to think critically and extended their knowledge and understanding. Rich learning opportunities immerse our children in their learning and promote the ethos of every child becoming directors of their own learning.

As the term draws to an end our attentions turn to the joy and traditions of Christmas in a primary school. The children's learning has had a festive focus with the continuous provision being turned into a winter wonderland. The children have enjoyed many activities from learning about calculation when creating sweet boxes, based on the 12 days of Christmas, or writing wish lists to Santa during our phonic and Literacy focus.


Latest News

'Weave The Magic'


Parents of Reception children at Drapers Mills Primary Academy were invited into school to join in with the not so nonsense and entirely whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland where they had the opportunity to discover that there is nothing more muchier than the muchness of Reception! Parents and children enjoyed an afternoon filled with activities pulled from The Mad Hatters Hat to explore the wonderful world of literature and the far reaching realms of science. A great afternoon was had by all.


10.11.2015 - Thank you so much for meeting with me to celebrate your child's progress and have open discussions about your child's next steps and any concerns that you or I may have. 

07.11.2015 - Don't forget Parents' Evening Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th November. Please make sure you book an appointment to meet with Mr Flannery. If you can't make those dates please speak to Mr Flannery to arrange an alternative appojtment. It's very important you have an opportunity to celebrate your child's progress and discuss any concerns you or Mr Flannery might have.  

06.11.2015 - Well done to our attendance winner this week for 100% attendance and being at school on time. Make sure you come to school everyday and on time to be in with a chance to win! 

06.11.2015 - Today the fireman spoke to us about being safe with fireworks and sparklers, as well as the firework safety code. He spoke about what to do if you find a fire and the number you call to get help - but only in real emergencies! Miss Child had the opportunity to try on a real fireman's uniform too!

06.11.2015 - Today we celebrated a friend in our class' birthday. Happy Birthday!! 

05.11.2015 - Don't forget your PE kit for tomorrow! PE will be held every Friday afternoon.

23.10.2015 - WOW! Look how well Koala class are doing in their Race to Reading! We have some amazing readers who have read over 30 times!!! Keep going everybody and well done! Thank you parent/carers for your support in encouraging your children to read! 

15.10.2015 - After our visit to Drapers Mills Windmill on Monday, today we had an opportunity to experiment with making dough to bake bread. We really enjoyed this sensory experience. 

12.10.2015 - Today we visited Drapers Mills Windmill. Our key text this week is 'The Little Red Hen'. We are visiting the windmill so we can see the process of grinding the wheat to make four to bake our bread later on this week in Fact Based Learning. Take a look at the photos below.

09.10.2015 - Our 100% attendance winner for this week. Well done!

07.10.2015 - Today in our Fact Based Learning time we split into our key groups and designed the model Koalas class student that we should aspire to be. We then presented our ideas back to the class.


06.10.2015 - Our key text this week is Dear Zoo and we have been learning about how to write letters and then applying our skills to write our own letters. We have been asking the zoo for our favourite animal so that we can have a pet of our very own! Look at the post box we created!


05.10.2015 - Well done to another member of Koalas class making it to windmill with her hard work!

02.10.2015 - Well done to our winner this week for 100% attendance! 


01.10.15 - This week we have been exploring shapes and identifying them in our environment. We all want to be secure in knowing the four basic 2D shapes before half term! Help your children learn these shapes with every opportunity you have; walking to school, around the house or in the car - shapes are everywhere!

30.09.2015 - Well done for getting to the windmill today!


29.09.2015 - Our Birthday Board is now up and running. We can't wait to celebrate everybody's birthdays! 

28.09.2015 - Thank you to all of the children who created such wonderful crocodiles for their home learning. Well done everyone! Thank you parents/carers for your support.


25.09.2015 - Today we celebrated reading and had the opportunity dress up as a book character.
Well done to our best dressed book character - 'Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs'!! Thank you for all the effort you put in to make the day a great success!  

24.09.2015 - Our RACE TO READING scheme has begun. Every time your child reads to an adult and it is recorded in the reading record they get a point. Every time they get 10 points/reads they move up a road sign. When they reach 50 they have reached the finished line and get a special surprise!


22.09.2015 - Well done to the first member of Koalas class to reach the Windmill on our behaviour chart! He produced some amazing maths work independently by not only recognising numbers up to five and assigning value, but writing the numerals on the circles too!

22.09.2015 - To ensure that our children do not miss out on any important learning time I will be using an attendance board to encourage the children to want to come to school every day and arrive on time. Every week the children's picture will be hanging on a peg on the attendance board and should they arrive late or miss a day that week their picture will be place in the bag. On Friday, the remaining pictures will be placed in a bowl and the child's face that is pulled out will receive a small surprise. Please ensure your child doesn't miss out on their chance at winning. 

21.09.2015 - This week we will be continuing our crocodile themed texts and exploring fun and interesting mark making, literacy and reading based activities. Look at Term 1 below for more information.

Don't forget we have a Weave the Magic session on Wednesday 23rd September at 2:00pm in our classroom to complete a parent and child challenge linked to our current learning!! 

17.09.2015 - The children have been working hard to decide on their class rules. They have all agreed to the class rules and we would like your support to help instill them in the children. We need to ensure we nurture our children's personal and social development as well as getting behaviours for learning established to allow the children to access the learning to succeed! 

15.09.2015 - From today we will be using our behaviour chart in class to ensure children develop an understanding of following rules and making the right choices, as well as understanding that making the wrong choices has consequences. Please see the behaviour policy below to understand how it works and have a look when you are next in class by the Birthday board to see it in action. We all want our children to reach the star and even more impressive - get to the windmill!!! Any questions please speak to Mr Flannery.

14.09.2015 - From today children will be taking reading books home and will be expected to read every night. Please read the story to your child, get them to talk about what is happening in the pictures or to talk about the story. Please sign your child's reading record when you have read the book so Miss Child can change them. We want to encourages children's love for reading and it's such a special moment in the day to share a story with your child. - Watch this space for our reading incentive project! 

11.09.2015 - I hope you have all enjoyed your first week at Drapers Mills and Koalas class! We have worked hard to build friendships within our class and develop our social skills. We have also worked tirelessly to introduce behaviours for learning, through our class rules, so that we meet the high expectations in class to become effective learners. If you have any concerns please speak to Mr Flannery.

10.09.2015 - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LABEL YOUR CHILDREN'S CLOTHES. If you take home something that doesn't belong to you please bring it back to school and we try to ensure children get their own uniforms back. Thank you.

09.09.2015 - This afternoon we tidied up our growing area and planted some new plants and flowers. We collected the massive rhubarb and we plan on cooking something exciting with it! 


07.09.2015 - The first day of school is usually a mixture of emotions for both you and your child. This is a massive milestone in your child's life and we want the experience to be as positive as possible and for them to start a school journey that nurtures a love of learning and investigation, coming to a place where they feel safe. Please encourage your child to come to Mr Flannery or Miss Child if they feel sad or have a problem and we will support them. We will be creating a cohesive Koalas class that fosters an environment that values, nurtures and respect every individual to feel part of our community. If you have any problems or concerns please speak to Mr Flannery.

03-04.09.2015 - Thank you for welcoming us in to your home for our home visits so we could meet you and your children. We hope you found the visits informative and reassuring and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 7th September at 8:45 to start a fun and exciting year of learning!

Behaviour Policy

Learning Letters

Every two weeks I will be sending home a learning letter (and publishing it below) to celebrate the learning that has taken place so far, let you know about the current learning and a taste of what's to come. There will be a section on home idea activities to support your child's learning and conversation prompts to encourage your child to talk about their learning at school. If you ever have any questions about current learning or ways to support your child please speak to Mr Flannery.

Book reviews

Reading for children is a magical journey where they become confident communicators through the use of the vocabulary they acquire. We as adults play an important role in this journey and can support the children in learning how to use their imagination and become creative writers themselves. Please support your child in becoming a confident reader and enable them to enjoy the fascinating worlds that authors immerse the children in.

Every fortnight I will be writing a brief book review of a book I've read that you might want to share with your child. If you ever have a book you would like to review or your child has please speak to Mr Flannery and we can put below! Thank you.

Clever Hands

In Koalas class we do lots of fun activities to help develop strength and coordination in our children's hands and fingers. These activities help them as they learn to use a pencil with increasing control to form letters. Below are some pictures of the children accessing the provisions. If you would like some more information about how you can further support your child at home to develop their fine motor control please speak to Mr Flannery who has some activities suggestion sheets.

Weave the Magic - How to catch a crocodile?

Today I received a phone call from Wingham Wildlife Park and they told me that Charlie the Crocodile had escaped and might be coming to Koalas class! We had to problem solve what we would do if Charlie came and sneaked up on us. The children decided we needed to build traps and that they would need to be decorated so we could lure Charlie in. The children set of to work to build their traps with their parents/ carers. Thank you for all the parents/ carers who came to support the children in their learning. It was great to see so many of you and I hope that more can attend next time - the children are always so pleased to see their parents support them in the classroom. 

Trip to Drapers Windmill

Koalas class love for reading...

In Koala class we see the value in books and the ability to read and learn from various texts. We encourage an environment where children have a desire to read and the time to enjoy books. We foster a love of books by modelling the importance to how to handle books with respect and joy that comes from sharing a book with another. We hope that everyday you find time to have a cuddle and enjoy a book together; whether that be the reading book we provide, a book in the house or a bedtime story to inspire imaginative dreams! 

Term 2 - It's a kind of magic! 

Term 1 - Knowing Me, Knowing You

This term we will be focusing on developing Personal, Social and Emotional skills. In the first few weeks we will look at how we build positive relationships with adults and children, learning how to share, turn take and work together as well as what makes a good friend. This will support our learning of our school values, classroom rules and behaviours for learning.  After this we will focus on our term theme of exploring and understanding our own identities, learning about others, comparing our similarities and differences and how we respect ourselves and others.


'The Selfish Crocodile' by Faustin Charles

Our first book will be 'The Selfish Crocodile' and will have a strong PSE focus. The book demonstrates the importance of being kind, helping each other and sharing. We have been working hard to create our own selfish crocodile for our display. Thank you for Mrs Johnson for drawing our crocodile and well done to children for using their fine motor skills to scrunch paper and artistic abilities to create our fabulous crocodile!


'The Enormous Crocodile' by Roald Dahl

Our second book is 'The Enormous Crocodile' because the children have really taken ownership of their learning surrounding crocodiles. The book still focuses on personal and social development by discussing the importance of being truthful and honest, and not playing tricks on other people as well as being kind. We have worked hard to retell the story by creating our story books and have developed the theme of crocodiles using fact based learning in our topic time. We have been looking at how to care for animals and what they need to be happy and healthy and then mad e inks with ourselves and what we need to be happy and healthy.


Our first few days in Koalas Class...