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Teachers: Ms Barrett & Ms Bichard - Teaching Assistant: Mrs Parsons

Welcome to our Canterbury Christ Church University class page.


I am really pleased that I will be teaching this wonderful class for a second year. We have a fun year ahead with lots of challenging work planned. Please look at this web page regularly to keep up to date with all the learning taking place along with class information and lots of photos.


Thank you for all your support.


Ms Barrett


In science we made boats then tested if they floated or sank

Just Dance 2 - Dagomba

We have been exploring African dancing. This type of dancing is very energetic. Try to copy this dance.

How to use arrays to multiply | Maths - A World Without Maths

Hook Lesson - Weather Based Science Experiments

In literacy we are using the book 'Lila and the Secret of the Rain' as a stimulus for our 'wishing' story theme.

The story is about a young girl who wishes for rain as there is a drought in her village.

The book is set in Africa and we will be basing our topic around this interesting continent.

The Needs of a Plant (song for kids about 5 things plants need to live)

In science we have been carrying out plant investigations.

Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10)- [a place value song for kids]

In maths we have been exploring place value which has really helped us when completing our maths SATs.

Cartoons for ChildrenšŸ˜ƒAbout Conjunctions

We have been using conjunctions to extend and join our sentences.

We have a hamster!

We decorated sweet biscuits for our Hansel & Gretel themed hook lesson.

In history we have been learning what school life was like 100 years ago. We learned interesting facts about the history of our school before exploring it. Did you know there is an old air raid shelter on site? Did you know that it used to be a boys college? We were amazed to discover that they found ruins of a Roman villa when they began building work.

What do you think school life was like 100 years ago?

Our Reading Area - Hansel & Gretel

Hansel and Gretel Story

We will be using this traditional story as a plan for our 'Non-Fiction - Recount' writing.

Science Week 2018 Water Bottle Rockets

World Book Day 2018 Green Screen

Outer Space: "A Beautiful, Beautiful World," The Earth Song by StoryBots

We have been enjoying singing along to these planet songs which include many facts.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley



Patrik's attendance has improved a great deal this term and this has had a good impact on his contribution and behaviour for learning.

Keep it up Patrik!no

Another Red Ted Winner!

In science we explored the materials our school is made from.

In maths we had an estimation lesson. We used strategies to make realistic estimations and not just 'guesses'.

Can you 'estimate' how many smarties there are?

Our Literacy Hook Lesson - We Followed Alien Clues Around School

 Happy New Year! - 2018

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely break and are ready for another term of learning.

We have lots of engaging lessons planned for you this term around the theme of 'Superheroes'.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley



Shanel is a trusted member of the class who has impressed other staff members with her ability to complete tasks and follow behaviour expectations. Well

7 Continents Song for Children

We collected information on the 7 continents and 5 Oceans.

Exploring the 7 continents around school.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley



Finley produced a great piece of independent writing and has made noticeable improvements in both writing and reading. Well done

The Color Song: A Funny Song

Our book for non-fiction is 'The Day the Crayons Quit. We sung along to this annoyingly catchy song.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley



Vlad's behaviour for learning has suddenly improved and we have noticed an improvement in all core subjects. Well done Vlad, we are very pleased with the progress you are

In DT we made healthy sandwiches.

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Kyra continues to impress us all across all subject areas. She can be trusted to get on with tasks, always completes great pieces of work and demonstrated great stamina in PE.smiley

We watched a funny 'Jack and the Beanstalk' performance.

Our text this term is Superkid. We have been focusing on the portal element and looking at the rhyming words within the text.

Phonics (Rhyming Words)

Look at these rhyming words (American spellings).

Tallying Song

We have been exploring tally charts and pictograms for our maths 'statistics' topic.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley



Luca has started the new year with a positive attitude. He has been demonstrating respect to both adults and peers and has wonderful manners. Keep this up Luca!  nono

Our Superhero Environment

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Jayden has always been fantastic at mental maths and now he is able to share his calculations using jottings and reasoning. This was achieved through a lot of determination.  nono

More Red Ted Winners! Congratulations!

smileyStars of the Weeksmiley

Alex & David


Canterbury Class were recently joined by Alex and David. Both boys have settled in well to the rules and routines at our school. nono

In maths we have been exploring multiplication. Some of us used practical resources to create equal groups. We also used raisins, sharing them equally with the group before we got to eat them.

In literacy we are looking at 'instructions' for our non-fiction text.

We read and followed instructions to make the wreath below. We are focusing on using the correct instructional vocabulary; first, next, then, after, before that, following this, last of all & finally. 

Look at some of the bedroom door signs we made using a mouldable material.

Well done on winning this Pudsey bear!

smileyStar of the Week smiley



Mateo has impressed us all with his determination to improve his reading both at home and in school. He writes a comment in his reading book every night and is now accessing age appropriate books.

Well done Mateo. 

We explored and described settings in literacy.


In maths we have been exploring money. We have identified different coins and notes along with their value.

Have a look at EducationCity to do some money activities linked to our learning of 'combining coins'.

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Bailey demonstrates enjoyment in all areas of learning and is a pleasure to have in the class.

He has really enjoyed learning the songs and dance for our nativity.



In literacy we have been inventing our own stories. I have been really impressed with the individual and creative stories produced.

Play the Red Riding Hood song below and answer these questions:


Who is the main character and what is the main setting?


What is the character warned not to do?


Does the character follow the warning?


Who is the bad character and what do they want? What do they do?


How does the main character get out of the situation?


How does the story end?


What is the moral of this story?

Little Red Riding Hood - Debbie and Friends

Answer the questions above.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley


Endeavour & Enjoyment

Samuel has had a recent change in attitude towards being in a writing focus group. This positive attitude has resulted in Samuel producing good pieces of writing and he is now enjoying his work. Keep it up!

In science we explored the origin of different fruits. Then we tasted them.

HANDA'S SURPRISE - Picture Book- Animation

Handa puts seven delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend, Akeyo. But as she walks, carrying the basket on her head, various creatures steal her fruits. A monkey takes the banana, an ostrich the guava, a zebra the orange, an elephant the mango, a giraffe the pineapple, an antelope the avocado and a parrot the passion fruit.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley



 We were very impressed with Isabelle's 'warning' story cold write. She produced a superb piece of writing which included so many elements of great writing.

Our Wonderful Homework Projects

We made clay dragons

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We are all very impressed with Shanel's determination and endeavour. She will often continue her learning at home and teach herself how to do things by following video tutorials.

Our Visit from Pete the Dinosaur & Friends

Here are our 'Cup Song' winners!

The Easiest Cup Song Tutorial

In Music we have been following a beat, exploring sounds and doing 'the cup song'. Have a go at home!

Stomp Live - Part 5 - Dishwashers are crazy.

We watched parts of Stomp before trying to make music using classroom objects.

In P.E we have been using the apparatus.

smileyStar of the Weeksmiley



For showing endeavour by completing her work tasks every day this week and challenging herself to improve in all lessons.

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Vanesa demonstrates enjoyment in all lessons and it is wonderful to see her enthusiastic attitude and hard work in all lessons. 

In science we explored the microhabitats found in our pond area.

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid)

In maths we have been naming and describing 3D shapes.

Intro to Symmetry: All About Symmetry for Kids

In maths we have finding the line of symmetry in 2D shapes.

Brachiosaurus - The Giant of Jurassic

In literacy we have started our non-fiction work. we have learned facts about the Brachiosaurus.

Contractions Rap

In SPaG we have been learning about contractions.

Grandparent's Day

Statement, Command, Question, Exclamation song

In SPaG we have been looking at the 4 sentence types.

Literacy - Inventing a 'Defeat the Villain' Story

I have been so impressed with all the different stories Canterbury class have invented this week. We have had aliens, ninjas, mermaids, wizards, soldiers and dogs as the main characters. The story plot has included the characters wanting gold, dog/cat food, a fish, a devil's fork, a car and to fly in the sky. The villains have tried to stop the main character and there have been; vampires, devils, witches, zombies, ugly cats and many more evil characters.


We really enjoyed reading all the stories. smileyno

Wow! Look at this amazing writing.

We explored 'Italy' for our European Languages Day.

Maths - Subtraction

We started off the week subtracting 2-digit numbers using practical resources (dienes). Then we moved on to using jottings to represent the 2-digit numbers before crossing out to subtract.


Show your family how you would calculate 25-12=

Some of the class solved one and two step word problems AND a mastery question.

We created a class charter and included our choice of rules.

Newsletter: 3: 22.09.2017

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Our Moving Pterodactyls

In DT we have been exploring materials and folding techniques. We followed instructions to make a Pterodactyl that could flap it's wings.

Well done!

You can read all the Year 2 common exception words.


We acted out a scene and used our senses to describe it.

Roald Dahl: We tasted the food in Mr Twit's beard!

Adverb Song - Educational Music Video

We sung this song before using adverbs to describe how the character carried out an action.

The class were very creative when using adverbs to describe this fight scene. 

'I'm going to patiently chop you up into tiny pirate sausages before slowly eating you with tomato ketchup'.


Questioning Captain Stubble.