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Welcome to Hawks Class

Miss Lehan : Mrs Marriott and Mrs Fassam



Hello and welcome to Hawks class. We are looking forward to sharing our progress and the learning taking place in our class with you this year.


We have P.E on Wednesday and Friday each week and it is really important that your child is properly equipped for these lessons with T-shirt, shorts, trainers and as the weather gets colder, track suit bottoms.


Every child will be sent home weekly homework on a Monday, which will need to be brought back to school the following Monday.


Reading record books are sent home daily. It is important that every child reads on a daily basis and has their book signed. This book should be brought to school every day.


 STAR OF THE WEEK: Ella for trying hard to maintain friendships and remain kind and friendly


What I want to be when I grow up ...

Hawks have been researching what types of jobs they would like to have when they are older. They have been researching how they can each achieve their dream job .


" I think I might need to go to university to become a nurse but I'm not sure what type of nurse I want to be yet "


" I love fixing things and I love cars so a car mechanic just make sense "


"I really want to be a doctor because I want to help people. I know it takes a lot of hard work and ages at university but I wont give up "

Ks2 Sports Day

Trip to Crystal Palace for the Tkat Olympics

Trip to Dane Park

Preparing for Tkat Olympics

Visit from the dentist

Exploring light

Exploring tescellation through the work of M.C. Escher

M.C.Escher - and some of his work

Outside Learning - Drumming Workshop with Mr Aslett

Creating stain glass windows from our new topic of Msyt

Launching our eggs - Taking our learning outside

Egg challenge - Can you launch an egg without cracking it ?

Skip to be Fit

Today year 6 had the opportunity to participate in the 2 minute Skip to be Fit challenge. We had a great time and really enjoyed learning about how to remain fit and healthy.







New to the Year 6 Curriculum: Learning the Guitar with Mr Aslett

Sat's Revision

Today your child has be given a Sats revision pack. This pack is 10 days worth of revision leading up to the 9.5.16. Please try can encourage your child to attempt this homework as it will be vivtal revision for the Sats

Sats are fast approaching - 9.5.16

Sats are not long away now and I have been asked by many of the children in the class for revision aids .

Here are some useful websites to help:



                   - here you will find many practise papers including arthritic






                                                           Taking learning outside







         Year 6 completing a Spag treasure hunt on the school field .


              We having been learning percentages through treasure hunts.








In maths this week we have be looking at Roman numerals

I = 1                                    L=50

II=2                                     C=100

III=3                                    D=500

IV=4                                    M=1000

V= 5






Can you challenge your child you convert these numbers into Roman numerals?

5647     765     386    5463   298    21  49   52   546


Also this week in maths we have been deepening our understanding of place value beyond the decimal point. Focusing on tenths , hundredths, thousandths.





Class Photos

On the 27th April year 6 have their class photos . Please can you make your child has the correct uniform including tie and shoes . Thank you

                                                Fossil Update- Science



Phase 4 - The plant has left a perfect imprint of where I laid and was pressured by the dirt , dst and rock . The imprint fills with dirt , dust and rock ( we used plaster of Paris to replicate this )




Phase five - The pressured dirt and dust and rock become solidified and turns to rock.




And that is how we created our own fossils



                                Taking learning outside of the classroom

This week in literacy we have been looking at writing instructions. On Monday we were set a mission to build a raft out of bamboo sticks which would be capable of holding a ball (aka Wilson from Castaway ) while floating.

We made our own rafts out for bamboo sticks , string and elastic bands writing our draft instructions as we go.


We even had the chance to test our rafts in our pond area .

                                     Well done Hawks .

You won third prize for attendance this week with the very impressive percentage of 98.8%. Keep up the good work .




We having being exploring how fossils are made in science this week.

We had the chance to use our knowledge of how fossils are made to attempt to create some of our own ( although we know fossils take thousands of years to be created )

Ask your child what they know about how fossil are made ?


Here are some of our fossils so far which are only in phases 1, 2 or  3 of the process.


Phase 1 - A living thing dies and its body lays on the earth .

Phase two - The plant is covered and pushed in to the ground by dirt , rock and dust

Phase 3 -The dirt , rock and dust is shifted leaving a perfect imprint of the plant.



Buddy reading with year 2

This week in Maths we are looking at finding the mean of data .

Three teams are taking part in                    
the heats of a 4 × 100 m relay                     

race competition on                                       

Sports Day. If the mean
average time of the four
runners in a team is less than

seconds, the team will be
selected for the finals.

At the start of the last leg of the
relay race, the times (in
seconds) of each teams’

first three runners are:

Team Peacock: 27, 29, 31

Team Farah: 45, 43, 37

Team Ennis: 29, 30, 25

Which of the teams have the
best chance of being selected?

Explain your reasoning.

Ten pupils take part in some
races on Sports Day, and the
following times are


Time to run 100 m (seconds):
23, 21, 21, 20, 21, 22, 24, 23,
22, 20.

Time to run 100 m holding an
egg and spoon (seconds): 45,
47, 49, 43, 44, 46, 78,

46, 44, 48.

Time to run 100 m in a three-
legged race (seconds): 50, 83,
79, 48, 53, 52, 85, 81,

49, 84.

Calculate the mean average of
the times recorded in each

For each race, do you think that
the mean average of the times
would give a

useful summary of the ten
individual times?

Explain your decision.

Ask your children to explain how to calculate the mean of data to you by completing these questions together.

TicTac Toe part 2

Using our thinking skills during P.E lessons.

Tic Tac Toe

Using our thinking skills during P.E lessons.

Our trip to the Globe Theatre

Wow what an experience!

On Monday 21st March, we set of in a coach and the school’s minibus to the Globe Theatre, London.  This was an amazing way to complete our topic on the life and works of William Shakespeare.  Having drawn the Globe using our mathematical skills and studied both the play of Macbeth and The Tempest, it was lovely to see a replica of the building used by the Tudors to perform the famous scripts.  We were able to stand in stage and call out one of Prospero’s lines to the audience.

weekly reading challenge winners

Well done to everyone who read at home every evening and brought their home readers to school everyday signed.

Sports Relief 2016

A great day was had by all year 6 today. We had the opportunity to get involved in some sporting activities, and show our competitive sides.


Spelling homework 14.3.16

Class newsletter and homework 11.3.16


Hawks won second place this week in the attendance battle across the whole school . Well done everyone who has made it to school everyday and on time. Next week we aim to get first place.


Weekly reading challenge winners

Well done to the weekly challenge winners for reading everyday at home and bringing your home reader to school everyday this week .


Hawks have enjoyed their Humanities day : exploring Margate during WW2. The focus was on Anderson Shelters. We were lucky enough to go and see the Air raid shelter at Drapers Mills along with designing our own shelters and making some.


Art through textiles : creating a contemporary art piece of the tempest from The Tempest

Enjoying bubby reading with year three on world book day

World book day - creating a story using only the cover page picture to inspire us .

Designing and making our own class Globe Theatre

Learning to apply inverted commas to our writing.


This terms topic is all based around The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

In literacy with have been writing a first-person narrative from the perspective of either Prospero or Miranda on their version of events during the occurrence of the Tempest.

Have a look at some of our amazing stories.


The Tempest - Introduction

eNotes Video Study Guide for William Shakespeare's The Tempest: Introduction. View the text version with more info here:

We have been writing a narrative in the first person based on the introduction of the Tempest. Ask your child what they have learnt.

The Tempest - Summary

eNotes Video Study Guide for William Shakespeare's The Tempest: Summary of the play. For a complete summary, go here:

Take one artist day

Take one artist day was a great success

Hawks studied the works of Vincent Van Gogh and created some amazing pieces of art using the techniques in which he used to create some of his most famous paintings.






 Thursday 11th of February is a dress-up day. The theme is to dress in the style of your children's topic for this term. Hawks topic is Shakespeare (Macbeth ).

Please don't feel you have to buy anything new for your child. You can always use normal clothing and adapt them .


Witch (from Macbeth )



Elizabethan clothing - long dress/ skirts

                             - shorts and cape

                             - boots



A persuasive play script

How to Compare Fractions

A lesson in how to compare fractions.

Comparing Fractions

A lesson in ordering fractions using cross multiplication

Weekly reading challenge winners

Keep up the great work . Well done .

Buddy reading with year 2

Quotes from children during buddy reading

" I like  reading to year 6 I feel very grown up"


" Year six are nice I like reading to them "


" The kids in year 2 can read so well. I had a girl on level 13 , she was well good"


"When can we buddy read again ? I love reading with the year 2 kids"




Weekly reading challenge winners

Well done for reading everyday at home and bringing in your book daily to get signed.

Remember every time to read you get a point towards gaining some Drapers dollars

Read our amazing playscripts

Exploring blood in science

Blood experiment

Ask your child:

What is the function of the white blood cells ?

What is the function of the red blood cells?

What is the function of plasma ?

Enjoying some buddy reading with year 2 children

Finding an efficient method for division

We have being learning how to compare fractions

Weekly reading challenge

Well done to everyone in Hawks who has won the weekly reading challenge this week.


Look at what we have been doing in literacy

We have been looking at play scripts and their features

Ask you children what they have learnt this week


We have been getting creative and making witch masks to use in a play of Macbeth

Weekly reading challenge winners.

Well done to these children who managed to read everyday at home and bring in their book signed everyday.


Who can win the challenge next week? 



We have been exploring and designing elizabethan costumes

Remember everytime you read at home and get your book signed adds a point towards Drapers Dollars

Finding angles

We have been looking at interior angles of shapes. We have been developing the skill of using a protractor.

Ask your children how to use a protractor.



Hawks have won 1st place in attendance this week across the whole school. Well done Hawks lets keep it up and be first again next week.

Some quotes from Shakespeare's plays

Can you think of anymore ?

Maths working on multiplication and division

Analysing biographies in literacy

This week in literacy we have be looking at features of biographies . Ask you children what they have learnt.

Thought is Free


Term three's topic is called Thought is Free after a quote from The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  We will be studying both the life and times of the Tudors alongside a couple of the plays by Shakespeare.


Do you have a Shakespearean quote which could be added to our quote wall?   Send it in with your child.


Please take a look at these useful links and resources to help with this term's topic.

BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales Macbeth Part 1

This is "BBC Shakespeare Animated Tales Macbeth Part 1" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Can you research why or how The Globe Theatre is linked to William Shakespeare ?


Please share your research with the class.

Maths Games


Week 1 starting 4/1/16 we will be looking at multiplication and division. We will be working hard to improve our efficiency for these calculations. Playing the games below should help you.


During week 2 we will be examining area of shapes, both regular and irregular. you should find the following website useful.


Week 3 will include calculating unknown angles in triangle, quadrilaterals on s straight line and around a point. have a look here to give you a heads up for the lesson.


Week 4 leads us onto fractions, we shall be reminding ourselves about adding and subtracting fractions. We will be learning how to multiply and divide fractions with different denominators and mixed number fractions.

English Links

Why not improve you literacy skills by playing these fantastic games?


We will be working on biographies for the first couple of weeks. Why not do a little pre-reading before hand.


Here is a useful page for adults.

Welcome to our theatre and Macbeth's castle

Here are some very creative homework projects from some year 6 children don't forget to bring in yours

Preparations for the year 5&6 nativity production is in full swing, don't forget to come and support your child on Thursday.

Learning with our Parents


On Friday we had an exciting afternoon completing a bush tucker trials, sharing our learning with our parents.  There were 6 activities to be completed within the hour:

1. Completing Ninja maths sheets (our parents were challenged with the master ninja sheets).

2. Finding stars in 'stuff' while not looking.  A very sticky and messy process.

3. Creating a carpet map of the then locating the rain forests and jungle around the world.

4. Describing a plastic bug while blindfolded.

5. Answering all the challenge questions around the rooms.

6. Building a tower out of rocks and pebbles; to win your tower had to have the largest number of stones used.


Great fun was had by all.

We finally got to meet the yellow snake

Race for Life Maths Day. Well done Hawks

Christmas Unwrapped at Margate Baptist Church


On Monday 30th November, Year 6 went to the Baptist Church in Cecil Square to investigate the story and history of Christmas.  While there the children investigated the commercial side of Christmas thinking about when shops begin thinking about Christmas and the Christmas Number 1.  Then we thought about the story of the birth of Jesus; facts and fiction.

The children then had the opportunity to make their own mince pie to take way with them as we left the church.

Wow, Hawks had a taster course in fencing.

Fencing 27 11 15

Year 6 received a taster lesson in fencing.

Take one composer day. The chlidren learnt how to play the bucket .

We had a visit from some snakes today and we were able to hold some .

Finding the factors of numbers - creating factor bugs

Hawks reading to year 2 children

Hawks had a chance this week to spend time with year 2 children and share stories with each other. They had the chance to read to a partner then swap so each year 6 and year 2 child had a chance to read.

Our visit to the pond area.

Hawks class had a visit to the pond area today in their art lesson. The focus was drawing a local setting .

Reading Bookmark

Reading for children is a magical journey where they become confident communicators through the use of the vocabulary they acquire. We as adults play an important role in this journey and can support the children in learning how to use their imagination and become creative writers themselves. Please visit the Reading page to learn more about how to best support your child in becoming a confident reader and enable them to enjoy the fascinating worlds that authors immerse the children in.

Can you solve this ?

( 2f-3r)+ (4f+2r)=T

r= 1.5


What is the value of T ?

Ask your child to help .

Take a look at our remembrance poems

Hawks won third place in attendance this week.

Hawks won third place this week for attendance, throughout the whole school. We have set our expectations high and are aiming to get first place next week.  Please help be part of this and encourage your children you be attending school everyday and on time.

Long divison

Still image for this video

Please read some of our amazing adventure stories

Remember your child's topic based homework is due to be returned to school next week . We look forward to seeing all their creative Viking designs

Here are some of the completed creations