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Welcome to Bath!

Mr Comber, Mrs Jevons and Mr Browne



Welcome to Bath Class. We are looking forward to sharing our progress, and the learning taking place in our class, with you this year.


We have P.E. and Games on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. and it is really important that your child is properly equipped for these lessons with T-shirt, shorts, trainers and as the weather gets colder, track suit bottoms.


Every child will be sent home weekly homework consisting of spellings and timetables on a Monday. This will need to be brought back to school the following Monday every week.


Reading record books are sent home daily. It is important that every child reads on a daily basis and has their book signed. This book should be brought to school every day please

SATs Week Timetable 2017

Following a light breakfast every morning from a selection (toast, cereal and fruit juice) the children will participate in the test activity. A selection of fruit for Break time will also be available.


Monday Reading (1hour)  
Tuesday Punctuation and Grammar (45 minutes) Spellings (20 minutes)
Wednesday Maths Paper 1 - arithmetic (40 minutes) Maths Paper 2 - Reasoning (40 Minutes)
Thursday Maths Paper 3 Reasoning (40 minutes)  

Newsletter 14

We completed some tasks with the visiting Japanese teachers

Congratulations 1st Place 99.1%

Newsletter term 4 week 1

Term 4 brings the joy of Shakespeare, we will be examining Macbeth and his complicated character and looking closely at play scripts. Stay tuned for all of our exciting work that we will be completing over the next 6 weeks. 

Macbeth in a Nutshell

Macbeth in 3 mins

Shakespeare's Influence on the English Language

Shakespeare created or coined many words and phrases we use daily. This fun video shares some of those words and phrases through an interactive game

Character Synopsis of Macbeth

Did you know who invented the knock knock joke?

Our Art Competition

Bath Class have been lucky enough to be entered into the Turner Center's art competition, 'Make a Change'. We will keep you updated on the latest news regarding this. 


Our wire fish sculptures have been filled with plastic objects to reveal the true horrific effects of plastic pollution in our seas and oceans. 



Harry Potter

This term we will be using Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as our stimulus for learning. We will be reading the book in some of our guided reading sessions and will be using the children’s enthusiasm in Harry and his magical world to provide many writing opportunities. In computing, we will be examining how the Harry Potter films were mad. In PE pupils will be combining their prior knowledge of handball, basketball, dodgeball and tag rugby to learn how to play quidditch. Every young witch and wizard needs a wand, this will be the focus of our DT. Pupils will be designing and creating their own working wands to enhance the magic which happens in the classroom.

Stay tuned for some outstanding writing about our trip. 

Star of the Week

Congratulations to Jovita, star of the week this week for always showing the school values in everything she does.


Using the help sheet above if required, create your own long multiplication questions. How brave will you be?


More Maths

I know many of you wanted more maths from this week, here you go.

A 3 digit number is multiplied by a 2 digit number and the calculation is written out as shown below.
Each star like this stands for one digit.
Apart from the zero shown the only digits which occur are 2, 3, 5 and 7. This is sufficient information to complete the whole multiplication.
This is sufficient information to complete the whole multiplication sum.

Star of the Week

Melisa this week is our star of the week: she has shown incredible endeavour in her writing.


Vanessa is the star of the week this week. She gives her all in every part of the curriculum and is making outstanding progress as a consequence.    


This week star of the week goes to Isaac, not only does he always show the school values but his incredible effort with his homework resulted in the class nominating him as this weeks star. 


Congratulations Chloe; Chloe is our star of the week this week due to her incredible worth ethic and wonderful kind nature. 


This Week

It has been a successful week this week: we have had many of you progressing with your Ninja maths, some outstanding homework and 2nd place in the attendance awards. Well done everyone and keep up the wonderful work. 

Investigating Ratio

Our Attendance 

This week our attendance is 99.3%. Well done everyone. 

A brief history of plural word...s - John McWhorter

We will be learning about the Vikings this term; but why? What have they ever done?

View full lesson here: All it takes is a simple S to make most English words plural. But it hasn't always worked that way (and there are, of course, exceptions). John McWhorter looks back to the good old days when English was newly split from German -- and books, names and eggs were beek, namen and eggru!