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GREENWICH - Mrs Kirkpatrick

Creating, rehearsing and showing oral presentations about rain forest animals.

Exploring threatened and endangered animals in a TOPIC lesson.

A fabulous effort from Greenwich Class on KS2 Sports Day.

Planning a non-fiction text.

WE FINALLY DID IT!!!! YIPPEEEEE! Well done Greenwich!

Jayden, with his own version of a traditional Japanese fan, decorated beautifully with Cherry Blossom and the Sun, both so revered by the Japanese people.

Dip into the presentations that supported our learning!

Second-place Attendance Cup - for the FOURTH time!

Year 5's Learning Together Afternoon: making collages to reflect the four layers of a rain forest.

In the coming term Year 5 are going to explore the world's rain forests.


LITERACY: using drama to explore a new genre.

TEAM WORK; Is it effective?

Exploring the effectiveness of TEAMWORK; who can construct the tallest freestanding construction out of newspaper?

Planning a Hot-write.

Time-trials for the 2018 TKaT Games.

Olivia, with her homework project - a fabulous Spitfire!

Our Stars of the Week for TERM 5:

Math Antics - Simplifying Fractions

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Math Antics - Fractions Are Parts

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Introducing the Maya civilisation | History - Lost Lands

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. The third of seven films introducing life in ancient civilisations. Like children 1000 years later, Akbal wants to be a professional footballer. He shows us how it's played in Mayan Central America. Subscribe for more History clips from BBC Teach on Thursdays when we have them in: If you found this video helpful, give it a like.