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Welcome to Cambridge Class 




Class Teacher: Mrs Baker

HLTA: Miss Brown


On this page you will find information about important dates, homework and events taking place. You will also be able to see what exciting learning your child has been taking part in along with some photos.

Oliver's Vegetable

Environment: Outdoor and garden

Find out what we will be learning about this term

Week 6

Well done to Tiffany for being an amazing and supportive friend to all her peers in Cambridge class!


Problem solving with measurements

Activities to help us write our invented story

Week 5

Well done to Oliver for his huge improvement in contributing during carpets times and group activities.

In D&T we made a fruit salad!

We played a guess my fruit game to help us find adjectives to describe our fruits. We have learned all about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables every day. Our fruit salad was a real success!


Fruit salad story.

Year 1 homework project-Our fantastic castles!

Learning to read scales to solve measurements problems

Week 4

We have had an amazing time at Leeds Castle this week! The children went on a Nature Trail on the castle grounds and explored its maze. We took part in a 'Walk on the Wild Side' workshop where each child was able to make their own clay owl.

We also visited the magnificent castle and its beautiful garden.

Cambridge's Olympians

Week 3


Well done to the unstoppable Marek for his truly amazing imitation work in literacy this week. Marek is writing confidently now and takes great care in his work too!


Cambridge's newsletter

We are getting all fruity!

Fruit bingo to identify and read fruits names
Kim's game to learn fruits names
Turning vegetables into fruits in our innovation
Leveling up our sentences

Learning coins and notes value, making amounts and giving change

Week 2

Well done to all the children in Cambridge for the amazing endeavour they have showed this week during Year 1 Phonics Screening!

They have all made such great progress this year, I am very proud of every single one of them!no

Our evolving environment

Our vegetables patch
Our farm shop
Carrots number bonds

Watch the Tricky Words!

We are going to focus on tricky words for the rest of the term in order to improve children's spellings.

Tricky words cannot be sounded out correctly. The only way these words can be read and spelt correctly is by learning them and having plenty of practice.

Practising our number bonds to 20

Start with smaller numbers
Use objects to find the bonds
use counters to find missing numbers
Use the systematic approach
Add using our bonds knowledge
Use the inverse operation to check answers

Week 1

Well done Viktoria for her great improvements in her attitude towards her learning this week.

Viktoria is beginning to show more resilience during focus learning, in particular with her

Phonics revision home learning

Vegetables tasting-What adjective describes best your vegetable?

On Monday we ate carrots.
Crunchy carrots!
On Tuesday we ate spinach.
Fresh and leafy spinach!
On Wednesday we ate rhubarb.
Squishy and soggy rhubarb!
On Thursday we ate red and green cabbage.
Delicious cabbage!
On Friday we ate sweet beetroot.

Busy hands and feet creating a vegetable patch in the classroom

We released our beautiful butterflies

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our last butterfly was born during the holiday in Mrs Baker's garden

Still image for this video


Can you keep a secret?

                  Woodland and magic pond environment


Year 1 Medium Term Plan

Week 6

Well done Cambridge class, you are my super stars this week! You have all worked so hard and made amazing progress. You have all 'stuck with it' even when it was hard going! Your teacher is extremely proud of you!nonono

Year 1 trip to Dane Park

A troll lives under, grumpy pose!
Cuddling the biggest tree in the park
Group hug
Can you guess the sign?
How many girls can fit on a bench?
How many more boys could fit on the bench?
Riding a bike or walking a dog
Learning the ropes of parachute
Mrs Baker vs Miss Moore
quickly sit on it!
The mushroom!
Boys talking...
Well deserved breaK
Running under the parachute
Practising waves

Week 5


Well done to Dymitr for surpassing himself this week with his extraordinary addition and subtraction work using the 100 square and



Cambridge newsletter

What it takes to invent a story

Our class story map
Writing about problems our character could face
Independent writing
Thinking about the story structure
What should each part of the story include?

Subtraction techniques

Learning to count back on the number line
Independent work
Counting back with a partner
Using partitioning!

Week 4


Well done to Abbie for being an enthusiastic learning this week. She has shown great leadership in her group and her contribution to class and group activities has been excellent!



Learning together afternoon

Bog Baby's cousin in troubles?

We received a postcard from Bog baby's cousin
Enrico is sad and leaving his Rainforest!
We chose Rainforest characters for our story
We described the Rainforest setting
We chose a problem Enrico might be facing
We used drawings to map out our invented story

Everything is growing...

Our bulbs are shooting!
Our caterpillars are getting bigger!

Week 3

Well done Marek this week for his fabulous reading! Marek can sight read some tricky words now!no


Learning together in year 1

Inventing a morale story

Cambridge newsletter

Year 1 home learning

In D&T we made thaumatropes or moving images


A scientific toy devised in the 19th century, consisting of a disc with a different picture on each of its two sides, these appearing to combine into one image when the disc is rapidly rotated.

We innovated the Bog Baby and created our own pond creatures

In maths we are learning to sequence events using time related words

Early learning-Impeccable ordering and spelling!
We turned this into a Birthday chart
Our own What month is missing game
EAL group-Learning the days of the week

Week 2 

Well done to Riley this week for his relentless efforts during independent and focused learning.

I am very proud of him!no


Our environment is evolving

Our active planters!

Week 1

Well done to Marek for working more independently now during writing activities!no

Cambridge newsletter and homelearning

Getting our classroom ready for Bog Baby!

We have found a Bog Baby in our pond area!
Making our pond
There is no Spring without blossoms!
What does Bog Baby need in his new habitat?
What does Bog Baby look like?

Should we keep Bog Baby in our classroom?

Decision Alley game-Who is right and who is wrong?
Should we keep it or release it?

Learning about 2D and 3D shapes' properties

Can you beat the teacher?
Kim's game
Feelie bag-Guess my shape

Term 4:

Space Poetry


This term we are continuing to venture into Space amongst aliens. The children will explore poetry and write their own alien poems.

In maths, we will consolidate our number skills and practise adding and subtracting two digit and one digit numbers. The children will apply their knowledge to solve problems.

Things to do at home: Help you child practise the 10 and 20 number bonds. Practise reading the hour and half past the hour times.



Week 6

Well done to Jayce this week for contributing with enthusiasm to our class learning and behaving sensibly during independent learning.


Happy Birthday Tiffany!



Pyjama Day and Easter fun!

History of Drapers Day

Our school council members and Miss Williams did a fantastic job and organised a great day, full of history about what Drapers Mills used to be like years ago.

We have had a whole school assembly about the history of our school to start with and ex pupils and teachers visiting our classroom later on during the day to share their past experiences.

we concluded the day with a balloon send off in our field, what a day!


Week 5

Well done to Abbie for showing endeavour in everything she does and being such a supportive friend for her group!no 



Cambridge Newsletter

Year 1 Home learning this week:

Drawing competition; check your child's school bag, a drawing sheet has been included in homework books this week.

Please return your drawings before next Tuesday, if you are entering the competition!!!

Learning to divide through sharing and grouping

How can you divide 15 into 3 equal groups?
Can you share any number between 4?
Can you divide 20 into 3 equal groups? Why not?
Investigating the magic number
Solve division problems with apparatus
How to share 20 into equal groups?
Learning to group to divide
Applying sharing and grouping skills to divide
Are these equal groups?

Amazing independent writing in Cambridge Class!

Week 4



Well done to Stefania for showing such enthusiasm and enjoyment in her reading  this week!no

Our second 100th time reader, well done ABBIE!

What a super star!!!no


Cambridge home learning

Celebrating Science Week

Exploring arrays to understand multiplication

Counters make good arrays
Maths with clever hands!
What number sentences match these arrays?
Learning to describe an array

Real Life Arrays

Introduction to arrays. This will establish the idea of counting groups of objects with equal amounts using repeated addition, which will lay the foundation for multiplication.

Week 3


Well done to Nevaeh for settling rapidly and making lots of new friends in Cambridge class!

Nevaeh is already part of the family!no

A big well done to Oliver for being the first 100 time reader in Cambridge class!

I am SO very proud of you Oliver!surprise 

Cambridge Newsletter

Que Tiempo Hace hoy?

Que tiempo hace hoy?

Still image for this video

Learning to ask and answer questions about the weather in Spanish

Que tiempo Hace hoy?
Hace calor!
Hace sol!
Have no mal tiempo!

Learning positional and directional language

Our fabulous invented poems

Week 2


Well done to Jayce-Rai this week for improving his learning attitude. Jayce-Rai has been working very hard in class and in intervention groups and this is beginning to make a difference. Keep up the good work!no

World Book Day 2017

We had a great day celebrating the beautiful world of books and reading!

We started the day sharing our favourite books with the children in assembly. This was followed by activities in classrooms. all book themed. 

Children had fun reading with year 5 Liverpool class and we created some fabulous displays in our school hall!

Japanese visitors

Yoma translated and read our alien poem
Kaito taught us to count to ten in Japanese!
Japanese workshops-calligraphy
Traditional games

Our Alien poem performed in Japanese

Still image for this video

Numbers Song in Japanese すうじのうた

Business as usual in Cambridge!

Using bond beads to find 20 number bonds
Rhyming game in guided reading
10 number bonds systematically
Then trying independently!
using Numicons to find bonds with our teacher
We like to make Mrs Baker look silly!
Time for number practice outside!
Learning to use the suffix -ing in verbs
Sentences with -ing verbs

Week 1


Well done to Tiffany for the relentless efforts she always puts into her work and her consistent contribution to our class learning. She is an exceptional star! no

A confident and amazing imitation of our Alien poem

Still image for this video

Partitioning numbers into hundreds, tens and clever!

Reversed partitioning: What are the numbers?
Working on our teen numbers!
Learning to use the Dienes apparatus
Mastery work with 3 digit numbers!
More Dienes apparatus
Recording partitioning in number sentences

Cambridge newsletter

Week 1 home learning-History

Term 3:

What do aliens think of life on planet Earth?



     Come along and join Beegu's adventures on Earth!

This term our topic will be around space and aliens, we will use Pie Corbett's 'Talk for Writing' and 'Talk for Reading' approaches and bring writing and reading to life in the classroom!

To find out more about it follow the link below:


In maths the children will continue developing strategies to help them add and subtract. I wonder who will be our first white badge winner? Come on my little ninjas!


In science, we will learn about materials and explore their properties. Children will then use their knowledge of materials in D&T to help them plan and design the perfect home for Beegu on Earth.


We will also learn about weather patterns in the UK and have a go at saying it in Spanish too!!!


This promises to be a very busy and exciting term indeed. Stay in touch, we will keep you posted!

Year 1 Term 3 planning overview

Week 6


Well done to Marek for all his perseverance this term in his writing. He has come leaps and bounds with his sounding and can now write some simple words!

Alien invasion!

Listening to music and learning about instruments

Exploring mass and capacity

Predicting less and more than 1 kg
Can the tallest container hold the most?
Reading scales
Measuring accurately
Reading scales in different steps
Which container can hold the most?
Which one is heavier/lighter?

Learning animals names in Spanish

¿Qué animal es?
¿es un perro?
¿es un mono?
Soy un cangrejo!
Soy un cocodrilo!

Week 5

Well done to Sarlota for settling so beautifully this week in Cambridge! She also took great care of work and presented it very neatly!no

Our new proud RED TED owner!

Year 1 homework challenge week 5

We are inventing our space wishing stories

Planning the structure of our wishing story
Acting out some ideas
Using interesting adjective for our character
Levelling up our vocabulary for the story
learning to use adjectives in sentences
Using adjectives to describe the alien
Learning to use synonyms to improve our work
We are learning to level up our writing

Halving and doubling is fun!

Doubling our scores when playing Snakes & Ladders
Doubling magic potion in cauldrons
Halving & doubling roblem solving
Can you halve any number?
Doubling the height of our towers
Recording our doubling
Checking my results

Week 4




 Well done to Nikolas for his truly amazing halving in maths. Nikolas is turning a page and showing superb endeavour in his work and attitude to learning! 






Year 1 Homework

Learning together making rockets and spaceships

Space Oddity

Halving shapes / quantities and sharing into equal parts

Outer Space: "We are the Planets," The Solar System Song by StoryBots

Week 3

Well done to our new RED TED owner this week!



Well done to Kieran this week for his AMAZING independent imitation of Beegu's story! What a writing wizzard!

Time is of the essence...

Matching o'clock times
Learning to learning the time on analogue clocks
Learning the o'clock time with our clocks
Early learning-Tic toc our little brains clock!
Making our own clocks to read the time
Early learning-Showing o'clock and half past
Ordering the months of the year
Can you put the days of the week back in order?
Using time connectives to sequence Beegu's story
Beegu's story sequencing

D&T-Making a house for an alien to live in

The children designed their 'perfect' home to shelter a lost alien. They thought about the materials they would need to build their houses and what techniques they would use to assemble the different parts. 

They then worked in groups to create houses using different materials:

Team 1 built a tall newspaper town house with door and windows

Team 2 built a paper teepee with paper straws

Team 3 built a log cabin with wooden blocks

Team 4 built a cardboard bungalow out of cereal boxes

Next week we will evaluate our houses and test their resistance to adverse weather!


Week 2

Well done to Ethan this week for his much improved behaviour for learning and his great endeavour during focus and independent learning.

I am very proud of him!

Cambridge Newsletter

Our 50 time readers with their RED TED

Year 1's triple whammy!!!

Well done to everybody for getting up and coming to school everyday this week! Our 3 classes have won the 3 attendance trophies this week!

1st Brighton

2nd Cambridge

3rd Cardiff


Our environment is evolving

How much money do you have?

We are learning to recognise different coins and understand their value.

We practised making amounts and applied our adding skills when playing shop.

Using actions to retell Beegu's story

Can you guess the words matching the actions?

Enjoying a dance lesson with Miss Czarnomski

Week 1

Have a look at our new classroom environment, what fabulous work the children have done!

What does Earth look like from space?
What planet could this be?
A city nightscape outside, a spaceship inside!
Step into another world -Investigation corner

Who took Mrs Evans???

Year 1 investigated Mrs Evans' mysterious disappearance last Wednesday. 

We received a video showing our deputy head teacher held captive in a dark place, hands tied up, begging us to find her.

In our search around the school we followed some clues that led us to an incredible sight...

It appeared that aliens might have crash-landed on our field. Fortunately Mrs Evans returned safely hours later, the aliens were not so bad after all...


Term 2

Why are humans not like bears?

Environment: Bear habitats

What we are going to learn about this term

Week 8

Getting into the spirit of Christmas!


Well done to everybody in Cambridge class for their super work this term!

I wish you all a lovely and restful Christmas break with your family!



Our Class Bear Book

Week 7


Stefania is our star this week for her much improved behaviour for learning.

Keep up the good work!no


Benjamin and Emma our new 50-time readers!

Well done to both of them!

Panda bear
Making our new Imagination corner
Phonics activity
Paper chain competition

Week 6

Well done to Sofie for persevering during our phonics sessions. Hard work is paying off and Sofie is beginning to blend simple words independently now! I am very proud of her!no



A big well done again to all the children who completed their bear projects. They proudly showed their work to the rest of the school during our phase assembly. So proud!smiley

Oliver and Abbie our first 50-time readers have received their RED TED. Well done to our amazing readers!

Who's the bear?

We have received a letter from a bear this week. Unfortunately it had got wet in the rain and some of the words were missing so we could not tell what bear had sent it!

The children wrote a letter to the bear including questions to find out what the bear looks like, where it lives, what foods it eats and how it behaves.

So, who's the bear?....


Perfecting our adding and subtracting skills using a number line.

Learning to use the prefix un- to change the meaning of words.

The un -people: dressed-undressed

Week 5


Our star of the week is Jayden!

Jayden has turned a page and is showing greater determination and care when completing a task. He has produced some truly amazing writing this week, well done!nono 

Cambridge Bear Home Projects

Super Grizzly bear and is den!
A lovely polar bear!
An amazing bear story!
Fantastic 3D project!
Brown bear in its cave!
Well done to the children who completed their bear projects, they all look absolutely amazing. Thank you for supporting your child with their home challenges! 

So what's being going on in Cambridge class?

We have innovated our text maps
Used actions to tell polar bear facts
Our innovated polar bear text map
Polar bears factory!
Used play dough to create polar bears
Used expressive language to describe polar bears
Can you recognise the body parts?
Learned about simple plural forms
Applied plural forms in our bear facts writing
And what fabulous writing!
A bear transformation!

Nessy Spelling Strategy: Plurals -s -es

Solving investigation problems

We tried to find all the possible colour combinations using counters and compare bears.

We started with 3 bears and moved on to 4 bears!

How many different combinations can you find if you use yellow, blue and red bears?

Rule 1: Use 3 bears only!

Rule 2: You can use the same colour more than once!

Week 4


Well done to Danielius this week for showing endeavour in his work and going the extra mile when writing sentences!no

Cambridge newsletter

Light and Dark

We are investigating light and dark.

We discussed light sources and explored shadows using our bears puppets. We listened to the story Can't You Sleep Little Bear? Watch the clip below, how many different light sources can you spot?


Can't You Sleep, Little Bear by Martin Waddell (Animated)

Grizzly Bears information page

We have started to write our information book about bears. This week the children have created their first pages about Grizzly bears. They included all the key features of information books, such as headings, photographs with captions and bear facts. Children worked really hard to apply their new writing skills and made us very proud!

We are learning to count in different steps

Cambridge class counting in 5's

Still image for this video

Cambridge class counting in 10's

Still image for this video

Counting by 1's, 2's, 5's, and 10's

Week 3

Well done to David for showing great leadership in both his directed and independent learning! David has produced this week some excellent writing and solved subtraction problems independently. Keep up the good work!no

Cambridge class have raised £11.55 today for Children in Need. Thank you for all your support!

Our very own Pudsey Bear!

Year 1 Home learning

D&T morning in the hall

The Year One's Bear Chair Challenge

We made three chairs fit for our class bears out of  newspapers, wood and card board!

A chair for a bear!
Are you sitting comfortably?

Learning about brown bears in different ways

Art with Mrs Brandon on Tuesdays
Sorting brown bears facts
Grizzly bear modelling clay sculpture
My bear has a long snout
What is that bear doing?
Using bear verbs in our sentences
Selecting interesting verbs

Using bond beads to take away

Week 2


Well done to Nikolas this week, for his much improved behaviour and his amazing efforts in phonics! Keep the good work up!no


The children are improving very hard at improving their writing skills.

Most of them are now thinking about their pencil grip and their sitting position to help them become better writers.

They are also trying to remember to leave finger spaces between words and to start their sentences with a capital letter.




Using adjectives to write bear facts.
A bear fact file
Conscious effort to use finger spaces.
Capital letters at the beginning of sentences.

Remembrance Day


Poppies animation

A BBC Children's remembrance animation. Poppies sees war as experienced by the animal inhabitants of a WW1 battlefield. Visit us at

In maths we are learning to measure length accurately.

The children are using rulers, measuring tapes and metre sticks and becoming experts in the art of recording their measurements with centimetres.

How tall is your dad?

How wide is your kitchen table?

How long is your little finger?

Alphablocks : Sail - Series 1

Use Alphablocks at home to practise your child's blending skills.

Year 1 Newsletter Term 2 week 2

Week 1


A very well done to Reagan, our star this week. He has showed real endeavour in his maths work and above all has proven that he could be trusted to work independently in a sensible manner.

I am very proud of him!no



Week 1 year 1 home learning

The world of bears around us...

To ask relevant questions

We created bear mind maps and thought about what we would like to find out about bears this term.

The children practised asking questions and recorded these using question marks.

Understanding the purpose of a passport

Our RED TED mascot will very soon begin his journey to visit nearby schools and other schools abroad in Spain and Poland.

What should RED TED pack in his suitcase? 

The children made their own passport and role played travelling through the border controls of different countries .

Farmer Pete number bond song

We have practised combining numbers to make numbers bonds and recorded the number sentences using a systematic approach.













Creative ways to make number bonds

Term 1

What is a Gruffalo?

Environment: Woodland-forest

Our Medium Term Planning for this term

Week 7

Our last week of term has not quite ended yet but we have been ever so busy in Cambridge.

We have had teachers from Spain and Italy visiting our school to have a look at our amazing learning. The children impressed us all with their excellent manners and made our guests feel welcome in our classroom!

We are hoping to develop further links with their schools. What this space next term...

Cambridge holiday homelearning

Please practise your sounds at home to keep up your phonics skills. How many words can you find with the 'ch' sound? Can you write them?

Remember to say the word out loud to hear the sounds. Can you sound out every sound? Which sound can you hear at the beginning? In the middle? At the end? 

Now see if you can spot them on the sound mat before you write the word!  smiley

Cambridge learning this week

Lower case and capital letters
Clever ordering hands!
Finding one more and one less than a given number
Matching capital letters
A comfortable nest
My tree top house
An underground habitat
Which woodland creature lives in here?

The Big and Small Letters Song

Learn your capital letters.

Week 6


Well done to Riley for showing great endeavour in trying to better his attitude and to keep up with the high work expectations of his table. You can do it Riley, keep this up! I am very proud of youno



Happy Birthday Benjamin!

Cambridge home learning week 6

Animal body parts in a muddle


We have learned some colours' names in Spanish and are now learning to count to ten.Have fun practising at home and teaching your mum and dad!

Some of our many super star writers

Writing about our voice in music-The singer in you
Using the conjunction 'and' when writing sentences
Using accurate punctuation

Our champions in full action!

Strengthening our palm grip
Talking to the rubber to memorise a sentence
Applying our phonics knowledge
Independent learning in maths
Perseverance pays off
Applying new skills
Group learning, everybody contributes

Week 5

Well done to Emma this week for her great endeavour and contribution during group activities. She has been a fantastic role model!nono



What a busy week we had!

Our trip at Tesco was a real success. The children made us all very proud and behaved so well!

We visited the 'behind the scene' and even went inside the big fridge and freezer!!!

Next time you go shopping why don't you let your children show you where to find the products?



We celebrated Harvest-Thank you for all your donations!

It was a fabulous assembly, children in all year groups produced some amazing work to show the significance and importance of Harvest in school, in the wider community but also anywhere in the world. Year 1 children have created art work linked to our fund raising event to support African farmers in growing their own fruits and vegetables. We are hoping to raise more money to help farmers buy new tools so please keep the pennies coming! Thank you for your support.

This week's highlights in the classroom

A friendly addition to our class
Guess who lives in our tree top house?
Number formation
1-10 recognition and with matching quantities
Ordering multiples of 10
Ordering multiples of 100
Fun with addition
Getting to grip with place value, not easy!
Using subject and verb to write in full sentences
Which verb will it be?

Week 4


Well done to Abbie this week for always making the right choice and trying her very best in her writing and number work. Abbie has also settled very well in her new group and demonstrated some good leadership during independent activities. Super job!no


Happy Birthday Kieran!

Week 5 Home learning

This week we are asking the children to complete phonics challenges on Education City. If you have no Internet access and are not able to go to your local library please use the paper copy provided today in your child's home learning book and also attached below. Thank you for your continuous support.


'OA' Words Phonics

Practice reading words with the oa digraph. Each word comes with a clip art image to support understanding.

We celebrated European Day of Languages.

We learned about Spain and some of its traditions. The children made Spanish flags, bull mask and folded fans for our flamenco performance!

We also tasted Spanish products, some made us pull some very funny faces!

What adjectives would you use to describe the taste of anchovies? How about the shape of an olive? What did the orange feel like?

Grandparents' afternoon

Grandparents visited us last Thursday afternoon. I was so pleased to meet you all and see the children interact with you. Thank you for coming and keep up with the hard work you are all doing, your grandchildren need you!

Our week's number work

Ordering soft toys
First, second, third, fourth
The children had races and recorded their position
Creative number formation

Week 3

Cambridge Class Newsletter week 3

Year 1 home learning

Well done to Alec our star of the week! He has showed such endeavour in all areas of leaning this week and has been a real model of kindness towards his peers. What a great achievement!

Superheroes writers and superheroes readers!

With the mask I can write on the lines!
Great letter shapes
What magic powers does the wand have?
Terrific number formation

D&T making bags for the mouse to carry her nut

We investigated different materials and discussed which one would be best to make a bag for the mouse.

We then designed our bags and made these use classroom resources.

We decorated our bags using patterns or woodland scenes

Exploring the world of 2 D and 3 D shapes

We are learning to identify 2D and 3D shapes in the environment and are getting better at remembering the tricky names of the trickiest ones. We are learning to describe shapes according to their properties and can count the number of sides a 2D shape has and the number of faces a 3D shape has.

Look around at home and see how many different shapes you can find. Does it have straight or curved sides? How many vertices does it have?


Gruffalo moments

In Literacy we are learning to write descriptive sentences about the characters of the Gruffalo story. 

What adjectives can you think of to describe the owl, the fox or the mouse?

We discussed and compared the body parts of these different animals including ours!

Can you list all the body parts you know? 

Our fabulous art studio with our favourite art teacher Miss Lena

Week 2

Massive well done to Tiffany  this week. She showed great leadership during group activities and contributed to lessons with real enthusiasm! 


These children have read every day this week and earned a well deserved a treat! 

Don't forget to read every day at home and you will soon receive your very own new Red Ted!


Hook lesson: This week we have entered the Gruffalo's realm and enjoyed the delights of the Gruffalo's Diner!



We are practising re-telling the Gruffalo story using actions.

We have used pictures to help us remember the sequence of events and all the characters.

The Gruffalo - Narrated by Ollie Heath

We used this video to learn the story of the Gruffalo.
Listen to the story at home. Can you remember the actions?

We are becoming experts in team work:

Year 1 Week 2 Home learning

Week 1


Well done to Benjamin this week for displaying all our school values and acting like a great role model to his


Teacher Newsletter


Education City logins have been sent home, please check your child's book bag tonight or this week end. Any problems or questions, I am available every day after school to help!

Education City is a wonderful learning resource with lots of phonics, reading, maths and many other activities to support your child's learning at home. Please encourage your child to use Education City at home or in your local library.