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Image result for cardiff university logo Welcome to Cardiff University

Teacher: Mrs E Taylor 

TA: Mrs T Rowe






Healthy eating activity.

We have made delicious fruit kebabs. We have learnt why it is important to eat fruits. What is your favourite fruit?








Learning to do origami

Traditional games


Learning words in Japanese: Hello Thank you  Good bye


Calligraphy and Japanese writing.


We had so much fun! Thank you to Miss Lamb and Mrs Urban for organising this workshop!







































SUPERTATO to the RESCUE! The Evil Pea is on the loose. Who can help this vegetables in distress?






Our story map!


Learning about capacity and mass. Which container took less time and why? Spoon? Cup? Jug?

We can read scales!





We are learning number bonds to 20!





Term 4.

We have found the Bog Baby in our pond area.

In Literacy we have read the story called "The Bog Baby". We drew maps to remember the story and recorded imitations of the original text.



We have changed the main character into a beautiful rainbow mermaid.


In Topic we have created a moving picture of the Bog Baby in a jar.

We have also explored different materials suitable for the Bog Baby's home.



We have decided that the best material to use was glass because it was strong, clear and tough.


In Maths we are practising to partition numbers into tens and units.





We have learnt to identify pairs by counting animals legs and objects. We are getting very good at counting in 10s and 2s. Well done!








Week 3 and 4.

We have been learning about light and dark this term. In Art children tried to create a dark space using materials of their choice




We had fun creating a bag for a mouse in DT. Parents came to help. Thank you!


In Maths we have been learning about turns. Half turn to the left! Quarter turn to the right! Where will I be facing now?





After that we had a go at finding 2D and 3D shapes in the environment.




Cone   and a cylinder.


We practised sorting shapes by properties.

In Literacy we are working on writing a recount. We visited 4 places in school and then we made a non-fiction writing piece using past tense and time openers. 

First, we went to the pond area.


Then we spotted the Windmill.

After that we visited the library.



Finally, we played on KS2 playground.




Week 2.

In Literacy we have been innovating "The Gruffalo" story.

This time the mouse found herself in the snowy mountains. She was invited for a fish soup by polar bear and visited wolf cubs in their cave. The evil Snow Queen tried to put a spell on her but the clever mouse escaped again. Children were working hard to record their new story.

Where is the mouse going? What is a "setting"? What adjectives can we use for our new characters?


In Maths we are working hard to find a "half" and a "quarter" of a shape and a number. We have practised folding shapes to find 1/2 and 1/4.



How many different ways can you fold a square to find a half?

We have practised to halve numbers. Can we find two equal parts for every number?


What number did Frankie quarter? How would you find out?




Welcome to Term3 in Cardiff Class.

Today we have visited a café "The Gruffalo's grub". On the menu we had roasted fox and scrambled snake. We thought it was fantastic, delicious and a bit disgusting. Owl ice-cream with crunchy eyeballs was very popular! Gruffalo himself came for our grand opening!



Roasted fox anyone? Would you like to try our starter? It's Scrambled snake!    


Delicious! Fantastic! Amazing! Disgusting! Horrible! Awful!











Week 5,6,7

It's been a long and hard term! Many children have earned their Red Teds and many are very close!


In Literacy we have learnt a rhyming story "Giraffes can't dance" and practised a rhyming string.


"Gerald was a tall giraffe".


We have made African hats using patterns and feathers.





We had our Nativity performance. Children were AMAZING! Great work! We were angels in a story of "Little Angel gets his wings".





In Maths we have practised partitioning. What is number 23 made of? How many 10s are in it? How many ones (units)?



We have also been learning how to tell time.




We are also practising our Maths reasoning skills every day by playing "Guess my number game". Have a go!

I am thinking of a number which has 4 tens and 2 units. Do you know what it is? ______?

I am thinking of a number which is a sum of 5 and 7.  _____?

My number is a difference between 10 and 4. ______?

My number is smaller than 10 but bigger than 6 and it is an even number. _______?

If I count in 5s I will say it after 20. ______?






Week 3 and 4.

In Maths we have been practising how to count in steps of 2. We explored how many 2s can fit in a number.


"9 groups of two in 18" - said Mason B.            "14 has 7 twos" - said Emma.

We practised our reasoning skills: how many groups of 2 can you fit in these shapes? The boys first did it in 2D mode and then improved it by going up and making towers of two. Then they recorded it and found the biggest number.

In week 4 we are going to look at money. We have discussed why it was important to be able to count money and gave very mature reasoning answers. We will practise making amounts and getting change.



Ty could  buy some juice using his knowledge of counting in 2s. "I need 7 2p coins to make 14p"


We have practised making different amounts using different coins.

Daniel was a wiz recognising all the coins correctly!

What can Daniel buy with his 5 p?

In Literacy we will be learning a rhyming story about a giraffe who could not dance. It is a wishing story and we have been thinking about our wishes. Here are some examples:

" I wish I was a dragon, but I can't fly" - Ryan

" I wish I could be a princess but I have no magic wand to get me out of a tower." - Bahaar.

" I wish I could be an astronaut but I am too small" - Chaise.

" I wish I could be a scientist but adults don't let me experiment" - Mason B.

" I wish I could be a racing driver but I  don't know how to drive yet" - Maison F.

" I wish I could be a knight but I have no horse." - Joshua.

Welcome to Term2.

This week we have started learning about elephants as we are exploring non-fiction writing. Children were very excited to find their classrooms "visited" by African elephants on Monday. Who makes all these noises? Who broke those brunches? Who knocked all the chairs and left those footprints?

We have practised asking questions about elephants: What do they eat? Are they mammals? How do we know that? Can they swim? What are their babies called? Why do they need long trunks? How do they talk to each other? What brilliant questions we came up with!!!


In Topic we are learning about carnivores and herbivores. What are elephants? Are they herbivores? Can you name any carnivores? What are humans?

Also this week we are learning about animals conservation, having moral discussions about protecting animals. In History we are talking about Dian Fossey who was protecting gorillas in Africa.


In Maths we have been practising number bonds to 10.

Well done to Reggy our first winner of a white Mini Ninja Maths Badge. He could do those tricky number bonds sentences in 4 minutes!!!




We are also practising subtraction this week.






Cardiff Family of Meerkats. "We play together, we learn together, we eat together!"



Week 6. 

This week in Literacy we have been learning about discussion.

What is an opinion and what is a fact? What is real and what is not? We have learnt some real facts about meerkats and tried to come up with really silly sentences to show the difference: "Mrs Taylor thinks that meerkats can fly but Amelia thinks they can run and dig".

That was funny! We have sorted pictures and sentences into "True and False".


In Maths we have practised measuring using non-standard units and rulers. We have found out who was the tallest and shortest in our class.

Are you shorter than a giraffe but taller than a cat?  How many feet is Frankie?



"This stick is 12 cubes long."

Those tricky rulers! Remember to start with zero!


 THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping your children with their home learning project! Here are your amazing houses for Sunny!


















Week 5.   

"We're going on a shape hunt! We're going to find..." a circle, a pentagon and a hexagon.


Circle!                                                                 Square and an oval!

  How many squares can you see? (Tricky!)


Can you find a shape with 3 sides? Can you find a shape with 5 sides? What is it called?


Topic. We have learnt about features of a house. We have looked at different types of houses. The most fun we had when building an African hut for Sunny the Meerkat using clay and sticks.







Week 3 and 4.

In Literacy we are were practising to say, order and write days of the week. Many of us can explain why we use capital letters for them.


We could make and read sentences with the days of the week and match own pictures of events to the correct day.


                                                         "On Sunday Sunny had itchy feet".

We have visited Sunny's home in Kalahari desert - our Meerkat Palace.



This week we have innovated our story. It means we have changed parts of a story. Sunny went to visit France this time. We have tried some French cheeses and breads and have written about his adventures.

Sunny was writing a postcard for us so we looked at the features of a postcard in class and created our own ones.


  What did you notice?  Stamp!  Message! What's an address? Why do we need it? 




In Maths we are practising additions.






                    Great work! Lots of FUN!                                            



Week 1 and 2

Well done to all the children trying their hardest to settle in class. We had some brilliant learning moments during these two weeks.



In Literacy we have practised asking and answering questions and segmenting words for writing. We have found a suitcase and inside there were some items. We speculated who it belonged to and where this person might be going. We were very good at explaining our ideas. 





"It is a boy because it has trousers and he is small."  (said Chaise) " He is going around the world because he has a map" (said Mason-James). "He is going swimming because he has things for the beach" (said Amelia)


We have made a list of the items. Well done! Great writing!





This week we have introduced Sunny the Meerkat from our story. It was his suitcase and he is going on a journey. We have practised actions to remember sentences from the beginning of the story.


"Sunny has a LARGE family."


In Maths we are practising counting accurately to 20 and back.














Roald Dahl Day - 13.09.17

We  all enjoyed the story of "The Enormous Crocodile". Thank you for your donations. Great costumes!