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Attendance and Punctuality

  At Drapers Mills Primary Academy we expect good attendance and punctuality. Our aim is for 100% attendance and punctuality.


We Believe that:

. Good Attendance gives children every opportunity to influence their future quality of life and reach their full potential.

. Attendance is closely linked to achievement. The better your child's attendance, the better their grades are!

. Good attendance helps children in developing friendships.

. Punctuality is important. It is habit forming and shows commitment to the importance of working and learning.


A true partnership between home and school is vital to good attendance and we appreciate your support


Helpful Hints


 1. Telephone the school on 01843 223989 press option 1 before 9.30 am to report your child absence.

 2. Notify the school well in advance of any medical or dental appointments.

 3. Respond to school enquiries about unexplained absence.

 4. Provide evidence, such as medicine provided by the Doctor. 

 5. Keep us well informed of any on-going medical conditions your child has that may affect their attendance.

 6. Make sure you have alternative arrangements for a friend or relative to get your child to school in an  emergency.

 7. If you are not sure whether your child is well enough to attend school, bring them in anyway. They often perk up during the day, but we will contact you if they do not.

 8. If your child has a well known childhood illness, contact the school for advice on recovery time. We have all the up to date information.

 9. Ensure your child is not late for school and arrives in time for registration, by 8.45am when early   morning activities are set in class.


10. Please contact Mrs Williams the school's attendance officer 01843 223989 for any queries or further support.








Recent Updates

All parents have now received a text with your child's individual attendance percentage and what this equates to in missed learning days. Please contact Mrs Williams the attendance officer on 01843 223989 if you have any queries or require any further support. Guidelines are that all children should achieve 96% or above.


Meet Attendance TED

Here is Attendance TED. He loves it when children come to school every day because he is passionate about learning. As a special treat he comes in on a Friday and rewards the class' with the highest attendance  a trophy. Who will win this next week?

Age: 10

Build: Cuddly

Favourite Thing: Coming to School Everyday

Favourite: Lesson: Maths

Favourite Hobby: Reading

Proudest Moment: Receiving his Red Ted

Favourite Food: Honey Sandwiches

Favourite Film: Paddington

Favourite Music: Pop


Here you can see the Academic Year for 2016-2017. If a day is PURPLE this means its a bank holiday. If it is GREEN this means it is an inset day. If it is an ORANGE this means it is the school holidays.



Mary Brown is in Year 1

Her attendance rate is always around 90%.

Mrs. Brown thinks this is pretty good!

So, what does an attendance rate of 90% look like?

90% attendance means that she is absent for the equivalent of one half-day every week.


 Monday ♦      ♦     
 Tuesday ♦      ♦     
 Wednesday ♦      ?     
 Thursday ♦      ♦     
 Friday ♦      ♦     


Absent half a day every week!

In Year 1 Mary's attendance rate means that she has missed the equivalent of four whole weeks of lessons in the school year.


Attendance Percentages

The school year is made up of 190 days.

How much education has your child missed?

  • 95% = 10 days
  • 90% = 20 days
  • 85% = 30 days
  • 80% = 40 days
  • 75% = 50 days
  • 70% = 60 days