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Forest School

Welcome to our Forest School Page.


Here you can find out all about our area and what your children have been learning and exploring. My name is Emma Thomas I am the Forest School Lead for the School, I love the outdoors, learning and exploration.


To come out to Forest School you will need:


Wellie boots - these are so important for jumping in puddles and mud holes, but also for keeping our feet safe while using tools and materials. 

Coats, hats, gloves - These are needed every week, the only time we do not go out to the area is when it is too windy as it can be dangerous, we will be out in the rain, snow and hopefully soon the sunshine. 

Sun cream and Sun hats - When the sunshine finally finds us, we will be needing to make sure we are protected from the suns rays, so come April I will be asking all children that are joining me to have sun cream in their bags. 


Forest School is so important for our children as we learn about nature and woodland skills. Forest school can also help children in promoting confidence and independence, giving them a sense of success and self esteem.  This method of learning encourages and improves social skills, speech and language and physical skills. 


Take a look at what area's we have at Forest School

Our tool circle. We sit here at the start of every session.
The swinging and climbing tree
Mud Kitchen
Our large pond, great for newts
Our small pond, amazing for pond dipping
Our mud pit, we love digging and exploring the feeling of mud
Our wood pile, great for our building experiments
The fire pit
Our little fairy home
View from small pond to large, with our planting beds and see saw.
We love a rope swing or two.

Tuesday afternoon group 20.10.20

M spent ages using the claw to release the golf tee's
He then safely hammered in tee's telling me how to be safe with the tools :)
Building homes for the mud monsters
Homes for monsters
M spent such a long time at this activity, trying all the different hammers

Monday afternoon group

Working out balancing
Carrying equipment with care
All joining in :)
Hammer and pumpkin activity
Just enjoying climbing the tree

Tuesday Group week 4, 

Please excuse the photos this week as it was very wet and blurry 


This week it rained and then it rained some more. The mud area was perfect for jumping in muddy puddles. 

The children this week split into groups, some of the children decided to extend the mud holes they had been making to make them deeper and wider, talking about capacity for water and more room for jumping in. 

Some children decided to try and make themselves into the balance using the see-saw. Lastly we had one of the children decide to make a home for the mud monsters that live in the forest school, she spent a long time deciding how she was going to attach the sticks together. I showed her how to tie a knot to hold the sticks together and then she attempted the next one. 

As the rain continued to fall the children loved getting more and more muddy, we all had to be hosed down before we went back into school, but this seemed to add to the excitement and adventure of the afternoon. 


Tuesday group week 4

working together to build a camp for some mud monsters
Capacity working out
Tying knots
Mud monsters new home
Loving the wet and mud

Tuesday Group week three

Finding our treasure
Moving and balancing in different ways
Transporting equipment safely
Talking through the safest way to transport equipment
Working together
Building a camp
Thinking the camp through

Tuesday afternoon group week one and two

Learning to climb a tree safely
Mrs Roberts enjoying the Forest school swing :)
Mrs Roberts being given a push ....
Plant watering/water fights
Building a walk way
Safely moving equipment
She was so worried about climbing and then the smile she had when she achieved her goal :)
Moving equipment safely
Working together
See saw
Working out ways of balancing when more children join in
Mud kitchen playing
trying to make a bigger channel to allow more water to flow
Mrs Hitch joining in on the see saw
Team work to build bigger water channels

Look at this fantastic camp

Harley spent a long time deciding how he would build his camp using the resources available. He was able to talk to the adult supporting him and complete his camp safely. 

While we've been away ... 

The fabulous Mr Joy has been busy keeping our little area looking amazing. Look what we have to look forward to.


Our 'Tree house' has been made !