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Welcome to Kestrels Class Page

Deal Jazz Festival

Term 6 Week 5 Learning Letter

'Learning Together Afternoon'

Here are Kestrels rounding numbers...

Fractions work...

Term 6 Week 3 learning letter

Term 6 week 1 learning letter

Term 6 Week 1 Start of the Week is Dusan...
Term 5 Week 6 Star of The Week is Shannon...

Learning letter Term 5 Week 6

This week was outdoor learning week. The task is to measure the area and perimeter of the KS2 playground without a tape measure..

Check out some of Kestrels Role-play...

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

We have butterflies...

Kestrels Learning Letter Term 5 Week 4...

This week we are looking at Ratio and Proportion in maths.. can you answer these questions??

We have been looking at prefixes....

Day 7...

Day 6...

Jason working hard on his multiplication skills...

Day 5...

Day 4...

Day 3...

Maths Homework 23rd April 2016

Kestrels Learning Letter Term 5 Week 2

Day 2....

Day 1...

In Kestrels Class we are looking at the life cycle of a caterpillar and how they change into a butterfly... Can you see any changes?

Aleks is describing a character from a book!

Here is Jack leading the class during 'Talk For Reading'

Our new book corner is 'The Cavern Club' Which is a famous music venue which hosted bands like The Beatles...

Term 5 week 1 star of the week is Matthew....

A very warm welcome back! We hopeyou had a fabulous break!! smiley


This term in Kestrels we our topic is the 1960's.  The children will be looking at many different topics which include: fashion, music, the moon landing and the 1966 World Cup.


Our book for this term is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All of the literacy work this term will be connected to the book. We will also be studying the works of Roald Dahl,


Homework for the Easter Holidays

Term 4 Week 5 Star of the Week is Anna...

Easter Holiday spellings

Term 4 week 4 star of the week is Eliza....

Where would you put the colon,comma and full stop?

We are using Education City to improve our punctuation skills..

Kestrels at St Peters Church..

Term 4 week 3 star of the week is Richard...

Maths homework

Spellings 11th March 2016

Term 4 week 3 Learning Letter

Spellings 4th March 2016

Math Test!! Are you getting quicker ?

 Term 4 week 2 star of the week is Stefan

Have a try at this Mental Maths Test! How long did it take you to complete the test?

Term 4 Week 1 Star of the week is Reece!! smiley

Spellings 26th February 2016

Spellings 11th February 2016

This week Kestrels have been worked on creating WW2 Haiku Poems

Look at Kestrels applying their measuring skills.

During assessment week Kestrels planned their writing using photos from WW2

We have looked at how our body language shows people how we are feeling.

Kestrels class decided what are the key features of the characters from Rose Blanche

In Art this week we worked on different printing techniques

This week we worked on long multiplication

Interesting facts on Winston Churchill

We looked at the meaning of words linked to WW2

Spellings week beginning 11th January 2016

Maths homework for week beginning 11th January 2016

In Literacy the children have been looking at writing in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person.

Term 3 Star Of The Week!!!

Week 1 winner is Vanessa 

Week 2 winner is Charlie

Week 3 winner is Sha'Uri

Week 4 winner is Kai

Week 5 winner is Mckensie


Our Topic for Term 3 is World War 2. 
We are going to be reading Rose Blanche. 
From the front cover, are you able to answer these questions?
Where is Rose?
What is she looking at?

How old do you think Rose is?

How do you think she is feeling?




Kestrels Class would like to welcome to an exciting Term 3

A very warm welcome to everybody, I hope you had a lovely and enjoyable Christmas and New Year! Term 3 is going to be an extremely busy but fun term. We are planning to take the children on a trip to visit a vocal attraction connected to our World War 2 topic! Which I know the children will enjoy tremendously!  



Photo permission – We are looking to celebrate your children’s’ achievements throughout the year by placing their photos on our class web page. Many of you have signed the permission forms allowing us to use your child’s photograph which is great! Those of you that have not completed this form and would like your children’s picture to be used please come and see  me or go to the main school office.


Attendance Data - Kestrels Class have a current overall attendance of 94.4%. We want to win the attendance cup this term, so far Kestrels have three runner positions in terms 1&2! So let’s try and get Kestrels at the top of the attendance charts!


Once again a very Happy New Year to you all.


Warmest regards


Mr Stacey

Try the Mental Maths Test 1 - You have got 2 minutes to complete! How did you do??

Learning letter term 2 week 6

Kestrels class achieved 2nd place for thier attendance last week!!

With a time of 5 minutes 29 seconds Aleks won the Year 5 Race For Life charity run! Well done Aleks!!

Welcome to Kestrals Class Home Page


Mr Stacey and Mr Smith

Where is your child in our Race into Reading Challenge? They get one point for every day they read at home and return their signed home readers the following day.

The Time Challenges - can you challenge your child with more questions?

Check out our Fencers!

Children's work linked to our piece of music! Fab aren't they!,,,,

The Piano - Amazing Short - Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

Our Take one Composer day on Friday was based around this piece of music

Kestrels class have some questions about frogs! Do you know any of the answers?

Here is our new reading corner for term 2.

Look at our amazing African Habitat models!

In Science we made our own 3D eggs!


This week we have been learning about different angles!


Our learning environment