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Keeping children and young adults safe online, is not just a one day event. We are mindful that we need constantly be building children's  awareness of online safety and  developing children's critical thinking skills so that they have an excellent understanding of how to keep safe.  However, Safer internet Day is a' global celebration which promotes the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and inspire a national conversation.' ( Safer Internet Centre 2018)

Create, Connect and Share Respect.


Thank you so much to our parents who were able to attend our online safety session for parents and carers this morning. If you weren't able to attend, the presentation is attached below and also the link to access some parent resources from the Safer Internet Centre.



Safer Internet - Presentation for Parents and Carers

Advice for Parents -What  to do if your child sees something upsetting online

'Along with the many positive things which young people may see or experience online, they may also encounter things which may worry or upset them. This could be anything from a scary picture or hateful comment, to something which is intended for an adult audience or potentially even illegal content.' Child net January 2018

The following link provides some good advice for parents on how to deal with these situations when they arrive.





Keeping Children Safe Online -Advice for Parents

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

That possibly means, new phones, new tablets, new games for consoles and new consoles.

Keeping children safe online is not a one minute wonder but a consistent educational approach from teachers and parents about the possible dangers and how to deal with them. The link below has lots of good advice and is certainly worth a look. It looks at:

  1. Risks to children
  2. How to keep safe
  3. Suitable games for children
  4. Games that the NSPCC have reviewed
  5. Advice for parents about Minecraft
  6. Online chat advice




Creating a family agreement can be a good way of getting the whole family talking about online safety. It can be a tricky subject to tackle but the more open, honest and confident the whole family can feel talking about internet safety, then the safer the family will be. Childnet have produced some good templates which could be useful if you are thinking about setting up an agreement of this sort.




New apps are constantly available with ever increasing capabilities. This app enables people to stream their videos live. The following link below provides some handy tips for those using this app on keeping themselves  and others safe online



Online Bullying

This is a clip from the 'This Morning' programme regarding the consequences of online bullying. This is an emotional clip as it talks to two parents for whom online bullying resulted in the death of their children.  This clip would probably be suitable to watch with Year 6 children but if you are thinking of watching it with your children, then I would recommend you watch it through first. The clip should be able to be accessed by following the link below.



Keeping Children Safe Online ( Christmas Letter)

Parental Controls

With Christmas on the way, I am sure many children will be enjoying new electronic gadgets. This can be a minefield for parents so the link below can provide some advice about PARENTAL CONTROLS. By using these effectively, it can help give you piece of mind, whilst knowing your children are enjoying technology safely.


Kids Privacy has provided some information fro parents about Messenger. The website states that...


Messenger is like Snapchat, Instagram or Kik. The Messenger app allows people to share messages, photos, videos etc. with individuals and with groups. However, Messenger has an advantage over these other apps with the ability to better manage conversations and share with large groups of friends.

This app is an offshoot of Facebook. Although the website refers to teens, you may find that primary school age children are also accessing this and therefore this information could be really helpful. There is some good safety points near the bottom of the web page. Please follow the link below to view this information.

Google's 18th Birthday Childnet give 18 tips


There has been some recent media coverage about this new gaming sensation which is now available in this country. The media have been warning of some possible risks that could be associated with using this game. has written a short article on this which provides some advice to parents to ensure children can enjoy the game and play it safely.



Supporting Young People Online

Age Restriction Information for Social Media Sites

Is there an age limit for kids on social media?

A Parents' Guide to being Share Aware NSPCC

E-Safety for Parents -A copy of the e-safety presentation we delivered for parents. If you have any questions or worries about e-safety, then please talk to a member of staff.

Research into Online Safety

EU Kids Online coordinates and stimulates investigation into the way children use new media. It looks at research based across European countries. The report is quite detailed but below are a couple of interesting pages. The page below shows some quotes expressing some of the concerns children have about using the internet.


The page below gives some advice for families and parents regarding online safety.





If you are interested in reading the full report, then click on the link below.














We know that many children have access to smart phones, tablets and the internet. We are also aware that it can be a minefield for parents who want to make sure their child is accessing information in a safe way. The following links below provide useful guidance for parents or carers with regards to internet safety.


On 12th January at 9:00am we are holding an e-safety session for parents. We hope that you will be able to come along and find out a little bit about keeping children safe online and how to use parental settings.


We look forward to seeing you then.