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History Progress Document

History Progress Document

Geogrpahy Programme of Study

Year Five have been studying the Second World War. This is some of the art they created with our resident artist.

Year four have been studying Ancient Egypt and have created a range of artefacts based on their learning.

Some wonderful project homework based on Year Four's Ancient Egyptian topic.

Year Four aboard the RMS Titanic. First they were greeted by Captain Smith, then entered through the First Class stairway and then high tea and dancing began!

Geography at Drapers Mills

We aim to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of geographical processes, structures,

places and people whilst developing the opportunities for geographical investigations. The study of places begins with the local school area and is contrasted with places from around the world.  We follow the International Primary Curriculum with the aim of  providing our children with a global education.

History Programme of Study

History at Drapers Mills

Our aim is to develop the children’s knowledge and understanding of the past and the way this is related to the way in which we live today. Pupils are encouraged to be aware that there are varying interpretations of history. Through the range of resources and experiences the children are given the opportunity to compile evidence, question reliability and making deductions.


Looking at the present


  Recently we have held an exciting humanities week where the children were involved in a range of fun activities. The local area was explored and places throughout the world investigated for their historical and geographical importance. The children had the opportunity to dress up as their favourite historical character or from their favourite period in history and the pictures were in the local paper.

We continue to refine the International Primary Curriculum to make it as exciting and interesting as possible.


Looking to the future...

Currently we are undergoing a review of the International Primary Curriculum in order to ensure that it is both relevant and meaningful to our children. We are ensuring that the key skills that are laid out in the National Curriculum are being covered in the most interesting way possible throughout the year groups.


We have just reassigned the periods in history that various year groups study so that our children will leave with a wide knowledge base of events and periods in history both at home and wider a field.


In the future we aim to link our subjects more closely so that children will be undertaking more of a topic based curriculum. 


In all we are doing all that we can to provide our children with quality and enjoyable education across both history and geography and try to encourage the notion of global citizenship.