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Imperial Class

Class Teacher:  Mrs Bratch

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Rowe

On this page you will find information about important dates, homework and events. You will also be able to see the exciting learning your child has  taken part in, together with photographs.

Term 6

This term our topic is all about 'Under the Sea' The children have explored the Rainbow Fish story. We have had some wonderful sentences describing the Rainbow Fish and writing their own endings for the story.


Image result for rainbow fish story


In Maths the children have been adding and subtracting and exploring capacity with water and water beads.


    smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

    Sarlota is our star of the week for settling into or class so well and making new friends. Sarlota is lucky enough to take our bear 'Star' home for the weekend.

Newsletter 5th May

This week children have produced some beautiful work which they have enjoyed sharing on our new class display, all the children have their own section on the display where they can display any work they are proud of. We have also added some special touches to our writing area with superhero capes, they children's writing has improved even more when writing whilst wearing their capes!



Superhero Writing Area

We have a new vegetable shop in our class so they children can learn all about healthy eating and money, please come and take a look.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Kitty is our star of the week for settling into or class so well and making new friends. Kitty is lucky enough to take our bear 'Star' home for the weekend.

Newsletter 21st April

This week Imperial class have enjoyed reading the Jack and the Beanstalk story. The class have acted out parts of the story. The children created there on number beanstalks and talked about how important it is to share, maybe the Giant and Jack could have shared!!

Enjoy reading our theme sheet so you know about all the learning taking place.

Newsletter Friday 24th March

This week we had a visit from Miss Clark's tortoise Clyde!! We were all very excited to see him, he was a little shy to start off. It was a little cold in reception so he had a nice hot water bottle to keep him warm. We thought of some fantastic describing words for Clyde such as smooth, shiny, hard and cute.

Meet Clyde!

We have been reading the story 'The Bad tempered Ladybird'. We have been using the camera to take pictures of our friends pulling faces showing different emotions.

Can you guess how I feel?

Newsletter Friday 10th March

Imperial Class have been learning about the importance of taking turns this week and we have done this through playing games.

Look at us taking turns!

We have enjoyed using play dough to create our own ladybirds. What do you think?

Making Ladybirds!

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Jayden is our star of the week for always trying hard and always making the right choices. We are lucky to have you in our class.

Jayden is lucky enough to take our bear 'Star' home for the weekend.

Imperial Class Newsletter Friday 24th Feb

This week the children have enjoyed exploring a life cycle of a butterfly. The class have used pom poms to make heir own caterpillars. We have had some beautiful writing of shopping lists of foods the caterpillar eats in the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Tyasha is our star of the week for producing some lovely work this week and for always being a kind friend

Tyasha is lucky enough to take our bear 'Star' home for the weekend.

Imperial Class newsletter Friday 3rd Feb 2017

Our Topic in Term 3 is 'To infinity and beyond. We are learning all about space and aliens.



Another fabulous week of learning. The children have enjoyed discussing healthy eating through pretend food picnic play, so many of us know about the right choices when eating!



The class have also been playing Maths games and selecting the correct numerals.


We have all enjoyed gloop play in our tuff spot, sorry about the mess grown ups but we had fun!



smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Wyatt is our star of the week for brilliant work following class rules and working super hard with his numbers.

Wyatt is lucky enough to take our bear 'Star' home for the weekend.





This week children have been exploring the role play area which is our space travel agents. We have been taking phone booking and using our knowledge of letters and sounds to help us complete boarding passes.


In Literacy children have been exploring texts such as Aliens love underpants, Aliens in underpants save the world, Whatever next and Here come the aliens. The children have worked hard labelling alien pictures and thinking of rhyming word for alien names.


In Maths the children have been counting, adding and matching numerals to objects using pictures of aliens.


The class have explored colour mixing when creating pictures of their own aliens.


Fabulous work Imperial Class!


smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Nyssa is our star of the week for amazing behaviour with following the class rules at all times and for a super effort with her writing.

Well done to Nyssa!

Our Topic in Term 2 is 'Ice, Melting and Frozen'.


This week children have been exploring the story 'Owl Babies' and Imperial class are able to retell the story with actions! The children have worked hard using cotton wool, feathers, paint and all sorts out materials to make their Owls. The have also been learning about nocturnal animals and thinking about what these animals need to stay alive. In the outdoor environment children have loved washing baby clothes and hanging them to dry, thinking about self care and how our grown ups look after us and do our washing! We have been using our fine motor skills doing some beautiful weaving! Another fantastic week, well done Imperial Class.



smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Dawid is our star of the week for setting into our class so well and making new friends. We have all enjoyed getting to know Dawid.

We done to Dawid for making a great start into Reception!



This week children have enjoyed reading the story 'Frozen', they have been very busy writing letters to Elsa and Olaf in Literacy using their sound mat to help them. In Maths Children have been  counting carrots to feed Sven and we have also been adding carrots together. Children have  enjoyed activities within the environment such as problem solving with ice cubes thinking about how they can break them down, they have been junk modelling to create their own castle and have also loved dressing up and role-playing in our brand new castle and igloo in classroom.



smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Wylloe is our star of the week for brilliant reading and spelling! Wylloe has used her knowledge of the new sounds learnt to help her read words.

We are all so proud of you!






Week 1

The children have settled back into the school routine well after half term. The children have explored Diwali and Bonfire Night this week.

In Literacy the children have listened to story about both events and going on a journey using a story map. The have acted out characters in e also the role play area wearing masks. In Maths Children have been adding 'one  more' to a number of objects and counting. We have had our cooking aprons on this week making delicious chocolate sparklers! It has been a busy and messy week, the children have all been taking turns to paint our new role play area, our Frozen Castle!

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Jayden is our star of the week for excellent progress with his writing. Jayden is now writing simple sentences and is beginning to use his knowledge of letters and sounds to write these words.

WOW Jayden, Keep up the brilliant work!






Our Topic in Term 1 is 'Someone Special'


Our week by week learning...

Week 7

This week in we have been exploring halloween and our activities have all been based around this event. In Literacy the children have enjoyed writing words for a smelly posion and we have added all sorts of things such as ear wax, smelly socks, rats and bats. In Maths the children have been size ordering pumpkins, witch hats, ghosts and many more things. The class all worked together in the outdoor area to make a candy house for the witch using the large blocks. What a fun week we have had and we are now ready for a nice rest to recharge our batteries for next term!


Have a lovely restful and safe half term!

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Wylloe is our star of the week for amazing name writing. Wylloe is now forming the letters for her name correctly. She has tried super hard all term.

 I am so proud of you!

Week 6

This week in Literacy we read the story 'Brown Bear Brown Bear' The class have learnt some sign language to go along with the story. Please ask your child to share these with you! The children explored the text through drawing pictures and a story map of the jouney within the book. In Maths they have been counting and recognising numbers by using bears. Your child would have brought home their decorated teddy from this week. They used fabric and pens to decorate their own bear. We have explored new sounds this week and have enjoyed writing these in glitter and salt. In the outdoor environment the children have been using racing cars to help recognise numbers and seeing which cars travel the furthest down the drain another fun week in Imperial Class!


smileyStar of the Weeksmiley

Mason is our star of the week for excellent progress with his writing. Mason has been forming his letters beautiful and has been sharing resources with his friends.

Well done Mason!

Week 5


This week we read the story 'Dear Zoo' and the children really enjoyed this book and liked taking part in class discussions on which one their favourite animal is and why. In Maths children were counting out animals and comparing the amount using language more and less. In phonics the class have been learning some new sounds 'd' and 'g' and reviewing our last weeks sounds. The children enjoyed taking part in reading our guided reading book 'I go up' and most remember these words so speak to your child and see if they can remember these words.


We have had another week of super fun exploring the inside and outside environment. Children have ben using toothbrushes to clean animals, they have been making tickets to visit a zoo along with writing care plans to look after an animal of their choice. We had fun in paint with making giant animal footprints and hand painting elephants.  

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley


Wyatt is our star of the week for being a super friend. Wyatt has been forming some great friendships and sharing beautifully.

Well done Wyatt!

Week 4

This week we read the story 'The Naughty Bus'. The children really enjoyed this book and in Literacy they have been mark making their ideas and favourite parts from the story. In Maths children have been counting passengers on a bus to help them recognise numbers. We have enjoyed sensory play with baked beans and buses driving through them. Children have created a bus/car wash in the outdoor environment and we have super clean vehicles outside now!

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley


Andrea is our star of the week for always trying her very best and doing some excellent counting this week all the way to 10!

Well done Andrea!

Please take a minute to read our learning letter

Term 1

We have had an amazing start to the year! The children have very quickly settled in to their new class and are beginning to make friends. It is a difficult time for both  parents and children but with good communication between us, I am sure we can make this a smooth transition for you both. We are all looking forward to getting messy and creative next week! smiley