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        Creative Tasks         

You can use everyday items from around the home to help you with your child's learning. We have given you some ideas for you to explore or you can use the worksheets provided at the bottom of this page. 


Have a go at colour mixing with your child. You can use flowers or potatoes to make prints. 


Or you can make some spring time craft flowers. When making these discuss what happens when things grow. Comment on how things change over periods of time. Can they think of other things that change over time e.g. themselves. You could get baby pictures out to create a timeline. Alternatively they could draw their own timeline adding on important events such as when siblings were born or starting school. 

If you are feeling brave you could make some homemade play dough or slime. This is great for children's fine motor development. They can make numbers, letters, shapes, food....the list is endless!