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Welcome to our Giraffe Class page

Here you can find out about all of the exciting things that we have been 

learning about, as well as all of the achievements that we are so

proud of! 


Class Teacher- Miss Johnson

Class Teaching Assistant-  Miss Kirkpatrick 

Mr Manclark has gievn us permission to watch The Labyrinth next week!! But... on one condition, we have to do work about the film first. So, this week we are looking at play scripts. On Tuesday we watched the opening clip of the film and freeze framed the emtions thatthe different characters were feeling, for example, disappointed, stressed, upset, excited etc. We then acted out a short scene from a play, it was great fun!

Homework week beginning 4th July...

Our star of the week this week is...


Zac can be known to have a few incidents at play and lunch times, but over the last couple of weeks we have seen a real change in his attitude, which is brilliant! He has been a lot more positive about school and this week has been perfect for Zac! The work he has been producing has also been of a really high standard and his creative writing piece the other day was excellent! Well done Zac, keep it up!

Oh no! Indiana Jones can't figure out what his instructions say!! The Giraffes were enlisted to help India decode the messages that were hidden in the KS1 playground in order to get to his destination. The Giraffes used their knowledge of Roman Numerals to decode the messages!

Creative Writing!! At the beginning of the week the Giraffes were given a picture... just a picture. From this they had to write a story. We planned these together, ensuring that they would have a beginning middel and end and then spent Wednesday writing them. I am so proud of the stories thatyou all wrote, they were apleasure to read, well done!

This weeks maths has been all about Roman Numerals! The Giraffes have really loved doing this and are looking forward to doing some code breaking activities at the end of the week to test their knowledge!

Homework week beginning 27th June

On Friday, we completed our finished versions of our letters to Mr Manclark and a couple of the boys toon them down to the office. Mrs Todd was in there because Mr Manclark was in a meeting, but she knocked on the dorr to give them to him because she felt he would want to have them straight away! Well done Giraffes, I can't wait to see what Mr Manclarks response will say!

Our star of the week this week is...

Kai P!!

Kai P has only been a Giraffe for a few months, but in that time he has demonstrated the school values perfectly and is a brilliant role model to anyone around him. He continually works hard in every single lesson and produces fabulous work!

3rd Place attendance trophy!!

Well done Giraffes! It's been a few weeks since we have won a trophy but we managed to get third place this week. Lets see if we can try and win medals like Toucans did, before the end of the year!

We have been having great fun with Maths this week, we have been exploring area and perimeter and on Thursday, the children were given the task of designing their own gardens. That may sound easy, but they were given very specific criteria that they had to go by, for example, the shed had to be bigger than the pond but the greenhouse had to be bigger that the shed, very tricky!

This week in History, we have been exploring the Challenger Disaster. The Giraffes used drama and freeze frames to imagine how spectators would have been feeling when they saw the shuttle explode. The Giraffes did a fabulous job of depicting the different emotions, such as; lonely, shocked, heart-broken and worried.

In Literacy this week, we have been given the task to sending a letter to Mr Manclark to try and convince him to let us watch the film 'Labyrinth' in one of our Literacy lessons! To gather our ideas for a balanced argument we held a debate, the Giraffes did so well at listening to each other and fromulating their arguments.

This week in Maths we are going to be looking at finding the area and perimeter of regular shapes. Today, we explored perimeter and went outside into the playgroud to find some regular shapes that we had to determine the perimeter of.

This weeks Literacy is going to be all about the film 'Labyrinth'! Yesterday we explored the trailer, so today we did opinion polls, using different ends of the classroom to see who agreed and disagreed with certain questions that I asked. For example... 'Would you like to try and get through this Labyrinth?'

Our star of the week this week was...


Ola is such a great role model to everyone around her and you can always rely on her to make the right choices. She follows all of the school values without fail and always tries her absolute hardest in every piece of work that she does. She is unfailingly amazing. Well done Ola, keep up the great work!

Here are some pictures of Giraffe class having grea fun at sports dayon Thursday. Well done to all of you, you were all brilliant in your races and showed great sportsmanship towards others!

Homework week beginning 20th June 2016

This week we have been looking at the behaviour of ghosts; the way that they should behave and the way that ghosts could behave that would get them caught. Giraffes had such great fun using drama to explore how the ghosts should behave in order to be able to write rules for a gost to follow so they do not get caught!

Homework week beginning 13th June

This weeks star of the week is...


Coleen has really turned her attitude around recently, she has been trying really hard to be a better friend and has become so good at encouraging her peers and giving them positive comments. She has also been trying so much harder in lessons and her hard work is really paying off. Well done Coleen, keep up the great work!

This weeks Literacy has been all about ghost hunting equipment! We have spent the week planning and researching so we could build our own piece of equipment which we can then write an explanation text about. This means that it will explain to someone else how to use our gadget in a clear way. The Giraffeshad great fun building their gadgets on Thursday!

This week we have been doing an investigation into who can throw a bean bag the furthest, and figuring out the best way to represent this data so that we can asnwer a set of questions about it. Do you think a line graph or a bar chart would work best?

Learning Letter Week Beginning 6th June

Our star of the week this week is...


Sofia has always worked hard, but in the last couple of weeks she has been putting extra effort into her lessons, especially maths, and it is really paying off! She is showing great amounts of endeavour and doesn't get disheartened if she gets something wrong. Not only that, but she has been so much better at remembering to bring in her hearing aids the last few weeks, which means I don't need to nag her as much anymore which is amazing! Really well done Sofia, we are all very proud of you, keep up the great work! 

Thank you to all of our Giraffe's for coming in wearing red on Friday, you all looked amazing!

On Friday, we celebrated the Queen's birthday as a school and we had great fun! In the morning, we constructed timelines of her life, made cone shaped place holders that became a member of the Royal Family and we wrote a letter to the Queen to wish her a happy birthday!

In the afternoon, we all went out on to the field to play games and enjoy the lovely picnic food that the Giraffe's brought in! We then attempted to create a human Union Jack flag... fingers crossed that turned out well!

Today we had 2 ladies ocme in and talk to us about what we can be doing to look after our teeth. They taught us how to brush our teeth properly, how sugar can effect our teeth and loads of other interesting facts. Ask you child to tell you how many teaspoons of sugar there are in one energy drink.. you'll be shocked!

This half term marks one whole term since I started with Giraffe class, so I just wanted to say thank you all for being so amazing and hard working, I'm looking forward to our last half term together. Have fun this week and I will see you next Monday!

This weeks star of the week is...


I had another really tough week for choosing star of the week because all of my Giraffe's have been so amazing this week. So I thought it would be best to choose someone who is consistently amazing, not for just one week. Iza is a great role model within class and the wider school, she follows all of the school values and is such a hard worker. Well done Iza, we are very proud of you! Keep up the great work!

And this is the trialling stage where the Giraffe's tested their boats, everyone's floated!

The last couple of weeks, we have been taking part in an investigation to try and find out which materials we can use to create an 'Unsinkable Ship'. After the planning and investigating stages, we were able to build them using a range of different materials!

Learning letter term 5 week 6

First place!!!

We won the first place attendance trophy this week! Well done to all of the Giraffes who have been at school every day this week, it has really paid off! Lets see if we can do it two weeks in a row!! Well done guys!!

Our star of the week this week is.... 


Viki is such a happy member of our class and is a constant source of entertainment. She is always hard working and strives do to her best in all of her lessons, she has been working especially hard on her handwriting at the moment and is doing so well! Viki is a great friend to everyone and is a role model to everyone. Well done, keep up the great work!

Year 4 have got a special project to do over the next couple of weeks. We have to create an 'Unsinkable Ship' in groups of three and test its resilience in the water! This week was the designing phase, we are very excited to start building them next week!

We had our class assembly this week, we were so happy to share some of our amazing work with the rest of KS2! Well done Giraffes!

Giraffe's have been learning about capacity this week, which is great because it has meant we have been able to do some lessons outside! Take a look at how we calculated the capacity of irregular objects!

Homework week beginning 9/5/16

This week's star of the week is...


I have seen a big change in Karly's whole outlook this past week, where she would normally let things get her down in lessons, she is embracing the feedback that she is being given, and use it to improve her work. She has also been working really hard on being a good friend, and I have seen a big difference with all of her hard work this week. It's so brilliant to see her making such an effort, keep up the great work Karly!

We had the people from Skip2BFit come and work with us on Friday, they were telling us about how important it is to try and reach your goals and how skipping can help you be healthy, the Giraffe;s had great fun!

We have been doing some exciting work in Literacy about recounts and Maths about coordinates, but we are going to show you some of our other learning that we have been doing this week too! In PE, we were looking at different ways that we can travel, either on your own or as a group. We also had great fun changing the rules to make it a bit trickier!

This week's star of the week is...


Every single Giraffe agreed that Justin should be our star of the week this week because his whole attitude towards school has changed which means that he has been able to produce some amazing work and it has been so lovely to see him enjoying his learning! The Giraffe's also informed me that he has also been a great friend out on the playground too, which is lovely to hear. Keep up the good work Justin!

This week we have been learning all about lines of symmetry within regular and irregular shapes, take a look at some of the fun work we have been doing!

Here are a few pictures to show you some of the drama work that we have been doing in regards to our instruction writing this week!

Something amazing happened on Friday... we won the second place attendance trophy!!

We are so so pleased, well done Giraffes, keep up the great work and hopefully we can get first place next week!

Star of the week!

This weeks star is...


Leo has transformed his attitude towards his learning over the last couple of weeks and he hasn't let the little things stand in the way of learning as much as he used to. He has made great efforts to try his very best and not get frustrated. Well done Leo, we are very proud, keep up the great work!

Friday was a great day for our Giraffes, not only did we win the attendance trophy, but we also had TEN people get their Ninja band in one go!! 

Miss Kirkpatrick and I are so proud of you all for how well you are doing with your Ninja bands, keep up the amazing work!

This week we have been learning about time, this is very tricky, so please ask your children as many time related questions as you can!

Star of the week!

Our star of the week this week is...

Olivia and Kai!

Olivia and Kai both started with us on Monday, they have done such a good job of settling into our class this week that they were the clear winners this week! Well done you two, it's great to have you here! Also, well done to the rest of the Giraffe's for making them feel so welcome, we are very proud of you all!

This weeks Literacy has been all about non-chronological reports. We have been learning about all their features so we could make our own to sen to the SPOOCS agents

We have been learning about fractions this week, they can be so tricky!

Our classroom had a bit of a make over over the Easter holidays, take a look at some of our exciting displays!

8 is the key number in our class this week. This is because that is the amount of Giraffe's that achieved a ninja band this week... 8! I'm so proud of you all for this, let's see if we can beat that next week!! smileyfrown

Our star of the week this week is..... 


Conner has shown a massive transformation in his attitude towards his learning this week and he has done so much independent work, I'm so proud of him, and I'm sure the rest of Giraffe class are too. Well done Conner!

It's only the first week back, but our Giraffe's have already learnt so much about our new topic for this term.... The 1980's!!

See if your child can tell you anything about this!


We have had some really tricky maths challenges this week, but as always, our Giraffe's have shown endeavour and done the best that they possibly can!

In order to help your children with their maths, there are some little things that you could be doing with them, for example...asking them everyday questions about time and money, just to get them in the habit of using this information in simple questions. 

If you are paying for something, see if they can work out how much change you are going to get!

If you are going somewhere, ask them to work out how much time they have before you have to leave!

Knowing this would be a great help!


This week, we received an email from the agents at SPOOCS who have been having some trouble with ghosts all over the UK. They have asked us teachers if any of our children would be up to the challenge of becoming an agent! We spent the whole week learning how to write persuasively and today (Friday), we wrote a letter of application, fingers crossed all of our Giraffe;s are accepted!! I can't wait to hear back from SPOOCS!

It may have been the last week of term, but our Giraffe's were still working hard as always! Well done for all of your hard work this half term and thank you for being such a lovely class to teach these last few weeks. Enjoy your time off and I will see you after Easter so we can crack on with some even more amazing work!

Have fun!


Our star of the week this week is Nicole, not only does she try her hardest at everything that she does, but she is an amazing friend and loved by everyone in the class. This is bitter sweet for us this week because although Nicole won Star of the week, this was also her last week here at Drapers! We wish Nicole the best of luck in her new school and hope that she is happy there, we are sure she will love it! Good luck Nicole, from your Giraffe family!

This week we had to say goodbye to our lovely Headteacher, Mr Apps. To say goodbye, we held a celebration assembly in his honour and all of the year groups performed something that they had prepared for him. Year 4 did a quiz show! Mr Apps had to try to answer maths questions faster than our year 4's to avoid having to put on a silly item clothing... but our year 4's were too quick for him and he lost every round! Well done year 4! 

Goodbye Mr Apps, we will all miss you and your humour!


Our star of the week this week is Viki! This is because she always tries her absolute hardest in all of her lessons and has recently been trying really hard to improve her handwriting, which is really paying off! She is a pleasure to have in the classroom, keep up the great work Viki!

Friday 18th March 2016 

In order to raise money for sport relief, the children were able to come to school dressed as a sports star and they brought in £1 to do so.

As well as having sport themed lessons throughout the day, the children also went outside in the afternoon to take part in some sporting activities with Mr Smith. They had great fun doing this, even if it was a bit cold!

The cup and saucer game! A race against time to get as many cones turned the correct way for their team to win!

The obstacle course, weaving, hurdles, sprinting, balancing and throwing as fast as they could!

The card game, in 4 teams, the children raced to be the first to find all 13 cards in their suit.


The children also learned about what Eddie Izzard is doing to raise money for Sport Relief and why he is doing it in the way he is. This led onto a discussion about who Nelson Mandela is and what he is known for. Ask your child if they can remember how long Nelson was in prison for and why, see if they can remember!

This weeks Literacy has been all about story writing. The children have been looking at all of the tools that they can use to write a brilliant story. This started off with us looking at how we can create dramatic tension which of course, meant that we used drama to express our ideas! The children loved this! 

Ninja Maths!! 


Giraffe class are absolutely loving Ninja Maths at the moment! We have had so many people working their way up through the bands recently and we are so proud. It just goes to show how much hard work they are putting into their times tables and number bonds, and it is definitely paying off! Please encourage your children to do this at home and we can have even more Giraffe's earning their bands! 

Our star of the week this week was Elliot. Elliot's attitude towards his learning has transformed in the last week, which means that the work he has been producing has been outstanding! He has been working especially hard at improving his handwriting and taking more pride in his work. It wont be long and he will get his pen license, keep up the great work Elliot!

Our trip to The Margate Museum and Tudor House on Friday 11th March

We have had a new display go up this week! We love to celebrate how well the children are doing in all areas of their learning, so I thought a new display to track how many books the Giraffe's have read would be a great addition to the classroom! We have had a few people earn their 50 and 100 read awards this week, so they will be getting that in next weeks assembly. Please try to read at home as much as possible and let us know how many books you have read on a regular basis, we would love to celebrate how well you are doing! 

This week in maths, we have been learning about different types of angles and how to measure them using a protractor, it's very tricky to get those lined up correctly! 

Can you remember which type of angle is bigger than 90 degrees but smaller than 180 degrees?

We have only had a couple of absences this week, so we are looking like we are in good stead to win an award this week! Keep up your great efforts at getting to school on time and we could be in for a chance to win! Keep up the good work and fingers crossed!

Congratulations to Tereza on being Giraffe class's star of the week this week! This award was so well earned, Tereza is such a hard worker and always tries her very best at everything she does, as well as helping others whenever she can and having such lovely manners. Well done Tereza!


Last week was World Book Day, and as well as producing some amazing stories based on our picture and sharing books with Penguins class, we also had some parents in to work with the children to create diorama's based on our picture!



This is our display showing the truly amazing work that was produced, absolutely everyone worked so hard and I'm so proud of the stories that they wrote! 

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new class teacher for Giraffes!

I'm Miss Johnson, and I'm so happy to be working with all of these amazing children. It was great to meet some of our lovely parents at parents evening this week. I will now be with Giraffe's until the end of the year, so I hope I get the opportunity to meet all of you at some point in the future.

If you couldn't make it to parents evening for any reason then please feel free to approach me at any time with any queries that you may have about your child or their progress and I'll be happy to help you as much as I can smiley


Well done to Ami-Louise who was our Star of the Week for week beginning 25th Jan. She has shown great endeavour in her work this week. We are proud to have you in our class!

Here are some times tables worksheets. These are not set homework, just here for you incase you wish to practise them!...Practise makes perfect!

Here is a copy of our topic homework in case you have misplaced it.

Please remember to bring your homework book in every Monday for new homework. Home reading is an on-going homework, please remember that the children are encouraged to be independent in changing their books each day.

A massive congratulations to Kevin today who was awarded our Star of the Week in assembly. This was for coming back to our class full of endeavour and contribution! You are helpful and polite, we are proud of you!

I'm not going to lie...we were ecstatic this morning...... we only went and won 1st place for our attendance this week!!!!


This is the first time we have won any attendance trophy in Giraffes Class so to win first was amazing! It was a total team effort..we all got up in the morning and got ourselves into school .. I am so proud of you all!

Thank-you Mums, Dads and Carers for your support!!

We went out to our outside learning environment to practise our measuring skills! We has various measuring equipment and had to decide which piece of equipment we should use to measure different things we found.

Oh my! We had so much fun doing drama! We have been watching a short video as a stimulus for our writing and our task was to act out our prediction of the ending...awesome teamwork!