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Welcome to the Chichester class page 


Class Teacher: Miss Johnson

HLTA: Miss Bichard


This webpage is where you will be able to find out about all of the exciting learning that Chichester class will be taking part in this year. There will be pictures, dates for the diary and information on how you can help your child with their learning at home!

Week beginning 10th July 2017

This week’s star of the week is…


for being a model pupil. She always makes the right choices, always puts 100% effort into her work and is an excellent role model to others. You're fantastic Alexi!

On Monday we had our trip to the fire station. We had an amazing time learning about all of the different equipment and even using some of it!


In literacy this week, we have started to plan our own creative stories, we have designed a character, setting and chosen a story for our problem. We will then plan and write our stories next week.

We also used our bodies to create 3D scenes when we were exploring a range of settings!


This week, we have merged DT and music together to create some fantastic learning! We started off by designing a musical instrument last week to then creating it this week, we used junk modelling materials to create a range of different instruments that make a range of different sounds! It was so much fun!


This week, we have done loads of exciting drama around play scripts! We started off by allocating parts to everyone in our groups, then we rehearsed our parts and performed them to the rest of the class. We had to try and use as much expression as possible!

Week beginning 3rd July 2017

This week's star of the week is...


Jamie has only been with us for a couple of weeks, but has already had to deal with some big changes! He had to cope with meeting his new teacher and spending the morning as a year 3, which was very nerve wracking! But he handled it brilliantly, we well as settling into Chichester class and following all of the school rules and values perfectly.

Well done Jamie, you're going to be a fabulous year 3 student!



Maths this week has been amazing!

We have had an great time firstly exploring board games and looking at their features. We then used this knowledge to design our own board games for our peers to play. Then at the end of the week we played each other’s games. We used a range of strategies and skills in our games and tested the knowledge of the other people in our class. It was so much fun!


Thursday 6th July 2017

Today we had Parents Afternoon!

Thank you to those parents that came along to our learning together afternoon today, the children were so pleased to see you and for you to help them with their Great Fire of London art. They worked with you to create their own pictures, 3D houses and a HUGE year 2 scene of a London street in 1666.

The work looks amazing and the children were all so proud!

Thank you!



Our Literacy has been very interesting and interactive this week. We started the week with talking to Miss Johnson like she was a robot to try and get her to make a marmalade sandwich correctly, we had to give her very specific and clear instructions in order for her to do it right, it was very tricky!

We then had to write our own instructions on ‘How to get changed for PE’. We wrote these instructions and then got someone else in the class to follow them to see if they were correct!


Week beginning 26th June 2017

Star of the week...



In Literacy this week, we have started to create our own poems. We have also started to learn about ‘onomatopoeia’ and what this means. We collected ideas around onomatopoeia words and then used these to create our own short poems that rhyme.


Which objects would make these sounds?



We worked as a class to perform different sections of our Great Fire of London poem, this meant we had to use our faces and voices to try and convey the emotions that the characters would have been feeling at each stage of the poem. We had great fun doing this and were very supportive of each other!


Sports Day!

We had an amazing on sports day. The children behaved perfectly and were a fantastic team!


In Maths this week, we have been checking up on a lot of different skills to make sure that we haven’t forgotten them! We have looked at missing number problems and place value.

Week beginning 19th June 2017

This week’s star of the week is…


for integrating herself into Chichester class full time fantastically. Nikola came into class full time this term after spending time in Shooting stars, her confidence is building and she is a pleasure to have in class

In Maths this week, we have been looking at different scales. To practice this, we have created our very own fruit salads! We have to carefully cut and prepare the fruit and measure them out according to the amounts we were given. It was great fun!!


We also had to create a set of instructions for someone else to create a fruit salad, we had to think very carefully about our wording to ensure we made them clear enough.


Also, in Maths this week, we looked at temperature. We learned how to use a thermometer and used these to measure the temperatures of different waters. We had to read the scale very carefully to get the right measurement!

Week beginning 12th June 2017

This week's star of the week is....



We have done a wide range of different learning this week. We started off by looking at letter writing, we looked at the features of a letter and then wrote our own to King Charles to ask him for help putting out the fire. The children used amazing language in their writing, I was very impressed!

We then looked at newspaper articles, we identified the different elements and then spent two days writing our own! We learned about headlines, by-lines lead ins and tails! We then performed these using drama!

We finished off the week by looking at poetry, as this is what we are going to be learning about next week!


In science, we looked at the similarities and differences between the houses from the Great Fire of London and the houses in 2017. We compared the materials that were used then to those used now, we discussed why those materials were used. This was because they were the natural resources that they had access to. Whereas, nowadays, we have factories and machines that can help up to make bricks to make much stronger houses that will not burn as quickly in a fire!



In History this week, we have looked at the similarities and differences between London in 1666 and London now. We compared the buildings, transport and people. We used historical language to talk about the past and the present day.

Term 6

Week beginning Monday 5th June 2017

Welcome back to the final term of the year, we have got a load of exciting learning planned for this term. Please make sure you are here every day!


This term’s topic is ‘The Great fire of London’, take a look at our lovely new learning environment!


Star of the week

This week's star of the week is...


Joshua is a genuinely lovely boy who always puts the needs of others above his own. He is kind and caring and also an extremely hard worker. Well  done Joshua!



This week in Literacy we have started looking at diary entries, we have tried to write our own, analysed different diary entries to see what they contain and then we will be writing our own to see how much our writing has improved.

We have also been doing some descriptive writing ready for our diary entries.

Which adjectives would you use to describe this picture?


We have been looking at lots of different areas of learning in maths this week. We have been learning different strategies of adding and subtracting money and we have also been looking again at multiplication and division word problems and how to solve them.


Already this week, we have done some fantastic Topic learning. In Science, we looked at the difference between natural and man-made materials and how to tell the difference between the two. We had great fun sorting these out! In History, we looked at the timeline of events of the Great Fire and ordered them, we had to work together to do this as it was quite tricky!


Week beginning 22nd May 2017

This week we have been very busy! We have had lots of SATs tests to do, in which, all of the children have worked extremely hard, so well done!

We have done some exciting reading lessons and we also started to create our own PowerPoint presentations in ICT!


Due to the fact that all of the children had been working so hard all week, we treated them to a very exciting afternoon out on the field for PE where we did a range of exciting activities!


Well done for all of your hard work this week Chichester class, you are ALL my stars of the week!!


Home work has been set for you on EducationCity.

Week beginning 15th May 2017

This week’s star of the week is….



In literacy this week, we started by learning about an animal of our choosing to enable us to plan and write our own informative report about that animal.

We picked out important information and planned the different elements of our story ready for our big write on Thursday!



We have been looking at money again this week to remind ourselves of what all of the different coins mean, how we can add them together and how we can give change. This has been very tricky, but the whole class have tried very hard with this!




In Science this week, we learned all about healthy foods and how we can have a healthy diet. We looked at what makes a healthy and all of the different elements that need to be included e.g. proteins and carbohydrates. We then planned our own healthy salad, which we will get to make in next week’s lesson! We can’t wait to do that!

Week beginning  8/5/17

We won the third place attendance trophy!

We were so close to getting second or first. Our mission is to get to first before the end of the term!

Star of the week!

This week’s star of the week is…


Cameron has been making a conscious effort to improve his writing this week. He has been listening to advice and applying it independently and I am seeing a great improvement. Well done Cameron!



This week in Maths we have covered a lot of different topics!

We started off by looking at fractions, we then applied this to word problems. They were very tricky, but we just need to remember to look out for the key words; ‘half’ ‘quarter’ ‘third’ ‘share’ ‘equal’. We then looked at shape and number patterns, we used each other to create our own patterns too! What would come next? 13, 23, 33, 43, __.

We then finished the week by looking at missing number problems again to refresh our memories.


This week, we have started learning about a new text! It is called ‘The Cheetah Report’ and it is a non-fiction text. What does non-fiction mean? We have learned so many interesting facts about cheetahs from this and done some amazing descriptive writing about cheetahs and other animals that you would see on safari.

Week beginning 2/5/17


Star of the week!

Our star of the week this week is...


Domantas can have trouble focusing in lessons and finishing his work. This week we have seen him trying to change his attitude and is completing more work in lessons. Keep it up Domantas!



We have had an amazing 9 people read every day this week! keep it up!!!



We started Literacy this week with a bit of a change. Instead of being in our sets, we were in our normal classes! We used drama to explore a range of different ideas that we could use in our story writing for the rest of the week. We changed our characters, setting and the wish in the story, to make them our own!


In Maths this week, we have been looking again at multiplication and division. Once we were sure of these skills, we applied them using the inverse and in word problems.

What is inverse?

What is the inverse sum of 5 x 6 = 30 ?

Image result for multiplication

Image result for multiplicative and division


We had a fantastic P.E. lesson this week! All three classes joined together to complete obstacle courses! We had to use a range of different skills such as; balancing, weaving, throwing and many more!

Week beginning 24/4/17

Star of the week

Our star of the week this week is...


Amanda's attitude towards her learning is fantastic. She always tries her absolute hardest in everything that she does, which means that she has made a massive amount of improvement, especially in her writing. She is now starting to write in cursive and is always determined to use contractions in her writing!


In Topic this week, we have done some really exciting learning!

In Science on Monday, we learned all about where our food comes from and we now know that all of the food we eat comes from either animals or plants. We sorted different foods into these two categories and discussed where we might be able to buy these different types of food.

In Geography on Wednesday, we talked about the continents and oceans that we learned about last week and then moved on to some new learning about the United Kingdom. We learned that the UK is made up of four countries; can your child remember all four of them? We then learned about the three different seas that surround the UK, as well as the capital city of all four of the countries.

Which country is Cardiff the capital city of?

What is the capital city of England?

Which city is Belfast the capital city of?

What is the capital city if Scotland?


Maths this week has been quite an exciting mixture of different learning!

We have spent the week reminding ourselves of all of the different skills that we have learned over the year and how to apply these in our work.

We have looked at missing number problems, adding three different numbers together and inverse.

See if your child can tell you what inverse is…


This week in Literacy, we have been writing out our own versions of the original best map, as well as adding in as much description and interesting vocabulary as we could.

We then started to innovate our best maps and change our story to a new wish, that we will then be writing next week, ready for when we invent the stories and make them completely our own.

Welcome back!!

Term 5

We have had such an exciting first week back to school!

The classroom has been transformed according to our new topic for the term, of 'Oceans and Continents'.

We have a waterfall book corner and lots of key elements from our new book for the term, which is Lila and the Secret of Rain, we have Lila herself, as well as the different types of weather that she encounters on her journey through the story.



This term we will be learning about a book called Lila and the Secret of Rain.

This week, we started off by writing a wishing story and then we had our hook day.

We had an absolutely fantastic lesson, where the children created a potion using a range of exciting ingredients that they named themselves.

We then wrote our wishes down on a piece of paper and put them into the potion. I wonder if they will come true?



Maths this week has been all about FRACTIONS!

What is a fraction?

We have started learning about halves and quarters. What is the difference between a half and a quarter?

Your child will also need to be able to answer questions like the one below, where they are applying their knowledge of fractions in order to answer reasoning questions.


This week in Geography, we have started learning about the seven continents and the five oceans. We worked together as a class to place them correctly on the map and then we made our own versions of a world map.

The whole class were so amazing at remembering where all seven continents are.


See if your child can correctly identify the all seven continents in the picture below...

Week beginning 20th March


This weeks star of the week is..




Abigail has an amazing attitude towards her learning, she is always absolutely determined to do her best in all areas of her learning. Because of this, she achieves very highly. Keep up the amazing work Abigail!


This week, we had an amazing ICT lesson! We learned how to make a Powerpoint by adding text and pictures. We had a fantastic time adding clip arts and moving them around the slides. We also learned how to start the slideshow and move through the slides!

This week in Literacy, we have changed the question in our discussion text from...

'Should people be allowed to go into space?'




'Should aliens be allowed to come to Earth?'


We have looked at the pros and cons and discussed our own opinions on the matter. Next week we will be writing about a discussion text of each child's choice!


In Maths this week, we have been learning about directional language.

We have learned about clockwise and anticlockwise. See if your child can tell you which way is which!

We have also learned about quarter, half and three quarter turns. We navigated around the school using these instructions!


Image result for alarm

Friday 17th March 2017- new homework has been set on EducationCity titled 'term 4 Week 4'

Our attendance this week is 96.3%. Well done!

We have 7 people who have read every day this week! Keep it up! Well done!

National Science Week!

Mrs Burniston came to do some Science with us on Thursday. She did an amazing experiment by putting Mentos into Coke… it exploded!

We then went back to our classroom to do lots of different experiments using different fizzy drinks and sweets. We had to choose the one that worked the best before going back outside to have a competition with the other classes on who could make the best fountain!

Ours was the longest lasting fountain!


We have now finished learning about 'Welcome to Alien School', we are now looking at a non-fiction discussion text. The topic of our discussion text is 'Should people be allowed to go into space?'.

To kick start our learning, we held a class debate where we looked at the points for and against people point into space. The children had to try and convince people to believe their point of view and give solid reasons for or against the argument. They did fantastically!


Congratulations to Callum who has read 100 times and earned a signed book from Mrs Evans! Keep up the great work!

Friday 10th March 2017

Our star of the week this week is…


Marek has amazed so many of the adults that have been working with him recently. His reading and phonic knowledge has improved drastically and he is also starting to apply this in his writing which means that he is making a massive amount of improvement in all areas. Keep up the amazing work Marek!

Week beginning 6th March 2017

In Literacy this week we have been planning and creating our own stories that we will be writing.

We have looked at and discussed a range of genres including horror, comedy and romance.

We have been learning all about number bonds in Maths. We have looked at number bonds to 10 and 20. Take a look at our number bond song!




In ICT we explored EducationCity and all of the amazing resources that it has to offer. Wherever possible, please give your child to complete their EducationCity homework as it is so beneficial and they love it!

The weather was lovely enough for us to go out on to the field for PE for the first time this year! We made the most of this by exploring different ways of travelling, balancing as well as throwing and catching.

Friday 3rd March 2017

Well done to the children who read every day this week, they chose some fantastic prizes from the treat tray!

Thursday 3rd March 2017


Well done to all of you who dressed up today, your costumes looked fantastic and I’m so pleased you all took part.

Chichester class started the day by looking at a very silly picture of a giraffe, and they had to do a piece of writing from the perspective of the giraffe. They produced some wonderful pieces of writing, some of which are now displayed in the small hall.

In the afternoon, some of the children shared their favourite books with the rest of the class, they explained the plot, told us about the characters and old us why they lied that book.

After that, we went to Oxford class to do some paired reading with them, we even read our books on the trim trail, rather than in the classroom, it was great fun!

Wednesday 2nd March 2017

We were lucky enough to have some Japanese students visit us today. They came and sat in our Literacy and Maths lessons, then in the afternoon, they put on some amazing workshops for us to take part in.

We spun Japanese spinning tops, learned some Japanese phrases and numbers and even wrote our names in calligraphy.

See if your child can remember what ‘hello’ is in Japanese!

Monday 27th February 2017

Today, Chichester class learned about seeds and bulbs and what they need to stay healthy. See if your child can tell you about the things that a plant needs.

We also started an experiment to find out which conditions are the best for a plant to grow. We have planted cress seeds in cups and put them in different places around the class and will be giving them different things over the next few weeks e.g. water and sunlight.

See if your child can remember the four different conditions that we will be keeping our cress seeds in.

We will be keeping track of their growth and in a few weeks’ time, we will find out which conditions are the best for the seeds to grow.

There is new homework on EducationCity for you child to do. I have sent them home with their logins for them to be able to complete this with you. Please try and do this with your child, or give them the opportunity to do it themselves as it is very beneficial to their learning.

Well done to the people who have read every day this week! It's a shame there were only 5 if you though, hopefully there will be more of you next week!

Our star of the week this week is...


Tommy-J has been in Miss Bichard's Literacy group and she has been telling me how hard he has been working and how much endeavour he has been putting into his work. Tommy-J is also an extremely caring friend and is lovely to all of the children and adults around him. Well done Tommy :)

Our topic is Space this term, so on Monday we learned the order of the planets and a silly rhyme to help us remember it. On Friday, we created Space scenes in Art. They all look Fantastic!


This weeks Maths learning has been all about reading scales. We started off by reading a regular number line, but then we applied this knowledge to length, capacity, weight and temperature. We did very well to remember all of the different units to use for each measurement!

Ask your children what each of these units are used for...

ml   cm   mm  kg   C

Miss Johnson received a message from an alien saying that there had been an invasion in our school! We all gathered together in the small hall where we received a warning poster and the first clue that had been left behind by a cheeky alien that was causing mischief around the school!

We followed the clues to the large hall, the canteen and the far side of the field until we found the alien hiding in the pond area, what a cheeky alien!

All of the children were engaged in their learning and were talking about aliens for the rest of the day. They also made sure to look out for other aliens that could still be lurking around the school during the day.

We even suspected that Miss Bichard could have been an alien in disguise…

We did it!!!

I am so so proud of our class this week, who have managed to achieve 100% ATTENDANCE and win the first place trophy for the second week in a row!

It is such a great achievement to get 100% attendance and our whole class couldn't be happier!

Well done! See you ALL on the first Monday back after half term!

In term 4, Year 2 will be learning about the book 'Welcome to Alien School'.

Over the half term, see if you can find this book in a Library and have a read before we come back!

In the mornings this week, the whole of Year 2 have been doing some practice tests for when they do their real ones in term 5. I have to say, I am so proud of the way that the whole of the year group have behaved in these tests. They can seem very daunting, but all of the children have been very sensible and conducted themselves brilliantly the whole week.


Well done to all of Year 2!

In Literacy this week, we have moved on from writing our own stories based on The Man on the Moon story. We are now creating our own fact information sheets about a chosen planet.

Which planet did you choose?

We had to collect information about what it looks like and how it behaves before writing the information up into our own best maps.

Our star of the week this week is...


Michael started in our class on Monday and has already made some great friends! He has been a great member of the class and we are looking forward to having him in our class for the rest of the year!



I can't believe it! I was off poorly on Friday and our class won the first place attendance trophy! Well done Chichester class! Keep it up and hopefully we will be able to keep the cup next week as well!

During DT, Chichester class investigated how they could turn a lump of plastercine (that sunk) into a boat shape (that floated). They used their knowledge of floating a sinking to create a shape that could hold coloured blocks without sinking!

Chichester Class learned all about the Chinese New Year story. They know that this year is the year of the Rooster!

Fabulous Readers!

This week we had a few more people than usual bringing their reading books into school, which is fantastic! But we do still need for a few more of you to be doing it!


The people that read 5 times this week got 2 prizes!

The people that read four times got 1 prize!


Well done to all of you!

Chichester class had the most amazing time watching the Sleeping Beauty pantomime this morning! Thank you so much to the performers!!

This week in Maths, we have been doing some really tricky learning about... INVERSE! The children have really made me proud doing this, it is a really tricky topic, but they all tried so hard and have produced some amazing work!

This term, our Literacy learning is going to be all about Bob, the Man on the Moon.


We started by learning the story, and this week we have been using all of our amazing literacy skills to write the whole story out. The children have been proving that they didn't forget their brilliant skills over the Christmas holidays! Well done!


This Friday, our university session had to be cancelled which meant that we could do some extra learning about Space, which was great! The chidlren created their own rockets and they had a competition to see who's could travel the furthest.

We have learnt all about estimating in Maths. We used our Maths knowledge to have a sensible guess to some answers to questions, and then we used some more of our Maths knowledge to find the real knowledge. See if your child can estimate the answer to 13 + 24...

SNOW!! We were lucky enough to be able to go out on the playground and have fun in the snow. It was amazing!!


We are very excited to be starting our space topic this term! Thank you to those of you who created space projects, they all look fantastic hanging around the classroom!

Our book corner is looking fab too!

Chichester class had a fantastic time going to the London Natural History museum on Friday and they behaved beautifully as well!

Thursday 15th December: That cheeky Elf has wrapped our whiteboard in Christmas paper!!

Thank you to those children who came in to school wearing a Christmas jumper and donated £1 to Save th Children, you all looked great!

Wednesday 14th December: Chichester class had great fun searching for that cheeky Elf this morning!

Tuesday 13th December: The Elf has brought in some exciting presents this morning!

Monday 12th December: The Elf has been busy creating a new addition for the classroom using our maths resources!

Our star of the week this week is...


Domantas is a child that gets very easily distracted and I normally have to refocus him on his work a few times throughout the lesson. But over the last few weeks he has really been concentrating and producing some really fantastic work in lessons! Well done Domantas, keep up the great work!

Friday 9th December: Elf hasn;t been cheeky for a change! It looks like he has brought Chichester class a treat!

Thursday 8th December: It looks like Chichester class have got their work cut out for them this morning!

Wednesday 7th December: Our Elf was extremely cheeky last night, just look at this mess! Mrs Hitch and Mrs Evans saw this and were not impressed! He will be joining Mrs Hitch in lunchtime detention today!

Tuesday 6th December: Our cheeky Elf has been up to no good again!

This week, we have started to learn actions to our new best map for our non-chronological report about dinosaurs. See if your child can tell you what a non-chronological report is!

It looks like our Elf has had a very busy weekend!!


This weeks star of the week is...

Chichester class have been lucky enough to have a new addition start this week. Ako started with us on Tuesday and has been an absolute star all week. He is already showing all of the school values, is a very hard worker and is a lovely boy in general. We feel very honoured to have you in our class Ako, keep up the amazing work!

Christmas is here!!

This morning, we came into the classroom to find that Chichester Class had been visited by a very cheeky Elf who had tried to tie our Dinosaurs up in tinsel! It looks like the Dinosaurs that weren't trapped were trying to scare the Elf away!

Fabulous Readers!!

This week, we have had four people receive their Red Teds for reading 50 times!!

Well done to all of you and I hope we get more of Chichester Class getting their Teds very soon!

This week in Maths, we are going to be learning all about FRACTIONS! We have started looking at halves and quarters and we used bread to help us find these fractions! We had such great fun doing this!

On Thursday, we looked at 'Onomatepoeia' and what this is used for. We drew a picture of the battle between the pirates and the dinosaurs from our Captain Flinn book, we used dinosaurs figures to help us and then labelled our picture using onomatopoeia words!

In Literacy, we have been working hard to create our own best maps, with our own versions of the story. We have been working hard to think of our own characters, settings and descriptions, so that we can write a really fantastic story next week!

In our Geography lesson on Monday, we conducted our own fieldwork! We went around the school, makes notes on things that we could see, hear, feel and smell. We then used this to create a key for the map of the school!

On Monday 21st November we had Firefighter Debbie come in to help us with keeping safe around fire, we even got to try on some of her uniform!

We were very cheeky and chose 2 stars of the week this week.

We have Lexie and Asi!

Lexie has been so much work at home this week which has had a great impact on her learning in class. Well done for showing so much endeavour this week!

Asi has also been showing an amazing amount of endeavour in lessons, especially in Maths this week, which has been really tricky because we have been doing division!

Well done girls, keep up the good work!

We have been searching through books looking for verbs that we can use in our writing!

In Science this week, we went into the pond area to search for microhabitiats to find out which creatures live in each one! We went out with York class, it was great fun!

Well done to our amazing star of the week this week, which is...


Not only does Marta put 100% effort into everything that she does, but she is also a magnificent role model everyone else in the class. The amount of effort that she puts into her work clearly shines through in her dinosaur project that she completed for us! Keep up the great work Marta!


After learning our new story last week, we have spent some of this week making changes to the story and making it better! We have been looking at a range of different settings that we could change our story to! See if your child can tell you which setting we voted for!

This week Maths has been all about 3D shape. We have been using our knowledge of 2D shapes from a few weeks ago to help us with this and we have been doing so well! See if your child can tell you what a vertice is!

Well done to our amazing star of the week this week, who was Freya!!

She has been trying so hard with her writing and this has been really paying off. Not only has her handwriting improved amazingly, but the content of her writing is fantastic as well. Freya also received a certificate from Mr Manclark today. Well done Freya!!

Well done to the people that read every day this week and for winning your prizes! It's a shame there were only 6 of you though, hopefully there will be more of you winning next week!


As we have such an exciting topic this term, I thought it would be best for us to have an exciting book corner as well. Here is our Jurassic Park volcano!


In Art this week, Chichester class did some very interesting pieces of artwork where they used a mixture of pencils and chalks to create different textures in their work. See if you can identify the different dinosaurs that they have drawn...

This week in Maths, we are learning about how to double numbers, we used dinosaurs to help us with that too! What does 'doubling' mean?

We have kick started our Literacy by exploring everything that we already know about dinosaurs, we had great fun exploring all of the different resources that we have around the classroom!

Term 2!

Welcome back to school for another fun and learning filled term! Our topic for this term is DINOSAURS! So please, if you have any dinosaur related toys that you wouldn't mind lending to the class for a few weeks, then please bring them into school and we will look after them, I promise!


Also, don't forget to complete your dinosaur homework!

Our trip to Wingham!

On the last day of term, it was our turn to go on our trip to Wingham Wildlife park! We had such an amazing time and every single member of the class demonstrated amazing behaviour and we are so proud of them for that! We learned about a range of different animals and even learned about dinosaurs too, which is perfect because that is our topic for next term! Us adults had a great time and we hope that you guys did too!

On Tuesday 18th October, Chichester class were lucky enough to go on a school trip to Tesco! Whilst  they were there, the children got the opportunity to explore different fruits and vegetables, taste different cheeses, touch different types of seafood and explore behind the scenes. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the food that we were given at the end of the tour. Thank you to Miska for organising it!


These are all of the people that read every day this week and earned a prize. Well done and keep up the hard work!! Lets hope we can have a few more people earning prizes next week as well!

This weeks star of the week is...


Daniel is one of those children who is always making the right choices. He is an excellent role model for everyone else in the class and the younger children in the school and is always working extremely hard. Well done Daniel!

In Literacy this week, we did a big write at the start of the week where the whole class produced some fantastic work where some of our children were taken to Mr Manclark for certificates and stickers because their writing was so fantastic!

After that, for the rest of the week we have been looking at persuasive writing. We have analysed a piece if persuasive writing to wee what the features are, then we have tried to apply them in our own piece of writing!

Our maths this week has been something that Chichester class have never seen before, but they still put 100% effort into it. We have been solving missing number problems! These have been completely different to what we have done before but call upon similar skills.

Our Star of the week this week is...


I am so proud of Denislav this week! He is someone who very often finds himself on yellow or red, but this week he has been making all of the right choices, has been working hard in lessons and has stayed on green ALL WEEK! Well done Denislav, we are all so proud of you!

This weeks maths has been all about SHAPE. These are the shapes that we have been learning about, see if your child can draw any of these shapes!

Thank you so much to all of those people who sent in food for our Harvest Festival this week, we had such an amazing spread of food brought in by Chichester class, it was very much appreciated!! 



I love to try and put as many pictures as I can on here, and on our school Facebook page. But unfortunately I can't put very many on because I only have permission to do so for a few children. Please can you give us a permission form for your child so we can really show off about the amazing learning that they are doing!

This week in Geography we have been learning about all sorts of different Geographical features such as; beach, city, village, cliff and so many more!!

Literacy this week has been really tricky but Chichester Class have shown amazing amounts of endeavour and have done some fantastic work. One of our jobs was to create a best map around a new story of our own. Here are some brilliany examples of their hard work!

Science this week was all about... HEALTHY LIVING! We discussed what it means to lead a healthy life and we did an activity on which foods we should eat every day and which foods we should only eat sometimes. Type in 'Muppets 10 commandments of health' to youtube to see 10 rules that we learnt about!

Our star of the week this week is...


We have been doing some really tricky subtraction problems involving bridging and Joshua showed great endeavour and has produced some fantastic work! He also shows all of the school values every day, particularly in his contribution towards class discussions. Well done Joshua, we are very proud!


We stayed green all week and earned cookies!! Miss Johnson and Miss Bichard are so proud of us!!! :)

Grandparents afternoon! Chichester class had a fantastic time when some of the grandparents came in to help with our Harvest Festival artwork!

Last week, Chichester class drew what they thought the cover of The Great Kapok Tree would look like and here they are... 

We have a new display in our classroom that celebrates all of the languages that we have in our class.  We have pictures of all of our children and string showing where the countries are on the big map in our room!



In Geography we have been learning about weather patterns. Ask your children to describe the weather to you today!

Chichester class have been doing some amazing art with Miss Lena. They have been looking at still life through a view finder, they then used collages to recreate this. They look fantastic outside our classroom!

This weeks maths is all about SUBTRACTION!! This is really tricky, but the whole class has been trying so hard! Give your child a simple subtraction and see if they can show you how they use jottings to help them work it out!


European Languages Day

Monday 26th September was European day of languages and Year 2 were learning all about Poland!

We learnt how to write our names, we put them onto a Polish flag!


We were also lucky enough to have Kolin from year 4 come down to help us with the pronunciation of Polish words. He was a great help, thank you Kolin!


We also learnt Polish colours, some of them were really tricky to say. See if your child can remember any of their names!

This is our text map for The Great Kapok Tree.. see if your child can teach you any of the actions that we use to remember the story!

This weeks star of the week is...


Alexi is a brilliant role model for any in school. She puts 100% effort into every piece of work that she does, this has also earned her a head teachers certificate this week! She is also a great friend and is always there to help anyone that needs. Thank you for being such a brilliant member of Chichester class Alexi!

Please make sure to read with your child every night. They can win prizes for the amount of times that they have read!


We have started learning about a new book in Literacy this week... The Great Kapok Tree!

We have started by creating actions to go with the story, ask your children if they can tell you what the actions for great, tree and rainforest are!


At the moment, in maths we are learning what tens and ones are and will be learning how to add and subtract them too! 

Ask your children if they can tell you how many tens and ones there are in... 32.... 45.... 12....27...

Star of the week 16th September

Our star of the week this week is.... 


Sheila only just us on Tuesday but has settled in so well already, she has made some great friends and has been showing great endeavour in all of her lessons. Welcome to Chichester class Sheila!

Alexi has been an absolute superstar writer in the last week. She did some fantastic Literacy and was able to write the story of the Monkey Puzzle and was also able to use the power of 3! Well done Alexi!

On 13th September, the whole school took part in Roald Dahl Day, where the children had the opportunity to dress up and we completed Roald Dahl activities throughout the day. We had great fun using a range of adjectives to describe what we were putting into out magic potion!


Miss Bichard and I are really looking forward to spending the year with all of the lovely children in our class and seeing how much they grow and mature in year 2!

If you have any questions or queries, please try and catch us at the end of the day and we will try to help you wherever we can.