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Welcome to Kingston University Class!

Our latest learning letter.

We love the 80's! Preparing decorations for our disco.

Our latest learning letter

Testing the absorbency of different cloths in science today.

Some more exciting 80's homework.

Kingston Class practising their 80s dance moves!

Some of our many achievements this week.

Our medals have arrived to celebrate our 100% attendance. We are very proud.

Brian, our maths star, was our Star of the Week.

Well done to Raymond for achieving his blue ninja band.

Alice has recieved her Red Ted for reading 50 times. Great work Alice!

Tia has created Club Tropicana as part of her homework project. Excellent work Tia!

We are amazed at the skill used by Gabriel to create a Rubik's Cube for his homework. Well done!

Our latest newsletter.

Foraging for natural resources in the pond area to aid our science investigation.

Champions! 100% attendance this week along with Manchester Class. This means that we are sharing the 1st and 2nd place cups.

Today we have learned who is next in line to the throne. As there were so many people involved, we had to wear name badges to remember who was who!

Our latest learning letter.

Our duvet day was very relaxing and we had a great time. Have a wonderful Easter break everybody.

History of Drapers Mills Day. We had a wonderful time, learned lots and got to meet some interesting visitors.

Happy Mother's Day love from Kingston Class x

Today we have used a variety of materials to construct symmetrical shapes.

Science Week Challenge 2017. Will Kingston Class win.........

Well done Kingston Class, third place for attendance with 98.7%

Kingston Class had a fantastic trip to London yesterday. We really enjoyed seeing the London sights that we had learned about in our first two terms and the Egyptology department at The British Museum was amazing , if a little creepy!

World Book Day 2017, paired reading with Warwick Class. We had good fun reteeling We're Going On A Bear Hunt and sharing picture books together.

World Book Day 2017! The children have put so much effort into their costumes this year; I am so impressed!

Today we have been visited by some teaching students from Japan. They have joined in our lessons and taught us about Japanese drawing.

Our latest newsletter which is coming home with your child tonight.

Today we have been using clay to create our own Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

Today we have been building shadufs in order to understand how the Ancient Egyptians irrigated their fields. We then used our knowledge to write a set of instructions using imperative verbs.

I am very impressed with the homework that I have received from members of Kingston Class. I am sure that you had a great time making your items and finding out the information.

Congratulations Gabriel, such a fantastic pyramid for your Egyptian Project! I look forward to seeing more projects as they come in

Experimenting with sound in science!

We love our new reading area! A chance to chill in the tomb ....but I hope the hieroglyphics are not a warning?!

Sleeping Beauty was an amazing show and the children were laughing along with all of the jokes. There was some concern when the bad guys turned up as the children were so into the performance!