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CARDIFF Mrs Taylor




Teacher Mrs E Taylor

HLTA Ms T Brandon


Welcome to Cardiff Class! We have had a great start this year! I am so excited to help your children learn and play! If you have any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to ask me after school. We are going to be an amazing team!




What a wonderful exciting trip we had to Leeds Castle! Please see pictures in Year 1 section of this page.

Week 3 and 4.

We have been looking at money in Maths. We have learnt what coins we use in England and practised making amounts under one pound.





Then we have looked at coins' value and practised finding change.




In Literacy we have also had an amazing opportunity to create our own stories for a competition. Well done to Daisy and Mia for the best stories!






Week 2. Phonics screening. Well done Cardiff Class and the rest of Year 1. We have a passing score of 32 words out of 40. This year 69% of all children passed their Phonics! Impressive results!

Welcome to Term 5.    Week1.

Our story this term is "Oliver's vegetables".

We have planted some beans.




We have looked at different vegetables.

"What is this? It's a leek. Is it sweet?"     "Is this potato? No, it is a turnip."


Painting carrots with feet!? Fun!


Selling vegetables.



Last week of term. Trip to Dane Park












Week 4

In Literacy we have been inventing a new moral story. We have created a new character Enrico who is a Bog Baby's cousin and he lives in a rainforest in Amazonia. He is bigger, stronger and more colourful. We have compared our Bluebell Woods to Enrico's habitat. We looked at Enrico's neighbours too.

Here are some amazing mind maps about rainforest.



Giraffes can't live in a rainforest. Why?



"But Enrico is sad because he has to move." We have discussed a moral problem of deforestation by humans. Now we are looking forward to reading everyone's stories. What can Enrico do? How can we help



Well done to children  who practised writing numbers in words this week!





 and especially Ronnie who spelled it all correctly!!!



Week 2 Term5 was so much fun!

We went on a nature hunt. We found different plants and trees. We started learning about seasons.

We looked closely at the shapes of the leaves, blossoms and parts of the trees.



We have also made our own pond in class. 

This is our book area.




In Maths we have practised 1 more/1 less than a given two digit number. We are very proud of children who have learnt how to cross from one ten to another!





Welcome to Term 5.


We are learning about seasons of the year this term and talking about pond habitat. Our story this term is a wonderful book by Jeanne Willis "The Bog Baby". We went to our school pond and found a Bog Baby. Most of the children wanted to catch him so we put him in jar and took him to our class.






In Literacy we have created a story map and made up the actions to remember the story.






Here is some of our writing work:


Well done to Muserref, Nikolas and Daisy for drawing their own maps of a story!



In Maths we have learnt about the properties of 3D shapes.

Naming the shapes.                                             Finding edges.


Counting vertices.  Counting faces.


Pyjamas Day  in Cardiff



We are learning about positional language.


We read and followed instructions with prepositions and we have found the treasure!


We had to count steps and go forward and backwards. We had to say "hello" to the gate in Spanish.


Squeezing between  and walking around.


Saying nice things to the wall using adjectives and going under invisible bridge.

FOUND IT! What is it? "Car", "bicycle", "sweets", "gold". Why cant it be the car? Provided good reasons!.



Week  2 and 3.

We had a lot of exciting activities in school. We had a visit from Japanese students-teachers. They helped us to learn greetings in Japanese and counting. We enjoyed origami.



The book day was fantastic! Thank you for your donations and dressing up efforts! We shared our favourite stories and had a visit from Pippi Longstocking.



We have practised identifying verbs, nouns and adjectives in Literacy while writing our own poems.


Elijah's poem:

A batman

A metal Batman

A metal Batman flying and fighting

Batman! You are cool!


Daisy's poem:

A monster

A fluffy monster

A fluffy monster is yellow

I am scared of a fluffy smelly monster!



Natasha's poem:

A Super Girl

A strong Super Girl

Strong clever Super Girl flying.


Hunting for nouns and verbs.



In Maths we have practised giving instructions and learning prepositions.

 The chair is between the toys.                    The toys are above the chair.




Welcome to Term4 in Cardiff Class!

This term in Literacy we will learn about POETRY!  The children will learn and create poems. We looked at non-rhyming poems by Michael Rosen and tried successfully create our own sentences with adjectives.


Image result for images of michael rosen fridge






A pot of gold

A hot pot of gold

A fiery hot pot of gold

I hid it!

(by Daisy and Logan)


A shoe

A dirty shoe

A rotten dirty shoe

Unbelievably worn out shoe!

(by Ronnie and Egge)

Here is  our alien poem we will record and innovate.


Green alien

green alien standing

Green alien standing and looking

Green alien standing and looking at me





In Maths we will be practising partitioning of two digits numbers. We will also look at number bonds again.

 Tens and Units!   


We can make and record two digit numbers using tens and units.






5 tens and 7 units is 57!

 I have 5 ten. It's 50!













The aliens have landed!






Well done to Daisy our Star of the week for always making the right choices and for being a great role model!


Our Young Interpreters: Elliot and Rohan! Great leadership skills!

Another fun week in our class!

The star of the week is Kyle for his improved learning in all subjects! Faster writer, good counter! Well done!


In Literacy we had fun recording and practising commands!





In Maths we have been sharing quantities equally.


We have introduced reasoning in each lesson. One of the question was:

"Can you share a pizza in three equal parts?" Lot's of thinking and trying! Daisy did it at the end! Super star!



On Friday we shared "5 a day" equally. Yum!


What is the easiest thing to share and why?






 "We can cut across and make halves!" (Sofia)

" Or we can cut small pieces and then count and share!" (Mia)  Good reasoning!


We had a visit from parents. They helped us to build our spaceships. Great work!


















In Maths we have been looking at British coins and trying to make amounts counting in steps of 2s,5s and 10s.




  Can you make £2.40?                                            What if you use 5 2p coins in a row?

                                                                             How many rows  do you need to make 60p?




In Literacy we have practised re-telling Beegu's story with actions.

" She thought she heard her Mother calling, but it wasn't her."

"Beegu wasn't supposed to be here. She was lost."

" She thought she found a perfect place."






Welcome to Term3!

What an exciting first day we have had!

On our return to the classroom we have found some strange purple sand everywhere and some weird alien noises. We started our investigation and discovered the video massage from Ms Evans, who was pleading for help, having being kidnapped by some strange creature. We were detectives on a case! Turned out that not only our classroom had evidence of alien presence.



There was some green slimy goo in Brighton class and mud in Cambridge class. We followed the clues.


Purple sand! Giant green footprints! Who could it be? What would they look like?

Then... we have found this!!!!

A crashed UFO!

We have found Ms Evans eventually. The pictures of aliens helped Mr Manclark locate her.


Children are buzzing with excitement and are keen to take part in creating their classroom environment.

Reading corner and space crafts made by Cardiff class.










Week 5

Thank you to all the parents who helped their children to make amazing bear projects.


We have also made some bear caves in class:



In Maths

we have investigated combinations of 2 and 3 colours. We have tried to learn how many ways we can find to make these combinations: red-green-yellow, red-yellow-green... Children came up with a logical method to count all combinations: keep the first one the same, swap others.


Well done, Einsteins!  








In Science we have learned that shadows are made by blocking a source of light.








Week 3. Today we have created a chair for our Harry the Bear. We have measured and planned, we have cut and taped, we have tested and improved. What a fantastic team work!  (DT, PSHE, Maths, Literacy, Art)

"First we've made a frame".


"Then we rolled papers to make seat."


  "We can use rope (string) to make it stronger" - suggested boys.




Here's our chair! Well done TEAM!


 Will it  hold our bear?


What can we do now?

"Let's paint it!" - we shouted!





WEEK2. Term2.

Star of the week is Mia. Well done for settling well and demonstrating fantastic learning behaviour!


In Maths this week we have learnt how to use a ruler to measure accurately.







‚ÄčIn Literacy we have started Talk for Writing. We have used a text map and created actions for sentences.


"Bears have a large brain and are intelligent."

"Bears are powerful mammals that can stand 8 feet tall. They have  large bodies, long snouts, shaggy fur and  short tails."



Reading with Harry. Children are looking at non-fiction texts.



Welcome to TERM2 in Cardiff class.


This week we have welcomed a new girl Mia who is very friendly and clever and settled very well.

As usual we have been having lots of fun learning.

Next week we have parents evening  Please return your slips ASAP so we can find you suitable time.


In Maths we have started on number bonds to 10.  


We had two teddies who had 10 sweets and children practised making 10 using "number friends": 2 and 8, 3 and 7, 4 and 6.





There are lots of songs about number bonds on You Tube so children can practise at home too.


In Literacy we have started learning about non-fiction texts. We are very excited to learn about bears. We have looked at facts about Brown Bear and practised recording questions using correct punctuation.







That is what we have learnt so far:



Look at our fantastic art!      


We have a black bear living in our reading cave. Children named him Harry and we all love reading to him.




Week 5

This week we have welcomed three new girls: Anna-Maria, Victoria and Muserref. Thank you to all the children in our class for their kindness and friendliness helping new girls to settle. Harrison was the star of last week for this reason. So helpful! We are so proud of you!

Welcome back to Kyle who can walk now! Such a brave boy!


In Maths this week we have been learning about "teen" numbers. We practised making numbers with objects, counting and partitioning. We have also practised recording additions. Here are some amazing examples!










We are becoming better readers and writers! Look at our great work!


   Riley was the star of this week for writing!


Alex went on a star for writing two sentences.


Cassius earned a sticker for writing a sentence neatly. He has shown great patience!



Well done writers and readers!



This week we have visited TESCO! What an exciting trip it was! Freezer was our favourite place. Heads of cheese and smelly fish!    







Week 4.

Happy Birthday to Ronnie! We had a lot of fun this week!

On Monday we have celebrated A Day of European Languages. We have learnt about Spain. We have tasted some oranges, olives and peppers. Yum! We have danced Flamenko and looked at tradition of Corrida!



In Maths we have practised ordinal numbers.









Term 1 Week 3.


Ms Brandon and I would like to say a big thank you to all the children for their great behaviour and amazing learning! You have worked so hard! We are very proud of you!


We had so much fun this week! In Literacy we have been practising our story. Great acting from Jacob as an owl, Riley as a Gruffalo and Elijah as a fox!







In Topic we have designed and started making bags, using materials in the classroom.



Well Done to Logan C. for making "bumbag"to "keep things safe"!



In Maths we have looked at flat and solid shapes. We all enjoyed shape hunt around our school.


We have found squares and circles.


We have spotted a semi-circle and a hexagon.


We could name cylinder, cone and cube.




In Maths we have been practising counting accurately with one to one correspondence. Well done for using own strategies to count objects!








Well done to all the children for making right choices and enjoying their learning!


On Tuesday we celebrated Roald Dahl Day by dressing up and talking about our favourite story "Charlie and the chocolate factory". We have tasted different kinds of chocolates: white, milk, dark, salty and spicy. We have learnt that chocolate grows on trees in hot countries of South America. We had fun! What a tasty afternoon!







In Literacy we have visited "Gruffalo's Diner" on Monday. We had menus to read and orders to write. We have tasted roasted fox and scrambled snake. Our favourite was owl ice-cream!






"Delicious! Yummy! Revolting! Disgusting! Tasty!" - were our adjectives. Great fun!