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BRUNEL Miss Clark

Welcome to Brunel class!



I am so excited to welcome you all to our class! We are going to have such a wonderful time learning together!

This is our class page and it will be used to celebrate all of the amazing learning happening in Brunel class!

It will also be used to share important information with you so make sure you check it regularly!

Meet the staff


My name is Miss Clark and I am your new teacher!                            My name is Ms Cullen and I am the

I love to learn through singing and messy play!                                 TA in Brunel class!

My favourite area in my classroom is our reading corner

which currently looks like a beautiful garden. It is a

wonderful place to sit and look at a book!

Term 6!


What a wonderful year we have had so far. I can't believe how far you have all come since you first started in Brunel class. We are very proud of you!


In our final term our topic is "Under the sea". We will be exploring animals which live under the sea and trying our best to use adjectives to describe them.

We will be practicing writing sentences so we can wow our year 1 teachers and exploring stories which take place under the sea such as: The Rainbow fish, The clumsy crab and Sharing a shell.

In maths we are learning about solving halving problems, using positional language, talking about capacity and solving addition and subtraction based problems!

Parents evening

THANK YOU to all of the parents who were able to make it to parents evening. It was wonderful to be able to sit down with you and discuss how well your children are doing in their learning! They have all made incredible progress and being able to share that with you is amazing!


If for any reason you were not able to make it this time please feel free to pop in at home time so I can share your child's progress with you as well as any extras you can do at home with them to help them become the best learner they can be!

Term 5!


I cannot believe we are in term 5 already! Time certainly does fly when you're having fun!


This term we will focus on not only what plants require to be healthy but also on what we need!

We will cover: healthy eating, the importance of exercise, talking about the past and the present, talking about the similarities and differences between ourselves at different points in our live and discussing what makes us unique!

In Literacy we will continue to improve our reading and writing skills (we are now working on reading and writing entire sentences and even whole stories!).

In Maths we will be exploring 3D shapes, money and weight as well as learning how to solve problems involving doubling and halving!


What an exciting term! I can't wait to get started!

Here are some photos of the wonderful learning we have done this term!

Star of the week

This week our star is Natalia Benakova!

She has won star of the week for helping our new class member to feel happy at school! Natalia has been very kind to her and was able to use her home language to help calm her down when she felt scared!

Well done Natalia!

A special visitor.


We were very lucky today as we were visited by someone very special!

It was Clyde  the tortoise!

This week we have been practicing asking each other questions about our lives outside of school using special question words such as: what, why, who, how and when.

We used our question words to ask things about our visitor.

When we had finished finding out about him we were allowed to stroke his shell.

Did you know that a tortoise can feel it when you touch their shell? It is a bit like touching your fingernail!



"Why does he have a shell?"


"What does he eat?"


"Can he swim?"


"How old is he?"


"Why does he have claws?"

So far this term we have learnt about important things like: taking turns, how faces change depending on out emotions,adding, writing sentences and using different tools and techniques to create art! We are all very proud of what we have created. Take a look!



This week the star of the week is someone who is a fantastic listener, a kind friend, who always follows the class expectations and works extremely hard.


It is.... SAMUEL!


Well done Samuel!

World book day


A huge thank you to all of our grown-ups for helping the children celebrate book day by giving them a costume. You all looked incredible today!

We have had a fantastic time talking about our favourite books and why we like them.


Bradley - "I like my 'Spiderman' book because he rescues everyone."


Natalia. K - "I like 'Cinderella' because she marries the King."


Samuel - "I like 'The Gruffalo' the best because he is scared of a mouse!"


Elizabete - I like 'Alice in Wonderland' because Alice is really pretty.




Term 4! Way to grow!

I can't believe we are on term 4 already, wow! It is going to be incredible.

This term we are learning all about Spring with a particular focus on growing and life cycles!

We will be exploring some wonderful books about insects such as 'The very hungry caterpillar' and 'The bad tempered ladybird'.

As explorers we will be looking at the changes happening in our outside environment and learning about the life cycles of some animals!

Term 4

week 1


This week we read 'The very hungry caterpillar' and practiced our writing skills by making him some shopping lists! We all worked very hard and remembered to listen for the sounds in our words when we write them down. We have also been exploring the life cycle of a caterpillar. Did you know that caterpillars turn into butterflies!? We do!



Star of the week!


Our star this week is someone who:

ALWAYS sits nicely on the carpet,

Is kind and helpful

Tries their best every, single day and

remembers their manners.


Well done to Jozef!



Star of the week!


This week star our star is someone who ALWAYS tries their best, who is fantastic at sitting and listening and who has tried extremely hard when writing their list of items to take to the moon.


It's..... Reggy!



Reading reminder!


This is a reminder for everyone to try and read their books at home! Reading at home will help support the work the children do at school and will help them to become fantastic readers! Reading also helps to develop vocabulary and imagination!


Remember if you read 50 books you'll get to take home your very own Redted! Just like some of our favourite characters.

Reading is magical!


Please welcome the newest member of our class...


BRUNO! The Brunel bear!


Bruno has joined our class because he has heard about all the fantastic learning that we do here! Please make sure you are showing Bruno how to behave in our environment!


Bruno will be going home with our star of the week each week to help them celebrate! He will take a special book with him where you can record all of the wonderful things you did together!

Star of the week!


This week our star is someone who is a fantastic friend, a good listener and who always tries her best...

It is Natalia. K!

A huge well done to Natalia for all of her hard work this week!

Term 3 - To infinity and beyond!




This term we are going to be exploring space and aliens through texts such as: Aliens love underpants, Aliens in underpants save the World, Whatever next and Here come the aliens.


In literacy we will be practicing hearing the sounds in our words and writing them down as well as exploring rhyme.


In maths we will be exploring numbers to 20, trying to find one more and one less and investigating shapes and patterns!


We are also focusing on being a good friend this term and being able to communicate with our friends effectively.


PHEW! What a lot of learning!


Remember to practice at home by looking around your house for all the shapes you can find! Or, ask your grown up to help you send a letter to an astronaut!


 A special visitor!


Something very exciting happened in Brunel class today...

We were visited..





They left squidgy, green footprints over the floor and even some alien snot ( we think they had a cold!).

The children decided they came to have a look at the new spaceship in our classroom!

What a day!

Today has been VERY exciting! We had a visit from some amazing people who put on a pantomime called 'Sleeping Beauty'. We had a wonderful time laughing along with the characters and booing Maleficent!

In class we talked about our favourite bits of the show!


"I liked the music" -  Amir


"I like the witch because she is powerful!" - Harley


"I like the Princess because she was really beautiful." - Chaise


"I liked it because it was really funny." - Jayden


"I liked the dancing." - Angelina



In the afternoon we had ANOTHER visit. This time it was some fire-fighters in their fire engine! They let us explore the fire engine and told us about some of the things they use in a fire. They even let us have a go at squirting the hose across the playground!


In class we talked about what we wanted to be when we grew up. We found out that lots of the jobs we want require you to be able to read, write and count. That is why it's SO important to work hard at school. That way you can be anything you want to be.

Term 2


This term we our topic is Frozen, ice and melting!

Week 2


This week we have been exploring a story based on the Frozen characters! We have really enjoyed talking about our favourite characters and trying to learn the story off by heart!

In our maths we have been finding one more! This has been achieved by finding another carrot for Sven, another block of ice for Elsa or another snow ball for Olaf!

We have had a lot of fun creating Autumn and Winter pictures to display around our classroom too! We have explored colour mixing and created snowy day pictures. We have even made a GIANT Elsa!

Our class also got to go on an Autumn walk around the school pond area. We found lots of evidence of Autumn!


Look how hard we are working!

Term 1

This term we are learning all about someone special... I'll give you a clue!

They are extremely clever.

They have lots of energy!

They are unique.

They are magnificent.

They are capable of doing incredible things.

Have you guessed it?


It's YOU.


This term we are learning all about you and what makes you special! We will be exploring this through making new friends,  exploring stories together and learning together through play. I can't wait to get started!