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Year 3

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Homework - Large blue book to be returned on Wednesdays

Welcome to Year 3

Hello! This is our fantastic page where you will find lots of useful information about what we have been learning about. We hope that you will enjoy what we have been doing and find some useful hints/tips to help your child at home. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact one of the Year 3 team.  


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Week 6


This week in literacy we have been innovating the instructional text. We have changed the idea of how to catch a seagull into how to capture a troll. The children have been working really hard to think about where a troll would live and the resources/items that they would need.



This week in maths we have been working on consolidating our knowledge and understanding of the column method of addition and subtraction. The children are now becoming more secure with borrowing/bridging and can demonstrate this in a variety of different situations. Well done to all the children who have moved up a stage in maths passport. Keep up the hard work!



This week in our wider curriculum lessons we have been working on how our body moves. We created a replica of our joints to demonstrate how the muscles in our body contract and enable us to move. During this lesson the children showed great team work and collaboration.


Also this week we have been exploring the Tudor house. The children now understand the materials that were used and can explain this in detail. As a result the children have some amazing lengthy pieces of writing. Well done to all the children who worked hard to included topic specific vocabulary.



Week 5


Reading every day is part of our school ethos. We want children to enjoy stories, learn from them and enjoy the wonderful places which they can them. We ask that you ensure that your child reads every night (even if it is just a couple of pages!) in order for them to practise their skills.  Please ensure that their home reading record is signed daily. Children will be rewarded for reading every day (this depends on class teacher).



This week the children have moved onto the non-fiction part of the 'Talk for Writing' scheme. This part of our cycle is all about instructional writing. We have decided that our focus will be on 'How to catch a seagull'. The children then had a hook lesson which involved them discussing how they would capture a seagull in a safe way. Well done to the children for their amazing and inventive ideas!


We then moved onto learning the text through pictures/the text map. We added actions to the words and concentrated on using Kung-Fu punctuation. Well done to all the children who were able to demonstrate this in their groups. 


The children then moved onto identifying the key features within the instructional text. This has now become our tool kit. The children are now able to understand what an instructional text consists of.



This week we have been working on addition and subtraction. The children have been working exceptionally hard to demonstrate the column method and even completing calculations which bridge. Despite finding this very difficult the children have continued to show 'endeavour' and 'leadership' when tackling this tricky challenge. I would also like to say a huge well done to the children who have been trying to improve their presentation. 


Look what we have been doing!



  • heartThey children have been identifying patterns.

heartThey have been explaining in detail what happens to the tens and ones.


heartMost children are now able to explain that the hundreds will change if we have 9 lots of tens.


heartThey have been using dienes if they aren't confident.








In topic we have completed a 'recount' of our walk around Margate. We worked hard to discuss what happened and what we saw. In their writing they discussed the human and physical features within the local area. The children were surprised about the 'Tudor House' and its history. Some of them thought it was a spooky house for Halloween! sad


We had great fun exploring our local area!


Grandparents Afternoon

On Thursday we celebrated Grandparents afternoon. We had a great time trying to recreate a famous landmark from Margate. The children had the choice to create either the clock tower, Dreamland, Turner Gallery or the windmill. Have a look at their amazing creations.


Thank you to those who attended no





Have a lovely weekend, 

Year 3 Team heart


Week 4


This week in literacy we have moved onto the 'invention stage' of our Talk for Writing cycle. The children had a lesson about gathering their ideas. They thought about characters, settings, problems and resolutions. This was a fantastic opportunity to see the children's ideas come to life. 


They then used the boxing up text map to help scaffold their ideas. Well done to the children who incorporated elements of the tool kit and ensured they used accurate punctuation. After completing this important part the children completed a HOT WRITE. This is where it all comes together! The teachers are all really looking forward to reading these fantastic pieces. 




This week we have moved onto challenging ourselves with using the column method when completing addition calculations. They have all been working extremely hard with placing the numbers in the correct column and understanding what to do when a number bridges over 10. 


We also have explored the place value of each digit. The children are now able to partition three digit numbers with ease. They have completed these tasks using a variety of different resources including dienes, numicon and place value counters. 


Maths Passport

We have launched a new scheme called Maths Passport. This is where the children the children build on their current Maths knowledge and travel through different countries completing tasks. Below you will find some links to help your child progress further with their current targets. 



noWell done to David who have moved onto Northern Ireland! no



This week in our topic lesson we had great fun exploring our local area. The children visited Margate clock tower, looked at the Turner Center and viewed the Tudor house. They were provided with facts and information about when and why these building were built. As the weeks progress we shall be exploring in further detail about the Tudor house and the amazing history behind it. 


Well done to all the children for their amazing behaviour.

They made us extremely proud heart



This week in our science lesson we have been exploring the human skeleton. The children had great fun exploring the many different bones that are in the body. They were able to label them and now understand how and why they are used. The children can explain why each part of the body is important and what that specific bone does in order to protect vital organs. 


Thank you for taking time to visit our page. If you have any questions then please see one of the Year 3 Team. 


Week 3


For our key text we have been exploring the popular children's story called 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. Firstly we started off by learning the text and the children have done amazingly well in adding actions to words and using Kung-Fu punctuation. The children also had the pleasure of meeting grumpy Mr Grinling himself which they really enjoyed. They asked him lots of interesting questions and were really impressed with the answers. 


The children have since engaged in some excellent writing opportunities and are using the tool kit in their writing. The tool kit highlights the key features within the text and the children have been working exceptionally hard to learn and apply these new skills. 

        Tool kit 


The children have now moved onto the innovation stage. Whereby as a class we have changed elements of the story. We are not talking about pesky seagulls anymore... now we are talking about menacing crabs who are trying to steal Mr Grinling's lunch. We hope that you will be able to identify our current topic from the fantastic displays we have within our classrooms. Please feel free to speak to the class teacher if you would like to pop in and have a nosey around! 





This term we have been focusing on the place value of three digit numbers. The children have been using a variety of different resources in order to help and support their learning. As a year group we have also been concentrating on using the appropriate language such as partitioning, hundreds, tens, ones, value and digit. The children are now very familiar with identifying the place value of three digit numbers. 


The children have since moved onto adding ten more/less and a hundred more/less. They are now able to clearly explain which digits will change, why and can now solve some of these calculations mentally. 


They have since moved onto ordering numbers to 1000 which they are very good. Well done to everyone in Year 3 who has worked exceptionally hard this week to solve tricky calculations and explain their understanding. Keep up the great work because it hasn't gone unnoticed. 



For our topic we are looking at the world around us. This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to explain what they already know and understand about our local area. They have been studying local maps, identifying key landmarks and even exploring keys and diagrams. The children will at some point complete a walk of the local area so please ensure you have returned their walking slip. 


In our ICT sessions we have been using the 'maps' feature on google to locate Thanet. The children have been able to locate local towns and have used the internet to navigate. 



In our science lessons the children have been learning all about healthy eating and the body. Firstly, they started off with what they already know about healthy eating. They have since explored the 'Eatwell Plate' and have thought about how they can ensure they have a balanced meal. 


They have also been learning all about the digestive system and how it works. The children are now able to explain how food travels around the body and what happens at each stage. The children were surprised to discover that the stomach contains acid, that the small intestines is between 6-7 meters long and that the remaining food/waste ends up in the toilet!


Watch this space for more information and updates!