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Welcome to Cambridge Class


Teacher: Mrs Baker - Teaching Assistant: Mr Abrahams

Welcome to our Cambridge University class page.


We have a fun year ahead with lots of challenging work planned. Please look at this web page regularly to keep up to date with all the learning taking place along with class information and lots of photos.


Thank you for all your support.


Mrs Baker


Term 6

Portal stories



Football World Cup Celebration-Our country: France

Developing confidence and resilience-forest school

Early multiplication-arrays

Real Life Arrays

Year 1 Forest school

Applying step counting in real life problems

Independent learning in maths

Royal Wedding celebration

Our royal stories

Working with big numbers-Not for the faint hearted!

Where do fruits come from?

Learning about fruits and what they need to grow

Learning to weigh and read measurements of mass.

We created our own Supertato story

Exploring capacity

The magic of numicons

Art in Nature and Forest school

Describing arrays with repeated additions-early multiplication


How many rows and how many columns can you see?

D&T-Creating moving images of Bog baby!

Thaumatropes - moving images

World Book Day 2018

Early multiplication-How many groups of? How many pairs?

Everyday materials - name -describe-classify

Phonics Phase 5 Sounds Pronunciation

Practise your phase 5 sounds at home with mum and dad or by yourself!

We have made a magic pond for our Bog babies!

The Bog Baby - by Jeanne Willis

Listen to the story of Bog baby and see if you can join in with the actions.

Counting in 10s - Adding and subtracting multiples of 10


Fun exploring 2D AND 3D shapes

Week 3

Olly and Jayden are my stars this week for showing utmost  respect and kindness towards their peers and adult helpers. 


We are learning to describe positions and directions

Week 2

Well done to Kodi for showing the value of trust this week. Kodi, despite finding his work tricky at times, has managed to complete every single task set by adults during group learning!

Halving and quartering shapes and numbers

This week we have written an innovated version of the Gruffalo

Week 1

What fun we had today!

The children enjoyed a beastly three course meal in the woody decor of the Gruffalo's Diner!

On the menu, a slimy scrambled snake for starter, a crunchy roasted fox for main and a scrumptious owl ice cram for dessert! What a feast!




Welcome to our dark dark woodland!

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for your lovely cards!

Week 6


We are learning to partition numbers

Comparative adjectives

We have practised using adjectives to describe animals and have learned to use the comparative form -er at the end of short adjectives in our sentences.

           The cheetah is faster than the lion.

           The gorilla is heavier than the mouse.

           The antelope is more elegant than the rhino.

Week 5

Well done to Judah for showing trust and contribution this week!no


This week we have been very busy learning how to give the correct change. This is a tricky skill and the children have used their knowledge of coin value to count and make amounts before they could work out the correct change.


We created African head dresses in D&T

Learning to identify rhymes.

Play the washing line game and see if you can find the rhyme!

Week 4

Our new text genre this term is wishing stories. We have started to read Giraffes Can't Dance, where Gerald the giraffe wishes he could dance like all the other jungle animals.

Children wrote about their own wishes.

Have you ever had a wish? Has your wish ever come true?

Nessy Spelling Strategy: Plurals -s -es

We are learning simple plural rules and how to add -s or -es at the end of a word when there is more than one of something.
Words ending in s, ch, sh, x or z have a plural in -es.

Recognising coins and finding ways to make amounts in pence

Week 3



Learning to count in 2s

Learning about verbs to describe how animals move


Week 2


Well done to Jaden this week for showing enjoyment, patience and attention to detail during our art lesson. nono


African lions

This week we have innovated our non-chronological report (information page).
We changed the animals and instead of of herbivorous elephants, we learned and wrote about carnivorous lions!

We are learning to take away!

Week 1

Well come back, I hope you all had a great half term. We have had a very busy first week and have started to turn our classroom into an African grassland!


Well done to Sam this week for beginning to show endeavour during his independent learning. Keep the good work up!no


And who has left all this mess??!!!!

While we were all in assembly an elephant herd and other wild animals paid us a unexpected visit and left a trail behind them!

We searched the school perimeter for clues but there were no animals sightings unfortunately!

We are learning about elephants

We are learning our number bonds to 10 and practised using our fingers and singing the Number Bonds song to help us remember them!

0 + 10 = 10

1 + 9 = 10

2 + 8 = 10

3 + 7 = 10

4 + 6 = 10

5 + 5 = 10

6 + 4 = 10

7 + 3 = 10

8 + 2 = 10

9 + 1 = 10

10 + 0 = 10


Number bonds in action

Farmer Pete song

Practise you number bonds at home!

Week 7

Well done to Harley for showing great respect to his peers and adults. Harley is also starting  to contribute more and try harder in his written work. 


And what a great bunch we are!

Week 6

Well done to Amelja for settling so well in her new class. Amelja has shown great contribution in her group work this week.

Thank you for all your lovely Meerkat houses!

Body parts in Spanish

Head shoulders knees and toes in Spanish

Learning to measure length

Week 5

Well done to Alfie for displaying all our school values and being an amazing role model to his peers!

Creative ways to learn about 2D shapes

D&T Building the perfect home for Sunny

Inventing our journey story-Where would you go?

Week 4


Well done to our lovely and reserved Kitty this week! Kitty is finding things at times a little bit challenging but she never gives up and does not make a fuss! She a very trustworthy little girl.


Grandparents afternoon

Some of the learning this week

In maths we have practised adding using different strategies. We have used our counting skills to combine groups of objects and record addition sentences.

We have also learned to count on from a given number using a number line, very tricky!!!

This week we have also celebrated European Day of Languages. In year 1 we learned all about France.

The children had a fun day innovating Sunny the meerkat's story and followed him in his travel to France.

We made Eiffel Towers and French flags and listened to the traditional tale of Le Petit Chaperon Rouge.

We enjoyed many French delicacies including a selection of cheeses and patisseries.

Week 3


Our classroom environment-African desert

Ordinal numbers

Re-telling Sunny's story & writing sentences

Week 2

Well done to Olly this week for his relentless contribution during our carpet times!












We received a special delivery earlier on this week and attempted to guess who this suitcase might belong to. The children practised answering questions and tried to find out where the person was coming from and travelling to.

We thought about what type of clothes we would need if we travelled to a hot or cold place and wrote lists of items we would pack in our suitcases.

We are learning to represent numbers using objects and drawings. We are perfecting our counting and practised counting out loud, touching/ moving objects while counting and putting them in a line to avoid miscounting.



Week 1

We have had a very busy first week in Cambridge class! I am very pleased to say that the children have settled well in their new environment and they are all beginning to adjust to the routine and the expectations of year 1!


Number assessment

Our aspiring writers!