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GLASGOW Mrs Feuillatre

Welcome to Glasgow Class

Class teachers; Mrs Feuillatre and Miss Pullman

Teaching Assistant; Miss Moore


Class newsletters have now been moved to the top of the page.  They will be updated here every other week..








Take a look at our previous and fantastic stars of the week!


Term 5


Week 1- Owen

Week 2- Julia

Week 3- Vanesa

Week 4-Bradley



Well done Bradley for being this weeks star of the week for wonderful sportsmanship during P.E.




Mrs Feuillatre is aiming for our whole class to have earned 2, 5 and 10 times tables by the end of the year!







Well done to our recent winners! Dominica, Julia, Sahil have achieved white.  Ruby has achieved her Orange and Callum has achieved his purple.



We are getting closer to our first master in Glasgow class....Alan is almost there!


Help at home by practicing the times table your child is working daily through the games and suggestions they have brought home. 



Percy parker CD's are available in the office at £2.95 each and are a fantastic way of getting in some additional practice in the car!










Image result for newsletters

Class newsletters have now been moved to the top of the page. They will be updated here every other week..

Term 6 Week 1



Our learning this term will be focused on a local history study of Margate.





This week we have been investigating language devices which contribute to an effective setting description. We used a stimulus of a beautiful beach and analysed an example text to show us how language can be used to create a picture in the readers mind.



'The sun glistened on the ocean like a blanket of diamonds.'  Ruby


'Emerald green plants sprouted defiantly amongst the harsh, jagged rocks.' Alan


'The gentle waves swayed peacefully back and forth.' Heidi


'The vibrant, gleaming sun welcomed me.' Sahil



We have begun our maths learning this term by exploring direction and turn.



We have used compass points and language to describe turns to direct our partners are the play ground and to create a maze using local landmarks to link in with our local study.







We have used a range of maps, including digital maps, to find out  about out local area. We have identified physical and human features.


What can you find out about our local area using the map above?

Term 6 week 2




This week we have innovated our settings  by imagining a storm is taking pace over the peaceful bay.  We studied a range of new vocabulary and discussed how the language changed with the weather.  We looked at how this impacts the reader and why it is important for story telling.


'The thunder rumbled like an ogres belly. '  Owen


'The sky was full of nightmares'  Dominic


'The angry waves crashed violently over the brutal, jagged rocks' Heidi


'The wild wind whirled ferociously across the abandoned beach.' Alan



This week we went on a local walk.  We plotted our route on a map and explored our locality looking for evidence of industry, housing, transport and leisure. We discussed what that told us about the town we live in. 


The children had a wonderful time and the discussions they engaged in along the way were really impressive.  


Term 6 week 3




This week in maths the children have been extending their understanding of fractions. They have used division and multiplication methods to find non unit fractions of an amount.



This week in topic we studied the Tudor house in Margate.  We compare the features of the house to our modern day houses in order to examine how human features have changed over time.  We were able to discuss why Tudor homes were so different and discuss the similarities we found.


Term 5 week 3

Glasgow class generating ideas for their journey story.

Term 4 Week 3

This week we have had fun writing the prequel to Theseus and the Minotaur.  We spend time discussing and developing backstories for three of the main characters in the myth; King Aegus, King Minos and the minotaur.


We asked some key questions to help us with this.


Why would King Minos keep the minotaur?


Oliver said, 'Maybe once, the monitaur was King Minos' wife or son and he turned into a minotaur somehow. King Minos keeps it safe in the labyrinth because really it is someone he loves.'


Sahil suggested, 'It could be that King Minos was out hunting one day and discovered him in the forest. HE is mean so he captured him and looked him in the labyrinth to help fight his enemies.'


Jacob thought 'Maybe the minotaur is  really King Minos, he turns into a minotaur when the sun goes down so locks himself in the labyrinth so he doesn't hurt anyone.'

Why would  a kind ruler like King Aegus, allow children to be sent to be eaten by the minotaur?


Alan said, 'There could have been an ancient war and King Aegus lost the war. Rather than King Minos come to Athens and hurting all his people, he agreed to send 7 boys and 7 girls each 9 years as a sacrifice to save the others.'





What could have happened for such a creature to be created?


Dominka said, 'It might have once been a man and he drank from a magical river which turned into the minotaur.'


Brooklyn said, 'Maybe the creature was once a bull who was injured.  A witch found him and cast a spell to save him but the spell turned him half man, half bull.'


Samuel suggested, 'Maybe a man was walking in the woods and was attacked by a fierce bull.  When the bulls, razor sharp horns cut him, he began to mutate into a half man, half bull.'



Term 4 week 2




We had a fabulous time on World Book Day!

We enjoyed paired reading with Manchester class

Term 4 Week 1



We arrived to class today to find a fantastical beast had destroyed it!

We have spent the morning exploring the school to discover a range of clues to help us find out what type of creature could have done this!


Watch this space to see some of our wonderful reports detailing this strange occurrence!

Term 3 Week 6



We planned our next persuassive text

We were challenged to convince Mr Manclark to allow mobile phones in school, to take us on a trip to LEGOLAND or to allow us to wear non school uniform every day!

In maths we have been exploring equivelent fractions

Term 3 Week 5



We hot seated a character from our text, the Iron Giant this week to prepare us for persuasive writing. Our challenge is to persuade this farmer that the Iron man exists. 






This week in maths we have been exploring Roman numerals

Term 3 Week 4



In Maths we have been learning about direction and turn

We have used the language left, right, clockwise anticlockwise, quarter turn, half turn to direct our partners to a new destination.

We became archeologists this afternoon in Glasgow Class!

In science we explore how shadows are formed

We investigated the link between how far away a light source is and the length of its shadow.

Term 3 Week 3


This week in maths we have been securing our understanding of adding and subtracting money.  The children used column addition and subtraction to find totals and give chage in a range of contexts.


                                        Image result for tesco receipt


Use column addition to find the total of this shop!


If the shopper paid with £20.  How much change would she recieve?




Literacy this week has involvd looking at a range of settings.  We have written our own beginning to the Iron Man story by Ted Hughes, altering where the Iron Man falls from.



In science we have been investigating how light travels

We used the words transparent, translucent and opaque to describe a range of materials

Learning Together Afternoon


We would like to thank all the parents who came to our learning together afternoon. It was fantastic to see you and we hope you had fun engaging in the slightly risky task we set the children this afternoon!


The children (and brave parents) were set the task of trasporting a raw egg from Mammoth Mountain to Creeky Cove usig limited resources. No bady part was allowed to touch the egg so each team had to plan and build a device that could do the job for them.












We had some great desgins including one which transported the egg upside down!


Watch this space for the photos to come of our designs!

Our fantasic egg transporters!

Stone Age workshop Week 2

Term 3- Week 1


What a fantastic first week Glasgow class have had! We have worked very  hard in maths to apply our knowledge of multiplication.


Jazmina demonstrated amazing endeavour to solve the problem her group were challenge with!





In literacy we have begun to explore our new text.  The class were given a series of descriptive clues relating to the main character from the story. 


His great iron head, shaped like a dustbin.

His eyes like headlamps glowed white, then red searching the sea.

His enormous right iron foot lifted-up into space.

His giant, iron ears turned this way and that way.

He had huge hands with long, iron fingers which screeched as he moved them.

They were challenged to show their understanding of what they had read by creating the character described.  Look at what we have come up with!





Term 2




We used our new text map to learn the story Stone Age Boy


We counted up and down in tenths

Sensory poems- we explored what it was like to be in a cave!

We explored chronology by making a human time line!

In science we made a model of the muscles in the arm



We have been learning to measure mass and capacity

We applied our knowledge by making smoothies!

In literacy we verbally retold our planned portal stories

This week in Glasgow class we have been having fun wearing our Christmas jumper raise money for Save the Children.

Term 1


This week has been a fantastic start in Glasgow class.  We have shared all of our exciting news of the school holiday and have begun to make new friends in our new class.


The children have worked very hard and are already showing they are trying their best to keep our class rules!  Well done Glasgow class!


We have begun to learn our new key text this week; The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.



We were presented with a range of seemingly random objects and had to use our inference and deduction skills to identify who they may belong to and why they may be important. 



We have begun to retell the story using actions the children have planned and look forward to writing a diary entry on behalf of Mr. Grinling this week!  Look out here for some stunning examples later in the week!





Glasgow Class celebrating Roald Dahl Day!

In literacy, we have been exploring our key text The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch. The children have creating story maps and have added actions to help us learn our story!


We have written a diary entry from the point of view of Mr Grinling and have written our own retell of the story!



We can retell our story using actions

In maths this week, we have been consolidating and expanding on our knowledge of place value.  We were about to order and compare numbers to 1000 and use a range of methods to add 3 digit numbers!


Ask your child to explain this calculation to you to find out what they know!


We used resources to show our understanding of place value!

Roald Dahl Day


The children looked fantastic in their costumes today!  We explored the chocolatey world or Willy Wonka and wrote some amazing poems using our senses based on the chocolate river!






This week we have worked hard to investigate angles.  We had a shape hunt around the classroom and outdoor environment to identify right angles.





We then learnt that there are angles smaller than and greater than a right angle.


Obtuse- larger than a right angle




Acute-smaller than a right angle




We explored these angles and can now identify them in the world around us!





Farm to Fork


We had a wonderful day at Tesco exploring Mediterranean fruits and vegetables!  The children were beautifully behaved and really made us proud!

















European Langages Day- Greece


In maths we have been learning to add and subtract using the formal written method




We have been leaning to use more ambitious conjunctions in out writing.


We went on a hunt and found sentences missing conjunctions.  We had to decide which conjucntions fitted which sentences.  Back in class we discussed how different conjunctions can change the meaning of a sentence



Learning Letters


Learning letters will be posted here every other week.




Home learning


We will add the homework set here.  Please remember the importance of hearing your child read each night and sending in their books each day!


Creative homework for term 1