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BRUNEL - Miss Clark


huge and heartfelt welcome to Brunel class.







I am your teacher Miss Clark and I cannot wait to meet you all!

Your time in Early years is so precious and will go so quickly. It is my absolute pleasure to share this time with you and help you to learn and grow.


This web page will be extremely helpful throughout the year. It will display important dates for your diary, exciting snippets of our learning and our learning letters so make sure to pop by regularly and see what's new!


Term 5/6


For the last two terms our topic will be 'Commotion in the Ocean!'

To start the topic off we will be looking at 'The Rainbow Fish' and doing our very best to learn the story off by heart. We will then really challenge ourselves to write the story!

We will also be looking at some facts about creatures that live under the sea, looking at what dangers they face and how we can help and creating lots of beautiful art!

So far this term we have been able to create a story map for 'Whatever next'.

We have created rockets, planets and space paintings.

We have learnt a little bit about the moon and used special words called adjectives to describe it!

We have written about what we would take with us to space and explored the meaning of the words character and setting!

We have even started to learn about solving take away problems!


Have a look at some of the wonderful things we have created!

Welcome back!

I hope you had a wonderful break and are coming back ready to learn!

This term we are exploring SPACE!

We are starting with the story 'Whatever Next'.

Image result for whatever next


We are aiming to be able to re-tell it perfectly by the end of term and maybe even try to write it ourselves!

We will also be looking at the non-fiction side of Space when we will learn about the different planets in our solar system through song!

Here are the links we will be using, have fun learning!


I am so PROUD of you!

You were amazing in your nativity. You all sung beautifully and looked incredible in your costumes! Here are some little pictures we took before the show!


Our trip to the windmill!


We had such an amazing time exploring our local windmill!

We got to climb up the ladder and look at the machinery used for sorting the flour, we touched the grindstones, saw a mummified rat and even got to sit in a real carriage! WOW!



Thank you Mrs Rowe!


We love our new farm shop!


It will help us to write shopping lists, weigh food, share and build on each other's ideas during play!

We are so lucky to have access to a Forest school! It is already making a huge difference to the confidence and self-esteem of our children!


With the weather turning colder it is SO important that children bring the right clothes. So, with that in mind, please make sure your child has a warm coat, gloves and wellington boots!


The time is flying by as we start the countdown for Christmas!


Look at all the learning we have done!

We have had another amazing couple of weeks full of laughter and learning!

Take a look...

Here is the first quick peek into our learning so far!

We have been thinking about texture and asking ourselves "How does this feel in my hands?". Lots of children have been able to use their 'Wow words!' for example:





and furry!

See if you can work with your grown-up to use some more amazing words at home!


We have also been looking at numerals and patterns during number time. We are already so clever!

Some children can even match an amount with a numeral! WOW!





Term 1

Our topic will change every other term to keep our learning fresh and engaging! Our first exciting topic is 'The wonderful things you will be' which focuses on YOU.

We will spend a lot of time getting to know each other and sharing stories about our families, friends, pets, likes and dislikes. We will also take the opportunity to learn about what we and our new friends do at special times in the year such as our birthdays and Divali.

We will discover different texts together and have a wonderful time exploring sounds to improve our listening skills.

I cannot wait to get started!