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Forest School

Welcome to our Forest School Page.


Here you can find out all about our area and what your children have been learning and exploring. My name is Emma Thomas I am the Forest School Lead for the School, I love the outdoors, learning and exploration.


To come out to Forest School you will need:


Wellie boots - these are so important for jumping in puddles and mud holes, but also for keeping our feet safe while using tools and materials. 

Coats, hats, gloves - These are needed every week, the only time we do not go out to the area is when it is too windy as it can be dangerous, we will be out in the rain, snow and hopefully soon the sunshine. 

Sun cream and Sun hats - When the sunshine finally finds us, we will be needing to make sure we are protected from the suns rays, so come April I will be asking all children that are joining me to have sun cream in their bags. 


Forest School is so important for our children as we learn about nature and woodland skills. Forest school can also help children in promoting confidence and independence, giving them a sense of success and self esteem.  This method of learning encourages and improves social skills, speech and language and physical skills. 


Take a look at what area's we have at Forest School

PLEASE PLEASE can all parents and children remember if its your Forest School day you must bring in spare clothes/socks, the children are wearing protective clothing but they are children and mud/water gets everywhere. The children may need spares to change into when we get back and we have very little spare clothing at school. Also you may need to add sun cream to their bags. Thank you so much. 

Our last session of the year definitely went with a bang. It was a very hot day and the children were all far too hot, so we got out the hose, flooded the mud pit and had a great time jumping in muddy puddles and then had a throwing mud pie challenge. We ended the session with the girls just sat round in the mud pit having a chat now they had all cooled down :) 

20/07/21 Last Tuesday group of the year

Not so many photos this week as we were all action :) we all had a turn using the drill again to make bee homes in our bug hotel. The girls also worked out how to attach the cauldron to the rope pulley to get the bucket to the top of the branch which was very impressive. We also managed to net three newts from our small pond which the children were very excited to see. 

Tuesday afternoon group

This week we went out and used the drill and a junior hacksaw to help embellish our bug hotel. The children worked well together to make sawing easier and they were very sensible when using the drill to make holes for small creatures/bees to go into the wood slice. As usual the children spent time in the mud kitchen splashing around in the muddy puddles. 

Friday 11.6.21

This week our children went pond dipping and to be fair the first group didn't meet with much success. However the second group found about 5 newts, 4 females one male and the females all had bulging bellies so hopefully we will see baby newts soon. The children were all very good, they worked together to check each others nets and share, they then looked up the animals we found on the identification sheets and those we couldn't find we searched when we returned to class. 

As always the children enjoyed finishing their session with playing in the trees or on the tree swings. 

25.5.21 Pond dipping week

Today we learnt how to put up a tent, the children loved being able to put up there own space and enjoyed hiding out in there. The children then enjoyed water play and pond dipping and of course they love the swings, all the children that come out love the feeling of being on the swing and spend a long time on them. 

Tuesday Afternoon Group 18.5.21

Today the Rainbow Room came out again with me to the Forest School. We had a lovely couple of hours exploring the pond, we found lots of small insects and pond snails. Some of the children decided they would have a splashing time in the mud pit :) We were lucky enough to use some of our new resources to hammer and saw wood safely. We finished the session with our firm favourite things to do in forest school of playing on the see saw and swings. 

Rainbow room 18.5.21

I was so lucky to be able to take out the Rainbow Room children to our Forest School and I think it's fair to say they all had a lovely time. Some chose to climb trees, Some chose to help with 'jobs' another spent a long time on the swing. One child loved the mud, she started off by putting one wellie in and then the other..... she soon was sat on her bottom feeling the mud :) she especially enjoyed it when her wellies got stuck in the mud and she had to be rescued.

Rainbow Room 17.5.21

This week was another lovely session out in the Forest School. We have been very lucky to have had some funding, so we have been able to replace some equipment and purchase some amazing resources. The children loved being able to figure out how to make water move along the water channels. This then ended in a water fight which the children very much enjoyed. Then some of the children worked hard on making potions, they collected wild flowers and leaves and stirred them up in the pot or on the new 'oven'. As always there was swinging and climbing on our favourite tree. 

The children ended the session by trying to work out and balance all of them on the see-saw with Mrs Roberts and Mrs Davies joining in. Then to celebrate we had a glass of potion made by one of our children :) Cheers, here's to next week. 

Tuesday 11.5.21

This Tuesday the wind was so strong we were unable to go out to our Forest School area,  so we made the best of the situation and made kites :) The children worked hard to make their kites, they used team work and used their individual styles to decorate their work. One of the children decided to cut out some bugs and put on a puppet show for the other children. 

The best part of the day was trying out our kites in the wind, the children loved it, they spent a long time watching the kites dancing in the wind and laughing. 

Tuesday 4.5.21

It was so lovely to be back in the Forest School after our long absence. The children really enjoyed just being in the area. We had a water fight, checked over the pond, tried to see how many tyres it took to balance ourselves and built a new wheelbarrow. We can not wait to be back out there next week. 

Tuesday afternoon 27.4.21

Tuesday 24.11.20