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Well done to our Stars of the week! All of Kingfisher class have been selected! This is due to their impeccable behaviour during our school trip to Margate museum and the old Tudor house! Well done to you all!

Weekly spellings 08.07.16


Group A                                          Group B                                        Group C


particular                                       climb                                            said

peculiar                                         clothes                                          sea

straight                                         cold                                               sand

imagine                                         listen                                             listen

increase                                        every                                            just

important                                      eye                                                me

interest                                         even

natural                                          everybody     

naughty                                         door

notice                                            floor


Sports Day Fun ! thank you to those who came to support us and cheer along !

Take a look !! Our Newsletter - it's all about the exciting things we have been doing in class....

Our attendance lately is 92%....lets see if we can get it up to 96%....

Our science lesson this week was all about magnetic poles. We learnt that every magnet has a north and south pole. Also some magnets are stronger than others.

Look !!! Our bean plants have started to bloom! we are very excited to see what will happen to the beautiful flowers....

We have worked in groups this week, during maths, to revise the relationship between division and multiplication.

Our most recent newletter tells you about all the different subjects we are learning this term.

Our new Stars of the Week ! Veja and Lukas ! Well done for amazing work in maths and literacy.

We had a brilliant day wearing all white for the queen's 90th birthday. We played games, ate party food and made the union flag!

Only a few weeks left to go now in year 3 ..... so who is ......

'Star of the Week' at the moment ? ?

Our Ancient Greek Olympic event was so much fun! Thank you to all those who could make it smiley

Long Jump

In maths we have been collecting data - Here we are making pictograms to present the information we learnt about the most popular colour car in Margate...It's Silver!

making pictograms

Smarties Maths ! Finding out which colour is the most common ! We used tally and bar charts to present this data. Ask your child which colour came 'tops'

Look ! Congratulations to us ! we have won the third attendance cup again. Also well done to Joshua for being Star of the Week

Here is our Newsletter telling you all about our most recent learning activities. Please also note the date for our open afternoon- 26th May - Hope to see you there!

So, we have started planning an Ancient Greek Olympic event and we hope you can join us!? Invitations will be coming home this space....

This week we have consolidated our learning of measures by enjoying practical activities. One of them was weighing the ingredients for making play dough.

During our science lessons we have been learning about how plants grow. One day we planted a bean and this is how they look now after a few weeks of growing. We made sure they had light, water and nutrients from soil.

IT'S all ABOUT EducationCity !!! We are really enjoying it at school and have learnt our passwords, so please log in at home smiley

Please take a look at our most recent Newsletter that tells you all about what we have been learning and the homework that has been sent home.

This week we were studying a poem by Brian Moses ! It made us laugh and we innovated it with using the Ancient Greek creatures we now know.

Tomass was our Star of the week for always showing patience and endeavour in all areas of school life

We are learning about reading the time. Here is a photo of the homework for this week. Please help your child to remember to complete it and return it by Friday. Spellings have also been sent home to learn and the test will be on Thursday afternoon.

Please find below the latest newsletter that went home with the children today.

Our celebrations this week - We received the silver attendance trophy cup (again, we are hoping for gold next time) and Liliana achieved her reward for 50 reads at home. Well done!

We are enjoying using our new book corner and reading the non-fiction books about Ancient Greece

During maths this week we have been studying 2D shapes and reviewing their properties. We loved going outside to find shapes that had lines of symmetry. We hope to be doing a lot more outside learning activities now that the weather is improving

This week in our art lesson with Miss Lena we studied the shape of the Ancient Greek pots and we started to make our own with clay.

Look ! we have some extra, new Ancient Greek vases in our book corner. Black paint was covered over crayon then carefully scratched off to make beautiful designs

This Friday - 15th April - we have sent out homework for practising how to read the time. Please help your child to learn how to tell the time to 5 minute intervals. Also look out for the Ancient Greek topic homework that is due in on 23rd May. Spellings will be sent out every Friday and the children will be tested during the week. Thanks for your support with your child's learning.smiley

We have been looking at report writing in literacy and studied information about the Minotaur from Greek Mythology.

Our book corner has changed during the holiday ! It is no longer a Stone age cave, but an Ancient Greek temple. This is because our new topic is Ancient Greece. Watch this space for more information about how parents can help with learning.....

Look !! Before the Easter Break we won the medium sized cup for best attendance ! We are now really really trying to win the largest cup!

"Team Kingfisher" are really improving their literacy skills through talking for writing. This involves drawing images in rectangular boxes for each sentence in a story. This week we have been creating our own wishing story.

Open the document below. Look at the picture. Can you talk about what you see with your mum and dad ? Tell them about our trip today and how things have changed from the past to the present. Also tell them about what we learnt. How did windmills make flour?

Please read our most recent 'Learning Letter' (see link below)

There has been some fantastic writing happening in Kingfisher Class this week ! World Book day was super fun and we are really enjoying our book of the term - The Tin forest

Huge congratulations to Jesika for reading 50 times and getting her 'Drapers Dollars' Also to Levi-Curtis for becoming our star of the week. He has shown some super kindness towards others this week!

Please read our most recent newsletter

Kingfisher class were proud to win 3rd place for attendance this week ...... let's see if we can win the bigger cup next time!

Great to see the Stone Age costumes on our last day of term!

Here are more amazing projects ! Lots of rewards for those who spent their spare time making them.

Look at the amazing Stone Age shelter projects that have been coming in this week ! More please !

We have been trying really hard to learn how to play the guitar. Our Monday lessons teach us how to hold the guitar, use strumming techniques and we can now play the note C.

This is our most recent Learning Letter

Congratulations to Alex for becoming our Star of the Week ! Super effort with showing a bucket load of positivity every day

We have been doing some drama in our literacy lessons. Talking for Writing is our new exciting way of learning in literacy!!

Our Star of the Week has been Isabella for her endurance during our maths lessons

Kingfishers Class


Mrs Williams and Miss Bichard

Friday 11th December 2015:


Our star of the week - Lukas!

Lukas is star of the week for his super hard work in phonics and trying to apply this in his writing. Also his in-class behaviour has really improved, which has made Mrs Williams and Miss Bichard so happy! Well done Lukas!

Our new Reading Race River!


We have a new addition to our classroom! It is our river that charts how many times we have been reading at home - if we get to 50 reads at home we get a prize! Can you see your name on our river? If you're near the bottom, keep reading at home and soon enough you'll get to 50 reads!



This week we have been practising everyday for our Nativity play! The children would love it so much if as many parents as possible came, and they need to bring a black top and black leggings or trousers to wear on the day. We can't wait to show you how hard the children have been working! Our performance is on Thursday 17th December at 9.15am.

This week - 9.12.15 - Science!


This week we made a volcano erupt with Mr Chantler! We used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make an eruption - do you remember what else we needed to make our volcano explosive?! Look at the pictures below and see if you can spot yourself or your volcano smiley

04.12.15: A new maths ninja!


Today Alex became the first member of our class to become a maths ninja - white band! This meant that he managed to complete his 2 times tables questions and number bonds to 20 in 6 minutes - fantastic work Alex! I wonder who in Kingfishers class will get their white band next and join Alex as a maths ninja?

Friday 4th December 2015:


Star of the Week - Alex!


Alex has improved his behaviour so much and has made Mrs Williams and Miss Bichard so proud! He is also a leader in his learning, shows endeavour and is improving his reading ability really fast! Well done Alex smiley

This week in Literacy we have been 'Hot Seating' ! This is when we pretend to be a character in a book and we sit in a special chair in front of the class. Then children ask us questions based on the story and our actions within it. It isn't easy ! However, some of us were very confident at doing this......

Friday 27th November 2015:


Star of the Week - Nina!


Nina is new to our class, but she has settled in well, made friends and is showing the Drapers Mills values by being kind, being a leader in her learning and showing endeavour. Well done Nina!

Our class volcano displays!

Friday 20th November 2015:


Star of the Week - Josh!


Well done to Josh for his second star of the week this academic year! Josh always shows the Drapers values, particular respect and endeavour, and is a joy to have in the class. Keep up the good work Josh smiley

Friday 13th November: Our star of the week - Jodie! Well done :)

Our star of the week this week is Jodie for always trying hard and improving her presentation in her work. She is an example to the other children as a leader in her learning and she was SO kind and helpful to our new girl this week. Fantastic Jodie! smiley

Friday 13th November:


Our trip to Margate Library


Kingfishers had a fantastic time at Margate library this week. We had a talk on how the library works, how many books we can get out and then we were given some free time to explore the library. Afterwards Mrs Williams read us a wonderful story smiley


6th November 2015: Tori - our star of the week!

Mrs Williams chose Tori to be our star of the week for her endeavour towards her work, her good behaviour and always being kind. Well done!

Star of the Week - 23rd October: Isabella!


Isabella is pleased to be holding her certificate for showing lots of improvement in school

So this week we have been working hard on writing our own version of a story called The Lighthouse keeper's Lunch. We looked at the story from a different point of view.....from a seagull's point of view!

Our School is making a HUGE effort to promote reading ! In each class we have a special book corner where we can read with a friend quietly. Everyday we can swap a book from home with someone else. Plus we have a daily guided reading session. Please Please listen to us read our reading book and sign the reading record....Mrs Williams has said she will give us a reward if we read more than 4 times a week at home. We are looking forward to learning how to do a BOOK REVIEW soon....

Don't forget to bring in a book from home for the 'BOOK SWAP' ..... we love sharing books and reading them, then bringing them back to school again !

We have really been enjoying our reading time in class

We have been looking at Picasso art work with our art teacher Miss Lena. We used primary colours to create images of our faces. As you can see, they look a bit strange that is because we tried to use Picasso's style..... hope you like our artwork so far.....

Hi everyone! We are the new Kingfisher Class of 2015 - 2016! There are many exciting things happening in our classroom to help us start the new year. So please follow our page to find out more......

Welcome to Leopard Class.


This term our topic will be 'Around the World'. In literacy we will be using the classic story 'Flat Stanley' to create fictional stories about his adventures around the world. We will be making little 'flat' versions of ourselves in art. If you have any artefacts or clothing from different countries please send them in with your child as we would love to see them.


Ms Barrett, Mrs Manclark & Mrs Taylor  smiley

Open Afternoon- Tasc-What can you make with an empty bottle?

Last Leopard Newsletter 17.07.2015

Check out the Year 2 page for our KS1 Outside Learning Day photos.

A visit from an ice cream van :)

Newsletter 6th July 2015

Well done to our star of the week: Kolin: Thank you for being so respectful to our Japanese visitors and making them feel very welcome by asking them lots of pertinent questions. smiley

Japanese Visitor's Workshop

Well done to our new pupil Igor, for settling in well to Leopard class.

Can you guess the second country that Flat Stanley is exploring?

Latest Newsletter: Issue 12: June 22nd 2015

Lenka - Everything At Once

We stole this challenge from Year 6, how many similes are in this music video?

Well done to our new pupil Jodie, who has settled in well and is already displaying lots of our core

Can you guess the country?

Star of the Week: 'Endeavour': Molly, for a massive improvement in her handwriting. no

Every child had their PE kit this week, well done and thank you.nosmiley

Latest Newsletter: Issue 11: June 5th 2015

Our fantastic writing

Our 'Forces' Science Lesson

Competition: Which country is Flat Stanley in?

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