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Terms of Reference for the Local Governing Body (LGB)


The Directors of TKAT Board of Trustees delegate their responsibilities for the day-to-day operation of Drapers Mills Primary Academy (DMPA) and the whole of the funding granted by the DfE for the benefit of DMPA directly to the LGB through the Scheme of Delegation.





The local Governing Body shall consist of up to 12 members appointed as follows:

  •  up to 7 members, appointed by the Local Governing Body, having regard to any advice or nominations put forward by the Regional Advisory Board and subject to a right of veto by the TKAT Board;
  •  up to 2 staff members (elected by ballot, if more than 2 staff members express interest in the position)
  •  up to 2 parent members (elected by ballot or appointed from parents if no nominations are received)
  • the Headteacher/s who serve in an ex officio capacity
  • All persons appointed or elected to the Local Governing Body shall be referred to the competencies and skills expected of Governors,  and each shall give a written undertaking to the TKAT Board to uphold the object and ethos of TKAT.



Three members, not including the Headteacher or anyone employed by the academy, must be present for meetings to be quorate.  Two thirds are required for appointment of parent governors or when voting on removal of governors.



The LGB shall meet at least three times per academic year and otherwise as required.


Terms of Reference

  • Appoint new Governors
  • Monitor compliance with governing documents
  • Complete an annual self-evaluation review of board performance
  • Approve and monitor implementation of Statutory Governance Policies and Procedures
  • Set vision and values and act as guardians of mission, vision and values
  • Help shape and approve the strategic plan
  • Receive termly update on the strategic plan with the opportunity to question the Headteacher
  • Approve the Strategic Risk Management process if it significantly changes
  • Receive annual review of Safeguarding actions and procedures
  • Approve SEN policy
  • Receive pupil data reports 3 times per year
  • Approve recruitment and selection process for new Headteacher
  • Ratify new Headteacher appointment
  • Ratify Headteacher Performance Management (undertaken by TKAT and CoG)
  • Contribute to interview process for Senior Management appointments
  • Review staffing structure annually
  • Ratify annual pay awards for staff
  • Receive annual HR statistics report
  • Manage disciplinary process at appeal stage for Headteacher
  • Ratify staff redundancy/compromise agreements
  • Approve Budget: income and expenditure and forecast annually
  • Approve quarterly update on financial performance and resulting decisions
  • Approve financial authorisations and statements
  • Receive report on redundancies/compromise agreements
  • Approval annual Risk Management Report and Plan
  • Receive an annual report and plan on health and safety management
  • Receive an annual report on buildings programme
  • Receive an annual report on equality and diversity monitoring from the Headteacher
  • Receive an annual report on ICT capital plan


Meet Our Governors

School Governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children's education.  Governors are one of the largest voluntary forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards, by supporting and challenging school leaders


Or governing body at present consists of up to 12  members supported by the Clerk.


The purpose of the Clerk's role is to:

  • Provide advice to the governing body on governance, constitutional and procedural matters
  • Provide effective administrative support to the governing body
  • Ensure the governing body is properly constituted
  • Manage information effectively in accordance with legal requirements


Register of Business Interests

Governor Code of Conduct

Public Minutes

If you would like access to the governing body Minutes of meetings please contact the Clerk who will arrange for you to view them


Contacting the Governing Body


Chair of Governors

Mr Roger Silk

22 The Pines


CT10 2NL


If you are interested in joining our Governing Body or wish to contact a member of the Governing Body please send an email via the Clerk to Governors below


Mrs Caroline Arnold

Clerk to Governors