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EducationCity Workshop

ICT in our school

Right the way from Foundation through to Year 6 the children have a taught ICT lesson in the ICT suite plus access to classroom computers. All our classes are equipped with an Interactive Whiteboards and projectors, and at least 1 other classroom computer.
Children are given controlled access to the Internet for planned research and educational games.

KS1 and ICT

From Foundation to Year 2 children are taught a range of skills to allow them to use a range of software programmes independently. Lessons are interactive and differentiated to make them accessible and fun for all. Children are also give opportunities to explore ICT within the context of their classrooms and role play areas.

KS2 and ICT

The skills learnt in KS1 are built on throughout KS2 as well as introducing the children to even more forms of hardware such as Roamers, Digital Blue Cameras, Data Loggers and Microscopes.
Children enhance their skills in word processing, data bases, spreadsheets and Multimedia Presentations.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The microscope we use

Cross Curricular ICT

ICT isn’t all about computers and the Internet, it is a way of using technology to enhance learning.


ICT and Literacy—The Interactive Whiteboards are used for modelling writing, sharing texts and allowing the children to write on. In KS1 tape players and headphones are used a lot to aid speaking and listening and in KS2 digital cameras and mini video cameras are used for acting opportunities.


ICT and Numeracy—Bee Bots and Roamers are used for co-ordinates work.  Educational websites such as Education City are used for challenging maths games.


ICT and Science—Data loggers are used to record external features such as noise levels and temperature which can then be put into graphs and analysed. 


ICT and Foundation Subjects—Software programmes have been bought to support these subjects such as Compose World for Music, Colour Magic for Art and the Crystal Rainforest for Geography.