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CHESTER - Miss Potter

Class Teacher - Miss Potter

TA - Mrs Copeland 

Term 5 -Week 5


This week in literacy we started with a cold write for our Non-Fiction explanation text. This really confused the children as they were still in fictional story writing mode! So the majority of the class applied the previous tool kit and used inverted commas and speech verbs!enlightened Well done for demonstrating your understanding of these skills however we need to double check we remain focussed for our next tool kit skills.


We then had a hook lesson and created our own exploding volcanoes in small groups. The children worked well in their groups and communicated effectively.


 Can you remember the ingredients that we used?  no



We had a great time playing a coding game online. The children used 'Moana' to navigate around and complete specific tasks. At first they all found this quite frustrating and kept telling the computer off! frown But, eventually they managed to get her to follow the instructions. A very big well done to Albert who continued to show endeavour during our coding lesson.

You can play online too!


Week 3/4

Star of the week

This week we have two stars of the week...Summer and Kennie! Summer has been chosen for showing huge amounts of kindness this week. She is helpful, friendly and polite to anyone she comes excellent role model to our school. Kennie has been chosen for his outstanding progress in his recent hot write. He has challenged himself and the outcomes are fantastic.


Some funny photos of them during a role play session!



This week in literacy we have moved on to our invention. The children really liked this lesson because they were able to plan their own fear story. The children thought and discussed with their partners what frightened them and then used the boxing up template to plan their ideas.


The children then had the opportunity to edit and improve their writing and add elements of the tool kit. This was a really beneficial lesson for the children and it was amazing to see the children actively looking through their work and spotting errors and rooms for improvement. We also used our drama skills to retell our new invented stories.


 Here you can see Jenson pretending to be a lizard!

Daniel falling off a cliff because he is scared of heights!

Lexie demonstrating feeling petrified!


We then moved onto the 'HOT WRITE'. This is the part where the children really apply their learning over recent weeks. It was wonderful to see the children document their ideas and apply the tool kit. I am extremely proud of their efforts. Well done Chester class.


Here you can see a great example of how our writing has progressed over the term. This is Summer's writing and she has met all three of her targets and more! We are SO proud of you no



This week in maths we have been looking at time! The children are getting really secure with quarter to, quarter past, o'clock and half past. They can read and create these times but do need reminding to check the hour hand when creating half past the hour.


We then started looking at the digital and analogue clocks. As a class we have been thinking about the many different ways we can say a specific time. If we say half past 2, we could also say 2:30, or 14:30. This is an area that we are still working on as some of the children found this difficult.



In our topic lesson we have been learning about the structure and layout of a volcano. The children were able to label the key features and explain what they do/how they are used. We then went over into the forest school and made volcanoes using the loose parts. We had a great time using the fabric to represent the magma chamber, throat of the volcano and the ash clouds.


We demonstrated many of our core values in this lesson.

Well done for using the resources with care and attention and for working together as a team.



Term 5 - Week 2 

Star of the Week 

This week our star is Lydia. She has been working really hard to improve her writing and spelling in literacy. We are really proud of her focus and determination this week. Well done Lydia. 



This week in literacy we celebrated William Shakespeare's birthday. The children had a fantastic day learning all about his education, life and family. They then created fact files about him and made notes whilst watching this clip.


Look at our amazing work


In literacy this week we have been exploring powerful verbs and speech verbs. The children are now able to give more information and how something was completed or how it was said. They had great time acting this out with their peers. 


mailCan you spot the speech verbs on our whiteboards?

mailHave we use inverted commas for opening and closing the speech?



This week in maths we have been exploring equivalent fractions. This is something that we have spent a long time on due to the children struggling to understand some key concepts. In order to help them with their learning we have been using sweets/biscuits to help them see the answers visually. 


We then moved onto comparing fractions with a "would you rather have" question.

For example..."Would you rather have 3/4 or 6/8?"


Well done to Charlie who created his own fraction wall to help him compare and find equivalent fractions. 



This term in ICT we are going to be exploring coding and programming. In order to give the children some prior knowledge we discussed the language which is used specifically in coding games. The children could name and explain how code is used in games and expressed their likes and dislikes. 


As a class we discussed how we need to give precise and specific instructions when coding so we went outside to practise this with our partner. We had to get them to navigate around the 'trim trail' by using imperative verbs, strict coding language and instructions. 



This week in Spanish we have been learning about the days of the week. The children really enjoyed listening to this song and could give information about what they do on those specific days. 



In our science lesson this week we are making our lab coats. The children were really excited to start adding key vocabulary and pictures linked to our experiments and learning. Here you can see our amazing creations. We will be wearing these for every science lesson/experiment that we complete. frown


Wishing you all a lovely weekend. If you have any questions about the learning that is taking place or would like to come in and see your child's books/learning environment then please ask. frown

Term 5 - Week 1

Warm and fiery!


This term we are learning all about volcanoes. I want to say a huge thank you to all the children who completed the topic homework during the half term. Your efforts have been noticed and we now have a fantastic display made by  you! 


We are very proud of our new learning and classroom.


A huge well done to Amelia and Kevin who won the prizes from the termly raffle. Children can earn raffle tickets for reading every day, completing homework tasks, going above and beyond, random acts of kindness and so much more. Who will win the prizes for term 5? It could be you no



For literacy this term we are using the book 'Escape from Pompeii' as a stimulus for our writing. This is a story which creates suspense and fear due to a volcano erupting in Pompeii. On Monday the children started off their new learning with a cold write based on 'fear'. The children were able to generate lots of different ideas about how and what would create fear for them.  


We then had our hook lesson where we watched a video clip about a natural disaster. We told the children that they needed to escape the land in order to survive and that they would need to vacate to the water/sea. The children created their very own survival kit about what they would need and made an escape route map. The map was made in order to help them escape as quickly as possible. Here you can see the children's wonderful creations.


We then moved onto learning the best map. This was amazing to really see the children engage with the lesson and put actions to words/phrases. I am very proud of everyone for their efforts! They were able to identify the key features within the text and colour code them with ease. Well done pink table. no



In maths this term we have been exploring fractions of amounts. The children are now brilliant and finding fractions of amounts including measures. Well done Chester class for continuing to show endeavour and for rising to the challenge. Have a look at the fraction calculation completed by Miss Potter. Has she solved it correctly? Did she follow the steps?



In topic we started off by completing a grid about what we already know about volcanoes and what we want to find out. This helped us to understand/address and misconceptions that the children had and research what we want to know. The children were able to generate lots of different things that they wanted to explore. We then used this in our ICT lesson to research and answer these questions.


Wow! What a fun lesson we had. The children were learning about the different layers of the Earth. Pink and green table had a great time making this out of play dough.





frownTerm 4 - back with a bang!no

Week 3

We are back! After an extra long weekend we are back to school as normal and ready to learn. Well done to all of those children who braved the snow weather...we are proud of you for showing endeavour. 


Star of the Week 

This week our star is Amelia. For showing huge amounts of maturity in lessons. We are really proud of you and keep up the great work. 



In literacy this week we started off with the innovated section of our Talk for Writing Cycle. We started off by gathering ideas and innovated the text map by working with a partner. We looked at changing the character from the Iron Man to a unique character. This then helped us to edit and change elements of the story such as the characters appearance. 


Our new class text is about a marshmallow man. We thought about what he might look like and how he would feel to touch. We wondered what he might think of the world that we live in and what he might find interesting. We had such great fun creating him in early morning work. 


The children have since moved onto their planning stage. They have now created their own innovated text in preparation for the invention stage. I saw some excellent examples of the tool kit being used in action! It was wonderful to see the children taking ownership of their learning and working hard to demonstrate the tool kit in their plans. 



In maths we looked at converting cm into mm. The children worked really hard to spot patterns and make links when it came to completing this conversion. I was particularly impressed with Gabriel who was able to use a coversion chart to solve 3 digit calculations. 



This week in Spanish we began by looking at the weather. The children worked hard to practice saying the phrases about the weather in Spanish. We then worked hard to give the weather forecast and applied this during our ICT lesson. 





Week 2

Star of the week! This week we didn't manage a star of the week due to the weather. However I am delighted to share with you some of my stars who made playing in the snow so much fun! 


heartWe had the most amazing time throwing snow balls! heart



Sadly due to our week being disrupted by the snow we only managed some of our learning. Despite this, I wanted to say a huge well done to the children who continued to work hard and show excellent leadership skills despite being rather distracted. 


We worked hard to apply our new acquired knowledge and understanding of personification. We also attempted to use elements of the tool kit. 



In maths this week we began with length and measure. We worked hard to look at comparing cm and m. The children worked really hard to find equivalents and I am really proud of their hard work and focus. They have also been working hard to show neat and tidy presentation in their books and this is really paying off! no


We worked hard to solve application questions and also explored further finding the difference between lengths. Well done to all the children who were able to think outside the box!



In topic this week we looked at ordering shapes to make a whole object. The children had the challenge of making a car using the different shapes and lines on Microsoft Word. The children then used Ctrl and selected the shapes to order the objects. A huge well done to Cherry who worked hard to be successful this week.


It was also lovely to see some alternative art work being created. The children have been working with Miss Brown recently and this is their creations. 



  1. World Book Day has been rescheduled to Wednesday 7th March. Children will be involved in a range of inspiring and exciting activities whilst dressed as their favourite character for a £1 donation. 
  2. School is back to normal on Monday 5th March.


Enjoy the long weekend and make lots of memories! indecision

Miss Potter 


Week 1

Star of the week 

This week our star of the week is Scarlett. Scarlett can always be trusted and relied upon to show our core values. She helps others when they need it and is a kind and considerate young member of the class. Keep up the great work Scarlett because you are a pleasure to teach! heart


We are the champions! 100% Attendance winners! 



We have had a fantastic week in literacy. We started with creating our very own Iron Man. We had a secret mission on building an Iron Man out of junk modelling. The children worked really hard and we now have a new member of our class called 'Robotic Rob'. Well done to all the children for showing excellent team work. 


We then began exploring personification. This is a new term for the children and then have worked tremendously hard to demonstrate their new learning in their writing. Well done to Lexie and Jenson who rose to the challenge and applied this in their work. I was really impressed to see this lovely work in their books. 



In maths this week we have been exploring data and statistics. We began by exploring pictograms initially and the children now have a secure understanding of what they tell us but also how each picture can represent a specific amount. The children worked hard to find the difference and how many more or less each category had. 


The children then worked hard to create their own bar charts based on some data that they collected the previous day. They worked in small groups to create this and had different targets to achieve such as  counting in 2's etc. 



In Spanish this week we looked at learning the names of different fruits. The children worked really hard to learn these quickly and we used games to help us make this fun and engaging. The children in Chester class now know colours, numbers to 10, greetings and fruits. 


  We also had a great time becoming archaeologists. We found some old artefacts hidden in the sand. We had a great time predicting what we thought each piece was, how it was used and what it was made of. The children had a great time. 


Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Potter 



This week in literacy we began with a gathering ideas lesson. The children have been working really hard to incorporate elements from our non-chronological report and as a result we completed some role play. The reason why we completed the role play was to encourage the children to understand that the eyewitness gives a recount of what they saw....previously.


The children used items of clothing and each had an important role to play. Two of the children were the news reporters in the studio, one of them became the interviewer and the other was the eyewitness.


Here you can see us embracing our learning and having fun!



In maths this week we have been exploring money and giving change. The children have found this learning rather difficult so we have continued to practise this at every given moment. We are getting much better at this now but we do need to keep reminding ourselves of the steps.


We also celebrated Number Day. We linked this with our learning and the famous artist called Mark Wagner who used money to create art. He used a 1 dollar bill to create his wonderful art work and we tried to do the same using images from the Stone Age. We worked hard to create specific totals using a variety of different coins. Although this was a rather challenging lesson...we had a fantastic time.

This week we also celebrated Children's Mental Health week. We discussed in great detail all about what makes us happy and upset. We communicated positive and negative messages and discussed the impact that these had on us as individuals. We then completed a thoughts, feelings and behaviour cycle. Some of the children expressed that they sometimes felt stressed about a specific situation. The children then developed their thinking by linking this with their feelings and behaviour.


It is ok to be YOU!


We were also fortunate enough to have the lovely Miss Julie come in and complete some learning with us. She told us a story about a boy who wanted everything to be the colour red. We then spoke in detail about what the world would be like is everything all around us was the colour red. This helped us to realise that it is important for us all to like different things and to not be the SAME.


We then had a lesson on 'Safer Internet Day'. We spoke about how we used positive and negative language online. We were open and honest about how we access the internet, who we speak with and the many benefits of being able to communicate online. Sadly, we also spoke about how some people can ask us inappropriate questions or make rude comments. Miss Potter demonstrated this to the children by using an apple! Whenever we said something unkind to the apple we dropped it on the floor and when we said positive we held the apple in our hand. The children could quickly see how the apple became bruised and damaged by what we had said. They understood how their words could have an impact on others.




Term 3 -

Star of the Week

This week our star is Fabricio. He has been working very hard on his literacy writing and managed to blow us away with his recent attempt at a horror genre. Despite finding areas of literacy difficult he continued to show endeavour and his hard work has paid off. Well done! frown


Also well done to Albert who has been a shining star this week. His behaviour and endeavour has greatly improved and he is demonstrating contribution to every lesson. Keep up the great work Albert.




This week in literacy we have been exploring a different genre. We have been looking at story writing but from a horror aspect. The children were amazing and managed to generate many different ideas about how to make the story scary. They referred to the tool kit and used the tools effectively in their writing. Here you can see a recent display that we have created. Well done Chester class. frown



 We have some excellent writers in year three


We then moved onto becoming inventors! This was a really exciting lesson because the children had the opportunity to choose either a normal portal story where they go somewhere nice or change the setting to a horror genre. The children had some amazing ideas.


We then moved onto our hot writes. This is where the children show off their learning over recent weeks and put this into action. I am so very pleased with all of their hard work and determination.



In maths this week we have been exploring division. We have been working on dividing a two digit number with a 1 digit number. At first, these huge numbers made the children a little bit worried. However we discussed the strategies that would help us to be successful. With the children continuing to show endeavour their hard work paid off and we have some super maths wizards in the classroom.


 We then moved onto consolidating our learning with division and used a method that we felt comfortable with. Some of the children are now able to complete these calculations mentally without the need of jottings. Well done to those children who made links with known multiplication facts. This managed to help them with their fluency.


We then stretched ourselves further by attempting to complete division calculations with remainders. I was particularly impressed with Bethany who used her knowledge of times table facts and could work these out mentally. Although the majority of the class are not quite there yet we will be working on this for another day.



In topic this week we started off with a prediction and an experiment in science. We explored how shadows are formed and whether or not the shadow gets bigger or smaller depending on how close it is to the light source. The children had a fantastic lesson exploring this and recording the information.


We also went out into the playground to look at our shadows. How did they change based on how close we were to the sun? Did our shadows get larger or smaller?




1. We have our living history workshop this week. Please ensure that your money is paid via the office (£5.75).

2. Homework is on Education City. Please log on and access the fun learning material. frown


Term 3 - Week 2

Star of the week

This week our star is Lucia. She has been working exceptionally hard to improve her reading and become and independent learner. We are really proud of her determination. 



In literacy this week we started off with a setting description of a jungle. We started off be thinking about all the different things we might see and hear. The children worked really hard to use different sentences openers rather than 'I could see'. Have a look at our writing and see if you can identify our different sentence starters. 




We have also been looking at prepositions this week. We completed a discussion about how and why the are used. We also tried to use them orally and thought about how they improve our writing and the benefit of having them. Your challenge is to see how many silly sentences you can create by putting these prepositions in a sentence.  


We then looked at what makes a good portal story. What do we need to include? What impact does it have? We then planned our ideas using a boxing up grid and referred to our tool kit to ensure that we incorporated these vital elements. It was amazing to see the children's imagination come to life in their plans. frown


Since creating our plans we have been working on writing out the introduction and where we are teleported to the new setting. I am so impressed with the children and their resilience in their writing. They have been working on engaging the reader and extending our sentences to include feelings, senses and tools from the kit.



In maths this week we have been looking at multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. We explored the many different ways that we could be successful and how we could use our knowledge of jottings to help us. We explored multiplication and links to repeated addition and we looked at using the column method to multiply. Well done to all the children for their hard work in this lesson and for challenging themselves with new learning. 


Well done to all the children who are working hard to challenge themselves with this new column method. The children are really starting to grasp the new method and I can see progression as the week has continued. Look at this fantastic layout form Lucia. She was one of the first children who understood the method and worked independently.


Have a go at these.

Can you work out these calculations?

What are they asking you to do?


  Oh dear! Something has gone wrong with this calculation. They have made an error somewhere. Can you identify where they have made the mistake?



In topic this week we have been exploring time lines. We looked at key vocabulary such as century, decade, timeline, prehistory etc. The children then had to work out when a key event happened in their life. We discussed things such as being born, starting school, a new baby in the family or a key celebration such as a wedding. The children worked really hard to complete their own timelines. 



  • We have our living history workshop on the Thursday 25th January. Please ensure you return both slips to the office with the £5.75. This is an amazing opportunity for the children to really explore the Stone Age.
  • All children have been issued with an Education City log in. Homework will be set online. Please access the webpage and let me know if you are having any problems.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Potter heart

Term 3 - Stone Age

This term we are learning all about the Stone Age. We have changed our learning environments to engage the children and set the scene for our new and exciting topics. Here you can see some of our new displays in the classroom.


This was all thanks to the children and their help  frown



This week in literacy we started with the 'cold write'. We do this at the start of every new learning opportunity in order to make a judgement about what the children can do and how they can make progress with specific targets that we set. I am very impressed with the children's endeavour and hard work...for their first day back, their writing was brilliant.


We then went on a walk around the school. This was our 'hook lesson' which we do to get the children interested in the learning. We pretended that we were looking at habitats in our school environment but really we met a Stone Age person!! This frightened Miss Potter and we all ran for our lives even though we were all very excited. We then created WANTED posters in order to make others aware of the dangerous creature in our school.




Here you can see our learning from that day. We had a great time completing a character description and made sure we used language such as mysterious, intruder, matted hair and deadly.


We then moved onto learning the new key text which is based on the story of the 'Stone Age Boy'. I was very impressed with the children's positive attitude and concentration in this lesson. We managed to learn and draw the whole text and RAG the vocabulary! no Each box is a complete sentence. Have a go at home to see if you can retell the story. mail



In maths we started off with multiplication. The children were able to identify many different strategies in order to help them be successful. They explained that they could draw 'plates to show groups of', do this mentally, use their fingers and count their times tables and show multiplication in an array.


How do we multiply?

Do the numbers increase or decrease?

Is multiplication commutative?

What does commutative mean?


Try this:

I have 5 friends and they each have 3 sweets. How many sweets would we have in total if we put them all together?







We then moved onto division and the children continued to shine and demonstrate their previous learning and understanding. I was vey impressed with Lydia, Shanade and Scarlett who all were able to show me division but by using different methods. You can practise your three times tables using this link...



This term in topic we are going to be looking at light and shadows. For our starting lesson we completed a mini-quiz in order to assess what the children already know and identify the gaps in their learning. Well done to all the children for their efforts. We then moved onto exploring what a light source is and where they are in our classroom.


Other Notices

1. We have a learning together afternoon on Thursday 11th January at 2.00pm. Please come along...we are going to be exploring the Stone Age.

2. This week we have sent out a letter regarding a Stone Age workshop. Please send in the two slips and the money either with your child to give to their teacher or to the office.   


Thank you,

Miss Potter heart


Term 2 - Week 6


On Friday of last week we completed a 'cold write' to Flat Stanley. We were trying to persuade him to come and visit Drapers Mills. The children were able to generate lots of great ideas such as celebration assembly, RED TED and our wonderful classroom environment.

They have since had targets set such as:

Use persuasive openers

Use the 4 sentence types (statement, command, question and exclamation)

Use time openers

Use paragraphs

** Each child has a personal target that is unique to them**


Flat Stanley then wrote to us trying to persuade us to visit Spain! He told us so many interesting things about their homes, lifestyle, food and that they have a siesta at 2 o'clock! We then worked in small groups to analyse the different language features we could see. Well done to all the children for their excellent focus and endeavour.


Here you can see us having fun with our learning heart


 We then moved onto learning the best map. We decided that in order for us to be successful with this, the children needed to draw the best map in mixed ability pairs. This was a huge success and we now have a version of the persuasive text created solely by the children frown.




Here you can see our wonderful new text map created by the children.

I am really impressed with how it looks and the team work that the children demonstrated was amazing.

We are now going to learn all the parts and add actions to the images.





We then attempted to use persuasive language with our peers. We have to try and convince them based on a particular subject. An example of this is 'should we have an elephant as a pet?' The children were able to generate lots of ideas about this and give the pros and cons.


Convince me heart

1. Get in a bath of baked beans

2. Let a tiger wear your pyjamas

3. Paint your face blue


Can you think of some reasons why we should or shouldn't do these things?



In maths this week we have been exploring horizontal and vertical lines. This is a new area of learning for the children and they had a great time trying to identify horizontal and vertical lines in our classroom and on the trim trail.


Here you can see pink table exploring our trim trail and identifying the horizontal and vertical lines in our everyday environment.




We then moved onto parallel and perpendicular lines. Well done to the children who were able to identify this in different contexts, particularly in 2D shapes.


I have added a game to your homework section! This is a good game to practise your skills on parallel and perpendicular lines.


As you know our Christmas Nativity is fast approaching and we are really excited to share this with you! As part of our afternoon topic lessons we have been completing rehearsals for the show and sorting costumes. Our Nativity dates are Tuesday 12th and Wednesday the 13th of December.


In addition to this we have Christmas jumper day on Thursday the 14th and our delicious Christmas dinner. On Friday 15th we have the Christmas Fayre. Please come along and show your support, enjoy a cake and visit Father Christmas.


Other Notices

1. Nativity to parents - Tuesday 12th December 2017 at 9.30am.

2. Nativity to parents - Wednesday 13th December 2017 at 1.30pm.

3. Homework is online on Education City.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Potter heart


Term 2 -  week 4

Star of the Week

This week it was very hard to choose because so many of the children had been so well behaved whilst I was away. I heard many great reasons why certain children should be chosen for star of the week and eventually chose Owen. Owen has really improved his handwriting and is now using cursive and is writing at length. This makes such a massive difference to his writing.

heartHere you can see his writing in September and his writing currently heart



In literacy this week we have been looking at inventing our new story. We have chosen a main character, decided where we want them to go and thought about the potential issues that they might face. We have also been thinking about how we could resolve these problems as they occur and how the main character might be feeling at each stage. Well done to everyone for their hard work with the boxing up grid.



Term 2 - Week 3 

Star of the Week

This week our star is Lucia for excellent hard work and determination. As a result of this her handwriting and use of capital letters has greatly improved. Her finger spaces are better and we are now able to read her writing. Keep up the great work. frown



In literacy this week we received a very unusual message from Flat Stanley. This time he didn't send us a postcard but a box full of pizza and a message heart. The message explained to us that he was in Italy. We then researched what he might be doing in that place.


The message asked us if we knew anything about Italy. He also asked us if we preferred this type of communication rather than a post card. We said YES!! cheeky


We then wrote down as many different things that we could think of about Italy. Well done to the children for understanding and knowing some great tourist attractions.


We looked at the amazing 'leaning tower of Pisa' and found some funny pictures which have been created to give illusions. At first the children didn't quite understand that so we created our own illusion instead. frown


We then moved onto the 'innovate' section of our talk for writing session. This is where we keep the same character but change what might happen to him. We then gather lots of ideas from all the children and put this into a boxing up grid. We then used role play to practise retelling the story.


Here you can see the children pretending to be penguins! You can also see Summer pretending to be Stanley when he is freezing cold in Antarctica. A funny picture I couldn't help posting is when another children pretended to be the mummy penguin attacking Stanley. This made everyone laugh. no


After that the children helped Miss Potter a great deal. Each table had a section of the 'boxing up' grid and then worked together as a team to draw the images that linked with the new innovated story. The children had a great time and this helped them to really take ownership of their learning. We then moved onto writing the first 3 sections of our new story. A HUGE well done to all the children for their expanded noun phrases and for adding parts to the story to make it more interesting. Have a go at telling your parents our new story from the best map below. frown



This week in maths we have been looking at measuring. We have been concentrating on cm, m and mm. The children started off by measuring objects accurately around the classroom. They had to identify the correct unit of measure for the object. They also worked on converting cm's in metres.


We then moved onto comparing sets of objects and used our knowledge of more than, less than and equals to. Well done to all the children who were able to identify the correct symbol. After that we had a great time adding measures. WOW that was a fun lesson. The children had to explore this statement 'The total measurement of your fingers is the same length as your arm'. The children could explore this however they wanted and the results were fantastic. 


Some of the children found the statement to be true and some false. They then reasoned with their peers how and why they believe that. They then recorded this in their maths books and justified their thinking. 


After that we explored subtracting measures. Again we gave children the option to solve this however they liked. Some children decided to use their knowledge of jottings, mental strategies, the column method and some children even attempted the bar method! Well done to those children who challenged themselves with the bar method. frown




In topic this week we have been exploring 'working scientifically'. As we are learning about The Mediterranean we have been looking at the similarities and differences with the weather compared to the UK. The children used this rather tricky bar child to help them compare the weather.


We also had two tables acting out the weather forecast in the role of a weather reporter. A huge well done to Lydia who demonstrated fantastic acting skills in this lesson. The information you gave was fantastic so a very big well done to you. frown


Other Notices

1. As of next week we shall be setting up a new Education City account. Children will be issued with their username and passwords again. If you have any questions please ask.

2. The cold weather is approaching. EVERY child MUST come to school with a coat. This is regardless of the weather in the morning. Often the weather changes and the children go out at lunch time. 

3. Reading has taken a bit of a dip! Please encourage your child to read at home. We want to get them raffle tickets! 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Potter heart


Term 2 - Week 2

Star of the Week

Well done to Gaby this week. He has been showing huge amounts of 'endeavour' with his handwriting. His work has now massively improved and we are able to clearly read his wonderful stories. Keep up the great are very close to getting a pen!! frown




In literacy we started off by retelling the best map. The children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing and have really taken into consideration the learning walls around them. This has improved their spellings, layout and punctuation. I am also really pleased to see come children attempting to improve their handwriting and use cursive script. Keep up the great work Chester class.


We then moved onto being able to empathise with a character. The children attempted 'hot seating'. The class asked Stanley some questions and Stanley had to respond and answer. Well done to Freddie for challenging himself and for coming to the front to act out. This is a massive achievement and we are all so very proud of you. You can also see a funny picture of Daniel attempting to be 'flat' frownheart


We also received a new post card from Flat Stanley!! He is currently in Melbourne Australia heart. He told us all about the native animals, the time difference and that he would be asleep when we started reading it! Thank you Stanley, the children love hearing from you! 



This week in maths we have been working on fractions. On the first day we started of by representing fractions using every day objects. We didn't complete any work in our books however we addressed misconceptions, challenged mistakes and reasoned with our learning. This was a wonderful opportunity to see what the children already knew and how we would demonstrate/represent the fractions.



Is the picture below correct?

Look at the fraction.

Can you identify the error?


Miss Potter made lots of mistakes when modelling to the children and they had to explain WHY they knew it was correct or incorrect. The children used the fans to explain their thoughts.



In ICT this week we are looking at editing fonts and text styles. The children are going to be building on this knowledge over the next few weeks in order to make a calendar. As the weeks progress the children will be adding more and eventually they will have a completed calendar to take home.



In PE this week we have been exploring dance in preparation for our Christmas Nativity. The children will the learning a routine which we shall perform in front of parents. Our Christmas song is called 'The Shepard's Hey!'. Watch this space for updates!


The children have been desperate to write a letter to Flat Stanley! First we started off by thanking him for his post cards. We also used this opportunity to ask him some questions of our own and find out if he would like to visit Drapers Mills frown


Other Notices

1. Children have been issued with homework on paragraphs and ninja times tables. Please ensure that this is returned on Wednesday.

2. A huge thank you to the parents who signed up and attended parents evening.  It was wonderful to discuss your child's progress and talk about their next steps. If you remember something that you didn't mention during the meeting then please catch me at the end of the day. 



Have a great weekend,

Miss Potter heart




mailTerm 2- New Learning!mail


We are very excited for next term. We are going to be learning about Flat Stanley and about all of his travels to new places. We are excited to find out where he goes and what he might see and experience in those new places.


On Tuesday we received a letter in the post from Flat Stanley. Inside we found a DVD, a letter and a picture of him. He told us to watch the video of his recent adventures. We then brainstormed our ideas about where we thought he might be and why. We also generated some questions about what we would like to ask him if we could.


Lydia had the pleasure of opening the envelope. She was so very excited that she nearly ripped his head off!! frown


We also received a wonderful postcard from Flat Stanley in Dubai! He really has been travelling around no. The children loved getting the postcard and we have made predictions about where we think he might go next and why. I wonder if we will receive any more? cheeky


We then moved onto learning the best map. This is where the children and the adults create pictures that link with sentences. We had a great time learning the new story and created actions to help us remember.

We also received a letter from Miss Potter from Wales. frown


We are looking forward to moving on with our learning and practise writing the story based on our memory and knowledge of the best map.



In maths we have been looking at decimal numbers. The children have been working hard to explore ordering decimal numbers. At first we looked at a decimal grid and commented on the patterns we could see. We then put this learning into a context and ordered items from smallest to largest.


We then moved onto adding decimal numbers using column addition. The main area which the children found difficult was the layout. Some of the children didn't remember to put the decimal in the same place and therefore found some of the answers hard to retrieve. Well done to all the children who have been working hard to show neat and tidy presentation in their books.



In our geography sessions  we are going to be learning about Mediterranean destinations. There may also be the possibility of trying some Mediterranean foods and learning about the culture.


In Science we are going to be looking at scientific enquiry but will also be looking at the temperatures and making comparisons to England and the Med. We can't wait to showcase our learning. This term is going to be very exciting.  


Other Notices

1. On Monday 6th November is a STAFF INSET day. Children will not be attending school on this day.


Term 1 - Week 7

Star of the Week

This week our star of the week is Bethany . She has been working really hard to improve her spellings and handwriting. As a result of this her work is now unrecognisable and she is making great improvements with her work. Keep up the great work. frown


Prize Winners

Over recent weeks the children have been working exceptionally hard to challenge themselves and show 'endeavour'. When they have shown themselves going above and beyond they received a raffle ticket which went into the jar. Hundreds of raffle tickets had been collected over recent weeks and our two winners are Owen and Summer. Well done for all of your hard work! You truly deserve it heart.



This week in literacy we have been inventing! We have been changing the instructions to something more interesting. We decided that writing instructions on how to catch a seagull wasn't very inventive so we have improved them! They are amazing and Miss Potter is really impressed with the children's hard work.  We have some children writing instructions on how to rescue animals, how to capture hamsters and how to capture a puppy!


Well done to all the children who have used their learning from Monday and applied this in Tuesday's lesson. It was a joy to see you using statements, questions, commands and exclamation sentence types in their writing. Well done Chester class. We then moved onto writing out our new instructions.



This week we have been exploring time. The children have been working really hard to challenge themselves with 5 minute intervals. Some of us managed to achieve this however it is very early days and we shall be revisiting this in future. So don't worry if you didn't manage it this time round.


 We then moved onto exploring the 24 hour clock. The children found it really interesting that the numbers continued when we went past 1 o'clock. They had great fun converting the 24 hour clock to the analogue clock and enjoyed recognising which hour it was from the numbers.



In science this week we had a great time! We have been looking at what happens to the body when we exercise. For this lesson we explored our heart rates when resting, and our breathing before, after and during exercise. We found that these all increased when we exercised and we had a lot of fun doing this! Here you can see a photo of us enjoying our learning. 



Wishing you a lovely break, stay safe and have fun.

Miss Potter heart


Term 1 - Week 6

Star of the Week

This week our star is Owen. He has been working really hard to improve his writing and as a result has made some great progress. He is working really hard to improve his handwriting and is now trying to use cursive script.



This week in literacy we have moved onto Non-Fiction writing. We are going to be writing instructions on how to catch a seagull. For our hook lesson we all tried ham and mustard sandwiches (this has been something they haven't wanted to do for weeks!). Some of the children enjoyed them whilst others weren't so keen. frown We then went outside and attempted to attract some seagulls by feeding them. We told the children that we would try to capture one!


Here you can see our plan worked! We managed to attract the seagulls although we didn't manage to capture one!


We then moved onto drawing our very own text maps for the instructions. We had to generate ideas for each word as a picture. Well done to all the children for their fantastic effort.



This week in Maths we have been looking at data and statistics. At first the children created tally charts. They worked hard to demonstrate the 5 as a cross over (gate) and practised counting in fives. This helped them to recognise the total quickly without making mistakes. 


We then moved onto creating bar charts. We focussed on our favourite foods and created the bar to demonstrate this. Well done to all the children for using a ruler and for not crossing over each bar.

What does the bar chart show us?

Which is the 2nd most popular?


We then moved onto exploring pictograms. We challenged ourselves by identifying the pictures as equivalents to 2 people. We thought about how we would solve this if the number was odd. What would you do? How would you solve this? We decided on drawing half of an eye so that this would represent 1 person instead of two.



In topic this week we have been working on joints and how they move. We then created our very own moving joints by using cardboard, split pins and balloons to show the muscles would work. Well done to all the children! This was a fun and enjoyable lesson . mail


In our geography lesson we discussed whether or not we felt tourists should visit Margate. The children managed to maintain a great discussion with many valid points. They explained that we should let tourists come to our local area because they may want to learn and explore. The children also discussed that by letting them come to Margate they could help us to learn a new language. Other children weren't so convinced and stated that they may litter our streets or they could cause trouble. 


Other Notices

1. A huge thank you to all the children who are completing their homework. This is really making a difference.

2. Children are reading more often and this is also impacting on their levels and fluency with reading. Well done everybody for your continued hard work.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Potter heart 


Term 1 - Week 5

Star of the Week

This week our star of the week is Matus! He has been working really hard to challenge himself and has shown huge amounts of endeavour. Keep up this fantastic attitude towards learning. no



On Monday we started off by writing the opening of our new invented story. In order to be successful with this, we focused on a few key areas. As part of our learning we had to introduce our character using adjectives, describe the setting (their job) and what their wish was. As year are now Year 3 we are currently challenging ourselves to use harder conjunctions so we are moving away from using and/because. Well done to all the children who challenged themselves to use but, then, and when. A huge well done to the children who used inverted commas in their work. no


We then moved onto editing and re-writing our new invented story. It has been a joy to watch the children apply their skills over recent weeks and we are really seeing progress. We are proud of all of the children's success. The hot writes that they recently completed were of a very high standard. frown



On Monday we started off by exploring and naming 2D and 3D shapes. We began by exploring their properties and how we know what they are. We then moved onto making these shapes either by chalk on the playground, string and cones or using straws and tape. 


 Well done to Bethany and Amelia who worked together as a team and created a 3D cube. 



In topic we have been exploring how animal skeletons are similar/different to the human skeleton. The children use language such as movement, posture, protection, exoskeleton and endoskeleton. They explored the skeletons of lots of different animals and made predictions on why they thought it was that animal. An example of this is a frog skeleton. We focused on what the legs looked like and why they were like that. 



This week in Spanish we have been recapping greetings and have now moved onto feelings/emotions. The children played a game of 'Mystery bag' where they would sing a song and then choose an emotion to try and pronounce. Well done Chester class. frown


Other notices

1. Please ensure PE kits are in school everyday.

2. Children are working hard to return their homework so well done everyone!

3. Reading is improving! Please ensure that your child reads every day frown


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Potter heart

Term 1 - Week 4

Star of the week

This week our Star of the week was Jenson. For showing fantastic leadership skills in the classroom. As a result his work has improved and we are proud of his new attitude towards learning. Well done Jenson.



This week in literacy we have been creating and planning our ideas. We have been working hard to develop the known story of 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and start thinking about making improvements. We have since moved away from the story but used the plot and sequence of events as a guide.


Once we had planned our ideas when then discussed and shared these with a partner. This helped us to retell the story and make alterations based on our partner's feedback. frown The children encouraged each other and asked relevant questions about their character, the setting and what the character wished for.



Well done to Freddie and Scarlett who have AGAIN made progress in maths!! They are able to recall multiplication facts with ease at rapid speed! Keep up the great work children. It is really important that children are learning their times tables at home. This makes areas of maths easier for them. frown


This week we explored multiplication and division. The children also worked very hard to show endeavour and challenge within their maths this week. This was great to see the children attempting the hot challenges!



This week in topic we started off by labelling the bones in the body. We listened to songs about naming the bones and really enjoyed singing this. This was quite a heavy lesson with all the different language but the children worked really hard to record this.


For Grandparent's afternoon we attempted to make split-pin skeletons. This was a lot of fun but very fiddly. Well done to everyone for showing endeavour and for the Grandparent's for their continued help and support. frown



In our Geography and History sessions we have been exploring our local area. We have been comparing old and new in our community. We were extremely fortunate to be able to visit the Margate clock tower, The Turner Museum and the Tudor House. The Tudor house was a fantastic opportunity for the children and we even got to look around inside for Free. A huge thank you to the staff who allowed this to happen.


mailJust a few snaps of inside! laugh




Here you can see us taking notes about what the clock tower told us. We also used our recent knowledge of map work to try and locate some popular attractions in Margate town.


A huge well done to the children on their attitude, behaviour and learning when out in the local community. Also a very big well done to the staff and organisation of the trip. Without your help and a support this wouldn't have been a success. heart


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Potter.


Term 1 - Week  3

Star of the Week 

This week our star is Summer. Summer has been working really hard in both Spanish and Literacy. As a result her knowledge of these subjects is still growing and we are very proud of her enjoyment for learning. Keep up the great work Summer! indecision



This week we have one successful ninja winner and that is Daniel! Daniel has been working really hard over recent weeks and have continued to show endeavour despite being unsuccessful. I am pleased to say that this week his hard work and positive attitude has paid off and he now is a white ninja!



In literacy this week we started off by exploring using inverted commas. In the starter we practised our Kung-Fu punctuation and the words that we use to accompany these. Well done to all the children who focussed and participated during this part, it was great fun to see. We then moved onto how and why inverted commas are used. The children had a great time by thinking about what Mr Grinling, Hamish and the seagulls may have been saying. They then worked hard to record this in their books. 


We then moved onto the innovation stage where we changed an element of the story. The children had lots of great ideas but we decided to change the creature from the story. We thought about crabs trying to steal Mr Grinling's lunch and how he would feel about this. We then worked in small groups to act out scenarios of what could happen and how the character would feel/react. We also used our knowledge of inverted commas to discuss what the crabs might have been saying to each other.


We then moved onto innovating the best map. We continued with our idea of the crab stealing the lunch from Mr Grinling. The children then helped retell the story using actions but changing the images. We also discussed the language choices we would make because crabs wouldn't swoop or plunge. no



In maths we started off by exploring numbers to 1000. Our task was to be able to read and write numbers to 1000 or match the correct numeral to the word. The children worked hard to apply their phonic knowledge and understanding of the digits within the two or three digit numbers. A HUGE well done to pink table who worked independently with this task. frown


In the next session of maths we worked on adding three-digit numbers. This was a fantastic lesson which challenged the children to work mentally rather than relying on drawing/using jottings. They used colour coding to help them see the relationship between the hundreds, tens and ones.


In maths we then moved onto exploring subtraction using a written method! Well done to all the children who challenged themselves with their learning and the way in which they solved the calculations.



The children LOVED sciene this week! We explored the digestive system and how it all works. We discussed each stage of the digestive system and the children found this hilarious to find out what happens to the food once it is no longer needed and has passed though the intestines. They had a lot of giggles around this discussion surprise. We had a great demonstration of this by discussing how food breaks down in the stomach due to acid. We used a sealed bag, crackers and fresh orange juice. The children saw how quickly the acid broke down the food and found this very interesting. 


The children then created a cycle and ordered the main parts of the digestive system. Well done Chester class. indecision


Look at Scarlett's amazing work. She has managed to label the main organs in the digestive system and even write something about how and why they are needed. Here you can also see Miss Potter using a pair of tights and a sock to show how food moves through the intestines until it makes its way out the other end. The children also thought that this was hilarious devil.



In our ICT session this week we have been looking at coding! The children found this quite tricky to understand at first however we used a website to help us. The children showed endeavour and reasoned with their peers by correcting their errors. Coding is giving instructions via programming, e.g. telling a character how to move and what to do. You can continue to develop your skills of decoding by playing this game online. 


Here you can see Daniel thinking about how to correct his mistake. You can also see Kennie, Gabriel and Bethany who completed many levels and received a certificate. Champion coders! nomail



This week in Spanish Miss Lamb came to visit us again! We had an amazing time learning some basic greetings. We are now able to say hello, good-bye, good morning, good afternoon and good night. Well done to all the children for their contribution to this session. We then played a game of duck, duck goose! we had to gently tap someone on the head and say a greeting in Spanish E.g. "Hola!". 


Here you can see Cherry chasing Miss Potter after she said "buenos dias!" which means good morning. frown

Here is also another song for you to practise these greetings at home. 


Other Notices

1. On Tuesday 26th children will be experiencing European day of languages. We will be exploring Ireland.

2. Thursday 28th is Grandparents afternoon. This is from 2.00pm till 3.00pm. This is also National Poetry Day, so the children will be immersed in some wonderful texts.

3. On Friday 29th we shall be holding the Macmillan coffee event. Please pop in and show your support by purchasing a cake or two!

4. Homework this week is spellings, reading and ninja maths times tables.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Potter heart


Term 1 - Week 2

Star of the Week

This week our star is Fabricio. He has been working really hard to demonstrate all of our Core Values and has returned to school with a positive attitude to learning.



Well done to Bethany and Lucy who are new ninjas this week. Fantastic endeavour... done girls! They are now moving onto the next stage. You can join them too! frown Also a big well done to Freddie and Gaby who also made progress again. 



This week in literacy we have been focussing on retelling the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. The children have been working extremely hard to retell the story orally and then use some actions for the key words. This has worked wonders and as a result, the children are more fluent and secure with the story.



This week in maths we have been working on ten more and ten less. The children were able to find ten more and ten less of three-digit numbers! Well done Chester Class. They also used their knowledge of the symbols - more/less (Charlie Crocodile) to identify the larger numbers.


We then moved onto ordering numbers to 1000. This is an area which the children have really felt challenged this week. They had the challenge or order two-digit and three-digit numbers. In their books they have worked solidly to show clear jottings, neat presentation and great behaviour for learning. Miss Potter is very proud of the hard-work and determination you are showing. no



This week in topic we have been exploring our local area. We started off on google maps and used this to help navigate to our home town. We discussed our local area and used the language 'old' and 'new' when describing its history. A huge well done to Jenson who has a fantastic understanding of his local area and explained this to his peers. 



Now that we are in Year 3 we get to learn all about languages! We are very fortunate to have a fluent speaking member of staff at Drapers Mills called Miss Lamb. Miss Lamb is going to be visiting us every Monday to help us learn some new Spanish vocabulary. This week we learnt the numbers one to ten. We played a game of circle time and when the number was called we had to swap the circle with that person. 


Here is the link to one of the songs. I have put this on here because I'm sure your parents would love to hear it! frown


Roald Dahl Day

What a brilliant day! We had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters from his well loved stories. Can you guess who we are? In the afternoon we then looked at one of his classic stories called 'James and the Giant Peach'. We thought about how wonderful it would be if the peach could take us somewhere new. We then put these on postcards and wrote about the adventures we would have. mail



Other Notices

1. All children must have their PE kit in school at all times. Miss Potter will be contacting parents regarding this.

2. Next week we are hoping to get out into the local community and explore our local area. All children must have their walking slips back in order to be released from the school site. If you need a spare copy, please speak with Miss Potter.

3. The children have homework on spellings, maths homework and daily reading this week. Please ensure that these are completed as we are tracking who is returning this. Detentions will be given if homework isn't returned by Wednesday.

4. Thank you to all the parents for their support with the Roald Dahl day. It was lovely to see some of the children dressed as their favourite characters from his much loved stories.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Potter heart


Term 1 -  week 1

Welcome back everyone! We are now in Year 3 and can't wait to get started. Our topic this term is based around the popular story called 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. This means that our learning environments have been inspired by the images and text within the book and if we do say so...the classroom looks AMAZING! frown On that note I would like to say a huge thank you to the children who completed the topic learning and created their own model of a lighthouse. These have made a wonderful display in our classroom. 



This week in literacy we started off with a 'cold write'. In this unit we wanted to see how the children would describe things that they would see at the beach. The children worked really hard to write without any major input and here are the main targets.


1. To use capital letters and fulls stops accurately.

2. To use adjectives to describe nouns.

3. To use conjunctions to expand.


We then moved onto making links based on the objects/evidence that we already have. The children had a net, jacket, basket and pair of wellington boots. We had a great discussion about where these would be used and who they may have belonged to. The children gathered their information on flip chart paper with their peers. 


 We then discussed our thoughts and ideas with the class giving reasons why we thought that. 

Here you can see some of the work on our current learning wall and our amazing ideas. Some of the children believed that the objects could belong to a mermaid or a family who would use them on a beach. 


In our next session we focused our attention on  learning part of the story. This was a fantastic session where the children worked hard to generate actions that linked with the words in the story. They then worked with a partner to show this to the rest of the class. Well done to all the children for showing collaboration in their learning.  



This week in maths we have started with a BANG! on Tuesday we started off by understanding the place value of three digit numbers. The children worked really hard to read, represent and draw these within their maths books. The children challenged themselves with this area of learning because this was their first encounter with three-digit numbers. 


We then moved onto adding three digit numbers. This was a fantastic learning opportunity for the children and I was extremely impressed with how quickly they applied their knowledge and understanding. I was also really impressed with the children's knowledge of 'addition' language, they used the classroom environment to gather their ideas and this was amazing to see. 


We then moved onto subtraction of three digit numbers. The children grasped this extremely quickly! Well done Chester class. frown Also this week we have been looking at our knowledge and understanding of our times tables. 


Well done to Scarlet, Freddie, Alfie, Gaby and Matus who have also made progress this week with their times tables! You can earn your ninja band by learning your times tables. Children have the opportunity to complete the test twice a week. Who will be next?



This week in topic we started off by exploring healthy eating. The children had great fun by discussing what a healthy diet looked like and the many reasons why it is important to eat healthily. We also discussed how people could feel when they don't eat healthily. Well done to the children for being honest and for contributing to the discussions. We now have a wonderful display in the classroom. 




Other Notices

1. Don't forget Roald Dahl Day on Wednesday. Children can dress up as a character from his well-known stories for a £1 donation.

2. Children have maths homework and reading this week. Please ensure this is returned as it is being monitored. Children who do not complete homework by Tuesday will lose some of their play time. If you need spare copy then please ask Miss Potter.

3. Children MUST have their PE kit in school at all times. Please ensure your child has on by Monday next week. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Potter heart