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Welcome to Aberystwyth University!

Miss Wheeler

Mrs S Wright (HLTA) and Mrs N Love.


Everyone here in Aberystwyth class is really excited for the year ahead. We have had an amazing couple of days so far and I am confident that this will continue throughout the term and beyond! On this page you will find out about all the fun things that we do in class to help us progress in our learning.


We hope that you enjoy looking at our photos and enjoy reading the Learning Letters that tell you even more about our amazing class! If you ever wish to speak to me about anything, you can catch me during dismissal at 3.15.


Stay tuned for information and photographs of our learning throughout the year!



PE this week will be on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, please make sure all PE KITS are in school for the week.






Thank you for continually supporting your child with their reading. It's so important to hear your child read for their development and well-being. smiley






My star of the week for Week 2 is Kevin K! His bright outlook on his learning brings a smile to my face every day! He embodies all of the school values and I am extremely proud of him. Keep it up Kevin!




In Science this week we have been looking at soluble and insoluble materials. We tested lots of different substances in sparkling and warm water including; coffee, gravy, salt, sugar, sand and rice.










We have started our new cycle in Talk For Writing. For the next three weeks we will be looking at Myths. The children were very excited about this and began by writing down all their ideas and thoughts about Myths.





In Science we have been looking at reactions and how materials react with liquids. For our first experiment we mixed vinegar and milk which formed a thick paste which is a kind of plastic!



For our second experiment we looked at how vinegar and bicarbonate of soda reacted! We found out it formed a gas which filled up the balloon!








We started our new Literacy Talk For Writing cycle this week. We are learning about Persuasive language. The children have been learning the new text by orally rehearsing it with actions. We also drew pictures to represent the words.




For our University course: Yoga and Mindfulness we decided to go outside and make the most of the rare sunshine we are experiencing at the moment.








We had an exciting trip to the spitfire museum!!









(I want to be a plane)






Welcome to term 3 in Aberystwyth Class!!


In Literacy this week we have been focusing on two different areas of Grammar. Clause structure and modal verbs. We rearranged sentences to see if they would make sense in a different order. In pairs we then practised using modal verbs in sentences by choosing them on our modal verb spinners.







We have also mapped out our new story that we are going to be learning for the next few weeks. The tale of fear is about a pilot named John who is very afraid of heights due to a previous life experience. Here you can see the drawings we thought of to represent the sentences.






In Art this week we made a montage of Jewish people who lost their lives during World War Two.




In Science we were learning about air resistance. Corporal Burniston came in to talk to us about about parachutes. We then had to build and test our very own parachutes to see whether the size and shape affected the air resistance.











In Science this week we have been learning about water resistance and how boats are built to be streamlined. We tested boats to see which materials provided more streamlining.






In Literacy we are in our Invention stage! We have been creating our own recounts and this week we used drama to help us remember the story. Below are our freeze frames.











In PE This week we have started Gymnastics. The children worked in pairs to think of balance poses.















Thank you for your continued efforts to make sure your children come into school every day! 



Week 7


Although we did not win first, second or third place everyone in Aberystwyth class is trying extremely hard to make sure they come in every day.


Week 6





Week 5






Week 4 


Although we did not win first, second or third place everyone in Aberystwyth class is trying extremely hard to make sure they come in every day.


Week 3


Although we did not win first, second or third place everyone in Aberystwyth class is trying extremely hard to make sure they come in every day.


Week 2



We won 1st place with 99.2% attendance!! Hooray!


Week 1



Aberystwyth were Attendance champions during the first week of term with an astonishing 100%!





We have had a brilliant start to the term with all the children making a huge effort with their learning! Scroll down to see what we have been up to!




In Literacy we have have begun our INNOVATION in Talk For Writing. This allows the children to change and adapt the text we have been learning so make it their own! We shared and collaborated ideas with one another to create exciting and interesting Finding stories.









In Numeracy we are looking at Fractions and we had an investigation to solve! After making an origami shape we had to try to find the fraction of the smallest triangle. We got there in the end!




(Miss Wheeler and Mrs Love had a go too...)



Times Tables!


We are trying really hard to work on our times tables in Aberystwyth class. 

If you would like to play this game below go to the following webpage:



In Literacy this week we were looking at non-chronological reports. Specifically, we were looking at paragraphs and how to group information together.





In Science we were looking at lifecycles of different animals. We decided to go outside and into the pond area to see how many different creatures we could find!


We found some very odd looking animals:




In Maths we have been learning about polygons and regular and irregular shapes. The children have been drawing, measuring and creating their own!














In Maths this week we started off by using TASC to explore area and perimeter. The children were set the task of building shelters for everyone in the rainforest whilst avoiding some scary looking jungle animals.







Later in the week we were looking at 2D and 3D shapes and made some of our own!







In Literacy this week we have been learning our new text – Animalium!

On Monday we looked at our best map and learnt actions as a year group.





On Friday the children worked in groups to prepare a scientific speech about snakes which they then performed to the rest of the class.


















This week in Maths we have been learning about lots of different things. On Monday we went outside for a TASC investigation. The children had to figure out how they could measure the playground with only themselves.





Later on in the week we started to learn about capacity and we measured liquids into different measuring jugs.



In Literacy the children have been working hard writing their own warning stories which we will display on the website. We are starting a new unit of writing this week – report writing about animals!  




This week we have also had a new addition to our classroom. 




Sabrina is a three-toed sloth and she will be joining our class for the rest of the term. She is quite shy and lazy, but wonderful once you get to know her!







In Maths this week we have been focusing on measurements. The children have been learning to convert between mm, cm and m! We decided to venture into the school hall to measure different objects.


We even found Mrs Todd! smiley







Pangolin Ponderings


This week the children have been learning about endangered animals. Pangolins are slow moving, nocturnal creatures found across Asia and Africa, but these poor creatures are critically endangered. 




Our Learning Environment

In Literacy we have been looing at the text The Lorax. We acted out some of the scenes to help us remember the different parts.






Follow our bean journey!



In Science we have been learning all about lifecycles of plants. We decided to plant some broad beans which are now beginning to grow! Follow our bean journey throughout this term!



Day 8



Day 11



Day 12



Day 13



Day 14



Introducing Jean the bean!


Day 15



Day 16



Introducing Dean the bean






On Tuesday something terrible happened in the Year 5 corridor!! But what? We still aren’t 100% sure!





There were tufts of fluff, warning signs, truffula tree branches and huge orange footsteps all very dramatically leading to a huge sign saying “unless”.



The children have been trying to figure out how and why the mess appeared after break time? The children even wrote letters to an ‘expert of strange things’ asking for their help on this matter. We are still waiting on their reply.


All teachers and children have been asked to keep a watchful eye because there may be a thing called The Lorax running about the school…