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Welcome to Elephants Class Page.




Ms Rees - Class Teacher

Mr Davies - Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs Love - 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Today we have been collecting data from the pond area. We investigated the insects and animals that live in its variety of habitats.

We are a happy group of Elephants today!

Elephant Class using their knowledge of Roman numerals to crack a code for Indiana Jones.

Brilliant work on perimeter yesterday from the Elephants

1st place attendance for Elephants this week

Learning Letter

Sports Day 2016, a great time was had by us all. Thank you to all of you who were able to turn up and support your child, it means so much to them. Well done to England for winning the event!

Using our mathematical skills to collect data between downpours today!

Elephant Class celebrating the Queen's 90th birthday.

Learning about dental health and hygiene with the dental nurses.

Champions for attendance! 98.5%, well done Elephants!

Floating and sinking the Titanic with a Mr Coomber shaped iceburg!

Our mission today was to create a potion that had a specific formula and specific ammounts of each coloured liquid. We had to use a whole range of mathematical skills to succeed, but we all managed to in the end!

Creating an oral recount inside the mushroom we made with our parachute.

Learning about capacity, although they look more like scientists!

Skip to be fit fun!

Getting ready for our 80s disco with the birdy song and agadoo! Hope to see you there!

Symmetry investigation in the trim trail.

Fun time playing rounders. I am not sure that the game consists of how many times you can hit the teacher in the face with the ball though....

Symmetry fun in the sun...

I am so proud of the Elephant's class assembly tday teaching the rest of the school about the 1980s. Great fun, particularly getting the rest of the school dancing to Agadoo!

How nice to be able to learn literacy today out by the pond area in the sunshine!

Welcome back to school from all of the Elephant class staff. The children have had an amazing first week back, both working and behaving brilliantly. Very proud of my elliebobs!

We are enjoying learning about the 1980's and are continuing to develop our classroom environment to become Club Tropicana.

In maths this week, we have been studying inverse operations and using the RUCSAC method to calculate maths problems. Is your child able to explain these to you?

There has been an outbreak of hauntings across the British Isles and year 4 have been contacted to help the SPOOCS agency to clear the problem. This week we have been writing persuasive letters to apply for the position of SPOOCS agents. Exciting stuff!

Look at the wonderful quilt we have made with Miss Lena. We learned to use batik and tie dye.

Next term we will be studying the 1980s. We have themed our classroom as Club Tropicana and have started to listen to some of the music of the decade. Please share your memories of this time with your child. Wishing you a Happy Easter break, Ms Rees, Mrs Love and Mr Davies.

Well done to the Elephants! First place for attendance just as I asked!

Great fun on the field today whilst we took part in our Sports Relief Activities! Just look at the concentration on the children's faces.

Second place for attendance this week! Well done Elephants! Next week we will aim for first place.

Looking sporty and raising money for Sports Relief Day. Well done Elephants!

As part of our Take One Island day today, year 4 have visited the Tudor House and the Margate Museum. We had a great time and learned so much about Margate in the past.

Latest Learning Letter

Yesterday was World Book Day and we had lots of fun reading with Swans Class. In the afternoon, we created dioramas based on the story opening that we had written in the morning. Thank you to all of the parents who joined us!

Please read our latest learning letter.

In Maths, we have been exploring how far we are able to throw and measuring, estimating and comparing the distances.

In topic, we created our own Briton village community. We thought about the things that we loved and that we felt privileged to have, especially our families and our friends. At this moment, the evil Roman soldier, Mr Davies, arrived and rampaged through our village. He destroyed everything that we had and left us devestated.

We have been making Roman Gladiators masks!!

In maths, we have been playing a Guess Who style fractions game!

In our drama lesson, we have been predicting the conclusion of the short animation, Adrift. We have been making gladiators masks in DT.

Currently, the attendance percentage for Elephant Class is at 95.6%.  Please ensure that your child is at school when they can be so that we can make this figure even higher!

This Term

This term we will be looking at the way in which our body processes and digests food in science.  In our topic sessions we will be looking at what the Romans did for us and the impact that they had on our local area.  We will be refining our drawing skills with Miss Lena and learning about other religions with Mrs Davies.


we will be studying Castles and our imagination this term.  At the moment, I do not want to say too much as we are keeping the actual book under wraps for now!  Any work on imagination and imaginative stories will help your child with these sessions.


Children are revising using the counting on method in order to solve number problems.  When your child seems secure with this, try putting sums into real life problems to see if they are able to locate the sum.

Horrible Histories - Romans Come dine with me

Click on the link below to learn something about the Romans


This week your child will be bringing home addition homework for maths and story writing work for their literacy.  They will receive daily home reading books to enjoy with you and weekly spellings.


Here is the Topic homework, we hope you enjoy completing this.

This term's learning environment, so far.....

Star of the Week

As it is a new term, I wonder who our first star of the week will be this Friday????

Learning Letter

Your child will be bringing home the latest learning letter on Friday.

We loved our maths challenge day today. We enjoyed running and raising money for Cancer Research!

We had great time learning to fence at school!

Our latest class newsletter. Your child will bring home a copy of this tomorrow evening.

After the holiday, we will be studying Robert Browning's poem, The Pied Piper Of Hamelin.  If you are looking for something to read with your child over the holiday, a version of this story would help with their understanding on their return to school.

I am loving the London homework projects that are arriving in class each day! You have all worked so hard and been extremely creative!

All of these children have improved their writing level in October. Well done Denion, Bruno, Emma, Jodi, Amy-Jane, Casey, Taylan, Maks and Dominica. What a fantastic start to Year 4 and I hope to feature more children in November!

Thank you so much to all of the parents who joined us today for our London skyscrapers challenge. I'm not sure who enjoyed it the most but it was wonderful to see so many of you supporting your children.

I would love to feature more of my children on our class page but I can only include the children that I have permission to use.  Please could I ask you to return your form to me if you have not done already.  Thank you.

Today we have been using drama to innovate our story of Fox. The children explored how the story would be altered if we changed the personalities of the main characters.

Well done Elephants on achieving second place for attendance this week! we must aim for first place next week!

we are currently learning about London. Please ask your child to tell you what each of the photographs has to do with our learning!

Congratulations Elephant Class, third place for attendance this week!  I hope that we can aim to be number one in the coming week.
I would like to welcome my new Elephants! I am sure that we will have a fantastic year of fun learning together and I look forward to the journey that we will take.  Please can I inform parents that PE days are Tuesday's and Thursday's this year.

Welcome to Macaws!




Through our current topic, children are learning about different natural features around the world. This term we will continue to study 'Geological Features' by looking at mountains and volcanoes. We began with located the worlds mountain ranges and compared and contrasted different features and facts concerning some of the worlds famous mountains.


Soon we will be looking at Volcanoes. We will using our knowledge from mountains and extending our learning to explore how a volcano works and its effects on shaping the world.


Congratulations Macaws. This weeks winner for best attendance. (Term 6 Week 3)

Water Wise Performance

Still image for this video
Last week we had a special performance teaching us about being Water Wise. Here are few photos from the day.



In Literacy we have been working with myths, which has led us to write our own poem about a Magic Box. Watch this space for a few wonderful examples of our work.

Our Literacy Wall.



In Math this week, we have been adding and subtracting multiple numbers.


We began using dice to randomly generate a series of numbers, then we added those numbers to find our total.


We then worked on some problem-solving questions from our Sports Day. This was quite challenging and required some 'Out of the Box' thinking to solve.


We then worked on solving addition and subtraction problems that were missing numbers, these required us to use an inverse operation. Some of our children challenged themselves with problems that were missing digits within the problems.


Have a go at this problem and see if you are "As smart as a 3rd Grader".


3 __ + __ 7 = 100




In Science this term, we will be learning about animals. We will begin with grouping and classifying into six groups (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and insects). We will then explore these classifications further and arrange group animals with the use of dichotomous keys, looking at similarities and differences.



Our class is 'Spelling Lists' for this term are located here for you to use at anytime.


This week we are working on List 4.



Spelling Menu - Different ways to practice your spelling.