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Welcome to Edinburgh Class

Miss Lehan - Teacher

Miss Kirkpatrick - HLTA

Hello and welcome to Edinburgh class. We are looking forward to sharing our progress and the learning taking place in our class with you this year.


We have P.E on Thursdays each week and it is really important that your child is properly equipped for these lessons with T-shirt, shorts, trainers and as the weather gets colder, track suit bottoms.


Every child will be sent home weekly homework,consisting of spellings and timetables on a Monday. This will need to be brought back to school the following Monday every week.


Reading record books are sent home daily. It is important that every child reads on a daily basis and has their book signed. This book should be brought to school every day.

Term 6 week 6


Creating leaflets

Maths - learning division using arrays

Voting for Head Boy and Head Girl

Reading challenge

Term 6 Week 5

Edinburgh enjoyed meeting their new teachers this week ready for September.

The year 4 teachers next year will be

Miss Lehan

Mr Askew

Mr Brown


We are all looking forward to the exciting learning that we are going the participate in next year .

Image result for goldsmiths uni



Goldsmith Class - taking on the Bridge Challenge

Year 3 will be be on a trip on Thursday 13th July , next week .

A letter has come home with your child . Please can you remember to complete the attached slip and bring back to the class teacher as soon as possible .

Remember the weather is very hot and children will need to bring a sun hat and water bottle. 

We will be visiting Margate beach , The Turner centre and Dreamland. 

Related image Image result for margate beach


Buddy reading with year 2

Learning duration of time- hunt

Sports Day 28.6.17 Great fun had by all

Term 6 week 4 Maths

We have been looking at time this week, focusing on analogue and digital times.

12hour and 24 hour.






Term 6 week 4 literacy

This week Edinburgh have started a new focus on persuasive writing.

They are writing a persuasive leaflet on rides in Dreamland

Image result for waltzers  Image result for big wheel dreamland

Term 6 week 3 maths

This week we have been learning about fractions

Image result for fractions

Ask you children if they can find the equivalent fractions of these displayed.

Can your child solve these?

1/2 of 20

1/4 of 40

1/5 of 30

3/5 of 25

Term 6 week 3

This week we have been inventing our own setting descriptions, using descriptive language devices.

Term 6 week 2

In Literacy Edinburgh have been innovating their text maps


Term 6 week 2 Topic

This week Edinburgh went on a local walk. They were to identify physical features of our locality focusing on; local industry , transportation, types of homes and leisure facilities.

Lots of fun was had by all.


Term 6 week 2 Science

In science we having been investigating different forces and how friction has different effects 

Term 6 - Week 1



Image result for why the whales came michael morpurgo

Our focus text this term is Why the whales came by Michael Morpurgo. We are going to be exploring the fantastic descriptive vocabulary to describe our own amazing setting descriptions

Maths Term 6 Week 1

This week in maths with have been investigating direction and turns.

Our Key vocabulary has been :

Angle , turn , half turn , 1/4 turn ,3/4 turn , direction, degrees, right angle.

 Image result for quarter turn maths  

We have been using our knowledge and key vocabulary to direct Beebots

Directing Beebots

Using direction to programme

Topic Term 6 - Week 1

This term our topic is Historical Margate. This topic allows the children to embed themselves in the local history and explore the town in which they live. This week they have been exploring Thanet through maps and identifying key places and amenities.


Investigating Local maps

Museum of Learning

On Wednesday parents were invited to Edinburgh's museum of learning . This is where the children showcased their work from Term 5 on the topic of

 volcanoes. They also created a mini café, where they sold rock cakes and igneous rock sweets .

They become rock and fossil detectives and even had time to erupt some volcanoes.

Term 5

This term Edinburgh will be learning through the topic of Volcanoes

Image result



The text for this term will be Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit. It focuses on two children Liv and Tranio, who are caught in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, and it follows their journey to escape .

Image result for escape from pompeii

Literacy week 6

This week we have been learning about an explanation text- The Volcano dragon

We have been exploring the features of an explanation text detail.

An example

Maths week 6

Perimeter and Properties of 2D Shapes

This week we have been looking at different types of line parallel , perpendicular , horizontal and vertical.

  Image result for perpendicular lines  




A perimeter is the length of the outside of a shape .

Ask your child if they can calculate the perimeter of this shape .

Top Tip - They need to find the length of the missing length first.

Science week 6 - fossils


We have been investigating real life fossils and the process in which fossils are made.

We even had ago at trying to replicate our own.


Literacy week 5

Look at our amazing journey story writing


Science week 5 - chemical reactions

This week we made our own volcanoes. We looked and compared  the different chemical reactions from baking soda and vinegar and coke and mentos  

Literacy week 5

Maths week 5

Data and measure

Ask your child what is data ?

Why do we need it ?

Maths week 4

This week in maths Edinburgh are exploring money and applying their knowledge to solve real life problems

Image result for british coins

Ask your child to name all the coins .

What coins can you use to make £1.34?

How many different ways can you find?

Sam saved £5.55 a month. How much did he save over the whole year ?

Science week 4 Rock Detectives

Maths Week 3

This week Edinburgh have been looking at reading time on 12 hour clocks, finding duration of time and time facts i.e seconds in a minute.

Image result for teaching clock


Ask your child what they have learnt . Can they explain how to find how many minutes have passed since?

What do the small blue dots represent?

Which hand is the hour and which is the minute?

What would the time be in 30 , 10 , 5 , 42 minutes ?

Image result for clock 330    Image result for clock 4;15

How much time has passed ?

Literacy week 3 - innovate a story

Topic - How are volcanoes formed ?

Maths - Week 2

This week Edinburgh have been learning about division and inverse operations.

Ask your child to solve this calculation

5 x 4 = __

Can they use the inverse to check their answer ?


Science - Becoming rock detectives


Week 1 of term 5

This week Edinburgh have been exploring fractions and equivalent fractions.


Image result for equivalent fractions pizza


Image result for equivalent fractions


Our amazing Greek day

Edinburgh have been learning about Helen of Tory and the Trojan horse this week . They have used drama to retell the poem / story by Homer and created newspaper reports and diary entries to deepen understanding of the events .

Image result for the trojan horseSee below a clip

Mythic Warriors Odysseus and the Trojan Horse YouTube

Mythic Warriors Odysseus and the Trojan Horse


Friday the 30th March is Ancient Greek day for year 3 children. Children can come dressed a Greek citizen or a Greek mythical creature . The day will consist of an inter-year Olympics , Greeks food tasting, Greek dancing , Greek theatre mask making and many more exciting activities. Any donations of Greek food would be gratefully received , no products containing nuts please.

Please don't feel you need to buy an outfit an old bed fit will create a great toga for children to wear .

See below on how to create a toga from a bed sheet

How to Tie a Toga - boys

Video featuring students at Vail Ranch Middle School in Temecula, CA for spring Greco-Roman Festival

How to Tie a Toga -girls

Video featuring students at Vail Ranch Middle School in Temecula, CA for spring Greco-Roman Festival

Using paper mache to create Greek theatre masks

Steel drum workshop

Creating Greek masterpieces


This week in literacy we are focusing on a non - fiction text.

We are looking at how to write non-chronological reports.

Can you your tell you names of some non-chorological reports they know?


Image result for non chronological reports     Image result for non chronological reports

What should be included in a non - chorological report ?

Image result for non chronological report checklist



This week in maths Edinburgh have been learning how to add and subtract amounts of money. Key vocabulary learnt has been, cost, total , difference, change , amount , pounds , pence .

We have also been studying English money including coins and notes.

Ask you child to name these coins.

 Image result for english coins 

Can they tell you what notes are used in England?

Can you challenge them to find the names of currency used around the world ?


This week in literacy we have been creating our own mythical creatures.

We then wrote our own myth using our mythical creature

Image result for minotaur             Image result for ogre


In science Edinburgh have been investigating how water is transported around plants. They used food colouring to change the colour of water we placed our flowers in and predicted what ,might happen.


Julia said  " I think that the coloured water will go up the stem and change the colour of the stem and the leaves and flower" 


Tyla said " I think the leaves will turn the same colour as the water"


Martina said " the whole plant will change colour"

Investigating how water is transported around a plant

Celebrating science week - designing building and moving a car using magnets