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What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free Google App that aims to simplify creating, distributing and assessing learning in a paperless way. Teachers can use Google Classroom to send announcements to entire classes, share resources, lesson notes, PowerPoints, diagrams, and home learning. Pupils can use it to access work covered in class in school, at home or on the go and complete home learning. Parents can use some of the features of Google Classroom to help engage with and support pupils in their home learning. It is a free resource that can be accessed from any device connected to the internet - laptops, desktop computers, chromebooks, tablets or mobile phones.


Accessing Google Classroom

Pupils can access Google Classroom using the mobile apps (Android and iOS), or via a web browser by visiting They should sign in using their email address that they have been given by their teacher. Once pupils have logged in, they will see the class overview page. From here they can see all of the classes they are registered with, a summary of any work due and add new classes (requires a class code from their teacher). Class codes are available on the class pages on the school website. Clicking on a class will open that Classroom.


Accessing resources

If pupils are accessing Google classroom from a mobile device, they should download the appropriate Google Apps to make best use of the shared resources. The most useful Google apps are: Classroom, Calendar, Docs and Drive. When home learning is set online, it can be submitted directly within Google Classroom online without needing to be printed. To open the homework, click on the Open button on the appropriate post in the Stream page. You will then see the homework description and any attached documents. The simplest way to complete the home learning online is to open the attachment and complete your assignment in this document. When you are finished, click on the MARK AS DONE button. You can even add your own attachments to your submission, such as photos, audio clips, videos, etc. Once the home learning has been marked by the teacher, you can see feedback and any comments made by the teacher by opening the home learning task as before.


Safety Features

Although many safety features have been enabled by our administrators, it is still the responsibility of parents to monitor what children are accessing online at home. We will continue to teach children the importance of being responsible digital citizens and accessing age appropriate material and we appreciate parents supporting this at home with their children.


  • The site is to be used for school related content only.
  • Any misuse will be reported and investigated by our safeguarding team and will be dealt with in accordance to the school's behaviour policy. 
  • Misuse could also result in removal from use of the site.

How to guide for Google Classroom

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How to guide for Google Classroom

How to use Google Classroom

Google Classroom via XBOX


For those with an Xbox here is how you can access Google Classroom from your Xbox; again we don't think you can access the live lesson feature but Power Points and the work can be viewed and completed.

how to get Google Classroom from Xbox

Google Classrooms via Playstation


How to access Google classrooms on Playstation. We don't think you are able to access the live sessions via the PS4, but you are able to view PowerPoint and complete some assignments.

How to Access Google Classroom on a PS4

Google Classrooms via an Amazon device.


We understand some of you using an Amazon device are having problems gaining access to Google Classroom.

We haven't yet tried this to confirm if it works, but we will be soon.

It doesn't look the easiest, but you may need to first install Google Play.

If you have success with this could you let us know by commenting on this post.

Many thanks

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