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Welcome to Flamingo Class


Ms Barrett, Mrs Manclark

& Mrs Taylor

Welcome to our Flamingo Class page

Term 6

Wow! It is term 6 already and we have a busy time ahead. We will begin this term focusing on the phonics screening and are doing lots of phonics activities. Thank you for supporting your child with their phonics homework over this year, they are doing really well.

Have a look at our medium term plan that will show you what we are covering this term.

Flamingos: Adventure of a Lifetime

Still image for this video

Pure pride and excitement after choosing a book for reading 100 times!

Medium Term Plan: Term 6: Traction Man

The Flamingos Just Keep Writing!

Stars of the Week: Harley & Lexie: Harley has turned into a mental maths whiz, we are very impressed, keep it up Harley!

smileyLexie has received her REDTED, book and her t-shirt but she still continues to read every day, well done Lexie!no

Counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's

We used this song to practise counting in multiple steps before our multiplication lesson.

Newsletter: Edition 17: 24.06.16

Exploring and labelling human body parts outside.

Matilda - When I Grow Up with lyrics

We like this song so we have been practising it and will hopefully perform it to an audience.

Well done for reading 100 times. Hope you enjoy your book.

Homework: Please complete your Superhero learning book. I will also add more homework to EducationCity.

smileynoWe would like to say a massive well done to all the pupils for doing their phonics screening.

You should all be very proud of your achievements and super progress.nosmiley

Exploring the actual measurements of large animals

Stars of the Week: Viktor and Chloe: Viktor; for his massive improvement in phonics. Chloe; for being a good role model through her attitude towards behaviour and learning.smiley

Sing-Along Kids: Dry Bones (Dem Bones) w. Lyrics

We have been learning about the human body.
Children's version, connecting bones from toe to head & from finger to head. Can be used to teach children about skeleton structure.

Our Royal Party

Homework: Term 6 Week 1: 5 New activities

Stars of the Week: Ladislav and Leonard: Both boys have progressed so much over the year which has had a positive impact on their learning and friendships within the class. It has been a pleasure to observe. smiley

Alphablocks Series 4 - Cowboy

The class really enjoy Alphablocks, watch it at home and see how quickly your child can sound out and blend to read the words.

Newsletter: 16: 09.06.16

Term 5

This term our topic will be based around the book 'Bog Baby'.

The classroom is transforming into a bluebell wood with a magical pond. You will also find a Bog Baby sitting in a jar. What is a bog baby?


In literacy we are learning the story of Bog Baby using actions before writing it. Ask your child what their targets are.


In maths we have been exploring number bonds to 10 and 20 and are now adding multiples of 10 to a given number.


Our TASC Challenge

Task: To make the perfect smoothie

  • We thought about colours we think are pleasing to the eye
  • We set a minimum amount of fruits to use
  • We thought of ways we could squash the fruits
  • The smoothie must be drinkable with a straw
  • We made our smoothies and evaluated these areas

Our Fruit Themed Learn Together Afternoon

Newsletter: 15: 20.05.16

Star of the Week: Amanda: For a massive improvement in all areas of learning; reading writing and maths. Fantastic!smiley

The Life Cycle of Our Tadpoles

Can your child tell you our 'Apple' poem using this text map?

Star of the Week: Jack James: For a massive improvement in his writing. Keep up the good work!smiley

We have new homework on EducationCity: Adjectives, reading the time, phonics and the 5 senses.

Our tadpoles are nearly froglets!

We named our tadpoles. Here are the names that were selected!














Our Growing Area

Star of the Week: Riley: For being an excellent role model for every single one of our school values. Thank you Riley!smileyno

Our Classroom Environment

Newsletter: Edition:14: 06.05.2016

noWe won the 1st place Attendance Cup!no

smileyWell done Flamingo pupils, parents and Carers.smiley

Star of the Week: Fabricio: Well done to Fabricio for an improvement in phonics and effort when writing, keep up the good work!smileyno

We have new homework content on EducationCity!

Exploring the wildlife in our pond area

Number Bonds to 10

RED TED Winners

Star of the Week: Alisha: Chosen for continuing her learning at home when she got stuck on her maths work. Thank you to Alisha and her parents, it really made a difference. smileyno

Froggy, Froggy! (a song for kids about the frog life cycle)

We have tadpoles in our classroom which we will release into the pond when they have developed. This video teaches you the life cycle.

Newsletter: edition:13: 22.04.16

Bog Baby

In music we have been using high and low voices when singing this song.

Star of the Week: Harley: Well done Harley for a massive improvement in behaviour and attitude towards learning. keep it up. smileyno

Term 4

Red Ted Winner: Ronnie won his very own Red Ted for reading 50 times, well done Ronnie smileyno

Key Stage 1 children say goodbye to Mr Apps

Uploaded by Drapers Mills Primary Academy, Margate on 2016-03-29.

Reading 100 Times Winners!

I am so proud of the improvement in attendance in Flamingo class. We have gone from having one of the lowest attendance scores to winning 3 trophies this term. Thank you to all the parents and carers for their support. The class enjoy watching 10 minutes of a film when we are all in and we have got through 2 films already. My favourite quote this week was from a pupil who brought in Bolt for our attendance reward and said 'this is a film about cats, dogs and aliens and it links in with our learning'.

We came 1st in the Attendance Cup! Yay!

Star of the Week: Freddie: Chosen for being an excellent example for behaviour and for being a maths superstar. Well done Freddie. smileyno

Que Tiempo Hace hoy?

This is Spanish weather song we sang along to during our year 1 showcase.

Newsletter Edition: 12: March 11th 2016

Take One Island Day- Looking for Evidence of a Roman Settlement

Planting Potatoes

Reading Winners

Measuring Capacity by Creating Alien Drinks.

Star of the Week: Laura: For demonstrating 'endeavour' by succeeding to complete maths and literacy tasks. Laura used to struggle to do this so well done Laura. smileyno

EducationCity Homework:

Your children now have their log ins and I can see that some of you have already completed some homework.

The homework in our Flamingo City this week is: Maths- Fractions- Halves and Quarters. Literacy: Capital Capers-using capitals & Science- Let's Sketch-Weather.

Newsletter Edition: 11: 26th February 2016

Flamingos Finally Won an Attendance Cup, Well Done!

World Book Day: Reading Buddies: Flamingos and Lions.

Red Ted Winners

Star of the Week: Oskar: Mrs Whitehead would like to chose Oskar for amazing writing and for being beautifully behaved at all times. smileyno

BINGO | Super Simple Songs

We have been using this song in music and have been adding our own body percussion to accompany it.

Star of the Week: Archi: For showing 'endeavour' this week when completing his maths work even when he found it a bit difficult.

Keep it up Archi smileyno

This term we will be using this book for our Talk 4 Writing and Talk 4 Reading lessons.


There are many different titles in this series and they are very entertaining and funny.


We will be making chairs for dogs, designing dog mats, discussing the pictures and writing stories about aliens and dogs.

Fortune Tales | The Story of Chinese New Year

We used this video to begin our lessons on Chinese New Year.

Star of the Week: Alexi: For a huge jump in progress in all areas of learning and for being a delight to have in Flamingo class. Well done and thank you Alexi. smileyno

Look at our fabulous homework projects!

We have been building houses in DT using art straws.

Please remember to bring in your homework projects by 5th February. So far we have had; an amazing rocket with an astronaut inside, a lovely painting of our planet Earth and a house made out of a cereal box with a cool glittery door. Keep them coming!no

The Way Back Home (Animation) by Oliver Jeffers

In Talk 4 Reading we have been using the book 'The way Back Home' as a stimulus to support lots of discussion. Listen and watch an animated version.

In literacy the pupils have now innovated the story of Beegu. This lead to fantastic stories where Beegu visited Drapers Mills Primary Academy and became lost in the canteen. Beegu met the teachers and pupils and made some good friends. The pupils produced some wonderful pieces of extended writing. Next we will be inventing our own 'wishing' story.

Stars of the Week: Lexie and Abigail:

Lexie is now a white mini-ninja badge holder and managed to do this in 2 minutes.

Abigail produced a wonderful piece of writing and even included a Polish word to level up her writing and make it more interesting.

Well done to you both!smiley

Independent Learning

One pupil took photos of the independent learning she saw.

This week:

Literacy: We have continued with our Talk 4 Writing imitation work and the pupils are now able to retell the whole story of Beegu including actions. They have produced a text map to support them following the story sequence.

Maths: We have been subtracting one digit numbers from two digit numbers using a number line.

Topic: We have been describing different materials used to build a house.

Homework Challenge on Space

Newsletter: Edition 8: 08.01.2016

Star of the Week: Samuel: We have been learning the words and actions to the story 'Beegu'. Samuel is amazing at this and helps the class when stuck. Well done Samuel.smiley

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer Sing Along Animation -

Some of our pupils are working on counting backwards.

Adding a 1 digit number to a 2 digit number.

Talk for Writing

The school attendance target is 96%, if we achieve this target then all staff will dress up smiley.

It is essential that your child attends school every day as the positive impact on their learning is huge.


We really need to improve our attendance in Flamingo class.


Our attendance percentage so far this year is 88.9%


When all pupils attend school then on that afternoon we can all watch a short part of a class chosen film. Come on Flamingos, we can do it!

Term 3

This term our topic will be based around 'Aliens' and 'Space'.


We will be using the book 'Beegu' as a stimulus for both writing and reading. In year 1 we will be using 'Talk for Writing' and 'Talk for Reading' to promote progress in these lessons.


In Maths we will be doing lots of addition and subtraction problems.


We will start our wider curriculum with Science, where we will explore a range of houses, discuss their key features and the materials used. This will lead on to designing and creating our own house for a purpose in DT.

Newsletter: Edition 7 11.12.15

Learning Together Afternoon

Literacy: We have been very busy preparing for our nativity. We look forward to seeing you when you watch our performance Tuesday 15th December @ 1:30.

We have been drawing and describing our parts in the performance using adjectives. We will be writing a sequence of events through retelling the nativity story.

Race for Life

Up, Up, Up!

We used this song in Guided Reading to ask 'find it' 'think it' questions.
Can you answer these questions about the song:
Find it: How high are they? Think it: How else could you reach the moon? Find it: What adjective did they use to describe the car? Think it: Can you name 3 other things that are fast? Find it: What else is in the sky? How many sounds are in the word 'cloud'? Can you think of your own questions?

Stars of the Week: Ladislav & Leonard: We are so pleased that Ladislav & Leonard have new glasses. This has resulted in an improvement in behaviour and with their engagement with their learning.smiley

3 more RED TED winners! Yippee!

Everyone was in school today, look who paid us a visit! Attendance Ted!


The pupils chose to continue their learning and write about tigers.







Alisha has been working very hard on writing using cursive script.

Star of the Week: Layla: Well done to Layla this week for using and applying her phonic knowledge within her writing. Layla also has been doing lots of independent writing.smiley

We love reading stories in our tiger themed book area.

RED TED Winners: Congratulations!

Star of the Week: We have 2 stars this week: Haris: We are so impressed with how Haris has been 'endeavouring' to use ambitious vocabulary.

Our second star is Viktor: What an amazing maths wizard Viktor is turning into. Viktor has been solving maths problems with ease,

keep it up Viktor. smiley

In literacy we have been exploring and using verbs to describe how a tiger moves. The pupils were given a WOW! word to try to incorporate within their writing. We were very impressed when some pupils used the verb 'devouring' in their writing. keep an eye on our WOW word board and keep 'endeavouring' to use these words.


In maths we were learning to use a ruler to measure a range of items accurately. The pupils used standard (ruler) and non-standard (cubes) measurement methods. To extend this learning they measured a selection of tigers then placed them in order from 'shortest' to longest.

Sesame Street - Kermit and Grover show short and long

Flamingo class liked this video that introduced mathematic vocabulary.

5 house points challenge: Bring in a tiger tail that measures exactly 50cm. It can be made from any material you like. Please refrain from bringing in an actual tiger tail as this goes against the values in Flamingo class. surprise

Take One Composer Day: George Bruns: Jungle Book

Our Composer Day Writing

In Art we were learning to explore the facial expressions of both humans and tigers.


Look at these amazing pieces of artwork.

Star of the Week: Lucy: We are very proud of how Lucy is developing in confidence and how she is now communicating with the adults more freely. We love hearing you sing, keep taking risks Lucy!nosmiley

Learning in Week 2


During our 'E-Safety' day we discussed the importance of keeping yourself safe online. We discussed why it is important not to share personal details with anyone online. We created Gamer tags to use when playing online games. Here are a couple of example.

Parent's Evening

Thank you to all those parents who came to meet with me on Monday and Tuesday evening. It was lovely to meet you and share stories about your children. I hope you enjoyed looking through their books to see all their hard work.

Star of the Week: Layla: We were super impressed with how Layla has been applying her phonic knowledge this week. She chose to continue her learning independently and attempted to spell ambitious words when comparing the food of a human and a

Term 2: Flamingo class have returned from their break raring to go and very enthusiastic about their new topic........Why are humans not like tigers? I am looking forward to exploring this question.


Parents Evening: Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th November. Please book a slot with me. smiley

Our Tiger Themed Classroom

Check out this homework!

Star of the Week: Ronnie: We have a maths wizard in our class! Ronnie has been doing some amazing mental maths and is demonstrating a great mathematical ability, well done

Our non-fiction writing.

The term ended with a fantastic 'Showcase' to our parents, families & carers. We were very proud of the children and they performed well, you should all be extremely proud of yourselves.

We retold the story of 'Meerkat Mail', showed off our hats through a parade then sung to the audience in Spanish. I think everyone watching was very impressed with the performance, especially the singing in Spanish.

We have had a great term and are looking forward to our next topic. You can view this topic on our year 1 page.

Thank you for all your support. smiley

Newsletter Term 1 Edition 4

Star of the Week: Abigail: Wow! Abigail is now reading at level 2, this is amazing Abigail! Thank you for all your hard work reading both in school and regularly at home. no

Meerkat Mail

Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett.

This week has been assessment week and we have been carrying out assessments to find out how well the pupils are doing and where their gaps in learning are. I was very impressed with the progress in Flamingo class and the results show how well the class have been working. We will be creating an 'I have moved up a level in my writing' gallery in our corridor. I will be adding some examples of the writing to this page so keep looking. The pupils are becoming more confident in independent writing which is lovely to see.


In maths the class are demonstrating a good understanding of counting to 100 and need to work on writing numbers correctly, particularly the teen numbers. Keep practising adding together numbers and recording as a number sentence (sum).








We are looking forward to seeing you all for our Showcase on Tuesday afternoon, the pupils have been making hats fit for a purpose to show you. You will also be able to hear the story we have been learning about and hear the children singing in Spanish.


Thanks you for all your support, we have noticed a remarkable improvement in the reading ability of the pupils who read regularly at home. no

Star of the Week: Haris: For using adjectives and an 'adverb' in his writing. Haris wrote 'Sunny lived in a super hot desert and was feeling super hot'. Well done Haris. smileyno

In DT (Design & Technology) we have begun learning to design and create a hat for a purpose. We have been looking at different styles of hats and discussing which type of weather they would be most suitable to wear in. We will be making a hat for Sunny to wear in the Kalahari desert. We discussed what features Sunny would need on his hat to protect his eyes from the sun and to prevent him from burning. We also thought about which material would be the most suitable for hot weather.


Have a look at the activity below. Can you match the types of hats to their names? Which hat would be the most suitable to wear in the desert? which one would you wear in cold weather?


noHouse Point Challenge: Print out the hats and labels and match them. no

Star of the Week: Miroslava: For endeavouring to improve her writing which has resulted in Miroslava moving up a group in Literacy, well done. no

Newsletter Term 1 Edition 3


Book Review: Oi Frog! Kes Gray & Jim Field

Book reviewed by: Ms Barrett


What a funny book. I read this in the shop and it made me laugh so I bought it for my nephew. This book is full of words that rhyme with animals and some are very amusing. There are great illustrations too. I really liked the ending.

I would rate this book 9/10.



This week we have been levelling up our vocabulary in literacy using chilli words. Can you use a mild word(easy), a medium spiced word (medium), or a hot and spicy  word (hard)?

Sunny the meerkat lived in a hot desert.

Sunny the meerkat lived in a humid desert.

Sunny the meerkat lived in a sweltering desert.

See if you can level up your words using synonyms (alternative words) at home.

Sunny is a small meerkat. Sunny liked to eat tasty scorpions. Sunny cried because he wanted to go home.

Can you level up these mild words?

Write them out and give the improved sentences to Ms Barrett for a house point. smiley

Star of the Week: Oskar: For demonstrating all of our core values. We are lucky to have Oskar in Flamingo class. Thank you. smileyno

Our Handwriting Lessons

Our Amazing Writing

Toy Sharing for History

Flamingo Class have really enjoyed learning their colours in Spanish. You can join in by watching the video below.

Los Colores: The Colors in Spanish Song

How fun and easy the colors in Spanish!

Star of the Week: Hannah-Grace has been working on her independent writing and has produced some fantastic pieces of work. Keep up the great writing Hannah-Grace.smileyno

Star of the Week: Alisha: Alisha demonstrates excellent leadership by producing great pieces of work during independent learning time. Well done Alisha. smileyno

Exploring Shadows Through Our Science Lesson

Our visitors from the Czech Republic

Star of the Week: Freddie: For demonstrating all of our school values, well done Freddie. smileyno

The Phonics resource we have sent home to support your child

Welcome to Flamingo Class page 2015.16


We have had a lovely couple of days where we were able to see the fantastic writing and maths work the pupils can do. We also heard all pupils read and they will be receiving their home reading books on Monday.




Our PE/Games lessons will take place on Monday afternoons. Please ensure your child has a full PE kit. Shorts, T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, jumper, plimsolls or trainers and a water bottle.

Our Topic for the Term



This is our attendance display, all pupils still on display on Friday afternoon have 100% attendance. These pupils will have received so much learning and will make great progress as a result. 


Wombats Learning Letter 3rd July 2015



The children have been on their Magic Train Ride again and have stopped in the Land of Pirates. They have been focusing on the text The Midnight Pirates and using the connective because in their writing. This has allowed them to extend their sentence writing and give reasoning to their statements. The children have also been using treasure to calculate find the difference and addition calculations. In fact based learning they have been learning about famous pirates such as Blackbeard.


On Monday we are leaving the Land of Pirates and we are going to the Magic Woods. Today we had a pirate day where all the children and adults immersed themselves in the role of a pirate. The children asked Captain Maroney some fantastic open questions and had a go at being the Captain and answering questions themselves. They also learnt how to plait a pirate knot in funky fingers. The children's homemade outfits were fantastic, thank you!



Rope plaits 


Ahoy shipmates!



Nihon e yōkoso! ' 日本へようこそ 

Welcome to Japan

Today we were extremely lucky to have Japanese Students at Drapers Mills Primary Academy. We started the day with a quiz on Japan with Mr Apps where we took a quiz on Japan, we learnt lots of new and interesting facts. Then the Japanese students came to watch how we love to learn in wombats. We impressed them with our writing and some of the children even had a go at speaking to them in Japanese. After Lunch we took part in a Japanese language lesson, we learnt how to say several animals, colours and numbers. If you would like to have a go at home here is the link to a colour song in Japanese.    














"Everyday we're doubling"


This week in maths we are learning to double numbers. The children have been calculating the double of numbers into their teens. The children have been drawing their working out so that they can demonstrate how they got to their answer. The children have memorised some of the doubles and have been recalling them quickly during mental maths. We have been using this song to help us meet our learning intention



"I have got 3 in 3+3=6." 



"There are 9 on this sail, double 9 is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18



I wonder if you can calculate double 15. Once you have worked it out write down your number sentence and bring it in to share during maths review time.  





Sports Day


What a fantastic day we have had. The children have shown our core values by the bucket load today. 



The children endeavoured to reach the hoop that was the furthest away so that they could obtain the most amount of points. 




The children showed enjoyment as they took part in each activity and they commented, "We can not wait to do the javelin." 



The children all contributed to their team, cheering each other on from the sidelines and encouraging them to reach their full potential. 


A special well done to Wales who won FS/KS1 sports day 2015. 


Thank you also to all the parents for coming along and supporting your children, it was a wonderful event.




I am over the moon to post this picture of Jack Johnson's writing. Yesterday he showed such determination to write a story about the Rainbow Fish. Well done Jack I can not wait for everybody to see it.






Wow, what a fantastic day. The children have been telling me all about the exciting adventures that they have been on during the holiday. 




This week we are continuing on our magic train ride, if you fancy a sing a long here is the song to our book We are at our third stop which is under the sea. Our book in literacy is The Rainbow Fish, today we have been discussing whether the Rainbow Fish should give away his scales to the other fish, will it make him happy? Why?


In maths we are learning about capacity, we have been estimating and then testing how many cups of sand each container will hold. Which one do you think will hold the most?









In fact based learning we have started to learn about sharks. How many different types of shark can you name? If you have a picture of any sharks it would be fantastic if you could bring it in for review time.


Finally, I have been really impressed with the home learning projects that have come in today. The children's under the sea worlds really are fantastic. Take a look in our gallery below.













I can not wait to write all about the children's learning again.


Mrs Maroney.          



















Welcome to Wombats!

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