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Welcome to Eagles!

Mr Comber, Mrs Wright and Mr Browne


Here you will find out about the fun things that we do in class to help us progress in our learning.


We hope that you enjoy looking at our photos and enjoy reading the Learning Letters that tell you even more about our amazing class!

Star of the Week


1/7/16 Dennis wins again this week, his incredible hard work is really paying off and he is making wonderful progress.

24/6/16 Alfie is the winner this week, he is always polite and well mannered to both pupils and adults.  

17/6/16 This week the winner is Dennis, he has made huge improvements in all aspects of his learning lately and this has led to some outstanding pieces of work being completed.  

10/6/16 Shelby is this week's winner, the incredible effort in her writing played a contributing factor in her winning this week.

3/6/16 Blake has made a huge effort this week, his attitude to work has improved significantly. Well done Blake. 


27/5/16 Ella B is the winner this week, Ella gives every task her all and always shows the school values.


22/5/16 This week Lewis was named star of the week. He consistently shows the school values and has been working extra hard in his learning recently. 


15/5/16 This week the star of the week is Ted. He has made significant effort and progress in both his work and his attitude. Well done Ted. 


8/5/16 There are 2 stars this week. Sam, always completes his work to the best of his ability and is making great progress as a result. Sherice has also been making a huge effort lately and has made great progress in her learning.


18/6/16 Vanesa, for showing a great amount of effort in all of her work and an excellent attitude towards her learning.


11/6/16 Ruslans has been working hard in all areas at school this week and is growing up into a mature young man.

Our EU Referendum.

In Eagles we have held our own EU referendum. The outcome we decided as a class was the way Mr Comber would vote. We wanted to remain.

Art With Our Resident Artist.

The Dentist Came to Visit.

Outside Learning - Drumming Workshop with Mr Aslett

Learning Outside - egg launching activity

New to the Year 6 Curriculum: Learning the Guitar with Mr Aslett


In maths this week we have be looking a Roman numerals

I = 1                                    L=50

II=2                                     C=100

III=3                                    D=500

IV=4                                    M=1000

V= 5






Can you challenge your child you convert these numbers into Roman numerals?

5647     765     386    5463   298    21  49   52   546

Year 6 were using a treasure hunt to revise percentage

Year 6 at The Globe

On Monday 21st March 2016, Year 6 went to the Globe Theatre, London.  We had a tour of the venue and were able to perform a few lines on the stage to the other groups visiting the place.  We then took part in an hour's workshop with a Shakespearean Actor.

Term three and four's topic

Term three and four's topic is called Thought is Free after a quote from The Tempest by William Shakespeare.  We will be studying both the life and times of the Tudors alongside a couple of the plays by Shakespeare.


Do you have a Shakespearean quote which could be added to our quote wall?   Send it in with your child.

Thought is Free Plan

Macbeth Script Reading

In our learning we have been creating play-scripts. Check one out.

Welcome to our theatre.

We became architects for the day

Can you tell me what is wrong with this?

Can you solve "Einstein's Riddle"? - Dan Van der Vieren

Can you resist tackling a brain teaser written by one of the smartest people in history?

Maths Games


Week 1 starting 4/1/16 we will be looking at multiplication and division. We will be working hard to improve our efficiency for these calculations. Playing the games below should help you.


During week 2 we will be examining area of shapes, both regular and irregular. you should find the following website useful.


Week 3 will include calculating unknown angles in triangle, quadrilaterals on s straight line and around a point. have a look here to give you a heads up for the lesson.


Week 4 leads us onto fractions, we shall be reminding ourselves about adding and subtracting fractions. We will be learning how to multiply and divide fractions with different denominators and mixed number fractions.

English Links

Why not improve you literacy skills by playing these fantastic games?


We will be working on biographies for the first couple of weeks. Why not do a little pre-reading before hand.


Here is a useful page for adults.



In our class we like to track our own attendance %. We worked out that each pupil is worth 5% as there are 20 of us as 20 x 5 = 100. We estimate that a late session is 2.5%.


We would then calculate the daily percentage for each day of the week and then calculate the mean for the whole week by adding each day and dividing by 5, the number of days we are at school.


For more help calculating % check out our podcast on %.




How to Calculate % of Amounts.

A lesson in how to calculate percentages of amounts by a year 6 child.

Our attendance results so far for the term:

Week 4 = 95.9%


Week 3 = 97.8%


Week 2= 96.4%


Week 1= 93.4


Our average attendance for the year is currently 93.8%



Straw and Order Nativity for Years 5 and 6


Through weeks of hard work and rehearsals years 5 and 6 produced the show Straw and Order to their parents on Thursday 17th December 2015.  Well done all the participants.


Still image for this video

Race for Life Maths Day

Mrs Todd says the tallest girls are the fastest runners.   Is this true?


During the Race for life activity day the class were challenge to investigate this question through a TASC wheel.  Having gathered the information together the children presented the data as a chart with to y axis and then analysed the information.  

Learning with our Parents


On Friday we had an exciting afternoon completing a bush tucker trials, sharing our learning with our parents.  There were 6 activities to be completed within the hour:

1. Completing Ninja maths sheets (our parents were challenge with the master ninja sheets).

2. Finding stars in 'stuff' while not looking.  A very sticky and messy process.

3. Creating a carpet map of the then locating the rain forests and jungle around the world.

4. Describing a plastic bug while blindfolded.

5. Answering all the challenge questions around the rooms.

6. Building a tower out of rocks and pebbles; to win your tower had to have the largest number of stones used.


Great Fun was had by all.

Eagles take part in a fencing lesson.

Can you complete the bush tucker trials scattered across the class? I you can you will earn the class a reward. 

Lee, a local snake expert, teaches us everything there is to know about these fascinating creatures.

Year 6 had attended a lecture of snakes. They will be using the information they have learnt to create reports, these will be able to show the outstanding progress the year group has made in writing so far this year. Make sure you return soon to read them. 

Who has the largest class?

Some of year six conducted an investigation to establish who has the largest class, Eagles, Owls or Hawks. 

Writing adventure stories.

We have been looking at adventure stories this term, here we are writing our own. 

Story Time

Story Time written and performed by Ted.
Ted reading the adventure story he has been writing.

Story Time

Story time written and performed by Shelby

Reading for children is a magical journey where they become confident communicators through the use of the vocabulary they acquire. We as adults play an important role in this journey and can support the children in learning how to use their imagination and become creative writers themselves. Please visit the Reading page to learn more about how to best support your child in becoming a confident reader and enable them to enjoy the fascinating worlds that authors immerse the children in.

A couple of Vikings spotted in year 6.

In PE we have been working on our football skills.

Long Multiplication

We have been working on multiplication using the column method. Can you solve this task ?


A 3 digit number is multiplied by a 2 digit number and the calculation is written out as shown below.
Each star like this stands for one digit.

Apart from the zero shown the only digits which occur are 2, 3, 5 and 7.
This is sufficient information to complete the whole multiplication.

Shape Dominoes

We revised the properties of 2 and 3 D shapes using a shape domino game

In PE we have been practicing balancing and jumping



We went to The Royal Harbour School, Ramsgate


Year 6 went to visit the Royal Harbour School for the afternoon of 6th October to experience life in a secondary school.  We made bridges, learnt street dance and much more.  

Staff and pupils from Hartsdown Academy came to visit year 6


Many of you were eager to carry on with the outstanding maths you were doing in class. I have added a couple of questions for you to give a go. A team point will be awarded for solutions to these, in old money, level 6 questions.


f = 23.45

s = 5.67

g = 9.87

r = ?


(3f+2s) - (3g+15.98) = r


r = ?



75.45 + (4r-s) = q 



q = ?