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Goldsmiths Class

Teacher :Miss Lehan

Hello and welcome to Goldsmiths class. We are looking forward to sharing our progress and the learning taking place in our class with you this year.


We have P.E on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week and it is really important that your child is properly equipped for these lessons with T-shirt, shorts, trainers and as the weather gets colder, track suit bottoms.


Every child will be sent home weekly homework,consisting of spellings and timetables on a Friday . This will need to be brought back to school the following Wednesday every week.


Reading record books are sent home daily. It is important that every child reads on a daily basis and has their book signed. This book should be brought to school every day.


If you have any questions I am available at home time each day. Tuesday - Friday  

Newsletters Term 3

Term 6 week 4

Term 6 week 3


Artists through time

Forest school - enjoying the story The Stickman and creating our own stick family tree , tree

Goldsmiths had a fabulous day celebrating our world cup day and learning about our selected country Egypt.

They learnt about the Egyptian flag through symmetry , located countries on a world map who are participating in the world cup 2018  , created an Egyptian fact file and even had ago at hieroglyphs


Congratulations to Goldsmiths class for winners Buster's Book trophy this week . With a total of just over 500 minutes of reading on Wednesday

Buster's Books -Winners


maths investigation

Term 6 week 1


Year 4 exploring forest school

Roman Workshop

Term 5 week 5  

Celebrating the royal wedding

Term 5 week 4

Designing and making our own Roman shields

Term 5 week 3

Roman sandal making

Fantastic warning stories

A trip back in time - A visit from Boudicca

Term 5 week 2

Celebrating Shakespeare's birthday 23rd April 1564

Image result for shakespeare

Buliding the Globe Theatre

Writing our innovated stories

Term 5 week 1

This term in literacy we are writing a warning story . Our class book is

Terry Deary's Roman Tales - The grim ghost


 Image result for the roman grim ghost


In maths with have looked at fraction and decimals



This term Goldsmiths are studying the Romans. This week they looked at key events that built and destroyed the Roman empire .

Term 4 Week 4

Ending Science week with a bit a slime making

This week, year 4 received a letter from the Queen .After studying the topic of London, at the beginning of the year, Year 4 wrote letters to the Queen - and they got a reply.

A letter from the Queen


This week Goldsmiths have been enjoying learning all aspects of science through British Science Week .

We have been focusing on exploration of space and discovery of Earth


We built bottle rockets and even launched them .

design , creating and lanching our rockets


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Term 4 week 3

World Book Day

Term 4 Week 1


We are currently studying the book

Image result for toms midnight garden


Learning our new story with actions

Term 3 week 5


This week we have explored the question

What is a fraction?

Ask you child this question and let them explain their learning to you.

We have also been learning what equivalent means. We used our knowledge of the word 'equivalent' to find equivalent fractions

Image result for equivalent fractions pt

Can your child answer this question ? Why not ask them ?

3. Equivalent fractions pt 1

Equivalent fractions


This week in literacy we have been using our knowledge of explanation texts to write our very own invented text using the question

Why was the Victorian era better at the end than the beginning?

We focused on two major changes within the Victorian period.

Schooling becoming free and available to all children and the abolishment of workhouses

Ask your child which they chose and the reasons why their choice improved the lives of Victorians

Term 3 week 4


This week in maths we have learnt how to find the area of a rectilinear shape


First we investigated counting squares

We quickly progressed our learning to finding the formula to find area

L X H = A

Can your child explain the formula.

Image result for finding area


Learn how to calculate the area of a square and rectangle. Math lesson for kids

Finding area of a square and rectangle


We will be  focusing on a non-fiction text for the next 2 weeks.

Explanation text

See below our modelled text for the children explore , use create a tool kit and to have visual access to a quality explanation text example  

Modelled text -Explaination text

Term 3 week 3

Solving correspondence problems

Yoga - Learning the art of calmness and relaxation through the story of disney's Moana

Term 3 week 2

A letter was sent home with your child today .

Year 4 have an exciting opportunity available to them next term. Next term a 1 day long history workshop will be visiting Year 4 to explore the Victorian era . This will include authentic resources , dressing up , crafts , drama , role play and many more exciting and engaging activities .

Please remember to return your slip, with the relevant money attached, to the office as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please come and see me.

ICT Animation

Still image for this video

ICT Animation

Still image for this video

Literacy - short burst writing a setting


Term 3

Term 3 Week 1


This term's topic in year 4 is The Victorians. Will be exploring Queen Victoria , health care , Workhouses , industry and much more.

Image result for victorians   Image result for victorians


This term in Literacy will be exploring the book The Street Child buy Berlie Doherty.

Image result for the street child


This term in science Goldsmiths will be studying electricity. They will be covering different types of electric , circuit building and the components of a complete circuit.

 Image result for electric circuit

Image result for electric circuit

Spanish days of the week

                                                  a multiplication of a 4-figure number by 3





ICT - Early animation

Term 2 Week 6

Natural History Museum and London landmarks

Which liquids cause decay to your teeth ? Investigation

Stop animation in ICT - Topic Photo Stories

Still image for this video

Stop animation ICT -Topic Photo stories

Still image for this video

Stop animation ICT -Topic photo stories

Still image for this video

Spanish Christmas cards

Maths Investigation

Our Christmas hoop

Term 2 Week 5

                               star of the week


Hook day . Discussions

Investigating capacity

In Literacy we are now focusing our writing style on discussion texts

What do you need in a discussion test ?



What could be discussed?

Who are better boy or girls ?

Should school uniform be scraped ?

Television should be banned after 6pm


In Science we have been learning about the different types of teeth in the human mouth


Can you name the different types without looking ?

Ask your child what the function of each type of tooth is ?

Term  2 week 4


Science - learning about the functions of the organs of the human digestive system

Kindness week - Goldsmiths created a kindness box full of inspirational kind messages about their friends

Term 2 Week 3

A big thank you to parents who joined us today for our Art Workshop.

The children really enjoyed sharing their learning a creativity with you .



                    Star of the Week



Art workshop

Term 2 week 2

This week in literacy we have been innovating our wishing story based on Gangsta Granny by David Walliams


                          Star of the Week

Sebastian for his endeavour to improve his handwriting with great results well done we are proud of you.  

Term 2 Week 1

This term our topic is still London .

In literacy we will be studying a new text "Gangtsa Granny " by David Walliams.    



It is about a boy who hates visiting his granny until he finds out she is an international master jewel thief. He is shocked to discovery her next target ... The crown Jewels .

                        Star of the week       


Ruby for showing leadership by following the school rules and helping others


Maths Term 2 week 1

This week we have been learning about perimeters.

Ask your child when they might need to know perimeters.

Can your child work these out ?

Image result for rectilinear shapes perimeter    Related image

Perimeter investigation

Science -Exploring the human skeleton

Spanish - Family members

Term 1 week 7

                       Star of the week  



Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Locating capital cities from around the world

Who has been showing the school values this week ?

Maths Challenge

Consolidating our learning on living things by making a woorking habitat.


In maths we are looking at place value and using our knowledge of it to solve calculations.


Use a place value grid and counters to help solve this sum.

  1. 5432 - 4321 =

  2. 2345 - 1211 =

  3. 6735 - 2334 =

  4. 2232 - 1113 =

  5. 5222 - 1103



Term 1 Week 6


                               An example of our Maths learning this week

                Ask your child to explain what they have learnt


  1. 72 people visit the museum. There are 53 children, 7 teachers and the rest are parents.


How many parents are coming on the trip?



  1. In a week, Daniel found 175 conkers, he found 55 on Monday and 75 on Wednesday.


How many did he find over the rest of the week?



  1. Year 5 cleaned up the playground! 3 children collected 96 pieces of rubbish. Alex collected 34 pieces and Dan collected 26. Joe cleaned up the rest.


How many pieces did Joe clean up?



  1. The year 4 teachers have 140 biscuits in the staffroom. Mr Browne eats 41 and Ms Lehan eats 55.


How many did Mr Askew eat?


Fluency: Use the inverse operation to solve these problems.

Include a number sentence and working out!


  1. Ian is thinking of a number, he adds 37 and gets 95.


What number did he start with?


  1. Sarah is thinking of a number, she adds 45 and gets 152.


What number did she start with?


  1. Sahil is thinking of a number, he subtracts 54 and gets 156.


What number did he start with?

Our literacy

Our amazing value winners this week

Week 5 Term 1

Thank you to parents who joined us for our learning together afternoon


Goldsmiths are proud to be following the school values. Have a look at who has earnt a values certificate.


To identify and estimate numbers using different representations.

Our new text map

Reading Roman numerals to 20

Literacy Week 5

Non-chronological reports

We have been exploring our new text map and non- chronological reports


Ask your child what chronological means 

Image result for chessington flyer


Image result for wingham bird park flyer

Ask your child what are the features of a non - chronological report.

Our finished Spanish creations

Art - Creating London landmarks with lego

Week 4

What an exciting week. We have had a lot of fun learning.

Creating pieces of London Art

European languages Day- Learning more Spanish

Exploring where rivers get their water from

                             Star of the week        

Grandparents afternoon

Maths Term 1 Week 3

We have been exploring , investigating and classifying quadrilaterals this week

Ask your child what a quadrilateral is .


Word association


Quad bike



We have been exploring the meaning of words to help us learn new language .

This week the prefix quad

Look at the above words. Using them to help. Ask your child what they learn about them this week.

How does it help  you to understand the word

Quadrilateral ?



Week 4

What an exciting week ee have had.

Maths week 3 - Quadrilaterals

Skip to be fit day

Box up our ideas - Inventing our own journey story

Exploring lines of symmetry

                           Image result for clipart star Star of the week Image result for clipart star

Brooklyn - For constantly showing all of our school values and being an amazing role model to all of his class members. You show respect at all times and endeavour to always achieve your best . Well done Brooklyn I am very proud of you .

Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day

Goldsmiths enjoyed learning about all the stories created by Roald Dahl today . We particularly focused on The Twits. We had great fun created DISGUSTING beards inspired by Mr Twit. To make them even worse we added real food just like the book. Cornflakes, sardines, cheese and ketchup.  

Roald Dahl Day

Wednesday 13th September

I am excited to announce that Goldsmiths well be celebrating Roald Dahl day on Wednesday 13th September. We ask that your child dresses up as a character from any Roald Dahl book and bring a £1 contribution for charity.

This will be an exciting day with many fun activities taking place throughout the day.

Here are some characters for inspiration.

Image result for roald dahl characters  Image result for roald dahl characters  


  Image result for roald dahl characters Image result for roald dahl characters

Image result for clipart star Star of the week  Image result for clipart star

Jacob - For giving 110% in his learning and contribution in class. For showing maturity and being a fantastic role model .

Well done we are very proud of you.

Outstanding summer holiday topic project homework

Maths week 1

This week we have been learning about place value

Th H T U

We have been ordering and comparing numbers beyond 1000 and mentally adding and subtracting numbers beyond 1000

Challenge your child to complete this task


    -1000   -100        starting number      + 100      +1000





Literacy week 1

Image result for a walk in london

In Literacy we have been exploring the book 'A Walk in London' by Salvatore Rubbino

It is a journey story about a mother and her child walking through London and experiencing the famous landmarks London has to offer.

We have been developing understanding through drama recreating the landmarks using just our bodies and developing our writing buy applying inverted commas to our stories.

Ask your child to explain when and why we use inverted commas

How many famous London landmarks can your child name?


Image result for big ben Image result for london eye Image result for tower of london


In addition to weekly spellings

Image result for year 3 4 spellings


Your child should be able to read and spell all these words by the end of year 4