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Brighton Class

Welcome to Brighton Class

Class Teacher: Ms Barrett

Teaching Assistant: Mr Abrahams

Hello and welcome to our class page.


This webpage is the best place to discover what your child has been learning. If you have given permission, you will find lots of photos of your child engaging in fun activities.

I am looking forward to the year ahead and getting to know you and your children well. We have an exciting year ahead with lots of engaging lessons and activities planned. Check out our termly plans which are on the year 1 main page. This will show you what your child will be learning and if you feel you could contribute in some way this would be greatly appreciated.

Newsletter: Edition 18: 07.07.2017

Meet the Teacher: In Our New Classroom with Ms Barrett, Ms Bichard & Mrs Parsons.

In DT we tasted fruit before making a fruit salad.

During our trip to Leeds Castle we participated in an educational workshop called 'A Walk on the Wild Side'. We learned about the history of the castle before discovering facts about plants and animals. We met a beautiful owl before making one out of clay. When we returned to school we painted our owls and created a setting for them. We will be sending these photos to the fabulous educational staff at Leeds castle.

We painted our clay owls and created a background.

In science we learned about birds before making bird feeders.

In reading we followed instructions on how to make a fruit kebab.

Our Vegetable and Fruit Learning Environment.

We had a visit from the ice-cream van mmmmmmmmm!

Newsletter 15: 19.05.2017

In our history lessons we have been comparing different decades. Watch the two famous bands below and discuss which one is better and why?

One is old and one is modern.

The Beatles - Twist & Shout

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful

We have been solving subtraction problems. Can you solve this one?


Enrico the bog baby found 25 empty bottles in his pond. He called the environment officer who came and managed to fish out 12. How many bottles were still polluting the pond?


What is the calculation? How will you work out the answer?

Another 50 reads Red Ted Winner!



Hope your bear enjoys its new home.

Look at Our Amazing Writing!

Another Red Ted winner! Well done :)

Newsletter 05.05.17

We have been using time related words in maths.

Our Bog Baby Thaumatrope

Still image for this video
In DT we made Thaumatropes (moving pictures).

What has happened to our bog baby? He has become pale, is a bit thinner, his wings have drooped and he is unhappy?


Why do you think this has happened and what should we do?


The class voted to put him back in the pond because he is a wild thing that doesn't belong in a jar.

We are making our own bog babies for the classroom pond.

In our art lesson we made a Bluebell wood scene from the story.

In ICT we created detailed pictures of a bog baby in a pond.

Brighton Class Came Joint 3rd for Attendance.

Our Updated Learning Environment!

Seasons Song Video

Remember to say Autumn and not Fall!

Some more 100 and 50 reading winners!

We found a bog baby in our pond!

The Bog Baby - by Jeanne Willis

This term all our topic will be around this lovely story.

Newsletter: 13: 21.04.17

In PSHE we have been debating this question:

Should animals live in the wild or in a zoo?


The pupils came up with some fantastic opinions for their side of the argument.


Animals should live in zoos

They are safe in zoos-Michelle

They can get help if they get hurt-Violet

They will live longer-Jayden

They won't get killed-Tarron

No one can get them-Patrik

They will get fed-Bailey

Humans can come and see them-Jade'a

They are safe-Faisal

They can't escape-Finley


Animals should live in the wild

They are free-Mikolaj

They can learn how to catch food-Shanel

They can find the food they love-Isabelle

They can run in the wild-Kyra


What do you think?



Our learning environment so far

This term we will be exploring poetry in literacy. We will begin with a non-rhyming poem before moving on to rhyming poem about aliens.

We imitated a poem about an alien and used actions to remember the words. We listened to 'Chocolate Cake' by Michael Rosen as a way to gain interest in poetry and see how a poet uses their voice and facial expressions. Following this we tasted apples and syrup in order to gain some interesting adjectives.

We had a great last day of term with our 'Pyjama Day'.

Congratulations to our Reading Winners!

We released balloons to mark the 'History of Drapers' day.

Newsletter: 12: 24.03.17

Basic Division for Kids

You will learn about "Basic division" in this video. Do you know why we divide? We divide to distribute things equally. There are 8 carrots. They need to be divided equally among 4 rabbits. For this, first take away 4 carrots so that each rabbit gets 1 carrot each.

We have been exploring arrays to solve multiplication problems

Phonics (Rhyming Words) (USA)

We used this to help us understand rhyme. Please remember that some words are spelt the American way.


We have been imitating this rhyming poem. We have thought of actions to help us remember the words. We will be innovating the poem next week.

Newsletter: 11: 10.03.2017

Que Tiempo Hace hoy?

We have been learning how to say the weather in Spanish.

We have been solving position, direction and turn problems in maths.

Directions Song for Kids

We joined in with this song after learning about directions.

Our Fantastic 'World Book Day' Outfits

Congratulations to our first    '100 reads' winner!


Well Done nosmiley

Chocolate Cake - Michael Rosen

Michael Rosen performs a series of poems titled 'Poems And Stories About My Family'.

In maths we have been looking at place value and solving partitioning problems. Use the song below to understand the value of each number.

Place Value Song

A fun one to help teach ones, tens, hundreds!

In topic we are beginning with History by looking at famous people and discussing what famous means. We will then move on to 'Significant People' by exploring the Royal Family, looking at their family tree before creating one using clues.

Use the PPT below to test your family knowledge of famous people and the Royal Family.

Our Famous & Royal PPT

Newsletter: 10: 24.02.2017

Our Year One 'Dress Up as an Alien' Day

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

In maths we have been learning our doubles and using them to solve problems.

smiley5 House Points Challenge:smiley

If I started with the number 2 and doubled it 4 times, what number would I end up on?

Tell me the answer for your house points or write it in your reading record.

In literacy we have been using interesting adjectives to describe aliens.

Can you think of 6 more adjectives to describe this one?






We have been solving fraction problems using food.

Just Dance Kids 2 - Despicable Me (Wii Rip)

In PE we have been learning a sequence of dance moves. Can you join in with this?

An Impromptu Play in the Snowfall!

We have another RED TED Winner!

Well done!

We came 1st for Attendance this week! Well done Brighton Class, keep it up!

Money Song for Children UK

We have been looking at different coins in maths.

We had a class visitor today, Ted the tortoise.

We have been adding actions to the story of 'Beegu'.

Newsletter: Edition 8: 13.01.2017

The Solar System Song

We have been singing the planet song, sing along at home!

Outer Space: "We are the Planets," The Solar System Song by StoryBots

Can you tell your family some facts about the planets?

Our 'Alien' Hook lesson: Where is Mrs Evans?

Term 2: This term our topic is on 'Bears'.

Please look at our Medium Term Plan to see everything we will be doing around this exciting topic.

Newsletter: 7: 09.12.2016

Our second REDTED winner! Well done!

Our first REDTED winner! Well done!

Look at Our Amazing Homework Projects!

We Won the 2nd Place Attendance Cup! Well Done Brighton Class!

We have been writing about our Nativity story parts.

Away in a Manger with Lyrics | Children Love to Sing Along Christmas Carols

Can you learn all the words to this song?

Term 2: Bear Homework Challenge

Newsletter: 6: 24.11.16

Our Beautiful Bears!

Art Lesson 2: Painting the Bears

Our TASC Challenge: To build a chair for a large bear.

Our Super Literacy and Maths Work

Our Art lesson using clay

We made poppy hats for Remembrance Day.

We are using this text map to remember facts about bears.

Newsletter: 5: 11.11.16

Farmer Pete

We sung along and acted out this song which helped us find the number bonds to 10 using a systematic approach.

Fun songs with UMIGO - That Makes10 (ADDITION)

We like to join in with this song, when you hear the first number quickly shout out the other number to make 10.

Fireworks Katy Perry lyrics

We often sing along to themed pop songs with lyrics to promote reading.

We have been learning what 'pulse' means in music.

Hippo and Dog "In the Jungle"

In music we sung along with this song focusing on pitch, holding a note and singing different parts.

Newsletter: Edition 3: 07.10.16

Our Amazing Writers

Independent Maths Learning

Jayden chose to do some addition calculations during continuous provision time. We are really impressed with his mental maths skills.

noWell done Jayden!smiley

Our Learning Environment

Verb Rap Song

Brighton class enjoy following this verb song, especially while tidying up!

Some of our learning this week.

Image result for 4 uk flagsHouse Point Challenge: Image result for 4 uk flags

There are 10 numbers missing on the balloon below, write them down and give them to me and you will win 5 house points.

What 10 numbers are missing?

On Monday we had our European Day of Languages. In year 1 we chose 'Spain' for our country. We discovered where Spain was, discussed traditional Spanish food and customs. We made Spanish flags and Flamenco fans which were used later for Flamenco dancing. We also sang a colour and number song in Spanish. The highlight of the day was tasting Spanish olives, peppers and chorizo sausage.

Los Colores: The Colors in Spanish Song by Risas y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids

We have been learning our colours in Spanish.

Colores y nĂºmeros. Song to learn Numbers and colors in Spanish for kids and children

We have also been learning our Spanish numbers to 10.

Our Superhero Independent Writers.

In DT we have been exploring materials. We looked at a variety of bags and discussed their purpose. The class designed their own bags then made them out of card. Then they had to select a suitable material to make their bag handle.




We will test out the bags by seeing if they can hold the weight of a banana.

 Have a look at some of the bags that the class made.

Newsletter: Edition 2: 23.09.2016


We have been singing this song and using actions for the Gruffalo's body parts.

The pupils have been getting to know all the Gruffalo characters and have been making them using different materials. After making snakes, some of the pupils created fantastic alliteration sentences.

noMrs Manclark and I would just like to say a massive thank you to all of Brighton Class for being so lovely, well behaved and great

Our Gruffalo Hook Lesson

The Gruffalo - Narrated by Ollie Heath

We have been singing along to this story using actions.

Class Newsletter: 1: 09.09.16

We interviewed Mr Wilson, an ex-police officer about his police job.


We have given your child an EducationCity login letter. Please use this to access your homework. We will provide paper copies to any pupil who does not have access to the internet at home.

Please click on homework to access what we have set.

P.E & Games

PE and Games will take place on Mondays, most Tuesdays and some Thursdays so please leave your child's kit in school throughout the week. Year 1 pupils do not sweat much so they do not need to take it home for washing each week.


Please ensure your child's kit contains: Shorts, T-Shirt, sport shoes and a jumper and jogging bottoms in colder weather. You can also send your child in with a named water bottle.


The most common missing item from a kit is the plimsolls or trainers, please remember those too.

Our Learning Environment

Topic: University Links

We have been discussing what a university is and why you might go there. The class listed all the jobs they could think of then chose one they would like to do when they are grown up. We discussed what you might need to do in order to get your chosen job.