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Think about your time at home over lockdown. What was good about it? What did you enjoy? Did you spend time with loved ones? Did you play some fun games? Did you eat or cook any delicious dishes? Did you go anywhere new on a walk? Did you read lots? Were you creative?

Think about something you enjoyed over lockdown and draw a picture of one or more activities. Make it colourful! 

Please send us a photo of your artwork if you can to:



First, choose an animal you like. Next, draw the outline of this animal on a piece of paper and then colour it in.



Now, the challenge is to fit the name of this animal in its body. If you manage this, the final steps are to cut out the letters and stick them on another piece of paper/card. Can you add a nice background, too?


Here is an example:


Enjoy and please send us your pictures!


Space in a bottle



Click on this link and follow the instructions with an adult: 


Remember to send us your pictures if you can!



With an adult, make your very own:



Click on this link and follow the instructions:



Click on the link below and follow the instructions to make your very own bug hotel! 

You will need to ask an adult at home to help you. Here is what you need:


  • An empty, clear bottle
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Old tights 
  • Foam sheets
  • Glue
  • Leaves, pebbles, sticks, moss



Ask an adult at home if you can go for a walk together to the beach. Collect some pebbles and create some fabulous pebble people! They could be based on someone you know or completed made up characters!



Here are step by step instructions:


Remember to send us pictures of your pieces! We'd love to see them! smiley


Complete these fun activities and send us pictures if you can! 


Watch this video and practise some more drawing skills!



Create your very own jungle scene!

First, plan out a draft design. Where will you put things and what colours will you use? 

Next, get some different coloured paper/ magazines and cut out leaves and animal shapes. 

Then, stick them on a blank piece of paper/ card. 

After that, using a range of colours (you could use felt tip pens, pastels or paint), add detail to your jungle scene!


Make sure you use bold colours to create a nice contrast! Look at these pictures for inspiration:           




Please send us a picture of your artwork if possible! The email address is:


Rainforest art

First, watch this video to review your learning about rainforests.

How many facts can you remember?


Next, choose an animal you find interesting from the picture below. 

Then, split your page into four equal sections using a ruler. Ask an adult for help if it's tricky!

Finally, draw a different part of the animal in each section zoomed in. Make sure you colour it in neatly! Here is an example.

Don't forget to send us pictures of your artwork via email! smiley


Create some beautiful creatures using a toilet roll. Here is an example of a hummingbird:





First of all, ask an adult at home to take a picture of you side on or look in the mirror. Then, draw your silhouette. What is a silhouette? Well, it is an outline or side view of a person's head that is filled with a dark, solid colour.

Instead of using a dark colour, draw this on white paper. Next, fill in your silhouette with your favourite things. These could be: hobbies, your favourite music, sport, film, etc.

After that, colour in your pictures and cut your outline out.

Finally, stick it on a piece of dark card to create a contrast. 


1927 Theatre Company.

An animation project!

1927 Theatre Company would like our children to read the story ‘Simon Says' which was written in Chile (story in link below)

Next, they would like the children to illustrate certain elements of the story (list below).

The illustrations need to be drawn onto a white background (or cut out and placed onto a white background) and then photographed individually and sent to the following email address:


Our Mission:
1) Read the wonderful and wild story attached ‘Simon Says’

2) Choose something to draw/create from this list of pictures.

3) Choose your weapon! Pencil? Chewed Bic biro? Paint? Chalk? Dried pasta?

4) Take a photo of your picture and send it, at the largest size possible to: 1927SIMONSAYS@GMAIL.COM
The last date for sending your pictures is 30 April 2020.
(Along with your name and age, or anonymously if you would prefer!)

5) Watch this space! We will take your artwork and create an animation.

                                             The story: ‘SIMON SAYS!’

One day a human comes to visit them THEY HOWL! THEY CLIMB THE WALLS! THEY THROW HIS HAT UP IN THE AIR! The human is not the first human to have visited them HOWL! Sometimes humans come to look at them THEY CLIMB THE WALLS!

But the humans always say;

‘They are too wild! We cannot help! They are a lost cause!’


And the humans shake their heads and leave.

But this human does not shake its head and leave, it does not say ‘They are beyond help!’ Though they still CLIMB THE WALLS!

This human stays with them, THEY JUMP ON THE FURNITURE! This human is very kind, and it does not shout at them, it speaks softly THEY EMPTY THE HUMANS BAG ON THE FLOOR! But it does not mind, it shows them love and care.

This human catches them when they fall THEY SMASH A WINDOW! This human dresses their wounds and makes them feel better. THEY PUT HOLES IN THE WALL! This human teaches them how to breathe deeply and this feels good. THEY EAT THE HUMANS SHOES! But still this human stays with them and teaches them many things.

The beasts sleep, and they dream beautiful dreams...

Then one day...

The beasts watch the human, they show it care, and catch it when it falls, and dress its cuts and bruises IT SMASHES A WINDOW! IT SETS FIRE TO A CHAIR! But the beasts are patient, and they are kind, and they wait, like the human did with them, and soon the human calms down again and is peaceful again.

Sometimes humans come to see them and say ‘They are changed!’ they clap their hands and say ‘It is a miracle!’ But the beasts know it is not a miracle.

Kindness and patience are not miracles. Anybody can learn them.
And so they live, the beasts and the human, in perfect harmony.
But sometimes...when the mood takes them...



List of illustrations needed:
1. Title: Simon Says.
2. These words written in exclamatory font: Wild! They Are Wild! Howl! They Howl!
3. Many Monsters
4. Furniture
5. Walls
6. Humans
7. These words written out in officious font: They are too wild. We cannot help. They are a lost cause.
8. Ground
9. Fences
10. Flora and Fauna
11. Hands
12. Rubbish
13. The sky
14. Buildings
15. A bag
16. The things found inside a bag
17. Bandages and medical supplies
18. A dream
19. Window
20. A howl


Illustrations can be made using any materials, no size restriction.
Ideally the individual elements would be drawn in isolation on a white background.
All illustrations should be photographed with a phone and sent at the largest size possible. Ideally each image being around 2-3MB. The bigger the better.
Send your illustrations to by 30 April 2020.  Do include your name and age, or anonymously if you would prefer!

Art challenge


Watch this video about how to create a self-portrait:



Can you draw one? You will need a small mirror to look into while you draw. 


You could also try a collage:



Another way to do it is like this:



Have fun!

Art Project!


Mrs Comber would like everyone to take part in the following art project; please keep anything that you create so that we can exhibit our artwork once we're reunited! First, here's a lovely poem written by the Tate art gallery to help inspire our work:


A home can be a world

chaotic and noisy

ordered and quiet

brightly coloured or dimly lit

a place to be yourself

sometimes uncomfortable

sometimes unsettling

sometimes cosy

sometimes calm

a place where important things happen

a place where ideas bounce around

a place where sadnesses are cushioned

a place where dreams visit, memories are made and bodies rest

a place you can see differently everyday

a place that's just the same

a home can be a world


Please find the art project below:

Mrs Comber. Jasper and Quentin have been busy creating art for the project (yes we've been playing with lots of Lego!)