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GREENWICH - Mrs Kirkpatrick

For consistently upholding all our school values.

Creating, rehearsing and showing oral presentations about rain forest animals.

Exploring threatened and endangered animals in a TOPIC lesson.

For effort to transform his handwriting.

A fabulous effort from Greenwich Class on KS2 Sports Day.

Planning a non-fiction text.

WE FINALLY DID IT!!!! YIPPEEEEE! Well done Greenwich!

Jayden, with his own version of a traditional Japanese fan, decorated beautifully with Cherry Blossom and the Sun, both so revered by the Japanese people.

Dip into the presentations that supported our learning!

Second-place Attendance Cup - for the FOURTH time!

Year 5's Learning Together Afternoon: making collages to reflect the four layers of a rain forest.

For a gripping story opening!

In the coming term Year 5 are going to explore the world's rain forests.


Welcome to our new Greenwich  class member!

LITERACY: using drama to explore a new genre.

TEAM WORK; Is it effective?

Exploring the effectiveness of TEAMWORK; who can construct the tallest freestanding construction out of newspaper?

Congratulations to the winners!

Planning a Hot-write.

Time-trials for the 2018 TKaT Games.

Olivia, with her homework project - a fabulous Spitfire!

Our Stars of the Week for TERM 5:

exploring characterisation
For demonstrating ENDEAVOUR and showing RESPECT.

Math Antics - Simplifying Fractions

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Math Antics - Fractions Are Parts

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For being so helpful in the classroom.
For outstanding contributions to lessons this week
Planning a character description.
Today's Literacy focus.
Some vocabulary to help us describe a setting.
For independently making good decisions.
Year 5 contribution to our Remembrance celebration
PSHE: Behaviour that shows lack of respect.
Highest attendance in the school this week - YAY!!
For making the right choices and working hard.
The setting of this term's text.
Our reflection for this week.
Learn to use these 2 words correctly!


A reporter interviewing a Mayan person.
"What have you invented?"
Using the classroom to support learning.
"Why is your number system important?"
"What do the symbols in your number system mean?"
"How does your writing system work?"
"How many weeks in a Mayan year?"
Jessica with her impressive model
Project Homework: A Mayan Temple Pyramid
Learning Spanish Greetings: Hola! Buenas Dias!
Learning through song
Learning feeling adjectives in Spanish
Actions help us to remember words
The rhythm of a song helps our memory
Games are a fun way to revise vocabulary
An impressive Mayan Palace
What fantastic project homework by Amalie!
Well done Amalie!
For tireless endeavour to improve her handwriting
For identifying needs in others and offering help.
For being kind and considerate to fellow learners.

Introducing the Maya civilisation | History - Lost Lands

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. The third of seven films introducing life in ancient civilisations. Like children 1000 years later, Akbal wants to be a professional footballer. He shows us how it's played in Mayan Central America. Subscribe for more History clips from BBC Teach on Thursdays when we have them in: If you found this video helpful, give it a like.