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Term 1 - Week  3

Star of the Week 

This week our star is Summer. Summer has been working really hard in both Spanish and Literacy. As a result her knowledge of these subjects is still growing and we are very proud of her enjoyment for learning. Keep up the great work Summer! indecision



This week we have one successful ninja winner and that is Daniel! Daniel has been working really hard over recent weeks and have continued to show endeavour despite being unsuccessful. I am pleased to say that this week his hard work and positive attitude has paid off and he now is a white ninja!



In literacy this week we started off by exploring using inverted commas. In the starter we practised our Kung-Fu punctuation and the words that we use to accompany these. Well done to all the children who focussed and participated during this part, it was great fun to see. We then moved onto how and why inverted commas are used. The children had a great time by thinking about what Mr Grinling, Hamish and the seagulls may have been saying. They then worked hard to record this in their books. 


We then moved onto the innovation stage where we changed an element of the story. The children had lots of great ideas but we decided to change the creature from the story. We thought about crabs trying to steal Mr Grinling's lunch and how he would feel about this. We then worked in small groups to act out scenarios of what could happen and how the character would feel/react. We also used our knowledge of inverted commas to discuss what the crabs might have been saying to each other.


We then moved onto innovating the best map. We continued with our idea of the crab stealing the lunch from Mr Grinling. The children then helped retell the story using actions but changing the images. We also discussed the language choices we would make because crabs wouldn't swoop or plunge. no



In maths we started off by exploring numbers to 1000. Our task was to be able to read and write numbers to 1000 or match the correct numeral to the word. The children worked hard to apply their phonic knowledge and understanding of the digits within the two or three digit numbers. A HUGE well done to pink table who worked independently with this task. frown


In the next session of maths we worked on adding three-digit numbers. This was a fantastic lesson which challenged the children to work mentally rather than relying on drawing/using jottings. They used colour coding to help them see the relationship between the hundreds, tens and ones.


In maths we then moved onto exploring subtraction using a written method! Well done to all the children who challenged themselves with their learning and the way in which they solved the calculations.




The children LOVED sciene this week! We explored the digestive system and how it all works. We discussed each stage of the digestive system and the children found this hilarious to find out what happens to the food once it is no longer needed and has passed though the intestines. They had a lot of giggles around this discussion surprise. We had a great demonstration of this by discussing how food breaks down in the stomach due to acid. We used a sealed bag, crackers and fresh orange juice. The children saw how quickly the acid broke down the food and found this very interesting. 


The children then created a cycle and ordered the main parts of the digestive system. Well done Chester class. indecision


Look at Scarlett's amazing work. She has managed to label the main organs in the digestive system and even write something about how and why they are needed. Here you can also see Miss Potter using a pair of tights and a sock to show how food moves through the intestines until it makes its way out the other end. The children also thought that this was hilarious devil.



In our ICT session this week we have been looking at coding! The children found this quite tricky to understand at first however we used a website to help us. The children showed endeavour and reasoned with their peers by correcting their errors. Coding is giving instructions via programming, e.g. telling a character how to move and what to do. You can continue to develop your skills of decoding by playing this game online. 


Here you can see Daniel thinking about how to correct his mistake. You can also see Kennie, Gabriel and Bethany who completed many levels and received a certificate. Champion coders! nomail



This week in Spanish Miss Lamb came to visit us again! We had an amazing time learning some basic greetings. We are now able to say hello, good-bye, good morning, good afternoon and good night. Well done to all the children for their contribution to this session. We then played a game of duck, duck goose! we had to gently tap someone on the head and say a greeting in Spanish E.g. "Hola!". 


Here you can see Cherry chasing Miss Potter after she said "buenos dias!" which means good morning. frown

Here is also another song for you to practise these greetings at home. 


Other Notices


Term 1 - Week 2

Star of the Week

This week our star is Fabricio. He has been working really hard to demonstrate all of our Core Values and has returned to school with a positive attitude to learning.



Well done to Bethany and Lucy who are new ninjas this week. Fantastic endeavour... done girls! They are now moving onto the next stage. You can join them too! frown Also a big well done to Freddie and Gaby who also made progress again. 



This week in literacy we have been focussing on retelling the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. The children have been working extremely hard to retell the story orally and then use some actions for the key words. This has worked wonders and as a result, the children are more fluent and secure with the story.



This week in maths we have been working on ten more and ten less. The children were able to find ten more and ten less of three-digit numbers! Well done Chester Class. They also used their knowledge of the symbols - more/less (Charlie Crocodile) to identify the larger numbers.


We then moved onto ordering numbers to 1000. This is an area which the children have really felt challenged this week. They had the challenge or order two-digit and three-digit numbers. In their books they have worked solidly to show clear jottings, neat presentation and great behaviour for learning. Miss Potter is very proud of the hard-work and determination you are showing. no



This week in topic we have been exploring our local area. We started off on google maps and used this to help navigate to our home town. We discussed our local area and used the language 'old' and 'new' when describing its history. A huge well done to Jenson who has a fantastic understanding of his local area and explained this to his peers. 



Now that we are in Year 3 we get to learn all about languages! We are very fortunate to have a fluent speaking member of staff at Drapers Mills called Miss Lamb. Miss Lamb is going to be visiting us every Monday to help us learn some new Spanish vocabulary. This week we learnt the numbers one to ten. We played a game of circle time and when the number was called we had to swap the circle with that person. 


Here is the link to one of the songs. I have put this on here because I'm sure your parents would love to hear it! frown


Roald Dahl Day

What a brilliant day! We had great fun dressing up as our favourite characters from his well loved stories. Can you guess who we are? In the afternoon we then looked at one of his classic stories called 'James and the Giant Peach'. We thought about how wonderful it would be if the peach could take us somewhere new. We then put these on postcards and wrote about the adventures we would have. mail



Other Notices

1. All children must have their PE kit in school at all times. Miss Potter will be contacting parents regarding this.

2. Next week we are hoping to get out into the local community and explore our local area. All children must have their walking slips back in order to be released from the school site. If you need a spare copy, please speak with Miss Potter.

3. The children have homework on spellings, maths homework and daily reading this week. Please ensure that these are completed as we are tracking who is returning this. Detentions will be given if homework isn't returned by Wednesday.

4. Thank you to all the parents for their support with the Roald Dahl day. It was lovely to see some of the children dressed as their favourite characters from his much loved stories.


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Potter heart


Term 1 -  week 1

Welcome back everyone! We are now in Year 3 and can't wait to get started. Our topic this term is based around the popular story called 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. This means that our learning environments have been inspired by the images and text within the book and if we do say so...the classroom looks AMAZING! frown On that note I would like to say a huge thank you to the children who completed the topic learning and created their own model of a lighthouse. These have made a wonderful display in our classroom. 



This week in literacy we started off with a 'cold write'. In this unit we wanted to see how the children would describe things that they would see at the beach. The children worked really hard to write without any major input and here are the main targets.


1. To use capital letters and fulls stops accurately.

2. To use adjectives to describe nouns.

3. To use conjunctions to expand.


We then moved onto making links based on the objects/evidence that we already have. The children had a net, jacket, basket and pair of wellington boots. We had a great discussion about where these would be used and who they may have belonged to. The children gathered their information on flip chart paper with their peers. 


 We then discussed our thoughts and ideas with the class giving reasons why we thought that. 

Here you can see some of the work on our current learning wall and our amazing ideas. Some of the children believed that the objects could belong to a mermaid or a family who would use them on a beach. 


In our next session we focused our attention on  learning part of the story. This was a fantastic session where the children worked hard to generate actions that linked with the words in the story. They then worked with a partner to show this to the rest of the class. Well done to all the children for showing collaboration in their learning.  



This week in maths we have started with a BANG! on Tuesday we started off by understanding the place value of three digit numbers. The children worked really hard to read, represent and draw these within their maths books. The children challenged themselves with this area of learning because this was their first encounter with three-digit numbers. 


We then moved onto adding three digit numbers. This was a fantastic learning opportunity for the children and I was extremely impressed with how quickly they applied their knowledge and understanding. I was also really impressed with the children's knowledge of 'addition' language, they used the classroom environment to gather their ideas and this was amazing to see. 


We then moved onto subtraction of three digit numbers. The children grasped this extremely quickly! Well done Chester class. frown Also this week we have been looking at our knowledge and understanding of our times tables. 


Well done to Scarlet, Freddie, Alfie, Gaby and Matus who have also made progress this week with their times tables! You can earn your ninja band by learning your times tables. Children have the opportunity to complete the test twice a week. Who will be next?



This week in topic we started off by exploring healthy eating. The children had great fun by discussing what a healthy diet looked like and the many reasons why it is important to eat healthily. We also discussed how people could feel when they don't eat healthily. Well done to the children for being honest and for contributing to the discussions. We now have a wonderful display in the classroom. 




Other Notices

1. Don't forget Roald Dahl Day on Wednesday. Children can dress up as a character from his well-known stories for a £1 donation.

2. Children have maths homework and reading this week. Please ensure this is returned as it is being monitored. Children who do not complete homework by Tuesday will lose some of their play time. If you need spare copy then please ask Miss Potter.

3. Children MUST have their PE kit in school at all times. Please ensure your child has on by Monday next week. 


Have a lovely weekend, 

Miss Potter heart